Concrete grinding machine with their own hands

How to make a floor grinder with your own hands

Get an even, with a decorative effect, polished floor coating allows grinding concrete with special equipment. After removal of the surface layer with abrasives, the structure of the hard rock filler of decorative stone is revealed.

Monolithic concrete surfaces without treatment have an unsightly appearance, dusty with abrasion. Polished floor eliminates the disadvantages of concrete screed, preserves the naturalness, gives new qualities:

  • decorativeness, the appearance of natural stone;
  • increase in strength of the floor surface by 2. 3 times;
  • resistance to abrasion, exposure to chemicals;
  • No dust;
  • environmental friendliness, safety for people;
  • ease of maintenance, repair;
  • increased service life of the floors.

What is a grinding machine

Processing stone surfaces by hand is quite difficult and time-consuming. To facilitate labor and save time of work, special power tools are used.

A concrete sander is suitable for such surfaces.

The power tool is a rotating disc to which the abrasive element is attached. Different grit sizes of tools as well as adjustable power allows to achieve different surfaces: matt, glossy, mirror-glossy.

Features of use

The correct use of the iron is as follows:

After smoothing the concrete, clean the trowel and leave it in a dry place until the next use. In any case, self-made tool will not serve long, because the storage of the board will warp. If the device is used soon after the end of work. it can be stored. If the tool is no longer needed, it is better to just throw it away.

It is important to remember that after the use of the iron, other mandatory work is carried out: moistening the concrete, fixing it by aging and pouring the self-levelling mixture.

It is easy to make a smoothing iron with your own hands from improvised materials. The tool will allow you to level a concrete floor without serious expenses. You can work without helpers. The quality of the floor in this case is not inferior to the alignment of the mechanized method.

Types of grinding concrete

Builders share two ways in which you can grind concrete. it is wet and dry processing. To perform such work you will need the same set of tools, the only difference is the cost. If at the moment there is no money, then you can perform such grinding with your own hands.

The wet type of grinding is used for substrates with marble chips or with the addition of mosaics. This work uses abrasive elements, after processing leaves a completely flat surface.

Diagram of construction of an angle grinder for grinding concrete.

Dry method of cleaning concrete is used if the floor is completely covered with concrete. During such processing there is always a large cloud of dust. Use a construction vacuum cleaner to avoid accumulation of dust. Wear a respirator, goggles, and protective clothing.

If you want to buy special equipment for grinding concrete, then you need to go to a construction store. The highest quality manufacturers of this product are considered to be European countries and the United States. Most devices have diamond nozzles, thanks to them the surface looks perfectly smooth.

It is very important to remember one rule: when choosing a grinder special attention should be paid to its weight. The greater its weight, the better will be the processing.

Grinding the concrete floor with their own hands is performed with an angle grinder. Processing of concrete. time-consuming process, but in hard-to-reach places, the angle grinder will grind concrete very well. To work, you will need to use two types of nozzles: a diamond bowl and an abrasive disk. In this case, the larger the diameter of the circle of the angle grinder, the larger the area you will be able to process.

  • industrial vacuum cleaner for dry type of work and a water pump for wet treatment;
  • special safety glasses;
  • Respirator;
  • grinder or angle grinder if you do the work yourself;
  • diamond bowl or abrasive disc.

Equipment used

Regardless of the machining technology, the basic tool remains the same. To grind the surface of the concrete floor it is necessary to use special grinders.

Depending on the amount of work and the qualifications of their performer, processing devices are divided into two classes:

Household machines

The first type is a device including only one disc for machining. Such machines are not intended for long-term work, so their power often does not exceed 2. 3 kW, in addition, they are not designed for the connection of water supply systems or the extraction of sludge and dust. Their weight is also small, which greatly facilitates the work at home.

Of course, the performance of grouting the floor with their own hands will require considerable effort and patience. But this kind of preparation will allow you to choose any, even the most capricious floor covering, or even abandon it, for example, when choosing the style of high-tech.

Professional grinders

powerful equipment is arranged slightly differently. In the base of the machine there is a disk with cells for fixing the abrasive. Most often in the working space of the device there are three slots for abrasive discs. The rotation of each slot is around its own axis and the center of symmetry of the base of the machine, resulting in a planetary type of motion of the elements.

Grouting with professional equipment is carried out faster and of higher quality, because its weight and power allow you to remove the desired layer of grout or concrete. In addition, in such devices there is a possibility of adjusting the speed, as well as water supply and removal of dust or sludge. But also the cost of professional machines is very high.

Grinding machines for freshly paved concrete

Another type of professional tools are so-called helicopters. Such devices represent a powerful engine compartment connected to the working blades. Some of the equipment for grouting resembles a propeller, as it consists of individual flat segments, which is why such machines got the household name helicopter.

This type of machine is used for surface finishing almost immediately after concrete paving. Helicopters are made with one rotor for manual movement, or with two rotors, providing the ability to move independently on the surface. During this kind of grouting special composites or toppings are often rubbed into the base, strengthening the top layer of the concrete screed.

surface treatment of concrete | Repairs and construction with their own hands

Modern grinding on concrete with the use of single- or double-rotor grinders with the application of topping (hardener) is currently the most progressive and cost-effective method of treating the surface of concrete. After grouting, the concrete floor acquires a firm, smooth, dust-free surface. Concrete sanding technology makes it possible to obtain a finished coating after the concrete paving. This process of floor preparation significantly accelerates commissioning of the constructed object and allows you to reduce the cost of the top floor covering. This is especially effective for large areas. Almost universal, according to many experts, is considered grinding on concrete with hardening.

Materials for sanding also have a huge number. For use within an apartment or private home, two nozzles are enough:

Diamond cup is needed for grinding concrete with an angle grinder The other attachments are either worse, although cheaper, or are designed for expensive grinding of rooms of large volumes, which the home craftsman simply does not need.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of filler for concrete. It should be a soft type of stone of small fractions. Remember, grinding concrete with a coarse gravel filler is not possible without expensive equipment and attachments.

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You should also be concerned about the purchase of impregnation in advance. The initial polishing removes the top layer, after which the concrete perfectly absorbs reinforcing waterproofing impregnations. That it gives the effect of gloss and strengthens the surface, protecting it from chips, cracks and exposure to moisture.

Concrete grinding with their own hands: methods and tools, trowel, angle grinder ( and photo)

Before you apply the final coating, you need to make sure that the surface of the concrete is flat. Before impregnation, dedusting, processing of varnishes or paints, it is customary to sand the concrete floor. The competent approach is able to provide a reliable bond of concrete with a polymer coating. Adhering to certain steps, you can easily carry out grinding of concrete flooring by yourself.

The purpose of grinding the floor

Concrete floors that are polished by modern technology, over the past couple of decades, steadily replacing the usual coating floors. High-quality grinding makes the concrete floor spectacular and extremely practical. it does not require significant care costs, there is no need to make repairs, appropriate for any interior design, suitable for outdoor areas, because it is water resistant, resistant to aggressive chemical attack, the intense traffic of visitors and the movement of heavy equipment.

Concrete sanded floors are widely used in stores and supermarkets, office buildings, residential buildings, warehouses and hangars, business centers, cafes and restaurants, hotels, theaters, salons, educational institutions and medical facilities. At home, concrete pads in front of buildings in the yard, floors in garages, cellars, cottages and outbuildings.

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Grinding of concrete floor is a kind of construction processing, which is necessary for removal of the old coating, leveling the base of the concrete floor and plaster type screed before applying hardening impregnations, protective varnishes, decorative paints and poured polymer coatings. Preliminary grinding of the concrete floor is carried out on the third to fifth day after casting the base of the concrete floor. Final grinding is carried out only after the final hardening of the floor surface.

If the concrete is new, it requires the removal of lime milk, which is formed during the pouring of the solution. If it is old, its top and most damaged layer must be removed. Grinding also helps remove any dirt, level out deformed areas that have cracks, chips, bumps, ripples, nicks and local swells. After grinding in both cases, the top layer is fresh and with increased adhesion.

Also sanding concrete flooring is used when polishing or applying any coating that requires perfect condition of the substrate. During the construction of poured floors are carried out preparatory work, which includes sanding. In this case, the upper brittle layer is removed, eliminating irregularities and surface defects. The sanding process is also necessary to restore a worn concrete floor when the top deteriorated layer is removed. If you do not grind the floor, it will lose its strength.

In addition, unpolished concrete will absorb moisture. At subzero temperatures, water will crystallize and increase in volume, and this can destroy the material, which is especially bad for the first floors. Remember that sanding does not correct the horizontal direction of the floor, this should be done even when pouring. It will not cope with the wave differences of the concrete pour or slabs, because the sanding machine on the surface moves closely, repeating exactly its profile. This can only be avoided by the process of resurfacing the floor.

Types of concrete grinding

Concrete sanding can be carried out wet and dry, it depends on the price of grinding the concrete floor, but the equipment is always used the same. This can be explained by the fact that the sanding tool must cope with concrete and stone surfaces.

Wet grinding concrete is mainly used when grinding a floor with a mosaic or marble crumb coating. This type of grinding requires the use of abrasive segments, resulting in an almost perfect floor surface, which does not differ from a polished one in appearance.

For a concrete surface, it is better to use the dry method of grinding. It is worth noting that dry grinding requires much more time than wet grinding. It generates a lot of dust, but it’s better than wet cement sludge that clogs your eyes. Therefore, the visibility of the work is better and the craftsman can immediately correct his mistakes. Industrial vacuums can be used to remove the dust. During wet sanding, water pumps are used.

Grinding equipment and tools

Professional grinders for concrete floors are endowed with adjustable speed, they can also adjust the water supply for wet work, collect dust and sludge. The heavier the weight of the machine, the better the sanding will be. The price of such models is very high, but there are inexpensive options.

You can also use an angle grinder. It will make your job more difficult, but there’s no point in buying an expensive machine for home repairs. All the more so that the grinding of angular grinder is well performed in hard-to-reach places, which can not pass a large machine. If you want to grind concrete with an angle grinder, you’ll need two attachments, an abrasive disc or a diamond bowl.

The bigger the wheel, the heavier the load the angle grinder can carry. Handle with great care because the wheel could come off on persons or other objects. As for polishing, it is designed to create an even and beautiful surface. Polishing machine is quite compact and easy to use.

Material for sanding

To choose a material for the concrete screed, you must consider the purpose of the room, which affects the cost of grinding of concrete floors. For the production hall, garage, small warehouse and outdoor areas are suitable concrete grade M150 to M300. This material is very reliable and endowed with good qualities for future sanding.

Grinding material

Materials for polishing also have a huge number. For use within an apartment or private home, two nozzles are enough:

The diamond cup is needed for grinding concrete with an angle grinder The other attachments are either worse, although cheaper, or are designed for expensive grinding of rooms of large volumes, which the home craftsman simply does not need.

Particular attention will have to be paid to the choice of aggregate for concrete. It should be a soft stone of small grain size. Remember, sanding concrete with coarse gravel filler is not possible without expensive equipment and nozzles.

It is also worth taking care in advance to buy impregnation. The initial buffing removes the top layer, after which the concrete perfectly absorbs reinforcing waterproofing impregnations. That it gives the effect of gloss and strengthens the surface, protecting it from chips, cracks and moisture.

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Disk sanding nozzles

Disk grinder nozzles for grinding concrete are the most popular. Depending on the degree of finish, they are of two types:

  • turtles. This type is applicable for finishing surfaces. Distinguished by their flexible base, which is applied to a fine diamond crumb with added polymers. They are quite easy to use and quick to replace, thanks to their velcro fastening system;
  • plates. The grinding disk of such a plan on the concrete is used in cases of removal of the first rough layer. Different grit sizes of diamond grit give you complete freedom to choose the type of bit according to the type of stone or concrete base.


Concrete grinding cups of different sizes are a type of grinding wheels used for removing a thicker layer of concrete. Different cup types are available depending on the level of processing:

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