Cleaning the filter of a Bosch semiautomatic gas boiler

Repair of Oasis gas water heater

Chinese water heaters Oasis attracted to the domestic market, especially the low price and simplicity of construction, which provides repair of a gas boiler with their own hands in almost any problematic situation. The device and format of the main parts are very similar to most domestic systems, so there are no problems with disassembly and repair, even if there is no repair manual or diagram on the gas water heater Oasis.

From experience it is known that Chinese gas appliances Oasis suffer from three types of defects:

In the first case, the problem with the batteries appears quite unusual, the indicator panel is happy blue or green light, but when you try to turn on the gas head, nothing happens. Repair of such defect is carried out simply by replacement of usual salt batteries on alkaline elements with the increased capacity of charge. They should last at least one year.

Disassembling the Oasis for repair

If water droplets began to appear under the speaker, it most likely means that one of the nodes of the flow part of the water heater will need to be repaired. To determine the cause of water leakage and perform repairs, the Oasis must be disassembled. First of all it is necessary to remove the outer cladding of the appliance. To do this you need to remove the handles and unscrew the self-tapping screws on the bottom of the housing.

The next step is to disconnect the connectors from the display board and the microswitch.

Get access to the future site of the repair. the membrane water pressure control unit.

Let’s repair the block regulator of the gas water heater

In order to remove the pressure control unit, you must carefully disconnect the microswitch connector and remove the two screws securing the heat exchanger flange to the body of the unit.

It is clear that before repairing the gas boiler, the water must be shut off, the remaining water pressure in the system must be released by opening the tap.

To repair it is necessary to remove the gas block of the hot water boiler and the burner unit.

The removed unit can be disassembled for repair by removing the four steel screws. Typically, steel fasteners are strongly seized to the brass, so the joint pre-treat VD-5 or brake fluid.

The operation of the pressure control unit is as follows:

    Inside the body there is a cavity divided into two parts by a diaphragm. On the one hand comes the water, in the second cavity is a round float, which presses the water through a diaphragm;

It is clear that the surface of the steel rod in contact with rubber is heavily corroded and covered with caverns. Each movement of such a rod leads to catastrophic failure of the gland, which after a year begins to leak. In addition, in any repair, at the first opportunity, it is necessary to change the diaphragm for a quality rubber one.

It is not uncommon to have a situation where, before the repair of the oil seal, the gas boiler begins to boil and spit up steam. This indicates that the diaphragm also needs to be cleaned of dirt and, if possible, replaced.

Repair of electrode system of gas water heater

Chinese manufacturers of gas columns Oasis always like to save on the quality of materials used. As an example, when a new, fully serviceable gas water heater stops igniting even if the water and gas control unit and ignition switch are in good working order.

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The cause is the failure of one of the three burner flame spark plugs. The design of the burner is such that for gas ignition it is necessary for all three candles to be in good condition.

Repair of the ignition system of the gas boiler begins with the identification of a faulty candle. To do this, you must remove the liner, turn off the light and shade the room. When you start up your gas water heater, you can see that one of the candles has an electrical discharge hitting not in the gas flow, but much lower, in the housing.

The situation is extremely dangerous and requires urgent repair of the ignition system of the gas-air flow in the column. Do not postpone repair, even if the burner is ignited for the second or third time. At startup, a large amount of gas and air mixture is pressurized into the fuel chamber and the extraction device, and if the ignition of the column is triggered with a long delay, an explosion and fire may occur.

To repair it is necessary to dismantle all three plugs, clean them from carbon deposits, oxidation products. One candle definitely punctures the body, the rest is unknown, in what state, so all three dressed in an insulating shrinkable polymer tube, at least three or four layers. During the repair you will need to isolate in the same way the clamping strip that fixes the spark plugs on the burner body.

The gas-fired heater shuts down during operation

Spontaneous shutdown of the gas boiler is a fairly common malfunction. To find the cause, you need to answer the question of when the shutdown occurs:

  • Right after you turn it on?
  • Within a few minutes after you turn it on?
  • When you mix cold and hot water?
  • During operation?
  • after switching to the shower?
  • Suppose you have a gas-fired water heater that goes out immediately after you turn it on within the first five seconds. You re-ignite it, and it runs a little longer, but goes out again. On the fifth or sixth try the speaker starts to function normally. After the speaker is turned off you have to repeat this entire process over and over again. In this case a specialist from our company will adjust the ionization sensor and if that does not help replace it with a new one.
  • If your gas water heater shuts off a few minutes after you turn it on, it means that the insufficient draft protection is triggered. To fix this problem, the ProGas technician will check and dust the igniter. Will check the chimney for draught. If you find problems with the chimney, you may have to contact a specialized company to service apartment chimneys. Additionally, he will inspect the radiator. And if it’s clogged and limits the smoke evacuation, the master will disassemble the heater, remove and flush the heat exchanger.
  • Turning off the heater during operation can be caused by the temperature sensor when the water is over 100 degrees. Our employee will find out if it is caused by a decrease in pressure in the water pipe or if the gas regulator is at its maximum. There may be set and other causes of failure. In any case, we will explain to you what happened and take all measures to correct the fault.
  • Also it will be turned off if the control unit of the gas water heater is faulty. In this case the unit should be replaced.

Gas water heaters Atlantic

Atlantic gas boilers are flow-through chimney water heaters for domestic use. A piezo element ignites the burner, which heats the heat exchanger through which the water flows. The equipment is switched on and off by opening/closing the valve. The equipment is vertical, designed for mounting on the wall, has a bottom supply pipe.

Gas water heater Atlantic spends gas economically, its pressure is regulated according to the water pressure. The water heater is controlled automatically. The equipment can be with or without display depending on the model. It can be installed only in special rooms that meet the regulatory requirements. Connection is made to the gas pipe, water pipe and chimney. This equipment is installed only on the load-bearing walls.

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Gas water heaters Atlantik are reliable and durable. The equipment is equipped with a temperature sensor of exhaust gases, which ensures the safety. It shuts off the burner, indicating a chimney malfunction. They also have a water pressure sensor that prevents the burner from turning on when the reading is too low.

Bosch Therm 4000 O gas flow heater with piezo ignition

Gas-fired flow-through water heater with piezo ignition Therm 4000 O is designed for domestic hot water preparation, suitable for placement in residential areas and has the ability to operate continuously for an unlimited period of time.

  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Clear and easy-to-use controls
  • Special safety devices for optimum protection
  • Compact, elegant and easy to install

Made in Europe

The boiler is manufactured at Bosch‘s own production plant in Berlin. Aveiro (Portugal), whose products have long earned a reputation in the Russian market and was previously known under the brand name Junkers.

Ignition of the pilot burner by simply pressing a button

To ignite the igniter requires one hand to press the igniter gas valve opening button and the other hand to the piezo igniter button. An electric spark generated by the piezo element ignites the pilot burner. After the flame appears in 10-15 seconds. Press and hold down the button for opening the gas valve. During this time, the thermocouple, which controls the flame, heats up and holds the gas valve open with the help of an electromagnet. The heater is ready to work. The power of the heater is controlled by the position of the slider and the water temperature by the position of the rotary knob. In case of clogging of the tap water filter, it can be easily removed and washed.

Minimum possible gas consumption of the igniter

The gas consumption of a permanently lit igniter flame in Bosch water heaters has been reduced to the minimum possible. The burner nozzle of the igniter is precisely calculated to ensure that the flame burns steadily and can ignite the main burner.

Purpose and principle of operation of the water heater with piezo ignition

The Bosch Therm 4000 O gas burner with piezo ignition is designed to heat water with natural or liquefied gas.The device starts when the hot water faucet is turned on. The power of the device is enough to heat 10 liters per minute. After closing the faucet, the heater turns off, while the ignition flame continues to burn. This saves you from having to repeatedly press the ignition button.

You can buy a flow-through water heater Bosch Therm 4000 O in the city apartment, as well as in a private home or cottage.

How to remove the cover of the Bosch water heater?

It is easy to remove the decorative and protective housing of the speaker:

  • you need to detach the round adjusting knobs by pulling them towards you;
  • Move the rectangular knob to adjust the gas to the cavity of the body (position “ignition”). Note that not every model of water heater “Bosch” has such a handle;
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the two screws that fix the casing to the frame of the speaker. They are located at the bottom, on the sides of the appliance.

With two hands, gently slide the lower part of the water heater casing toward you. Then lift up, remove completely and set aside. Now you can visually assess the contamination of the appliance, to determine the extent of cleaning work.

How to remove carbon deposits and soot

The water part of the heater can be dismantled at home by yourself, but the gas part can not. This work should be entrusted to a specialist.

You can only clean the fouling from the burner jets. A thin copper wire is suitable for removing and a brush for removing soot.

Check if the gas in the water heater is leaking. Apply a soapy solution to all joints of gas pipes and units. Where bubbles form, there is a leak. If so, you need to shut off the gas supply and call specialists.

As a preventive measure, devices that reduce the hardness of the water are used. For example, electronic water softeners. The filters installed will help collect most of the scale.

Cause 1. Insufficient draft

The problem may be caused by a foreign object or soot in the chimney. The draught is reduced and the safety system in the heater is activated: the gas is automatically cut off.

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It’s easy to check the assumption: open the window, put your hand to the chimney or light a match near the chimney hole. If the draught is good, you will feel a whiff, and the flame will noticeably deflect to the side.

Solution: the ventilation duct needs cleaning. You can’t do it yourself. You should call the management company and call the chimney sweep.

Cause 2. Discharged power elements

It happens with gas heaters with automatic ignition from batteries or generators. As a rule this happens after 8-16 months of usage.

Reason 3. Low water pressure

You can check the pressure by turning on the cold water tap. If the cold water is running as hard as the hot water, it is probably a plumbing problem. If the cold water pressure is much stronger than the hot water, then the problem is in the water heater. It may have clogged filters or a deformed diaphragm. Or maybe the hot water pipes themselves are clogged or the filters in the installed deep cleaning system are clogged.

  • Call the utility: they can tell you if there is a problem with the entire plumbing system.
  • Flush the water filters or change the filter in the mixer.
  • Clean soot and soot from the heater.
  • Replace the membrane of the water heater.
  • To leave a request at the utility to flush the hot water pipes.

Reason 4. No gas supply

You can usually hear a characteristic sound and smell a slight odor of incoming gas when you turn on the water heater. If there is no sound or smell, then the gas is not coming.

How to remove and clean filter on Bosch Washing Machine & keep it Hygienically Fresh

  • Call the utility to see if repairs are being made to your property: the gas may have been turned off centrally.
  • Check that the gas supply has been paid: it could have been cut off for non-payment.
  • Call a gas professional.

Causes of weak hot water pressure from the gas water heater and what to do?

Gas water heater, or flow-through water heater. is a convenient (and often the only possible) solution for those who are deprived of the joys of central water and heating. Not everyone is familiar with this device, but those who lived in an older house, connected to the gas supply, know very well what a gas water heater is.

Fortunately, the modern gas water heaters are quite different from those that were equipped in homes a few decades ago. Now they are not big, noisy and smelly “monsters”, but very compact and practical devices, which are almost no signs of their presence in the apartment.

But some things remain the same. For example, the problems with the water pressure. Modern gas water heaters suffer from this no less than their predecessors. On the causes of low hot water pressure and ways to solve this problem we will talk in today’s article.

How to wash the heat exchanger from scale

Chemical cleaning with a booster.

The method is effective, but very destructive for the radiator tubes of the heater. The process involves pumping aggressive reagents through the heat exchanger using a circulation pump. We will not focus our attention on this process, since it is more suitable for domestic boilers.

Mechanical (manual) cleaning we pour the mixture and wait.

On the Internet a lot of people write about the magical action of citric acid. The method works, but is ineffective. For the test we diluted in 6 liters of hot water (65-85 Gr).) We poured 100-200 grams of citric acid into the heat exchanger and left it for 6 hours.

To a large extent, a mixture of the following components helped.

  • Lime and rust remover. For example: Cillit BANG
  • Acetic acid 90%.
  • Stir in the 1:1 ratio.
  • Pour the mixture into the heat exchanger tubes and leave it overnight.
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