Choosing a saw in a tablespoon. A set of cutlery for 6 Person Radford Bright from Robert Welch

How many grams in 1 tablespoon and fast dimension tables

Often there are such problems when you urgently need to prepare anything new for lunch according to a strict recipe or not or not, or the battery “died”. In such a situation, you should not be lost, since the kitchen has various cutlery and objects with which the task of determining weight or volume of various products can always be solved. For example, often housewives use a glass or tablespoon and teaspoon for this. It is important only to know how much what is in them. And already in this special tables of measures and weights will help, which you need to focus on. You will remember little by heart. Most often, a tablespoon is applicable, so let’s talk about it, acting as peculiar “Libra”.

It should be noted that a tablespoon as a weight measure of various substances differs little in terms of accuracy from the same mechanical or electronic devices that exist in a modern kitchen. Two values ​​are used to determine the weight of bulk products:

The cook himself chooses how to measure the right amount of this or that product, filling a spoon with a hill or not. It depends on how much grams he definitely needs for the preparing dish. It is sometimes more convenient to take for calculating the value of weight with a hill, and in another case. without it.

Products Weight in Art. spoon with a hill (d) Weight in Art. spoon without a hill (d)
Sugar/sugar powder 25/30 20/25
Lemonic acid in crystals 16 12
Stone salt (large) thirty 25
Small salt (extra) 28 22
Rice is round twenty 16
Buckwheat is dry 25 twenty
Millet 25 twenty
Wheat flour 25 twenty
Baking soda 28 22
Ground coffee twenty fifteen
Gelatin in granules fifteen ten
Starch thirty twenty
Sunny 25 twenty
Cocoa powder 25 twenty
Hercules fourteen ten
Crackers are ground fifteen 12
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Liquid and viscous products

Products in liquid form are measured either in milliliters or in grams. In culinary recipes, both of these measures can be found. In the tablespoon, the values ​​of the volume (ml) and weight (d) of many fluids popular in cooking have long been determined and are reduced to tables. The hostess can only look into them and measure the right amount for his dish with this dining room. at least in milliliters, even in grams.

We give the table in a tablespoon of liquids and viscous products in grams. It will not be possible to pour fluids in the spoon above its edges, so the most complete number of products is limited precisely by these edges. But some viscous ingredients can be placed with a hill, for example, thick honey or homemade sour cream of high fat content. That is why two values ​​of weight for viscous products are given in the following table.

Not everything that shines is gold: how to make cutting diles made of silver and melchiora

Products Gram in a tablespoon The most complete number of products
Water eighteen
Milk is raw twenty
Condensed milk 28
Vinegar fifteen
Melted butter 17
Melted margarine fifteen
Vegetable oil (sunflower) 17
Liquid fat twenty
Liquid jam (on average) 35
Thick jam (on average) 45 (no hill) up to 60
Honey is liquid 35
The honey is thick 50 (no hill) up to 70
Cream is thick 30 (no hill) up to 50
The sour cream is thick 30 (no hill) up to 50
Sour cream is low.fat 25
Mayonnaise 20 (no hill) thirty
Tomato paste 30 (no hill) 40
Cottage cheese (on average) 20 (no hill) 35

It should be said that a product is taken for a standard measured tablespoon, the length of the scoop of which is 7 cm, and the width of the widest part is 4 cm. This spoon is mentioned in cooking. If anyone does not know if there is a standard spoon at home, then you can take any other and measure it by applying or transfusing the product into some vessel, the volume of which is known. Having counted the number of spoons required to fill the vessel, it is easy to find out how many products in grams are placed in 1 tablespoon of this type.

Choosing cutlery correctly

Today we will talk about cutlery in demand and obligatory in every house. It would seem that they are easy to choose, but this is not the case. Cutlery evolves every decade, a wide variety appears for different dishes or products. But today we will talk in general, how to make a choice right once and for a long time, so that the dining room devices have pleased you for many years. we choose cutlery correctly.

Varieties of materials

By tradition, let’s talk about the varieties of the material that goes in order to make forks, spoons, knives.

Stainless steel is the most popular and demanded material, due to an attractive type, durability, practicality and affordable price. Try to give preference to medical metal or hardened, then the devices will last you even longer and will delight you with their attractive look.

Melchior, Neiziber. are considered materials of the Lux class. respectively, devices from these materials are quite expensive, but also the appearance, more attractive and noble. Often there is a “mix” of several types of metal, such as gold and silver finishing. Accordingly, such dining rooms are considered precious. In general, if you decide on such a purchase, follow the guests, so that you would not drag!

For reference, melchior is an alloy of copper, nickel, iron and manganese, and a neisibrier is a fusion of copper, nickel and zinc, the difference between them is only a little more expensive, and there is practically no difference in the quality of the alloy, there is practically no difference.

Silver. precious metal, devices from which are considered a symbol of prosperity. Very beautiful, with unusual sophisticated carvings, they will delight you and guests. A fairly expensive choice, but if you can afford, it will be the best choice. But still it is better to leave such a set for receiving guests or infrequent use, since silver is particularly soft, often deformed or even break, be extremely careful.

Devices made of wood. were popular with our ancestors, even now we often do not refuse the spoons of wooden. Unfortunately, the material is impractical and absorbs smells and liquids, which can harm health. But still, the material is not toxic and natural, and this is very important.

Plastic. most often devices from this material are used for brakes or picnics. The material is light, it is not a pity to lose, as well as break. For regular use, plastic devices are not practical and even dangerous for the body.

Aluminum. was also a popular material for devices in the Soviet Union, but had long abandoned the manufacture of forks, spoons and knives from aluminum. The material is very light, quickly lose their external attractive appearance and the devices break very quickly, when pressure on them. The only use for aluminum devices is the use of them on hikes. The material is light and the loss does not particularly upset you, in which case. I often use it myself.

Rules for choosing cutlery

When choosing a table knife, pay attention to the width of the cutting canvas, it should be wide enough to be convenient to use a knife and a cut was even. Do not leave without attention and the pen, the knife should be comfortable in the hand and should not be too easy. Look at the cutting canvas, the seamers should be the same and deep that the knife fulfills its direct duty, namely, cut it.

Regarding the fork. it should be with sharp teeth, there should be a thickening on the bend, as for the spoon, so that they would not deform in pressure. The teeth on the fork should be well polished, so that no burrs are formed and washing the fork will be easier.

The spoon should be comfortable and deep, with a metal of at least two and a half millimeter thick.

And of course. dining rooms bought by a set, and not in diverse look beautiful and presentable.

Useful tips

Before buying, you need to carefully and carefully inspect the set of cutlery, for this, it is necessary to be guided by some rules.

The mother is shiny, without stains and uniform color. There are also matte devices, matte should be uniform and without roughness.

Weighty devices will last a long time, as I wrote above, devices. spoons, forks should be with a thickening on the bend. And in general, the material should not be thin.

Make sure of any smell of cutlery. quality products do not exude aromas. The most important rule is to choose carefully, because not all expensive sets are high.quality. The price is not the only measurement to be guided, remember this.

And on this I will end, in the next article on the topic of dishes, we will talk about the varieties of dining room devices and why which are intended.

A set of cutlery for 6 Iona Bright Person by Robert Welch

A set of light and balanced cutlery will appeal to connoisseurs of non.trivial serving items. We liked the drop.shaped elongated handles with thin neck, which give the instruments an exquisite look. Our buyers also evaluated this set “excellent”. this is another hit in 2020. If we compare these devices with objects from the Radford Bright collection, it turns out that the teeth of the forks are located a little further from each other. this does not affect the practicality of the product, but gives it an incredibly sophisticated view. Tablespoons are smaller and have a more oblong shape. this means that they do not contain a lot of fluids, but give a more subtle sense of food that all gourmets expect.

Set of cutlery for 6 Person BELA from Zwilling

A universal set of cutlery with a classic silhouette and clear contours combines modesty and individuality. Smooth pens polished to a mirror shine is nice to hold in the hand. Each item has an average weight and size, which, as we think, most people will seem convenient. The teeth of the forks are long enough to look elegant, but at the same time they are convenient for use; knives are well cut, and spoons contain the optimal amount of liquid.

Number of items

Be sure to decide how many devices you need.

If you live alone, then, of course, a set of 12 people do not need you. But do not forget about the guests. If you are a lover of gatherings and meetings, then calculate the amount from the calculation that from time to time you will have to use more than one fork, knife and spoon.

Typically, a family of four people is needed from 5 to 8 sets. That is, you use one set every day. fork, spoon, knife. And the rest are designed for unforeseen cases. the same unexpected guests, loss or breakdown of one set.


Today manufacturers produce cutlery different in design. Here, rather, it all depends on your taste and preferences. But it should be remembered that when buying it is important to consider the design of the rest of the dishes, especially if you buy a set for holidays and celebrations:

  • Curved lines, non.classical design are suitable for dishes and glasses with a rounded shape.
  • Even, direct devices, with sharp bends are combined with the same corner plates.
  • If the service is painted with paints, decorated with various patterns, then it is better to give preference to the same fantasy set.
  • For classic dishes (FAOR, Crystal), you need to select products with a mirror surface.

How to choose a set of cutlery

When choosing goods of this nature, be sure to take into account several criteria at once. This is the number of people who will serve the kit, from which materials it is made, how strong and durable they are. And after look at aesthetics, the attractiveness of the design of accessories, their packaging.

The number of people

The number of objects in the set depends on how much person it will be intended. The standard option is aimed at servicing 6 people, these are 24 items of 6 forks, knives and spoons.

Also on sale are sets for 12 people, this is immediately 48/72/90/126 subjects. Here, in addition to standard accessories, dessert, salad forks, sauce, tea/coffee items, different forceps/shovels, etc. were added.

choosing, tablespoon, cutlery, person, radford

The strength of the material

When choosing dining rooms, pay attention to the material from which the devices are made. If you need a set for everyday use, medical steel would be a good option. To receive guests, it is worth considering exquisite options, for example, from melchiore.

Design and packaging

An important criterion in the choice of such goods is design. It is expressed in several characteristics:

  • Decor is either a laconic minimalist design, or a retro version with curls in the graceful style of “under the old days”;
  • Grossing. a decoration in the form of a thin layer of gold on stainless steel and Neizilber products, such a design looks spectacular, expensive;
  • Children. the manufacturer makes the handles of accessories with drawings in the form of flowers, butterflies, berries, etc.

According to etiquette, a combination of different decor is unacceptable here. Accessories must correspond to one design style, so you need to buy a single set.

Which set of cutlery is better

From our TOP rating, you learned reliable manufacturers, which products are the most popular in the current year in terms of demand and percent of approving reviews. What to buy from this is a purely individual question. Vyborexperta.Ru especially noted several nominations:

  • Taller Gloucester 24 objects. a set of cutlery for 6 stainless steel persons with the best ratio of price, quality, stylish design;
  • GIPFEL 8482/8483 24 objects. a premium set of cutlery 24 items in a suitcase with black spraying, increased wear resistance;
  • AGNESS 72 items (922-160)-a good option for a gift in a solid case of red tree color, durability due to combined polishing;
  • WMF Frozen, 4 objects. anatomical children’s dishes, hypoallergenicity and safety for the baby.
choosing, tablespoon, cutlery, person, radford

The country of production, the reputation of the brand are also important when choosing a purchase. If you trust German quality, do not try to save. If the budget is limited, consider cheaper offers from Chinese brands, there are many worthy options among their products.

How many spoons in 1 dice of sugar

Doll sugar is made for simplicity of extradition, it is easy to take with you. It quickly dissolves in hot water, so it is convenient for tea drinking.

Pieces of refinade are not always the same size. But if we take the average value, then one cube will be 5.5 grams. This is approximately one teaspoon of sugar without a slide.

If the house has sugar only in the form of refinade, you should also know that:

  • In one dessert spoon without a hill there are approximately 2 lobes of refinade; If the recipe indicates the use of a dessert spoon of sugar with a slide, then there will be 3 cubes.
  • In a tablespoon, respectively. without a slide 4 cubes and 5 with a slide.

The difference in weight in one spoon depending on the type of sugar

Previously, the context was about the usual table sugar, but it is still divided by types and types. Almost everyone has the same composition, the difference consists in the original product, the degree of processing and the quality of cleaning of the goods from impurities.

Raw materials do not affect food value, since in any case a refined product will be made. clean carbohydrate. If it was reed, beetroot, malt, palm, sorgen or maple sugar. The exception will be coconut, which is considered the most dietary and useful. Its glycemic index is only 35 units, and calorie content 380 per 100 grams.

The main reason for the unequal volumes that occupy products is a grind. Each has its own density indicator that directly affects volume and weight. Therefore, the number of sugar contains differently.

Recenzja boskich Widelczyków deserowych RADFORD Robert Welch

The main 2 types of product are granular and liquid. The granular enters:

  • Crystalline (ordinary, dining room). The most common when eating.
  • Pekarsky. Differs in a smaller crystal size.
  • Rough sugar. The size of crystals of this type is more than crystals of ordinary sugar.
  • Ultramelkiy.Has the smallest size of crystals of all types of granular sugar.
  • Sugar (confectionery) powder.
  • Sugar sprinkling. Decorative confectionery powder, which is small.acid particles of one or more colors.

Each type of sugar can be either brown (unrefined) or white (purified, refined). Refination. cleaning of pure sucrose crystals of impurities, such as molasses, mineral salts, melases.

The second form is liquid. Liquid sugar is a purified syrup of refined sand without additives and containing 64-67.5% dry substances. Liquid sugars also include Jerusalem artichoke, agava, finish and maple syrup. They are considered more useful, although the energy value and the glycemic index are sometimes even higher, when in traditional sugar syrup is 287 kilocalories per 100 grams.

How not to make currant jam. 5 common mistakes

The smaller the grinding, the greater the weight will be on the device used. In one tablespoon, approximately 25 grams of powdered sugar will be obtained and 27-28 grams with a slide. The difference will be 1.25 times. It is easy to calculate that in a teaspoon there will be 8-9 grams and 12-13 when added with a hill; in dessert 12-13 and 18-19 grams, respectively.

The difference with the liquid shape of the sugar will be 1.3 times from the quantity of a spoon without a slide (since the syrup cannot be added “with a hill”). 15 grams will be released in the tablespoon, 7 grams in dessert, 5 grams in tea.

For convenience, you should use the table.

Product Gram in a tablespoon Gram in a teaspoon
Granular sugar (vanilla, table, reed and others) 20 without a slide, 25 with a slide 7 no hill, 10 with a slide
Powdered sugar 25 without a slide, 27-28 with a slide 8-9 no hill, 12-13 with a slide
Liquid sugar (syrups) fifteen 5

The difference in weight in one spoon depending on the type of salt

Salt is used daily in the farm. For different purposes. different salt. The most famous species are:

  • Stone (Galit). It is a completely natural mineral with many useful qualities and properties. The use of the use in all areas of industry and production, including food.
  • Salt. It is used for the production of soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and metal sodium, as an anti.icing reagent, since salt mixed with ice or snow makes them melt.
  • Iodized. Its use all over the world is considered an effective and non.marginal means of prevention of deficiency in the population. By the way, it has more than 1.5 billion people.
  • Sea. This type of salt has a wide range of necessary minerals. Among them are sodium and potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, bromine, selenium, iodine, chlorine, iron, zinc and silicon.
  • Nitritic. Nitritic salt is ordinary salt, but with a slight addition of nitrite. It is used in industrial production for the pleasant color of the product and extending the shelf life of the product. The supplement found the main application in the meat processing industry. It is used to prevent bacteria and infections from developing, and meat fibers became softer and more tender.

3 ways to clean the silver dish to shine

Since the salt and its grinding are different, the volumes that enter the cutlery, glasses or piles will differ. As you might notice above, 2 main types of salt are coarse and fine.grained. But few people know that 4 types of grinding are distinguished in total: extra, higher, first and second varieties. The first two can be attributed to small salt, the second two. to a large. The weight difference is 0.05%.

A spoon Large salt, gram Small salt, gram
Tablespoon 25 without a slide, 30 with a slide 26 without a hill, 31 with a slide
Dessert spoon 14 without a hill, 20 with a slide 14.5 without a slide, 21 with a slide
Tea spoon 7 no hill, 10 with a slide a little more than 7 without a slide, 10.5 with a slide

It is worth noting that the smaller the grinding, the more useful substances are washed out of the product.

Libra absence in the kitchen is not a problem. The desired amount of salt will help tablespoons and teaspoons that every person has. You can measure this product with high accuracy and not be afraid to put more or less than the necessary.

It is worth remembering that salt of any kind is recommended to consume up to 5 grams per day. Eating in large quantities has a detrimental effect on the human body. But if you add it in moderation, it will serve as an excellent amplifier of taste and make any dish fragrant and appetizing.

Comparative table of characteristics of cutlery

Our comparative table of all presented brands will help to determine the choice.

Weight/g Country The presence of a pattern Price (on average)
Appolo Vileron 1300 China No 1 900
Rondell Viktoria 1350 China there is 3,000
Taller Elham 1613 No 6 100
Mayerboch 1825 China there is 1 900
Rosenberg 1325 Germany there is 1,200
Dobrostal 1760 there is 2 599
Winner WR-2005 1940 Germany there is 5 600

User rating

We highlight the best sets of cutlery according to the following parameters:


Tramontina Buzios. a set of 24 tablespoons directly from Brazil is resistant to corrosion and erasing the layer. Long.term use will provide high.quality steel, which prevents the formation of rust. And the pleasant price will delight even the most demanding housewife.

In the suitcase

72 tablespoons packed in elegant wooden suitcase are designed for 12 people: be it a noisy friendly company or a family of several generations. Unusual packaging, spoons, forks, knives, linen, tongs and shoulder blades are decorated with golden inserts under the old days. A chic gift or a set, it can be transmitted from generation to generation. this is about the AGNESS set.

choosing, tablespoon, cutlery, person, radford

On 6 people

It is convenient to hold it in your hands to hold a set of cutlery. It does not spoil the taste properties of food due to first.class material processing. Devices are suitable with standard washing dishes manually, and to wash in the dishwasher. You can purchase a set for 3,490. 5,000.

Дарим подарки! Лимитированные промо-наборы от Robert Welch к Новому Году.

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