Choosing a mowing for high herbs. Features of the device of the lawn mower


Characteristics pros Minuses
The cut width is 46 cm, the grass collector is a hard volume of 26 liters, the mowing height is 20-60 mm, the adjustment is central, the engine power is 1070 watts, the material of the deck, the case is plastic, the weight is 6.5 kg. Light, easy to control, it is convenient to shake the grass, it is inexpensive. Small grass collector, small power, optimal for small sections.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E Price: 6990 r.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E

Characteristics pros Minuses
The cut width is 34 cm, the grass collector is a hard volume of 40 liters, the mowing height is 25-65 mm, the adjustment is central with 5 levels, the engine power is 1600 watts, the material of the deck, the case is plastic, the number of wheels is 4, weight-10, 10, 10, weight 5 kg. Good ability, acceptable cost, mows well, light. Little grass collector.


Lawn mowers for an uneven surface on gasoline are powerful and autonomous, but noisy. Popular models: Huter GLM-5.0 s price: 14951 r.

Huter GLM-5.0 s

Characteristics pros Minuses
The cut width is 46 cm, the grass collector is a hard with a volume of 60 liters, the rotation of the knife is up to 2850 about./min., Speasing height-20-85 mm, adjustment-central with 5 levels, engine-four-stroke, power-5 liters. With., Deci material, case. steel, weight. 40 kg. Good value for price and quality, powerful. Heavy, short.lived belt.

Caiman Xplorer 60s

Characteristics pros Minuses
Cut width. 51 cm, mowing area. 10,000 m 2 2. Speasing height-60-120 mm, adjustment-central with 4 levels, engine-four-stroke, volume-190 cm 3. Power. 6 l. With., tank. 0.85 liters, decks and body material. steel, the number of wheels. 3, the diameter of the front. 20 cm, rear. 42 cm, weight. 54 kg. Powerful, effective, suitable for large areas, a large width of mowing. High cost, lack of grass collector, heavy.


Differ in that they can move without effort from the operator. Well suited for large uneven areas, overgrown with high grass and other vegetation. Such grass drivers are powerful, but heavy. Popular models: Viking (Viking) MB 6.2 RH Price: 92690 R.

choosing, mowing, high, features, device, lawn

Viking (Viking) Mb 6.2 rh

Characteristics pros Minuses
The cut width is 53 cm, the height of the mowing is 55-150 mm, the adjustment is the central with 6 levels, the drive is the rear, the engine is a four-stroke gasoline, the power is 6 liters. With., working volume. 190 cm 3. Building material. steel, number of wheels. 3, front diameter. 25 cm, rear. 42 cm, weight. 67 kg. The possibility of installing mulching nozzles is ideal for large areas (up to 25 acres), zero radius of turning, high ability. No grass collector, it is expensive, heavy.

Ikra Mogatec BRM 1446 S

Characteristics pros Minuses
The cut width is 46 cm, the grass collector is a mild volume of 50 liters, the mowing height is 25-75 mm, the adjustment is the central with 6 levels, the drive is the rear, the engine is gasoline four-stroke, and the power is 3 liters. With., working volume. 140 cm 3. Building material. steel, number of wheels. 4, front diameter. 18 cm, rear. 20 cm, weight. 30 kg. Effectiveness, acceptable value. A small diameter of the wheels.

Electric mint for grass

Modern electric cosliner for high grass and uneven areas is best suited for processing a small site.

Ikra mogatec erm 1000

It operates from the power supply network. Criterias of choice:

  • Land area. If the territory is up to 5 acres, you need a drum type model. it has a minimum weight, good maneuverability. For a overall plot (up to 12 acres), take a rotational unit.
  • Power. In electric lawns, it is from 400-500 to 1800 watts. Drum devices have no more than 500 watts. The rotary will be more powerful, more productive. an average of 900–1800 watts. No need to overpay for excess power, focus on the site and it:
  • dimensions;
  • relief;
  • Types of vegetation.
choosing, mowing, high, features, device, lawn

Rating of popular models

Makita Elm3711

Name, price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
Ikra Mogatec Erm 1000, 4998 Type. rotary, mowing width. 33 cm, height. 25–45 mm, grass collector. 28 l, power. 1000 watts, number of wheels. 4, weight. 12 kg. Effective, acceptable price, relatively easy. The width of the cut is less than the analogues, the low height of the bevel.
Al-ko 112856 Classic 3.82 se, 4979 Speasing width. 38 cm, height. 20-60 mm, area. up to 500 m 2. grass collector. hard 37 liters, noise level. 84 dB, power. 1400 W, engine speed. 3200, deck material, case. plastic, number of wheels. 4, front and rear diameter. 14 and 16 cm, weight. 13 kg. Low noise level, wide mowing, powerful, excellent maneuverability. Wire fastening.
Makita Elm3711, 7927 Speasing width. 38 cm, height. 20–55 mm, area. up to 500 m 2. noise level. 96 dB, grass collector. soft 35 liters, power. 1300 watts, engine speed. 2900, deck material, plastic, 4, weight. 13 kg. Comfortable, easy to manage, effective, powerful. Noisy, small grass collector for such a price.
Stiga Combi 48 ES, 26277 Speasing width. 48 cm, height. 27–80 mm, noise level. 96 dB, grass collector. soft 60 liters, power. 1800 watts, decks. steel, number of wheels. 4, back and rear diameter. 18 and 24 cm, 18 and 24 cm. Weight. 13 kg. Wide cut, a large grass collector, powerful, the presence of mulching. Noisier than analogues, it is expensive.
Bosch ARM 37, 9910 Type. rotary, mowing width. 37 cm, height. 20–70 mm, area. up to 500 m 2. grass collector. hard 40 l, power. 1400 watts, number of wheels. 4, weight. 12 kg. Maneuverable, comfortable, easy to use. Overstated cost, small grass collector.

Mechanical lawn mowers

Husqvarna 54

These are drum.type devices, working due to human efforts. When the operator promotes the lawn mower forward, the lanes of the lawn mower rotate. So that a mechanical mower for tall grass arranges you, consider the recommendations:

  • To minimize processing time, select the unit with long and sharp knives.
  • To save time on the assembly of mowed grass, select a lawn mower with a grass collector. It should be as voluminous as possible.
  • Pay attention to the height of the haircut. It makes no sense to demand a small height of a haircut (12-15 mm) if you do not plan to cut a golf field.
  • The larger the working width, the faster you can mow high grass. True, you need to make efforts more.
  • The presence of a folding handle is important for the convenience of transporting a lawn mower, compact storage.

Before buying a particular model, compare the technical characteristics of popular lawn mowers. These include:

Name Price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
Al-ko 112539 Soft Touch Comfort 38 Plus 4390 Speasing width. 38 cm, height. 14–35 mm, adjustment. central with 4 levels, knives. 5, handle. folding, number of wheels. 2, diameter. 21 cm, weight. 7.9 kg. Convenient, multi.level height adjustment. The grass collector is bought separately (25 l).
Husqvarna 54 6990 Speasing width. 40 cm, height. 12–38 mm, number of adjustment levels. 4, decks and body material. steel, number of wheels. 2, weight. 8.6 kg. Simplicity of adjustment and disassembly, maneuverability, cuts off short grass well. The grass collector is not included in the price, more expensive analogues.

Review of popular models of segmented finger braids

Fighters with overgrown weeds of gardens and sites prefer reliable equipment and proven brands. So, to combat high grass, four models of benzomotor segment-palt lawn mowers are most popular:

The first two models are the offspring of the world famous manufacturer of garden technology. over, one mower differs from another, except, a slightly modified design and difference in engine power. Simple design and low cost make these devices ideal for use in a private economy. For tall grass and weeds, mowers are better than al-ko is difficult to come up with. Cope with high thickets of weeds or preparing hay for technology from Al-ko is not a problem. The possibility of applying in conditions of increased loads is not excluded.

Compared to earlier models, in Al-ko BM 870 III and BM 875 III, the cutting deck is stronger closer to the wheels. Such an innovation allows you to much accurately lay cut high grass or hay. Smoothly adjusting the height of the mowing is another convenience for admirers of technician from Al-ko. Small dimensions allow the technique to move maneuvering even on uneven surfaces, and not break the mowing on the bumps by increasing the lumen. Even in winter, such models of segmented braids are useful to summer residents: if you replace the knives with “bulldozer”. In this case, the technique will remove snow.

That’s who to cope with a large area for haymaking is a segmented finger mowing MTD BM 87-35. In essence, it is not much different from similar models, and is designed for hay blanks. However, if necessary, a mowing designed for outgrown grass can deal with weeds or bushes arising along the way. In any case, if grass or shrub is too large for technology, you will hear how the drive belt slides. As in the two previous models, the height of the mowing of grass is regulated. And to give speed of the engine, you can turn the lever on the right handle.

Often, manufacturers of such specific equipment are limited to the release of one or two models that are not very different from each other. Solo also distinguished themselves in this, creating a whole ruler of segmented finger braids intended for mowing high grass (Solo 530, 531, 532). The star in this three is Solo 531. The technique is specially designed for large volumes of work, “heavy” cases and is designed for professional work. The equipment copes with tall grass, shrubs and weeds, and also without problems tidies the areas on steep slopes. The technique is equipped with the ability to adjust the height of the cut, levers to control the wheel drive and engine speed.

Aspects of choice

Let’s actually start to figure out which mowers are, and then we will consider all the necessary nuances of the very choice of the tool. So, in fact, today you can choose a mower either drum or rotational.

Naturally, there are their distinguishing aspects between them, namely the difference in the parameters, the main of which is the engine, namely its power. It is important that if you want a very “strong” mower, then it is natural for you to opt for the rotational type of mower.

In order to facilitate the task of the very definition between these types, we note how they differ: the rotational type has four wheels, and the drum. two direct wheels.

Mulching vs Bagging vs Side Discharge. Which is Best & Why to help your Lawn

However, even if you read the description of the unit, you still doubt it, we advise you to click here and get tips from professionals on how to choose an electric lawnical mail.

Territorial Square

The following from which you should be repelled during the choice of the device is from what area the electric gas-beamer should process for an uneven surface.

Basically, most of modern areas have an area of ​​no more than five hundred squares, so if you have the same parameters, then it is best to choose a model like a drummer. Since this kind of tool has minimal weight indicators, it is easy to maneuver, and moreover, you will not have problems with its maintenance.

Tips for choosing a lawn mower watch on the video.

But if your site is enough overall sizes, then in this case stop your choice on the type of rotation. Since this kind of models have a significant number of capabilities of the functional direction. over, you can even purchase a mitch of this type that has the ability to self.propelled movement. Here I want to advise you to get acquainted with the Makita self.propelled electric lawnical border, which will last you for many years.

choosing, mowing, high, features, device, lawn


For example, the type of drum has a “force” of 400 watts. It is worth noting that such an optimal power is enough to work on small sections.

Finding the Perfect Lawn Mower | Consumer Reports

If we talk about the type of rotation, then such models of electric mowels have a sufficient “force” equal to 900-1800 watts, agree that a very tangible difference in power. And it is this feature that allows this kind of mower to carry out the work of any complexity and in any conditions.

The height of the bevel

To begin with, let’s clarify the fact that it is installed in three ways and on each individual model this process is carried out differently, namely:

  • Through axial screwing on the deck in one of the fasteners;
  • By changing the lever on each individual wheel;
  • This method is the most convenient, since you can change the height of the required bevel by pressing a button or using a special lever.

It is worth noting that if you choose the tool for its further work in uneven areas, then in this case, choose models of mowers that have the last two ways to “install” the bevel.

If we talk about a single type of mowing and its functionality itself, then, for example, the drum type has a level of 12-42 ml, and the rotational type is 18-75 ml.

Weight category

Drum type has a dimensions of approximately 13 kg. It is precisely this kind of feature that makes it possible to largely facilitate the operation of the mowing for its owner. If we talk about the type of rotational, then it, in turn, has a weight that reaches almost 40 kg.

Let this difference do not scare you, since the last option has such, let’s say, “weighty scale”, due to the powerful engine built into it. Therefore, the choice is yours that you will choose the functionality and power, or direct maneuverability.

If you still do not want to suffer with a heavy unit, then we suggest you look at manual electric lawners, detailed information about which you will receive here.

Rating of the best lawnmands for uneven areas and high grass in 2022

If almost any garden technique is suitable for a perfectly even household plot, then the choice of the best lawn mower for mowing high grass or uneven areas has a number of features. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not distinguish such devices in a separate group, so it is necessary to determine whether the specific model of the lawn mower is suitable for servicing the lawn or garden located on a small slope, as well as on the site with tangible height drops, which for some reason cannot be aligned, you will have to independently.

How to choose the right mower

The convenience of using garden technology and the quality of mowing of grass in areas with a complex landscape, as well as high vegetation, are affected by such technical characteristics and design features of the lawn mower:

  • Type of power. Despite all the advantages (more quiet work, low vibration level, light weight, lack of exhaust gases and others) network or battery electric lawnies will not be an ideal choice for servicing an uneven or strongly overgrown area. In the first case, you will have to pull the power cable for tangled high thickets, bograms and cavities, which is at least inconvenient, in the second, due to the high load on the engine when overcoming obstacles and mowing high grass, the battery will have to be charged much more often than under normal conditions. The optimal choice for work in such cases is a powerful unpretentious gasoline lawn mower, and if still electric, then with a high engine power, increased capacity of batteries and with the ability to switch to a reserve set of nutritional elements.
  • Engine power and the quality of the cutting element. When the high or hard grass is spent, as well as a small shrub, the power of the lawn mower should be more than 1500 V, and the number of revolutions. at least 3000. Two- or four-lobed instrumental steel knives cope with a problematic vegetation of the site.
  • The weight. This parameter for non.self.propelled lawn mowers is especially important. because in order to raise a slope from the slope or stretch the mowing of the hollow, you will have to make significant physical efforts.
  • Wheelbase. For a simpler movement along the uneven area, it is better to use a self.propelled mower with the rear.wheel drive (with this option, ability increases) and a large diameter of the rear wheels, which not only overcome obstacles, but will not be confused in the grass. “Floating” front wheels or “air cushion”, raising the front of the body due to the air flow, will facilitate movement control, but such functions are found in a small number of models.
  • The height and levels of mowing, as well as the method of adjustment. For sites with described features when determining this parameter, it is worth using the principle “the higher and more. the better”, since to obtain a perfectly even lawn you will often have to rearrange the levels, leaving higher grass in the hollows and cutting down almost “under zero” on the elevations. The same applies to the high grass, which is more convenient to mow in several visits (no more than a third of height at a time), gradually lowering the level. Given the specifics of the work, it will be easier to use the lawn mower with a central adjustment of the height of all wheels.
  • The position of the grass collector. The container for collecting grass should be located as high as possible. in this position it will not touch the protruding tubercles of the uneven area, will not interfere with the movement and will avoid damage itself.
  • Vibration level. The lower. the better. It will be tangible to the mower and so significantly on potholes, cavities and tubercles, and if you add your own vibration of the device to this, then the mowing will turn into a real torture for the operator.
  • The strength and assembly quality. these parameters are always important, and especially in conditions when the lawn mower is subjected to increased loads in uneven areas.

The brief review below includes the best law mowing models with all the necessary characteristics to ensure effective and comfortable work on crossed areas, as well as putting sections in order with a great height of vegetation.

What kind of dormitory?

Haymaking. equipment designed to mow high thick vegetation in order to free the territory from weeds or hay harvesting. There is a fundamental difference between different models of hay and lawn mower, which essentially perform the same task.

All devices have their own functional features and despite the identity of operations, when using them, it is necessary to achieve different results.

Lawn mowers and trimmers for grass are ideal for haircuts of lawns, motorcycles, especially with a gasoline engine. for the destruction of stormy thickets in groomed areas with a tuberous relief, they have great performance. Rotor, segment, beam machines are used for hay harvesting, both self.propelled and as attachments for tractors and motoblocks.

It is worth noting that the accuracy of the mowing is mainly ensured by lawnmands.

The principle of the work of haymaking in high.quality cutting of the stems for the very root and laying of a thin layer of grass. If the layer is thick, the vegetation will rot. Specialized technology is characterized by reliability, high performance, sufficient width of the aisle. It is equipped with cutting elements and is easily controlled.

There are many haymaking high grass.

Conditionally, special equipment can be divided into three categories:

  • Manual in which there is no wheel drive. Suitable for processing small areas.
  • Self.propelled. devices with drives for wheels intended for mowing grass in large areas.
  • Party equipment for motor blocks, mini.tractors and tractors. Professional technique for large lands. Suitable for agricultural work on hay harvesting.

The main types of haymaking:

  • Hand braids are the most budget option. Usually small in size, I have small weight, compacts and show high efficiency when working on small land plots.
  • Segmented self.propelled models with a gasoline engine. Can be designed for different lands. The specifics of a number of mowers is the fight against tall wild plants, for the cut of which a special type of cutting elements is provided. Self.propelled equipment intended for mowing is equipped with a drive for independent transportation and equipped with a powerful engine. She is able to provide high.quality work even in dry weather.
  • Beam or segment-paltz models can be both self-propelled or hinged. They work similarly to large garden scissors. The teeth move from side to side, cutting off the grass that falls between the segments. The vegetation is moped carefully, after which it neatly lays down on the ground at the bevel point. The grass layer is quite thin and does not require turning. If the territory is littered or many shrubs grow on it, the equipment may fail.
  • Rotor hays are related to hinging equipment. They can work in complex areas, do not break when mowing hard stems, rubbing and stones, collisions with embankments and extraneous objects. Disks with cutting elements mow vegetation quickly rotating, after which it is sent to the roll. Mowing, using grass for hay, requires additional processing, since the layer is thick. But the unit is not terrible shrubs and mole potholes.
  • Disco-roting devices to the motorcycle unit. Designed for mowing meadow grass in territories purified from shrubs. The system is equipped with two disks with floating knives that rotate to meet each other. If obstacles occur, the knives are hidden. As a result, areas may remain that will need to be treated manually. Small grass is laid in rolls through side rollers.

Buyers have access to both simple and powerful special equipment. Before you opt for one of the models, it is recommended to get acquainted with its technical characteristics.

Popular models

M80 BS 450 Series 965280300

Self.propelled device for hay harvesting. Suitable for areas of any complexity, except for swampy. Designed for processing an area of ​​10,000 m2. A high.performance unit with a belt type of adhesion is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine and a cutting mechanism for mowing.

Its weight is 55 kg, engine volume 125 cm3 at a power of 3.5 liters.With. The model is equipped with wheels with a deep tread and comfortable handles that can be adjusted in accordance with the growth of the user.


Self.propelled rotor unit with a Japanese gasoline engine Subaru EA 190V, with a capacity of 5.5 liters.With., made in accordance with advanced technologies. The disk cutting mechanism is equipped with four folding legs, through which the cutting and laying of vegetation is carried out without grinding.

Suitable for professional hay harvesting and mowing weeds and shrubs. The model is equipped with pneumatic fires that allow overcoming obstacles, has a rear.wheel drive, has a high degree of maneuverability, and can withstand heavy loads.

The height of mowing grass with a passage width of 60 cm, varies from 5 to 100 cm. The device case is made of strong steel, and its weight is 80 kg.

Billy Goat BC26

Honda.single.cylinder gasoline gasoline. The launch of the engine designed for long.term continuous operation occurs using the starter. Training transmission allows you to configure speed for high.quality processing of sites.

The device is equipped with wide wheels that provide stability on a tuberous area. The cutting Deck is equipped with a high.strength steel knife, which easily copes with hard stems and shrubs. The height of the bevel of grass is 9.5 cm with a width of the passage 66 cm.

Stiga Silex87b

Senocosolka beam type with a 3.8 kW.based gas engine designed to care for a meadow. Differs in simplicity of operation, ease of control and noiselessness.

Designed for a plot of 25-30 acres with a natural relief. Provides high performance and fuel savings. Weighs such an unit of 54 kg and provides a width of a mowing 87 cm. Has a wheel drive excluding the need to push the machine in front of you.

Sich KRN motor. 1 in

Rotor mower for a walk.behind tractor designed to mow seeded grass for seno.assignment. The cutting system is represented by two disks with metal knives, which receive a drive from a motor unit selection shaft and rotate at a speed of 2900 rpm.

The average performance of the unit complete with the walk.behind tractor is 0.2 ha/hour. The height of the cut vegetation is not adjustable and is approximately 40 mm. When working, the device rests on skis and slides over the surface of the field.

BlackDecker LM2000

Among the participants in the rating of the best lawnmands of 2022, LM2000 has few rivals in width and mowing height. So if you think which lawmaker is better to buy for a summer house or a large house site, and no more than 30 thousand, then BlackDecker LM2000. The best option.

The device is equipped with a brush engine with a belt drive. He has a 50.liter grass collector, mulching the nozzle and the function of emitting grass back. And seven.speed adjustment of the height of mowing, coupled with high power, makes it possible to save the site from tall and thick plants.

Worx WG713E

One of the most inexpensive options in the ranking of electric lawn mowers. Thanks to the compact size and maneuverable wheels, Worx WG713E will quickly manage with a small lawn. But this model’s mowing height adjustments are surprisingly a lot for the “state employee”. as many as 6.

The grass collector is combined (the bottom is soft, top. plastic) by 30 liters, also the lawn mower can throw mowed grass behind itself. Worx WG713E has and a guide button from random turned on, like more expensive models.

The top rating includes models: 1st place-Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201); 2nd place. Makita ELM3720; 3rd place-AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 se; 4th place. Gardena PowerMax 1400/34; 5th place. Makita ELM3320; 6th place. Bosch ARM 34 (0.600.8A6.101); 7th place. Champion EM3313; 8th place. Stiga Combi 36 E.

Low.power models for a small garden and lawn. It is convenient to take care of a plot of no more than 4 acres with such a lawn mower. For large areas, see models above 1,500 watts in the ranking below.

1st place Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

  • Width / mowing height: 37 cm / 20-70 mm
  • Speasing area: 500 m²
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Wheel lawn mower
  • Electric engine (1400 W) from the network cable
  • Grass outlet into a hard grass collector. back
  • Noise level 91 dB

The first in the ranking is not the most powerful model of the lawn mower with an electric motor with a plastic body to reduce mass. This model from the eminent German concern clearly deserves to be in the first place in its category. The brand engineers thought out all the little things so that the work was effective and comfortable, and the result corresponds to the most stringent requirements and bold expectations! For example, the operator’s load on the Bosch Ergoflex branded handles with several degrees of settings can be reduced, and Grasscombs technology guarantees accuracy, the ideal quality of the cut, the formation of a clear edge of the lawn even in the immediate vicinity of the walls.

The model weighs only 12 kilograms, even a fragile girl or a child who wants to help parents in garden work will cope with her. The wheels are installed on technological bearings, rotate very easily, without excessive efforts and seizures. The height of the cut is tuned from 2 to 7 centimeters, adjust the height of the knife as easily as possible, it is possible to do this in one movement. After mowing, the grass is in a 40-liter grass collector, such a container is enough for long-term operation. The possibility of folding the handle is provided, which is very convenient, during storage the lawn mower occupies a minimum of space.

2 place Makita Elm3720

  • Width / mowing height: 37 cm / 20-55 mm
  • Speasing area: 500 m²
  • Weight 11.6 kg
  • Wheel (non.self.propelled)
  • Electric engine (1400 W) from the network cable
  • Grass outlet into a soft grass collector. back

The second in the ranking is a small lawn mower with a plastic building for the garden and yard. The Japanese company is trying to keep up with colleagues from Germany, seeks to offer its customers the most technological, productive equipment. The model is light and compact, with a mass of less than 12 kilograms, it allows you to mow the grass in a strip of 37 centimeters in one pass, so even processing a large lawn over the area will not take much time. Sharp rotor knives provide an accurate, clean cut, the lawn mower cuts off the blades, and does not pull out and does not crush them. The 40-liter grass collector is enough for a long time, the model is focused on lawns with an area of ​​500 to 700 squares. The lawn mower is good, but expensive. I would take first place in the ranking up to 1500 watts.

The wheels are quite large, the base is a durable polymer (the case is made from the same, due to which the balance, rigidity and resistance to deformations), rim. technological rubber will be reached. The wheels are fixed on technological bearings, rotate very easily, do not require much effort when moving. The mowing height can be configured in the range from 2 to 4 centimeters, so that care is also possible for both decorative and sports lawn.

3 place Al-ko 112856 Classic 3.82 se

  • Width / mowing height: 38 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Speasing area: 500 m²
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Wheel lawn mower
  • Electric engine (1400 W) from the network cable
  • Grass outlet into a hard grass collector. back
  • Noise level: 84 dB

Electro.gasonocoser for giving and putting in order a plot with an area of ​​up to 6 acres with many trees, bushes and flower beds. One of the most affordable models in this category, however, is quite consistent with even the requirements of even a demanding user. The design is quite simple, but from the standpoint of functionality and convenience, the device deserves attention. Mass. only 12 kilograms, it is convenient and easy to work, despite not the very technological handle, its design cannot be compared, for example, with ergonomic solutions from Bosch, but setting up is possible, so adaptation to growth takes several seconds. Before sending for storage, the handle can be folded, the device becomes as compact as possible, occupying a minimum of space. Speasing width is 38 centimeters, the indicator above the average, which pleases, the volume of the grass collector is 37 liters, quite worthy of value, it is not necessary to regularly devastate it.

The wheels of the lawn mower are very large. 14 and 16 centimeters, easily move even according to a fairly complex relief, overcoming bumps and potholes is not associated with unnecessary efforts. The height of the mowing is tuned in the range from 2 to 6 centimeters, you can adjust the position of the knives in one movement, the manufacturer thought out this moment.

4th place Gardena PowerMax 1400/34

  • electric engine (1400 W) from the network cable
  • Width / mowing height: 34 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Speasing area: 400 m²
  • Grass outlet into a hard grass collector. back
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • noise level 79 dB

Low.power lawn mower for a suburban area for cutting young grass on the site several hundred parts. Great for lawns with many plantings in the form of flowers, trees, bushes. thanks to the width of the capture, it is maneuverable, passes in narrow places. A small deck with a capture width of 34 cm rises above the wheels by 20-60 mm by means of the central mechanism. Comfortable Ergotec Plus handles with a coating that absorb vibrations will ennoble the site with comfortable and pleasant. It is easier to control the lawn mower with this handle than through ordinary pens. A 40-liter grass collector extends the time of continuous operation, but also increases the weight of the device, lowering maneuverability. Side knives mow grass along the borders.

Medium-power devices are suitable for areas with an uneven surface with an area of ​​5-6 acres. They cope with high and tough shoots, many support mulching.

1st place Gardena PowerMax 1800/42

  • Wheel lawn mower
  • electric engine (1800 W) from the network cable
  • Width / mowing height: 42 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Speasing area: 800 m²
  • Grass outlet into a hard grass collector. back
  • mulching
  • Weight: 14.3 kg

The rating opens a rotary electric lawn mower for a site of about 7-15 acres with a not very flat surface-large wheels will overcome irregularities. Small weight thanks to a plastic structure allows adolescents and women to work. The regulator of the position and height of the handle adapts it to the growth of any operator. A hard grass collector from durable plastic puts up to 45 liters of grass. Wide wheels from shockproof polymer do not leave strips on the lawn. The metal handle is covered with pleasant plastic does not cause discomfort. it is not cold, does not transmit vibration. Also, the pen is adjustable in height. There are 5 modes of mowing height.

  • capacious grass collector;
  • folding storage handle;
  • wheels do not spoil the lawn;
  • power is enough to cut high vegetation.

2 place Makita Elm4620

  • Width / mowing height: 46 cm / 20-75 mm
  • Speasing area: 800 m²
  • Weight: 23.4 kg
  • Wheel (non.self.propelled)
  • Electric engine (1800 W) from the network cable
  • Grass outlet into a soft grass collector. sideways, back
  • Mulching

In second place of our Top, a powerful electric gas.beam with an engine of 1.8 kW engine. The lawn mower, which is suitable for performing even labor.intensive garden work, allows you to perform them with maximum comfort and minimal waste of time! Drive power. 1.8 kilowatts, the capacity of the grass collector is impressive. 60 liters, so you do not have to take regular breaks. The Japanese concern indicates that the model is suitable for lawns with an area of ​​up to 800 squares, which is quite consistent with reality.

The impressive diameter of the wheels, 20 centimeters in front and almost 28. from behind, helps to overcome the pronounced irregularities of the relief, and the metal supporting structure excludes deformation, damage, which may occur with a severe shock effect. Yes, the mass looks impressive. almost 30 kilograms, but with the help of a competent setting of the position of the handle, due to excellent bearings on which the wheels are fixed, significant efforts to move the device are not required. An additional pleasant bonus that gardeners will be appreciated is a mulching nozzle. The width of the processed strip is 46 centimeters, the mowing height is tuned in the range from 2 to 7.5 centimeters, which confirms universality and performance.

3 place Kruger Elmk-1800

  • Wheel lawn mower
  • electric engine (1800 W) from the network cable
  • Width/mowing height: 32 cm/20-60 mm
  • End of grass into a hard grass collector, back
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • case material. shockproof plastic

A powerful Kruger electric gas mower is characterized by ease of operation and maintenance, low noise level. Hard plastic grass collector with a volume of 50 liters does not need frequent cleaning. Compact dimensions and low weight allow you to easily transfer the tool from place to place and maneuver between trees and bushes. The ergonomic handle can be configured under the growth of the operator. A special coating of the handle smoothes vibration, so the operator’s hands even with prolonged use of the Kruger electric gas.beam will not get tired. The manufacturer also has a 1900 watts model, which costs a little more, but has improved characteristics. For example, it sets a resistant induction engine in it. You can see more detailed information about the lawnical mower on the brand website.

choosing, mowing, high, features, device, lawn
  • hard and voluminous plastic grass collector;
  • Three.level mowing;
  • acceptable;
  • thoughtful design.

4th place Makita Elm4121

  • Width / mowing height: 41 cm / 20-75 mm
  • Speasing area: 600 m²
  • Weight: 19.1 kg
  • Wheel (non.self.propelled)
  • Electric engine (1600 W) from the network cable
  • Grass outlet into a soft grass collector. back
  • Mulching

The model resembles the previous one, however, slightly more compact and slightly less productive, adapted to use in areas of about 600 square meters. Mass. slightly less than 20 kilograms, 10 kilograms less than the previous model, so working is much easier and more convenient. The drive power, at the same time, is reduced by only 200 watts, here it is 1.6 kW, working width. 41 centimeters, even with a large lawn manage to cope with minimal temporary expenses.

A special plug for mulching is provided, pleased that the deck is made of metal, the lawn mower is adapted to fairly hard loads, the deformation of the case is excluded. The capacity of the grass collector is impressive 50 liters, there are no need for regular breaks. At idle, the knives rotate with a frequency of 3400 revolutions per minute, this indicator is slightly reduced under load, however, it remains quite sufficient for even, pure cut.

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