Changing the throttle cable on a Partner chain saw

How to fit a chain saw throttle cable

On the Russian market you can find not very high quality imitations of the chainsaw Partner 350, which not only gives more evidence of its popularity, but also harm the brand as a whole. And other models of this brand are very popular with farmers and ranchers.

If you’re ready to look at the Partner 350 as a home tool for sawing thin trees, pruning cuttings, and other not-so-small jobs, you also need to know the drawbacks that most of the time are named by their owners:

Not a very high quality vibration damping system, resulting in hands getting quickly tired. But, taking into account that this is a home tool that requires a 15-20 minute rest every 20-25 minutes of work, this flaw can be reconciled.

Chain oil leakage, which, by the way, affects a huge part of the chainsaw that comes with it, including even more recognizable relative of the chainsaw partner. Husqvarna. (Link)

Lack of visual control of oil level, which is not very comfortable in operation, and the operation of the saw without lubrication will lead to sharp stretching, overheating and wear of the chain.

Naturally, you can cut a tree up to 30-35 cm in width with this saw, but its main purpose. work on the site. That’s why we want to offer you the most unbiased video review of this model:

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Adjusting the chainsaw partner carburetor 350

This is a more frequent procedure in the maintenance of a chainsaw, performed by the owner for himself, so it is worth studying. This is similar to tuning the carburetors on most chainsaws and is described in the video clip quite thoroughly:

It’s fundamental to finish it off by adjusting the idle screw, which ensures that the chain is all-permanent when operating in this mode. If the chain does not stop at a lower constant speed, it indicates that the clutch needs to be repaired and that you need to use this saw for safety.

Partner 350 chain tool: malfunctions and troubleshooting

One of the main features of this was that its users note the longevity of its operation with the least amount of failures. And yet they happen. To find why the saw wouldn’t run, you’ll need a simple diagnosis.

Initial Diagnosis of a Partner 340S-360S.

Although the process of replacing the piston group parts will work for all Chinese saws with the engine capacity of 38 cm3. such as Champion 137, 141, 237, 241, Forward, Patriot (usually marked 3816), etc. The only difference is in the shape of the plastic parts of the shroud, air filter adapter and carburetor.

Prerequisites sharp wear and tear piston group:

This warranty is designed to give you peace of mind that your machine is in good working order and ready for repair. Replacing piston is a troublesome and labor-intensive process. And before you start it, it’s worth making sure that the difficulty itself.

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How to find out if a piston group part needs to be replaced?

Partner P351XT Chain Saw Repair. 1 series. Disassembly

Partner P351XT Chainsaw Repair. 1 series. Disassembly 2 Series here. Subscribe to.

B-1, check for spark: unscrew the spark plug, attach it to the high voltage wire and put it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If there is a spark, clean and adjust the spark plug gap (0.5. 0.65 mm). If it is not so, it is necessary for you to change: either a flywheel or a coil (magneto). Also the spark plug itself or the high-voltage wire may be broken.

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The next step is to check the fuel supply. To do this, disconnect the feed hose from the carburetor and check. If there is no spark, it could mean that the fuel filter or fuel system is clogged. And the carburetor may also be clogged.

If you are inexperienced in repair and cleaning, leave the job to the professionals.

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if the air supply gets too low, the saw should start, but it will not work as it should. Remove and wash the air filter. Do not put it back in place until it is 100 percent dry.

If the saw is running fine, runs at idle and stalls when gas is applied. Muffler may be blocked. Take off, disassemble, wash, install and run.

Simply by hand, you can also change the saw blade and chain, carburetor, starter, oil pump, ignition, and clutch.

If it starts and stops

When the chainsaw starts and stops, it is caused by the carburetor or other parts. Causes of the malfunction:

  • Fuel does not flow well to the engine. It is due to a clogged breather.
  • Not enough fuel in the tank. Tilting the tool sideways, fuel residue runs off in one place. This causes the saw to stop working.
  • The fuel is of poor quality.
  • The spark plug insulator overheats when there is poor contact between the wire cap and the spark plugs. The contact between them becomes worse with sooting or mechanical shifting.
  • Spark plugs are faulty.
  • Fuel does not flow smoothly to carburetor through fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool starts to rev up, it immediately stops.
  • If the air filter is dirty, the engine cannot withstand the high loads and stops.
  • Insufficient or no lubrication in the chain.

The heart of the system. the oil pump

Depending on the chainsaw brand, parts of the lubrication system may vary slightly structurally, but their total number and connection scheme remains the same.

The main components of the lubrication system, are:

  • oil tank usually located in the engine crankcase.
  • Filter element, installed in the tank.
  • Lube line is a small diameter hose made of oil-resistant rubber.
  • The heart of the system. the oil pump.
  • The worm gear that transmits power from the engine to the pump.
  • The chain saw bar, it too can be considered an element of the lubrication system, as it has special holes for feeding oil, by the way and the chain itself is involved in the transportation of oil and therefore also has some elements designed just to provide lubrication.

How to start the chainsaw

The Partner 351 chain saw operates on the same principles and is similar to other gasoline-powered tools:

  • Before starting the engine for the first time, all the parts of the Partner 351 chain saw should be securely tightened and the integrity of the housing checked.
  • Check chain tension before starting. The chain is tensioned or loosened as needed with the adjustment screw.
  • Check the amount of oil before each start.
  • The chainsaw should only be started on firm ground. The foot must press the tool firmly against the ground.
  • Before starting, turn the choke shutter to the open position.
  • Start button should be in the “on” position.”Then press the primer 5 times and pull the starter cord. The main thing is to start the chainsaw smoothly, without jerking.
  • After starting the engine, let it idle for 60 seconds. Then you can get down to work, adjusting the power with the choke.

Reassembling your Partner 350

To properly reassemble your Partner 350, you must install the elements in the reverse order of removal.

If this is the first time you have tried to repair a Partner 350 chain saw, make sure to disassemble the parts in the same order you removed them. This is so you don’t get confused and forget to install any assembly.

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An important feature of the Partner 350 chain saw engine assembly is that the crankcase cover is installed without a gasket. The cover is replaced with red colored sealant and a thin layer of sealant is applied to the crankcase. Before applying sealant, degrease the crankcase cover and the place where you install it so that the sealant adheres better.

Partner 340S,350S,360S.Replacing the throttle cable

Want to thank me for my videos? This is where you come to my site: A course on chain sharpening on an amateur machine:

Very often when you replace the throttle cable in chain saw Parter 340 s, Parter 350 s, Parter 360 s because of the lack of convenience and limited space is broken L-shaped tip of the cable. The spout on the Parter 340 s, Parter 350 s, Parter 360 s chain saws is very fragile. Therefore, you should remove the carburetor for easy replacement of the Parter 340 s, Parter 350 s, Parter 360 s chain saw cable. Also when replacing the throttle cable chain saw Parter 340 s, Parter 350 s, Parter 360 s it is necessary to disassemble the handle, with all the guts, as a rule, jump out of their places and it is not clear how then and in what order to assemble them. To help owners of Parter 340 s, Parter 350 s, Parter 360 s chain saws this video was created.

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Partner 340S,350S,360S. Gas cable replacement. #VictorPolev/ chainsaw repair. Important little things / secrets of the old handyman

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How a chainsaw works

It should be noted that all chainsaws. Traditional devices, powered by an internal combustion engine.

Electric chainsaw ignition chain.

chainsaws are built with single-cylinder engines that use high-octane gasoline. The machine has no gearbox. It is a single-stage box that drives the chain. Simple design. The reliability and ruggedness of the tool, even in adverse conditions of use.

In addition to these units, the design of the chainsaw includes a cleaning system of air, which is fed to the engine to make a combustible consistency, the bar with the saw chain installed on it, the starter, which starts the power plant chainsaw, the chain tensioning mechanism, the ignition system and the system of depressing the exhaust. In addition, the chainsaw design provides the so-called emergency brake, which allows in an emergency situation to shut off the chainsaw power unit from the drive sprocket to prevent injury to the person operating the device.

Ignition system and chain saw starter

Chainsaws are now equipped with electric ignition units that don’t require adjustment or cleaning. The ignition system includes a flywheel with magnets, a module with an electrical system, a spark plug and a high-voltage wire.

The starter built into the device is used to start the saw motor by turning the crankshaft. The starter mechanism contains the following elements:

With a sharp pull of the cable, the starter ratchet engages with the teeth of the crankshaft, which causes it to rotate. A return spring is provided to reset the cable to its original position. To start the power plant you need to apply a certain force, because the engine starts only at a certain speed of rotation of the crankshaft.

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Basic tuning

  • Tighten the screw T clockwise as far as it will go and then turn it 4.5 turns in the opposite direction.
  • Carefully tighten the H and L screws all the way down, then back them out two turns.
  • If the engine does not stall at idle, the chain does not move, the engine rapidly accelerates and runs smoothly, it’s pretty basic adjustment. In the unpleasant case, a clear adjustment is required. The chainsaw should be started and warmed up for 5-10 minutes.

How to start the chainsaw

The efficiency of any tool directly depends on compliance with the rules of its use. First and foremost, it’s about startup. This should be done in this sequence:

  • Start the chain brake, for which it must be pressed in the forward direction.
  • Remove the guide bar cover, if present.
  • Include a decompression valve to make starting easier.
  • Press in the fuel intake. This is to reduce the number of pulls.
  • Move the combination lever all the way down to the no-load start position by first locking the gas lever.
  • Position the tool on a flat surface, take the chainsaw with both hands in such a way that its cutting part is at a distance from this surface. Hold the handle with your left hand and the starter rope with your right hand. The tool must be secured with your foot, for which you can simply step on the back handle.
  • Now pull the starter rope taut and then pull it several times. Working in upward direction away from the housing.
  • The engine will stop after a short restart. So after that you need to move the combination lever up by one click and then restart.
  • If the engine is running, the throttle lever must be pressed and the combination lever must be set to idle.
  • The chain brake should now be removed and you can start using the tool.

Despite the simplicity of the process, some situations can arise where the chainsaw will not start. The reasons are not always related to the breakage of the tool. Maybe just not enough force was applied. If still after several attempts to start was unsuccessful, it is worth a thorough inspection of the unit.


Reviews that can be found on the Internet:

I do part-time work in the forestry. The workers there use, of course, professional saws, and I was given a chainsaw Poulan. I liked the machine, it is easy to start, easy to use. The vibrations are minimal and it works for a long time without cooling, even when it’s hot outside. (Dmitry).

I have used a Poulan saw for almost 5 years, my experience has been positive and I am satisfied with the reliability of the plastic parts. (Fedor).

Of course, there are reviews that point to some disadvantages of these saws. For example, owners say there is a lack of visible control of the amount of fuel and oil in the refueling tanks.

Poulan chainsaws are the kind of tool that can be very handy for home use. Based on the majority of. we can talk about the reliability, high quality, good characteristics of American Poulan saws. Despite some of the disadvantages mentioned by buyers, these chainsaws are a good option for an affordable price.

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