Charge the battery of an electric electric screwdriver with a car charger as

How to charge the battery of an electric electric screwdriver without a charger

Using a USB

To equip the device with a USB connector it is necessary to prepare:

  • duct tape;
  • 10A fuse;
  • paint;
  • 220 V socket;
  • USB charger;
  • duct tape;
  • soldering iron;
  • connectors.

First disassemble the electric electric screwdriver. Separate the working part of the handle from above, using a knife. The fuse is installed in a hole, which is made in the housing. The wire is soldered to the fuse and the resulting construction is inserted into the handle. To fix the parts, you can use a heat gun.

To increase reliability, the element is covered with a layer of adhesive tape, and then mounted into the battery of the device. The remaining wires and connectors are placed in the top of the electric electric screwdriver. The body is covered with electrical tape, painted and sanded.

Using the car charger

The main disadvantage of charging with a car charger is overcharging the battery. The battery in the power tool is different from the lead automotive battery in its characteristics.

A device with an electronic voltage and current regulator is used to restore the charge. With a battery capacity of 1.3 Ah set 150-650 mA.

charge, battery, electric, screwdriver

The apparatus for the car battery is used to work with high charging currents, and the necessary figure for charging an electric electric screwdriver may be outside the scope of its functioning. To limit the current, a ballast is needed. a 12-volt lamp, which is included in the circuit along with the battery. Without this part it is not recommended to use this way of restoration of the battery charge.

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Before connecting the minus and plus, if necessary, determine in the car charger and the battery of an electric electric screwdriver. After connecting the terminals of the auto charger to the battery of the device. Some cases call for additional fasteners, like flexible metal plates or staples, to make optimum contact.

Then the device is plugged in and the process of regeneration of the battery capacity is monitored. For the beginning it takes 15-20 minutes. When a charged electric screwdriver battery develops heat build-up, the charger is disconnected.

Universal Chargers

To charge an electric electric screwdriver, you buy a special universal device, which can also charge other equipment that runs on batteries. This can be a mobile device or a labtop source. This type of apparatus has the advantage of versatility and a large number of adjustments designed to select the appropriate charging mode. Battery recovers in 1 hour. Includes crocodile clips and adapters for common connectors.

Using an external power supply

Using external power sources is not the most convenient way to restore the battery capacity of an electric electric screwdriver. If the tool is old and it is unprofitable to buy special equipment to charge it, then you can use this method.

The battery with the necessary voltage level is suitable for operation. Protect the motor when using a high-capacity battery. A 10A fuse, which is installed in the power supply circuit, is the best choice for this purpose.

charge, battery, electric, screwdriver

The cross-section of the wire should be large at low voltage, and when powered by 220 V choose a cable with a small diameter. When using homemade devices, make sure that they are connected correctly in accordance with the specifications of the battery and the battery charging mode. When working with an external power supply it is necessary to ensure safety so as not to damage the power tool, the surroundings or your health.

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How to convert a 12v volt cordless drill to run off a car battery or solar charging system

Recently, the electric electric screwdriver is becoming an indispensable device for repairing removable structures and helps to quickly cope with small repairs. Given that this is a non-stationary device, the worker often has to deal with the problem of rapid discharge. The material of this article will introduce the reader to ways to charge the battery without the native stationary charger.

Theoretically, you can charge the battery with the charger from an electric electric screwdriver. But there is no way to be sure that the charger will fit and the built-in protection will not kick in. Specialized chargers have adjustable current and voltage. So it is more efficient and safer to use them.

adjust the current flow in the car charger according to the electrical parameters of the battery of an electric electric screwdriver; connect the car charger without disturbing the polarity to the terminals of the battery of a screwdriver and charge it for about 30 minutes under personal indefatigable supervision.

In order to recharge a 12 V battery in this way, any charged battery with a voltage greater than 14 V and capable of giving a current of at least 1 A is suitable. Even a battery from a power tool like an electric screwdriver will do. Of course it is impossible to charge completely discharged car battery by this way.

charge, battery, electric, screwdriver

On average, the battery charger for an electric electric screwdriver can charge for about half an hour to 7 hours. Practice shows that a 1.2 Ah Ni-Cd battery will take approximately seven hours to charge with 250 mA. The charging current is supported by the AC adapter.

  • Get a special 12V battery charger. Car chargers. taboo.
  • Set the device to a suitable rated voltage.
  • Adjust the amperage. This should be 10% of the capacity of the battery.
  • Connect the charger terminals to the battery.
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Connect the battery and the bulb to the charger, plus to plus minus to minus, having previously connected them in series. The light bulb we need so there’s no overload on the laptop charger. Otherwise, it will either overheat and burn out, or it will just cut the voltage seeing the connected battery as a short circuit.

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