Changing the fuel filter on the STIHL 180 chain saw

Service for STIHL MC 180 chain saws

Repair begins with preparatory work and the STIHL STIHL 180 is no exception. The preparatory step is to remove the side cover, chain and guide bar from the STIHL 180 chain saw before disassembling. Next, with a compressor and a brush, you need to clean the chain saw from dirt, sawdust, oil stains, and other.

When cleaning the chain saw, special attention should be paid to where the chain saw’s drive sprocket is located, i.e. к. this is the dirty part.

If there is a lot of oil, you can flush it out with clean gasoline.

What kind of gasoline is suitable for the machine?

There are different opinions among sawyers about the use of appropriate gasoline. Some people recommend to fill the fuel of brand AI-92, others argue that it is necessary to use fuel with the octane number AI-95.

Now it’s time to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. All chainsaws work with 90 to 95 octane gasoline. However, it is recommended to give preference to the fuel brand AI-92. The exception is when the manufacturer gives a recommendation on what kind of gasoline is better to use.

Good to know! To get gasoline AI-95 most manufacturers use additives, mixed with AI-92.

The most important requisite when using fuel is that it must be clean and free of contaminants.

Chainsaw Repair. Changing the fuel filter on the STIHL 180 chain saw

In this video we show you how to correctly change the fuel filter on your STIHL chain saw MS 180. How to change a fuel filter on a STIHL chainsaw?

How to get to the fuel filter, how to replace it, how to clean it, All for you PERSONNELY FRIENDS.

Replacing the starter cord

Remove side cover. Inspect the inside of the protective cover. If there is no damage, check the starter unit. Unscrew the starter bolt and remove the spring. Diagnose the pulley with the cord. If the rope is intact, then check each case of the starter mechanism:

The starter cord is made of synthetic and will gradually wear out. If it is damaged, cracked or torn, it must be replaced.

Failure of the manual starter, related to the spring

The tight hook starter spring is a major component of the manual starter design. In addition to the spring, the starter also includes the following components:

Repair of the spring, the main component of the manual starter, comes down to the replacement of the element.

On chain saws, for example, it is a circular element with a flexible spring wound inside.

The springs are exactly as they are sold at the hardware store. It is only necessary to buy a part and replace it.

Repair of manual starter may also involve replacement of the cord. If it is not properly wound on the pulley springs, the alternator will not start.

  • Wind the cord from the end of the pulley (done to avoid twisting);
  • The other end of the cord is inserted into the hole in the cover;
  • The cord should continue to be wound as far as it will go, i.e.e, as far as the length of the cord is long enough;
  • After winding the cord is pulled to 15-20 cm, to check the turning of the pulley spring;
  • After winding, you should also check how the spring works after pulling and releasing it (if it works fine, it is recommended to wind the cord up one more turn).
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On portable power plants repair of the spring and the cord is carried out as follows:

  • On the side of the alternator is a pulley circle, secured by three screws, which should be unscrewed;
  • Remove the pulley with the spring and the cord;
  • Check the condition of the cord, which can be completely removed from the side of the holder (the upper cap of the holder is removable).
changing, fuel, filter, stihl

Note. Often the knot of the cord that secures it from above becomes loose. To correct the situation, you need to heat the end of the kapron rope with a lighter, and then wrap a new knot.

As for the pulley with a spring, it is changed in the same way as described above.

Checking the breather plug and cleaning it.

The breather is another element, from the improper operation of which the chainsaw may not start or stall during the sawing process. The breather plug is located on the top of the fuel tank in the area of the air port. This is a kind of valve that does not let the gasoline flow out and equalizes the air pressure needed for the free flow of fuel into the carburetor.

If the breather plug is clogged, the chain saw stops when it is running and refuses to start. The thing is that the air stops flowing through the hole. As a consequence, negative pressure (vacuum) is created inside the fuel tank, preventing the flow of gasoline to the carburetor.

It is easy to pinpoint the problem. Disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see what happens to the gasoline. If it flows freely in a good jet, the breather is okay. If it is missing or leaking weakly and intermittently the reason is the dirt in the breather plug. You can solve the problem by cleaning the air hole with a regular needle or a powerful jet of compressed air.

changing, fuel, filter, stihl

STIHL 180 chain saw disassembly and repair

won’t start, stops, doesn’t rev up. Repair can be done with your own hands.

Often a full gasoline tank can be the cause of a bad start. In this case it is worth looking for leaks under the carburetor cover. If it is present, check connection of gasoline tube to carburetor. Most often, it is squeezed out by pressure when the tank cap is screwed on, tucked under the neck, which prevents the engine from starting.

The quality of the fuel mixture may also be one of the reasons why a chainsaw does not start. If you don’t drain the remaining gasoline and leave the tool in storage for an extended period (more than 2 weeks), tarring and polymerization of components will begin to occur inside the tank. What can cause clogging on pistons, rings, and cylinder liners. So, always prepare only as much mixture as necessary before beginning work.

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Cleaning the chainsaw air filter

The instructions for any saw call for cleaning the air filter element after each use.

Cleaning and Reinstalling the Filter

How to rinse a chainsaw filter:

  • Unscrew the top cover. The right compartment is located on top of the body near the handle, regardless of brand, whether Husqvarna, Sturm or Partner.
  • Take out the filter. it can be enclosed or screwed on.
  • Wash the foam filter with warm water and soap and air dry. Cleaning with gasoline shortens the life of the filter.
  • You can shake out a paper, wire, or felt filter by lightly tapping its edge against a hard surface. It can also be cleaned/blown with a compressor or vacuum cleaner.
  • Any dirt around the engine should be wiped off.
  • Reinstall the chainsaw air filter, making sure all slots and parts fit snugly. Close the cover and tighten the screws.

If the filter is deformed, has become thicker and thinner or has holes and cuts in it, it must be replaced.

Main malfunctions

The chainsaw should be used according to the instruction manual, then it will last a long time and not break down. You can detect and correct all STIHL chain saw malfunctions yourself. Consider the main problems that can occur in the nodes and design of the device, and how to repair the STIHL chain saw 180 with their own hands.

The spark plug is flooded

If you see a wet spark plug on your STIHL chain saw it could be the fuel system. The engine should run on a mix of gasoline and oil. If the mixture is poor, it reduces power, overheats the cylinder and wears out the saw’s systems. Wet spark plugs on STIHL chain saws are caused by an imbalanced fuel mixture. Lack of air in the mixture prevents proper combustion.

Using inadequate gasoline can wear out the engine.

Plug oiling also causes the use of 4-stroke oil and piston wear. If such a malfunction occurs, it is necessary to remove the fuel tank lid and adjust the fuel supply. Check the condition of the air intake. If the fuel filter is clogged you need to blow it out with air, or better still replace it. How you can clean the filters is described in the instruction manual of the chainsaw.

You can determine the quality of the mixture with the help of the spark plug insulator. If it shows a brown color, it means that the mixture quality is normal. The white color or soot indicates a lean or overcharged mixture.

The reason for lubrication can be the spark plug. You can see that the spark formation is intermittent if the gap is set incorrectly. The machine owner’s manual gives the spark plug contact gap. If you have no such data, you can set it to 0.7 to 1 mm.

If the gap is smaller, the efficiency of ignition of the mixture decreases, if it is larger, there are problems with the formation of sparks. To eliminate the over-enrichment of the mixture, make a motor purge. Remove the spark plug and turn the crankshaft a few times with the hand starter.

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The chain is not lubricated

When repairing a chainsaw, you may notice that there is no oil in the chain. If the chain does not lubricate, there is a problem with the lubrication system. There are such malfunctions:

  • The chain is dry and light in color.
  • The chain is stretching too fast.
  • The tire is too hot and the paint on it has melted.
  • The oil in the tank is not running low.
  • If the chain is sharp, the cutting is not as good as before.

These signs are an indication that the lubrication process is malfunctioning. To check the oil supply to the lubrication unit, remove the bar and turn on the chainsaw. Then increase the RPM and watch the oil line end point. If oil is flowing, then there is not enough oil for proper lubrication. If there’s no flow, you need to clean the filter. You should also adjust the oil supply. If no faults are found, further diagnosis and repair by hand is required. If it turns out that the substance is not supplied, the oil system is repaired.

Let’s look at the main malfunctions and how to fix them:

  • Oil hose is broken. You can see it when you look at it. The hose must be replaced at this point.
  • If there is no thread on the shaft of the oil pump, it should be replaced.
  • If there are thread defects, the threads need to be replaced.
  • If the main shaft spindle is missing, you can replace it with a nail of the same diameter.
  • The filter could be clogged. This is a frequent occurrence with the STIHL MS 180. You can flush it with gasoline. If this does not solve the problem, the filter must be replaced.

STIHL chain saw 180 often has a leaky oil pipe. This is where the oil pipe from the oil tank is inserted into the main body. You can tell when there is oil leaking from the bottom of the saw.

To fix the problem, you need to remove the handle of the saw, pull out the hose. After that, you need to clean the hose. Then apply sealant to it and install it in the tool body.

It won’t start

If the chainsaw does not start, the cause may be a failure of the ignition and starting assembly. If when measuring the gap between the module and the flywheel no deviations are found, then you should check the spark plug. It is pulled out of the shaft and the gap is measured. If the fuel enters the combustion chamber, and there is no breakdown in the ignition system, then the carburetor is defective.


If the saw does not maintain idle speed, the following may have occurred:

For self-repair you need to perform the following actions:

  • Flush or replace the fuel hose.
  • Clean filter.
  • Check the quality of gasoline and oil.
  • Check the carburetor and spark plugs.

STIHL chain saws work properly when repaired.

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