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Circular saw Interskol DP. 210/1900М

Circular saws are not high-tech tools with complex electronic systems. It should be noted that the leading manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the models of circular saws.

To the main innovations that are used in the manufacture of these tools are:

  • Electronic speed control this feature is not provided in all models, but very useful. This is especially necessary if you are working with materials of varying degrees of density. The speed required to cut wood is not suitable for plastic workpieces: they will simply melt away.
  • Soft start is the most common of the innovative features. Both domestic and professional circular saws are equipped with it.
  • Constamatic at any load on the engine RPM remains unchanged.

Most often manufacturers use a soft start function, constamatic and protection against accidental stratting. The DP-210/1900M saw is equipped with these systems. It’s available at Abo Online at your convenience.

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Circular (circular) saws

To work with various construction materials, a large number of special tools are needed. One of them is a manual circular circular saw, designed for sawing plasterboard, metal, any kind of wood, beams and laminate. This device is necessary when conducting construction and repair work of any scale, as well as for the procurement of materials and other tasks. All circular saws have approximately the same design, and may differ only slightly in power level, cutting thickness, productivity and some specific functions.

Circular saw applications

The scope of this device is limited to making even cuts in various materials, but the master can be sure that it will be a neat, correct cut. Circular saw is needed for cutting especially hard wood, metals (aluminium in particular), laminate, plasterboard, softwood, planks etc.д.). All work is carried out by a special disk that rotates with the electric saw. The manual circular saw has sharp serrated edges that split the surface of the material.


The circular saw has a two-hundred-year history. The most popular story is that the device was invented by Samuel Miller from Great Britain. He received a corresponding patent for his invention. Originally, this device was to be used for sawing wood. The machine was powered by a windmill. However, even the capabilities of this first device were so great that it could cut not only wood, but also solid metal plates. On the basis of this development, larger copies of the device, which was used in logging operations, later appeared.


If there is a need to buy a circular circular saw, then you should pay attention to the range of well-known manufacturers such as Worx, Makita, Skil, AEG and Bosch. These companies offer products in different price categories, but the quality of their circular saws is always high. For example, Skil is distinguished by the fact that it uses its own innovations in the process of creating each model of saw, so it is constantly upgrading the line of these devices. Makita and Bosch are mid-priced and slightly over-priced, but these companies are ready to offer the most functional circular saw models on the international market.


The most popular today are circular saws of manual circular type. They are characterized by lightness, ease of operation, as well as safety for the owner. That’s why the leading manufacturers have concentrated their efforts on creating simplified, lightweight but reliable hand-held saw models for domestic use. For more than 100 years since the appearance of the first device of this type, its appearance has changed significantly, and in a few years to simplify even more.

In our online store “abo” you can buy circular saws and handheld circular saws at the best prices, and we will deliver your order all over Ukraine, namely: Kiev, Kharkov and other cities

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Learn how to change a circular saw blade. Skil shows you how to change a saw blade in several.

Experts and home handymen especially emphasize that when using power tools, follow the safety instructions. The workplace should be clean and provide good lighting when using the machine. If it is cluttered or poorly lit, it can lead to accidents.

Electric machine, as emphasized by consumers, can not be used in explosive atmospheres, this applies to cases where flammable gases, liquids or dust may be in the vicinity. This recommendation is due to the fact that a machine with an electric drive acts as source of sparks, which can lead to ignition of vapors or dust. The Interskol circular should be used with plugs that fit the sockets. Do not modify the plug yourself.

For ground-driven machines, you cannot use adapters. The risk of electric shock to humans is increased if there is contact with grounded surfaces, namely:

We sell the following types of equipment:

  • Cutter. It is in fact a machine: a device that is placed on a separate frame and must not move during the working process. The working disc is fixed and the workpiece is fed to it (unlike hand tools). Circular saws are the most powerful and productive, designed for industrial use, and can operate for many hours in a row. This kind of tool needs quite a lot of space for installation If you buy it in a workshop, you need to take care of it right away.
  • Desktop. In principle of operation, it is practically the same as a stationary disc machine, only smaller in size. The base of such a tool can easily fit on the working table in the workshop. Benchtop tools are also highly productive. Buy them if you need to perform a large amount of work on the wood, such as building a cottage bath or gazebo.
  • Manual. Among the advantages of handheld circular tools the ability to work in different planes, different power and, of course, an affordable price.
  • Mini saw. Such tools appeared relatively recently, but they are already popular because of their compactness, the possibility of working with small-sized workpieces. These are not the only possible classifications of circular sawing tools. Like any electrical equipment, such tools are divided into:
  • Household. With their help it is convenient to carry out small amounts of work: one-time work that is required for repairs. Bear in mind that after 15-20 minutes of work the circular saw needs a rest for about the same amount of time. Household saws have fewer features than professional saws and of course cost less.
  • Professional. They are distinguished by their versatility, they work with a variety of materials, and work as efficiently as possible. Can be used for 8-10 hours in a row. As a rule, they are purchased for big and uniform amount of work. Functional, reliable, but expensive.

And another way of classifying circular saws has to do with the electricity supply. Cordless tools need a power supply and need to be connected with electric cables, cordless tools work from an autonomous power source. Cordless power tools are more common because they are cheaper and, in most situations, easier to use. Cordless tools are recommended for places where you can’t plug into an outlet: at height, for example.

Circular circular saw Interskol dp 210 1900m. a professional powerful tool, can saw any kind of wood, most often used in the production of boards, wood products, in the home this hand tool can also be used, especially if the volume of wood to be sawed is large. The cutting attachment of the Interskol handsaw is the saw blade. This unit has a blade size of 210 mm (diameter).

The Interskol dp 210 1900 circular hand circular saw can be used not only portable but also stationary, that is, in a machine, a table, as well as other types of circular saws from Interskol. The tool is powered through the mains cable. the saw is electric, the motor of the device has a power of 1900 watts. This is an order of magnitude higher than the power of conventional medium-duty household saws. Cable length: 4 meters. The DP 210 1900 is powerful, productive and does what it does best.

Suitable for sawing any wooden materials or mixed materials with wood in them.

Циркулярная пила (дисковая) Интерскол ДП-235/2000М 2000Вт (ручная). a circular saw.18.

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With the metal saw blade installed, you can use the Interskol dp 210 1900 circular saw to cut aluminum or thin steel workpieces. Assembly and production of this model circular saw is carried out in Russia. The brand is also Russian, with a factory and representative office in the Moscow region. The price of the circular saw ranges from 2,5 to 3 thousand hryvnias, depending on the store.

The complete set of the saw includes:

  • Instructions and warranty;
  • Saw assembly tool;
  • graphite brushes (spare set);
  • installed disk 210 mm;
  • package.

Overview of the Interskol dp 210 1900 m wood circular saw:


Scheme for making a table for a circular saw

Before you start, it is recommended to go through the preparatory stage. It is necessary to make a drawing. This will facilitate the process of creating a construction. First, calculate the dimensions of the table, then transfer the data obtained on paper. The hole to be made in the structure must exactly match the dimensions of the saw. Everything depends on the brand of equipment. Therefore it is impossible to make a universal hole. The base must be stable and be able to withstand mechanical loads.

Blueprint for a circular saw table with their own hands

It is unacceptable to overhang the construction to one side. The dimensions of the table top must fit the sawing flow. The final variant is revealed on the basis of individual desires. Some are comfortable working with a folding table or product with small dimensions.

Drawing of a universal table saw

An important point to consider in the drawings. If the plan is to leave tools or materials on the table when working, then the dimensions of the table top must be increased to a square meter in area. A suitable size would be 120 x 120 cm. You should draw carefully and slowly to make everything right.

The scheme of the table for a circular saw with a detailed description

Circular saw or mitre saw which one to choose?

You want to make a nice table to match your couch but you cannot decide between a mitre saw and a circular saw?

Don’t worry, read our comparison guide to find out all the differences between the two saws and decide which one will be best for your task.

Some people think that one is better than the other, others think that there is not much difference between them, and you can replace one saw with the other. Still, each of them has its own characteristics and it is better to use the saw for its intended purpose.

So, let’s first take a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of saws.

The SEVAT power tool store has a large selection of circular saws from different manufacturers for different budgets. There are models for home use, semi-professional and professional models. They differ not only in price, but also in power, solutions, reliability, quality of manufacture and accessories. But the golden mean is always the products of the proven brand Interskol the price is always on an average level, and the quality of professional tools. This situation makes the products of this brand very competitive and in demand in the market. Power tools are well made and designed for continuous operation in harsh conditions. They are made primarily for use in manufacturing and construction.

Quality craftsmanship

These saws are made of high-quality plastic with an ergonomic design. The company does not chase innovations and uses well proven technology. Their housings are robust and easily withstand falls. And the ergonomic handle significantly reduces the strain on the operator and simplifies the work. All internal parts, sole and all regulating elements are made of aluminum to ensure reliability of the assembly. It’s also a big plus in weight reduction and corrosion resistance. All models have the ability to use a stop and connect a construction vacuum cleaner to remove harmful dust during work. Many models have the possibility of stationary installation, the so-called flip-flop.

The motors are made of high-quality copper windings and are coated with three layers of special lacquer. Also all models have an air filter for cooling. There are models with soft start of the engine for particularly demanding works.

Circular saws are equipped with protective guards, which are designed to reduce injuries at work.

In terms of maintainability everything is good here as well. It is not difficult to replace the brushes at all.

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Electric tool Interskol in Kiev

If you want to buy a circular saw Interskol in Kiev, then pay attention to our store SEVAT. We are the official dealer of the brand and buy goods directly from the manufacturer, which excludes the option of buying fakes from us. We also have promotions and reviews on the site. Price of products is also low, because direct deliveries of power tools makes them inexpensive for the buyer. Pay attention to the models: DP-235/2000m, DP-1900, DP-210/1900em, DP-1600. Also popular are small and large (large diameter) parquet saws in the catalog. If you do not know how to choose, then our store specialists will tell you.

Delivery in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The price for delivery in other cities of Ukraine depends on the logistics operator.

Which discs we should use

The saw blade is the most important part of the circular saw, the working organ it is made for. All machine construction is attached to it, so it is necessary to define beforehand, which discs we will use in our work, and how to choose the right one online according to the designation on it or in the description.

Types and naming systems of circular saw blades

The 2 most common designation systems are. According to the first one (item. А pos. 1 in fig.) are marked consecutively:

  • blade diameter by tooth tips, mm;
  • Width of cut, mm;
  • diameter of mounting (bore), mm. The standard (default) tolerance of 0.05 mm is not indicated;
  • Non-typical fit tolerance (possible);
  • Number of teeth;
  • If the letter “T” or a pictogram is used, it means that there are hardfacing on the teeth;
  • Speed of rotation. the working (nominal) is simply numbers, the maximum allowed with the prefix max.

For the second system, the following information is mandatory, separated by hyphens, indicating the disc size: diameter at the tooth flanks, number of teeth, fitting diameter (the default tolerance is the same). E.g., 190-36-30 in n. B pos. 2 means a disc with 190 mm diameter (200 cm on top) with 36 teeth and a spacing of 30 mm. The speed is listed separately, but here it is the maximum default; the operating speed is 10% less. Other parameters are indicated either by symbols (item 2) or in. pos. 2) or textually. Minimum RPM, at which the quality of the cut is still ensured, for certified discs with stabilizing slots (pos. 1, 2, 4, 5) is 50% lower than the working one and for solid discs 25% lower.

Suitably good quality “unsystematic” discs are commercially available (pos. 3-5). But in all cases just “on wood” (pos. 2-4) stands for the corresponding specification wood, plywood, chipboard, laminate, etc. wood materials of sufficient quality. It is dangerous to cut not seasoned raw wood with such a disk. it can jam and break. Special saw blades with the Forest designation are available for cutting wildwood (forest, pos. 5), Wildwood, Timber, Log, etc.п. discs with these designations are used in stationary pendulum saws, circular saws, etc. Sawing equipment for cutting raw wood.

Note: if you are going to saw metal with your circular saw, be careful, because blades for steel and aluminum are not interchangeable. Also universal saw blades for cutting of any materials are on sale, but they work roughly. Sawing with “universal” saws Laminate, Laminated chipboard, etc. laminated materials are not allowed. the coating will peel off.

Finally, there are many unmarked circular saw blades on the market. 6 in fig. In general, saw, but they need to be careful: the linear rotation speed of such a disk is better not to give more than 40 m/s. To get the rotation speed from it (to calculate the gear), we measure the diameter of the disk at the base of the teeth D (in mm), and calculate its operating speed as 60(40 000/(3,1415xD)). e.g., The operating speed of a 200 mm “muddy” disc would be 3,815 rpm; better to get 3,500.

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