Cordless electric screwdriver is better for work

Popular manufacturers and their solutions

Metabo’s answer to the question “What the drill of tomorrow?” is simple: small, flexible in application, wear-resistant and versatile. And today they already produce a high-performance tool with ergonomic design. The Metabo BS 12 cordless screwdriver NiCd is ideal for drilling in different materials and for working with various fasteners. The 1.7 Ah capacity and the 12 V battery voltage ensure the required working time, even with particularly large accessories, for example for driving 5 x 100 mm screws into a beam. Torque adjustment from 1.8 to 5.2 Nm gives you the opportunity to choose the best mode of operation and two-speed reverse gear enables you to unscrew screws and free jammed drill bit. Comes with a case and extra battery. Also a furniture fitter and drywall construction worker will approve of this tool.

Makita has been in business since 1915 and is today a leader in the development of construction tools. The manufacturer’s success is based on two simple rules: constant adaptation to the evolving market and the highest level of product quality. Take the Makita 6281DWPE cordless drill and electric screwdriver for example. Ideal for domestic use, one of the smallest models in the range. 1.3 Ah battery capacity, 14.4 V, 36 Nm of torque. With up to 16 torque settings, it’s a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to making products that meet the demands of users.

Ryobi developed a special technology called Ryobi ONE for the cordless tool range. The idea is that one battery fits a whole set of tools. If you own a cordless tool from this brand, you don’t have to worry about difficult choices when it comes to cordless screwdrivers. Take your pick of any tool in the range. The Ryobi R18PDBL-LL99S cordless drill, for example, has a hammer function. The brushless model comes with two batteries at 1.5 and 4 Ah, which will ensure continuous work. The two-speed gearbox will make it possible to choose the right speed for working with different materials. A quick-change chuck for quick accessory changes and a convenient bit holder.

Bosch screwdrivers are divided into professional screwdrivers (with a blue case) and domestic screwdrivers (with a green case). The former features a great feature set and serious performance. And the most compact models can be found among home models. The Bosch IXO V basic is one of the smallest cordless tools in the line. It weighs only 300 g and its dimensions are such that the tool can be carried in your With a battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, a voltage of 3.6 V and a torque of 4.5 Nm. There is a battery charge indicator, built-in backlight, reverse and automatic spindle lock. In a word, a domestic tool of high quality.

Cordless drills, screwdrivers Zubr are an excellent solution when you want to buy a good tool, but do not want to overpay for the brand. Among the equipment of this domestic brand, you can pick up an impact and multi-speed option, while staying within the budget from 2000 to 7000. Cordless drill electric screwdriver Zubr ZDA-10.8-Li-K is one of the popular models for household works and small workshop. Two speeds, reverse, and a quick-action chuck make this tool a reliable helper for the practical owner. The model features a motor brake and start button lock and 12 torque limitation options, the maximum value of which reaches 32 Nm. And what is no less valuable is the equipment, which includes a charging station, a set of bits and drills, a case for storing and transporting the tool.

How to choose the best electric cordless screwdriver: characteristics, pros, cons, in the rating 2021 (Top 8)

Hand drill, like the usual screwdriver, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today people prefer to drive screws and drill holes with more efficient equipment. At the forefront is a powerful and multifunctional electric screwdriver, working on battery or mains. To understand which electric screwdriver is better to buy for the home, you will have to study the relevant segment of the market of construction tools, which abounds with a variety of models.

What characteristics are important when choosing a battery for an electric screwdriver

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries, you can choose the right one for your specific operating conditions. Now let’s look at two key characteristics that all types of batteries have that affect the choice of an electric screwdriver.

What the battery capacity tells you

Battery capacity is spelled out in numbers from 1.0 to 7.0 and is measured in amperes multiplied by hours (Ah). The value is deciphered as follows: the specified number of amps the drive will be able to deliver for one hour. But since no electric screwdriver consumes 1-5 amps per hour, its use time stretches from 2 to 8 hours. The higher the capacity, the longer the tool can stay in operation.

What the battery voltage says

For cordless models, the power and rotation speed of the electric screwdriver depend on the battery voltage, which must match the parameters of the tool:

  • For screwdrivers, the maximum is 36 V. These are the most powerful machines for working with metal and hardwood.
  • 12-18 V. the average value, suitable for most processes in repair and installation.
  • 3-10 V. refer to low-power, and are used only for assembling soft materials or small-diameter fasteners.

Your electric screwdriver will break down quicker if you install a high-powered battery on a weak model. A 12-volt battery on an 18-volt machine will, on the contrary, limit the tool’s power, so the drive voltage rating should match exactly the value on an electric screwdriver.

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Keep in mind that if you use two batteries of the same capacity, the one with the higher voltage will give the tool a longer life.

KP Top 10 Rating

DeWALT DCD771D2 (medium )

The electric screwdriver from the famous American manufacturer of repair tools in the corporate color of yellow. Though the price is considerable, but this device can be considered almost a benchmark. It has a quick-action chuck designed to work with bits or drills up to 13 mm in diameter. The electric motor of the device produces 1500 rpm, which allows the screwdriver to develop a maximum torque of 42 Nm. The engine brake instantly stops the action, once you release the trigger.

By the way, it comes with two batteries, which greatly increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for home. However, there are also remarks about the model. For example, for some reason the body does not provide even a basic extra attachment for the bit, and the built-in LED, which should illuminate the place of work, does not do a good job of it.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah (medium )

An extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. The origin of this popular love lies in the fact that the creators managed to maintain a balance of performance, quality and cost, which is difficult to compete with the competition. The electric screwdriver is very compact and weighs only 800 g. For a small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case, the electric motor allows the screwdriver to develop a torque of 34 Nm.

If this baby is too loaded, it will work electronic protection, which will not allow the device to break. Not only that, but the chuck is removable and the hex bits can be used with or without an electric screwdriver. Finally, there are two batteries included here that charge relatively quickly. The only thing that bewilders is the huge case, in which it is easy to lose a small electric screwdriver.

Hammer ACD12LE (medium )

A single-speed electric screwdriver at a reasonable price that is not without compromise. The maximum diameter of bits or drills is 10 mm, but this is not the main problem. But an electric motor with 550 rpm and a maximum torque of 18 Nm severely limits the area of application. In other words, the Hammer ACD12LE is unlikely to handle anything other than small household jobs. But here have not spared on reversing, the engine brake and run time. It really achieves 3 hours on a single charge. That’s assuming the battery’s fresh enough. And, of course, there’s only one of them in the kit.

Makita DF333DWAE (medium )

Well-known model from the Japanese company Makita favorite by Russians. The reputation of a relatively new screwdriver has been made by numerous predecessors, but it does not miss itself. For a weight of 1.1 kg, the electric motor of the model produces a torque of 30 Nm at 1700 rpm. Quick-action chuck is capable of handling bits or drills up to 10mm in diameter. The ergonomics of the electric screwdriver itself is almost perfect, and the storage case is well thought out. It is possible to find two batteries in the set. By the way, they are assembled from batteries of format 18650, which gives kulibinym huge scope for modifications with their own hands. The model has practically no disadvantages. The only complaint is the lack of mounts for additional bits on the housing, and not too handy backlighting.

Bosch GSR 120-LI (medium )

What is the rating of the best screwdrivers for home without the products of the German firm Bosch? This model belongs to the blue professional line, and therefore should be able to do a lot. With a weight of 800 grams, the electric motor of the tool is capable of 30 Nm of torque, which is good. The batteries are inserted into the handle and do not protrude beyond its borders, which is also good. As well as the fact that the kit has two.

Best Electric Screwdriver In 2021. Top 10 New Electric Screwdrivers Review

Here is used quite an advanced electronic overload protection, but its work can be annoying and does not allow to work the screwdriver to the limit. Of course, this also affects the work in drill mode, metal or concrete GSR 120-LI does not drill from the soul. There are questions to the quality of the tool. Some people find that the quick-action chuck tends to unscrew itself. And someone is complaining of a burned out electric motor after three months of work. However, the problems are of an isolated nature.

Zubr DSHL-121 (medium )

Russian electric screwdriver of Chinese manufacture at once bribes with its 2021 we get a full-fledged cordless tool. Speaking of batteries. Only one lithium-ion battery is included here. But it charges relatively quickly in 45 minutes. Electric screwdriver turned out to be quite robust and not afraid of hard work, despite the torque of 25 Nm. In general, not a bad budget option, which is not sorry to use at the limit of possibilities.

Hanskonner HCD1838R (Medium )

Powerful electric screwdriver from a brand with very confusing origins. The official website talks about the experience of Russian craftsmen and German engineers, which does not add clarity. In fact, under the pretentious name hides a Chinese manufacturer. An electric screwdriver is not cheap, but it pretends to be a professional tool. This is evidenced by a chuck diameter of up to 13 mm, and a maximum torque of 55 Nm, and two speeds. The weight of a complete electric screwdriver is not small and weighs 1.7 kg.

The batteries included two, capacity of 2.4 Ah. By the way, the battery has an indicator of the remaining charge, which is not found in every screwdriver. It is interesting that HCD1838R is popular with winter fishing enthusiasts, who use the electric screwdriver as a drill for holes in the ice.

Hitachi DS10DAL (medium )

Another electric screwdriver from the Land of the Rising Sun. A compact model with an electric motor that develops 36 Nm of torque. Single sleeve quick-action chuck has excellent alignment, which comes in handy when drilling. The main feature is the fast recharging of the batteries. The latter, of which there are two, are made in Japan and quality is assured. Probably, the only thing that can upset you is the noise and not the most precise ergonomics of the body. But there is a hook on the handle for a belt, what will be very useful during construction works.

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Kolner KCD 12M (medium)

A very cheap cordless electric screwdriver, which you can buy for little more than 1500. One it is enough to consider the tool held. The rest is not so bright. First, the torque of 14 Nm sharply reduces the scope of the screwdriver to small household chores. As a drill KCD 12M is better not to use at all. Secondly, the complete Ni-Cd battery does not provide very long work, but it charges for up to 3 hours. There is no stepless rpm control, you just push the trigger and the electric motor begins to grind to its maximum. Finally, this electric screwdriver has a very unstable workmanship some pieces fall apart just after a couple of weeks of work.

Bort BAB-24X2LI-XDK (Medium )

The BAB-24X2LI-XDK belongs to the battery-powered impact wrenches, which means it can also be successfully used as a drill. The maximum torque of the electric motor is 50 Nm. Although there is a lot of metal in the design, the electric screwdriver weighs 1.3 kg. There are two speeds. Quick-action chuck is complemented by a spindle lock, which allows you to change the drill bits with one hand. The batteries here are inconsistent. On the one hand, they are good in the cold, but on the other hand the runtime is not very long. They charge slowly, but there are two of them in the set. By the way, there is also a second handle and a stopper in the case.

Pros and cons

Despite the fact that all such devices have approximately the same design, there are models that differ from their competitors on certain parameters and are more popular among customers. We have selected the most popular screwdrivers that have a lot of positive reviews. Our rating includes models from the following manufacturers:

  • Interskol;
  • Bort;
  • Hammer;
  • Makita;
  • Hitachi;
  • Zubr;
  • Metabo;
  • DeWALT;
  • Bosch;

Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home handyman

The most inexpensive cordless electric screwdriver in our ranking. Equipped with linear torque limiting clutch. Gear wheels are made of metal. Low weight 0.96 kg, even during continuous work your hands are not tired.

The charging card is built directly into the battery, which allows you to disassemble and replace it in case of failure. A window with light indicators to remind you when it is time to charge the tool. The warranty period is two years.

  • Low weight ensures hands are not tired even when working long hours.
  • Self-tightening chuck.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Inexpensive.

Bort BAB-18Ux2Li-FDK

A good impact drill at an affordable price. The tool is attached to the battery with a handle. Reverse button and power button integrated. Main control buttons are orange, making it easy to distinguish between them.

Ventilation holes in the back keep the motor from overheating. Lack of rubberized feet on the battery is compensated for by a wide and stable base. Can be charged at any charge level.

  • One-handed clamping of the chuck is effortless.
  • Convenient button layout.
  • Instant stop feature.
  • Light weight and compact size.
cordless, electric, screwdriver, better

Hammer ACD185Li

Domestic cordless electric screwdriver that works with fasteners, drills wood, metal and plastic. Can drill a hole in wood up to 25 mm in diameter. It is the most powerful model in the line of 18-volt batteries. There are 16 torque settings and a “drill” mode.

Cordless Screwdriver or Cordless Drill?

Motor brake allows you to stop rotation as soon as the lever is lowered. Reverse is activated by a button on the side of the starter, this allows convenient thumb and forefinger control.

Makita DF331DWYE

This model has a plastic body with a rubberized back handle. The device uses a chuck made by Rohm, a world leader in this area, and all the major electronic components for the Makita are manufactured by a Dutch company. 18 torque steps plus one for drilling. Thanks to the straight tilt angle, you don’t have to strain or bend your hand as much.

With the regulator, you can precisely, without tearing off the slots, screw in any screws and drill neat holes of the depth you need. Especially important when working with furniture, where an extra millimeter can ruin the entire structure. The power is easily adjusted with the release button, the stronger the pressure, the higher the power. Indicators on the battery charger tell you when the battery is fully charged or overheated.

Hitachi DS18DVF3

Cordless electric screwdriver from renowned manufacturer Hitachi, which deserves your attention. Thanks to the cassette-type nickel-cadmium battery, the battery charges quickly, in just half an hour. There are two holes above the power supply to carry the bits. 22-volume force control, making it ideal for wood, plastics, mild steel, and aluminum.

One-touch two-speed gearbox with one-touch control button lets you select the number of revolutions you want. Speed up to 400 rpm in first gear and 1200 rpm in second gear. The tool is well balanced in the hand and weighs 2 kg. Air-cooled motor with long life.

The 13 mm chuck makes it easy to change bits. There is a proprietary hook for wearing it on your belt, which has five positions. Kit includes: universal charger, 18 V battery, double-sided bit, branded flashlight, bit set with holder.


The first cordless impact wrench in our rating, which is ideal even for drilling in some brick walls. Two-speed gearbox helps when working with metal and wood. Equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 1.5 A⋅h and charger.

The tool is equipped with a 10 mm keyless chuck. 40 Nm of torque is more than enough to perform 90% of the work you will encounter at home. Jamming protection prevents combustion.

cordless, electric, screwdriver, better

Zubr DA-14.4-2-Li KNM2

Compact and light drill/driver with 45 Nm torque, which makes it possible to drill in wood with up to 25 mm drill bits. The spindle is lockable, so you can manually finish turning the fastener. Thanks to the pulse charging, it is easy to carry with you. Thanks to the new lithium-ion technology, you get up to 35% more performance. Quick-change chuck for changing screwdriver bits.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah x2 Case

If you are not a professional screwdriver, but you need to tighten something around the house, then this series is just the right fit for you. 2A⋅h battery capacity allows you to use it for a long time without having to recharge it. 0.8 kg weight for comfortable grip in any position. With this model you can use not only hexagonal bits of different lengths, but also round drills.

  • Convenient, sliding carrying handle.
  • Very lightweight (800 grams)
  • Long battery life for more applications.
  • detachable chuck.
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One of the best cordless screwdrivers according to customer reviews. With this model, you can assemble furniture, metal shelving and much more. Thanks to the convenient and reliable latches on the case, it will not be difficult to open the case, and the tool will not fall out during transportation. Battery charger can be used for 10 volt, 14 volt and 18 volt batteries. Thanks to the rubber grip, the vibrations are minimal. Powerful backlight can be used as a flashlight.

The screwdriver’s stability in an upright position is ensured by the new shape of the sliding power supply. Smooth speed changeover suitable for enjoying the operation of this fixture. Average charging time of approx. 40 minutes.

  • Sophisticated ergonomics, fits well in the hand.
  • Metal gearbox.
  • Fast charging.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Reliability.

Bosch GSB 180-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case

An excellent cordless impact electric screwdriver, whose owners’ reviews praise its reliability above all. Thanks to the lithium-ion type of source, the batteries charge quickly and do not have a memory effect. 13 mm chuck diameter with spindle locking feature extends working range. And the 20 moments of tightening force, allows you to choose the optimal torque.

Three speed settings on the device: screw driving, drilling, percussion drilling for masonry. Two speed settings, one for drilling and one for screwing.

The screwdriver is equipped with a backlight, which is not very power-consuming and serves to illuminate the working area. Speed adjustment by pulling the trigger. The important feature of this model, the possibility of replacement of carbon brushes, which extends the life of the motor. The device is enclosed in a compact case weighing 1 kg.

  • Great torque (54 N-m).
  • Ability to replace carbon brushes.
  • Fast recharging and long battery life.
  • Metal gears.


First place in the ranking by full right is an electric screwdriver Kruger German brand. On the ratio of functionality, quality and price. it is the best option for the home handyman and professional. It can work for a long time.

Best Screwdriver Brand? (14 BRANDS) Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, Pink Power, Metabo

Long work capacity of the battery: enough charge for 2-3 hours. Kruger cordless electric screwdriver works with fasteners and drills holes. Supplied in a compact case for storage and transport.

  • Thanks to the low weight of only 2 kg, even when working long hours, your hands will not get tired.
  • Has a quick-action chuck.
  • Rich package, which includes two batteries, a set of bits, drills.
  • Reasonable price.

Top 12 best cordless drills

LocationModel Price
Best inexpensive models
#1 Zitrek Green 12 Check out the price
#2 DEKO DKCD16FU-Li Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 16 V x2 Case with toolbox See price
#3 Interskol DA-18ER Promo Li-Ion 2 Ah 18 V x2 Expected price
#4 PATRIOT BR 187UES Li-Ion 2 Ah 18 V x2 case Check price
The best models for value for money
#1 Bosch GSR 180-LI 2.0Ah x2 case Find out the price
#2 Metabo PowerMaxx BS 12 V, 2.0 Ah x2, case (600079550) See price
#3 Metabo BS 14.4 10mm 2.0Ah x2 Case Learn the price
#4 Makita DDF485RF Li-Ion 3 Ah 18 V x1 Case Check out the price
The best professional models
#1 Bosch GSR 18V-50 Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 18 V x2 L-CASE Ask the price
#2 DeWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 12 V x2 case TSTAK See price
#3 Metabo BS 18 L BL 2.0Ah x2 case You can find out the price of
#4 DeWALT DCD796D2 Check out the price

Rating of screwdrivers: cordless and corded

Screwdriver drill. a tool for drilling wood, metal, plastic, sometimes brick and soft concrete, as well as for screwing. Quality tool will last for years and help you do a thousand useful jobs. To help you make your choice, we’ve compiled ratings for household and professional tools.

The best and most reliable cordless screwdrivers under 5000 2022

Reliable drill, electric screwdriver will be indispensable assistant in everyday life and professional work. Using it you can make a hole of the required diameter in concrete, wood, metal, plastic and brick, as well as quickly screw and unscrew screws.

Modern models are powered by a removable lithium-ion battery. They are not inferior to a corded screwdriver in their characteristics, but you are not limited by the length of wires and can work anywhere. We’ve ranked the best cordless screwdrivers for the home under 5000. This includes appliances with drill function, reverse, high torque and good battery life. Current list valid as of 2022.

Top 10 best cordless screwdrivers

An electric screwdriver is a tool that no craftsman can do without these days, and in the home it can come in handy at any time. The electric screwdriver is in demand for many reasons, including because:

  • Mobility. The tool is battery operated, so you don’t need a power outlet to use it.
  • Multitasking. With an electric screwdriver you can screw in screws, drill holes in various surfaces, and some models can still act as a torch.
  • Availability. In construction stores for not much money you can buy a fairly affordable devices that are quite capable of coping with the household needs.

The range of screwdrivers is very wide. Many manufacturers produce a variety of devices that differ in design, power, availability of backlight, reverse, etc.д. Choose a really good and reliable electric screwdriver is difficult enough, but our site will help you in this. You find out which models are really the best this year.

In this rating we will consider the top 10 best screwdrivers, and you will learn what to buy a professional electric screwdriver or an inexpensive tool for home. Each position was evaluated in terms of reliability, design, extra features, price/quality ratio.

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