Conversion of the DeWALT dc727 electric screwdriver with lithium batteries

Battery conversion DeWalt Cordless Screwdriver to 18650 cell

PROSTORMER 21V. a good electric screwdriver, but with strangeness

I do not know what made me buy the PROSTORMER 21v two-speed electric drill/driver. Perhaps a role was played by several factors:. constant reading Mooskie and the first signs of shopaholic (no seizures so far). active repair work in the new apartment. I wanted a tool more powerful than the existing 12-volt Sturm CD32122. marketing ploy in the form of a sale on Aliezpress

On AliExpress PROSTORMER 21V drill with euro-plug was ordered on July 23rd from the warehouse in Ukraine and arrived in 8 days. At that time it cost 49.29. It came in a standard box (no nylon bag, no bits), but it had two batteries. Why two batteries? The answer is simple: practice with the Sturm CD32122 showed that the batteries run down quickly, and while the first one is working, the second is on charge. One Sturm battery lasted on average about 1 hour of “drilling and twisting”. Looking ahead, I say that the Prostormer 21v with this case is much better, because its one battery 2000 mAh I had enough for 5 hours of work and the battery at 100% charge sat down to about 10-15%. Don’t wait for the Prostormer 21V vs Sturm CD32122 battle. I’ll just tell you what I liked about the “blue drill”. And in order to save your time and space on the monitor, I combined my photos into collages.

I guess the smart Chinese did not make the sale for nothing. Now there’s a redesigned 21 volt model on their webpage, and it’s got the 2021NEW patch. Delivery from the warehouse of Ukraine has not yet, apparently, have not brought the party. What have changed in the “stuffing” of the tool I do not know, but externally the body has changed. it became smoother, not angular, and the switch of direction and speed became red. The price was the same. Ok, we open the box and take out:. the drill body. two “platform” batteries. battery charger. paper manual (in English). small advertising booklet. a bag with 5 drill bits and a double-sided bit

The whole wonder of Chinese engineering was wrapped in protective plastic wrap. The manual in English contained some pictures which showed a drill with batteries in “cylinder” format, it turns out that in the pictures is a 20 volt Prostormer. Saved on paper, it turns out. Taking the tool in my hand. Wow! Yes it is weighty. I put it on the table. Stable! I like it already. Handle with rubber pads. Fits perfectly in your hand. Drill with brushless motor, spinning. smooth, stop. fast. The brake “grabs” well. The direction switch (stop-reverse) is tight, and the speed switch (1-2) switches with difficulty. I thought it was because the mechanism is not yet developed. But as it turned out later. this is a feature of the drill and willfulness. Although I don’t exclude that I have such a specimen. The body of the carcass is assembled with the hexagonal screws. The cartridge is of high quality, no backlash. Drills, supplied by manufacturer, visually do not stand up to criticism. shanks are not machined, sharpening is at different angles, some are not marked, about the diameter can only be guessed. Universal double-sided bit, cross-head and spline. The faint inscription on it says something strange. PH(B) with a little number 2 and a cry of “AAAA. “. And it seems that the bit is magnetized. The charger connects directly to the battery (but only removed from the carcass). The charging process is indicated by a red LED on the charger, when the charge is complete, it changes its color to green. No indicators on the batteries themselves. When the drill is turned on, the backlight LED and the charge level indicator (three-degree indicator at the base of the body) light up. After a while the LED light and the charge level indicator went out automatically. The batteries came to me in the parcel already charged to about 75% (two bars were lit). The weight of the batteries of the “blue drill” was 354 and 356 g. The Sturm CD32122 has a smaller capacity cylindrical battery and therefore weighs less than 165g. The chargers are also different: Prostormer 21V. 21V 0.7A (weight. 63 g) Sturm CD32122. 15V DC1200 mA (weight. 93 g) It is surprising that the manufacturer Prostormer did not indicate the capacity of their batteries. Nonsense! I see that for the first time. But on the web I found a post-mortem of the batteries. standard 2000 mAh (from the kit) and 4000 mAh booster batteries (sold separately). It turns out that you can buy these batteries from the manufacturer here. who like to measure the torque, check the gears, the amount of lubricant and the real capacity of the battery will be disappointed. The manufacturer of the Prostormer 21v claims 40 Nm. The “blue drill” haptically starts up like the green Sturm CD32122. smooth and powerful. They have almost the same weight. over, the “green counterpart” has a Japanese engine inside (I opened and looked it up myself) and metal gears in the planetary gearbox. I also disassembled the last one and after the gears (all of a sudden!) with the balls fell on the couch, I realized I had made a mistake. As a result, it took me almost 2 hours to assemble the gearbox. Guys, well, I’m not really good with mechanics!

If you need video of Prostormer 21v unpacking (not mine) and working you can watch below.

The next day was the moment of triumph of the “blue drill. The Prostormer 21v worked very well. In 5 hours of continuous work I assembled four chairs (not from the Hamb’s living room set) and drilled in the Spanish tiles (thick glaze, good firing) 14 holes 6 and 8 mm in diameter to a depth of 6-8 cm. The case near the motor was perceptibly warm, but not hot. Taking into account the summer period and vigorous work, the result is good. Before the work, I charged the batteries up to 100% and changed them. But none of them even slipped one notch.

It was comfortable to work, the battery platform allowed you to quickly put the tool on the floor without fear that it will fall, the power was enough, and thanks to the second speed, tile drilling went on hurrah. One thing I did not understand was that when I changed the drill bit at the moment of chuck clamping, I heard a click and the brake jumped off (and whether it was a brake or not)?). It didn’t always happen, but it did, which was very inconvenient. With the green Sturm CD32122 this never happened in 5 years of use. So, to summarize. I liked it:. The power of the drill. stability, the presence of two speeds. high-capacity battery and as a consequence, a long autonomous work

Features:. the oddity with the 1-2 speed mode switch. the chuck sometimes slips

And finally, in the best tradition of Mooskie, photos of those who help and disturb us at home. I wish you all good luck and good shopping!

DeWALT DC733 electric screwdriver for lithium

Good day, readers of Muskie! Today I will tell you how to convert to lithium nicd electric screwdriver. Who is interested in the topic please under cut. The first thing to do when converting an electric electric screwdriver is to decide on the battery circuit. The rule of thumb for most screwdrivers is: 12v nicd 3s liion 14.4 nicd 4s liion 18v nicd 5s liion

electric electric screwdriver our 14.4v so I will convert it with the 4s1p circuit

Materials Samsung Batteries Purchase

Universal BMS 3s-5s with balancer Purchase

Connector Purchase

Charging 4s 2A Purchase

18650 holders Purchase

The electric screwdriver came to me with only the body, no battery or charger.

The first thing I take apart the electric electric screwdriver remove the dirt and wash the case Dry the case and put it back together

Since there is no battery pack it was necessary to come up with something. Go to Ali nicd batteries for 14.4 please, but the cases for 14.4 was not available from the Chinese. At the same time cases for 12 and 18v shaft I had an 18v case decided to use it. On the leg and pins of the 14.4 and 18 are compatible, but the side latches are in different places so it was decided to make the battery is not removable. The first thing I prepare bms for 4s (recall bms universal 3s-5s). I put a jumper 4s and close the b- and b1 Also on the recommendation of the manufacturer it is desirable to install copper bars. That’s what I do. In my opinion the white board is one of the best for screwdrivers and larger tools. Percentage of defects and failures is minimal compared to other boards.

I put the socket in the case Soldering the power wires to the connector I put spacers on the 18650 cells

Assemble the battery on the holders. I am connecting the contact welding. I solder the power and balance wires and the charging wire. The schematic

Basically this case would be big enough for 8 4s2p units and still have some room left over. But the owner decided 4s1p

Assembling. I’m trying to charge it. The charger has two LEDs red charging, green charging complete. At the output of the charger 16.8v so no adjustment is needed.

Using a glue gun mount the body of the tool to the battery Tested all works without any problems. The owner is happy with the work of the electric screwdriver. At the output we have the battery 14.4в 2.5Ah. In principle, in this case, the battery could be made 6Ah if you use high-current cells 3Ah (4s2p).

Converting an electric electric screwdriver to lithium batteries

Over time, the native nickel-cadmium batteries of an electric electric screwdriver lose their capacity, the charge is enough for a couple of screws, and charging takes a couple of minutes. If faced with such a problem, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a new battery or electric electric electric screwdriver. But you can give a screwdriver a second life and convert it to a lithium battery (of course, if the electric electric screwdriver is not killed and appropriate). As an example, I will use an electric screwdriver Soyuzmash ASH-14M with a voltage of 12 V.

Necessary details: Electric screwdriver Soyuzmash ASh-14M x 1 pc; Battery LiitoKala HG2, 18650, 3000 mAh x 3 pcs; BMS 3S, 40A, 12.6V with balancing x 1 pc; Reducing voltage converter XL4015 x 1 pc; 1.5 mm wire (black, red) 20 cm.

Disassembly housing:In my case, the battery is fastened with screws, also there is a variant with clips or glue. The most difficult thing to disassemble the laminated block, to disassemble a special hammer with a plastic base. Everything is removed from the inside of the battery pack, we need only the contact plates to connect to the screwdriver and charging station.

Battery choice: Electric screwdriver ASh-14M is designed to work on 14 V batteries, so I will use three lithium-ion batteries with a total voltage of 12.6 V, of course you can use four batteries and raise the voltage to 16.8, but then you will need to use a separate power supply, as well as high voltage reduce the life of an electric electric screwdriver. Not all batteries will be suitable for a rechargeable battery conversion, so there are several factors to consider:

It is not recommended to use batteries with different capacity; Batteries must not be chosen only by their capacity, the main parameter is the discharge current. Some people recommend using lithium batteries from old laptops, this is not correct, they are designed to work with a lower discharge current.

In this article I use LiitoKala HG2 batteries, size 18650, 3000 mAh capacity and 30A discharge current, they come with or without soldering tails, in my case without, for convenience I advise to buy with tails

BMS board selection:A lithium-ion battery pack cannot be used without a BMS board. There are different numbers on the market with different parameters. Marking BMS 3S, indicates that the board is designed for three batteries. The marking BMS 3S means, for example, that the board is designed for 3 cells. What you need to pay attention to:

Presence of balancing ensures uniformity of battery charge. Maximum long-term operating current.

In this article I use a BMS 3S, 40A, 12.6V with balancing, it has proved itself well.

Remaking the battery (assembly):I use a battery without soldered tails, so the wires will be soldered directly to the contacts, for this better use a 60W soldering iron or high power, so as not to overheat the battery.

Note! Do not overheat the battery under any circumstances.

We take acid, solder and tin both sides of the battery contacts and solder the wire, as well as instead of wires can be used lithium nickel tape, which can be bought or take from an old battery. In my case I use a 1″ square wire, because the space doesn’t allow the battery to be positioned evenly and the strip won’t reach. Once all the wires are soldered, take and seal all the batteries with duct tape. Various battery holders are now available.

Now according to the scheme, in series solder each battery output from 0 to 12.6, that is at first solder to 0, then 4,2, then 8,4, then 12,6 to the board BMS 3S

Further we solder the wires with cross section not less than 1,5 squared to the contact plates and fix them in the battery case with the help of thermo glue. Also some leave the two old batteries so the contact group does not fly out.

We solder the wires from the contact plates to the BMS board, respecting the polarity and assemble the battery case in reverse order and everything is ready.

Adaptation charger:A complete electric screwdriver Soyuzmash ASh-14M, is the charger, but it is designed for charging nickel-cadmium batteries to charge the lithium-ion battery needs to finalize it. Of course some people use chargers without modification but it’s not right.

Revision is that you need to add a board to reduce the voltage and current limit, a well-proven board on the chip XL4015.

conversion, dewalt, electric, screwdriver

Describing the modification makes no sense because for each charger is different, but the bottom line is that you need to cut a couple of tracks on the charger board and the output circuit transformer soldered to the input with XL4015. Next, I need to set the voltage to 12.If you put more current, charging will go faster, but the batteries will fail quickly, if less, charging will be longer.

Who does not want to deal with the remaking, you can buy a ready-made charger with charging indicator.

Optional: In addition, you can add an indicator to display the battery charging level. Of course it was possible to convert an electric screwdriver to 16.8 volts (4S), but in my case I had to keep within budget.

Buy on Aliexpress LiitoKala HG2 Battery, 18650, 3000 mAh BMS 3S, 40A, 12.6V with balancing XL4015 step-down voltage converter

Buy in Samara and the region LiitoKala HG2 Battery, 18650, 3000 mAh BMS 3S, 40A, 12.6V balanced XL4015 voltage step-down converter

conversion, dewalt, electric, screwdriver
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