Cordless shrub shears what is the best.

Top 10 best cordless shears: what to buy, characteristics, reviews

Grass shears are the best equipment for modeling shrubs and shortening the lawn. Everyone who has faced the choice of a product of this type, probably knows that it is not an easy task. In this review, you can get a lot of information about cordless shears for comfortable gardening. The rating includes the most popular models with their features, advantages and disadvantages. Best cordless shears according to experienced gardeners and customer reviews.

There are different versions of wireless grass shears. If you plan to buy such a device for yourself, you should definitely check the following properties:

  • Blade length. Basically determines how much area you can cut in one pass. Wide blades will give a larger cutting area per cycle. This way you can get the job done quickly.
  • Weight. Since cordless shears are hand-held tools, the weight of the machine must be considered. If it is too heavy, it will be comfortable to work with. But lightweight devices usually lack power for demanding tasks.
  • Battery capacity. The battery backup of cordless grass shears is important because it affects the overall operating time of the shears. If the battery capacity is too low, you will have to charge or buy a new battery quite often. On the other hand, tools with a large capacity tend to be heavier.

Top 5 battery-powered shrub shears by price/quality ratio

This brushcutter is characterized by its low weight, intelligent design and very quiet operation of the motor. Ryobi ONE OHT1845 is great for small areas where you need to trim hedges and bushes.

Model is equipped with a double-sided 45 cm long blade. The blades are diamond-ground for the cleanest and quickest cut.

Einhell Cordless 2 In 1 Hedge Trimmer And Grass Shears

The undoubted disadvantage of the model is that no battery is included. But if you already have the ONE 18 V system, you can use the same battery in this shrub shear. So you can save a lot on your purchase price.

The handle has a rubber coating for maximum grip, even with gloves.

  • Blade length. 45 cm
  • Type of blade. double-sided
  • Maximum cutting thickness. 18 mm
  • Telescopic handle. no
  • Battery capacity. 2.5 Ah
  • No battery included. no battery
  • Weight 2,5 kg
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Cordless Grass Shears // Better than a trimmer?

Top 10 cordless grass shears. review of the best models

10 PATRIOT CSH 360 Cordless Garden Shears

PATRIOT is an American brand for gardening, construction and garage equipment. Pretty popular products, not claiming to be elite, but showing good results in the amateur and semi-professional environment. Assembly is mainly done in China.

The PATRIOT CSH 360 Cordless Garden Shears are a great help for those tending to a small garden around the house. They can not solve big problems, but the daily mowing of vegetation in flower beds and lawns, or trimming undergrowth shrubs. the best thing.

The device runs on internal lithium-ion battery that provides independence of connection point and due mobility when moving around the site and during operation. Two traditional for such devices nozzles are included that allow to broaden the scissors’ possibilities and make them more universal.

cordless, shrub, shears, best

Top 10 cordless grass shears. overview of the best models

PATRIOT CSH 360 Cordless Garden Shears

PATRIOT. American brand, which produces gardening equipment, construction and garage equipment. Rather popular products, not pretending to the elite, but showing good results in the amateur and semi-professional environment. Assembly is mainly done in China.

Cordless shears trimmer PATRIOT CSH 360. a great help for those who care for a small garden near the house. They can not solve big problems, but everyday cutting vegetation in flower beds and lawns, or trimming undergrowth shrubs. the best thing.

The device works on a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides independence from the point of connection and mobility at moving around the site and during work. The set includes two traditional for such devices nozzles, which allows you to expand the capabilities of scissors, making them more versatile.

Features namesDefinitions
Battery voltage (V) 3.6
Blade length (cm) 12
Type of blade Double-sided
Maximum cutting thickness (mm) 8
Rotary handle No
Telescopic handle No
Number of strokes (1/min.) 1100
Number of batteries Built-in
Battery type Li-lon
Charging time (min) 55
Battery capacity ( A×h) 1.3
Average continuous work time with a full battery charge (min) 15
Weight (kg) 1
  • Rubberized inserts on the body for a secure grip and to prevent slipping.
  • Nozzle set included.
  • No extra power supply needed, just a smartphone adapter like you probably find in every home these days.
  • Charging indicator. for turning off the adapter in time and continuing work.
  • Comfortable in operation. hands do not get tired at all.
  • Discharges quickly. you can’t do everything in 15 minutes.
  • Not capable of cutting 8 mm thick brushwood, despite manufacturer’s claims.
  • Not so handy with the control buttons.
  • The sharpening of the blades leaves much to be desired.
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GARDENA Accu Garden Shears ClassicCut 09854

GARDENA is a German brand for landscape and garden products. Gardena GmbH was founded in 1961 in the German town of Ulm as a small trading company for gardening tools. And today it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of these specialist tools and equipment. The assembly area is in China, but this is not reflected in the high quality of the product.

GARDENA Accu Garden Shears ClassicCut 09854

Many praise this model for its high level of ergonomics. it feels good in the hand and therefore is easy to reach the innermost corners of thick vegetation. Second compliment. the intelligent accessory exchange system, which does not even require an additional tool, simplifies the maintenance of the shears.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, built-in, higher capacity than previous model. And work on a full charge now can already be about an hour.

Feature namesIndicators
Battery voltage (V) 3.6
Blade length (cm) 12
Type of blade Double-sided
Maximum cutting thickness (mm) 120
Rotary handle No
Telescopic Handle No
Number of strokes (1/min.) Not specified
Number of batteries included Built-in
Battery type Li-lon
Charging time (min) 180
Battery capacity ( Ah ) 2.5
Average continuous work time with a full battery charge (min) 55
Weight (kg) 0.55
cordless, shrub, shears, best
  • Manufacturer says about precision grinding blades. Together with optimum cutting edge geometry this really gives an effortless cutting effect.
  • Tool change without physical effort. But (and this was even attributed to the disadvantages). the very process of repositioning requires a certain skill and training.
  • Again, a very comfortable handle.
  • It is not very comfortable to always hold the top button. my finger gets stuck.
  • Even a good sharpening at low power becomes insufficient for serious obstacles. So, with the battery fully charged the scissors could not handle not an old burdock stem with a diameter of about 10mm.

Cordless garden shears WORX 1×2.0 Ah and charger WG801E

The Worx brand (Germany) belongs to the Positec Power Tools Group, an international corporation. And this is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric and gasoline-powered tools and garden equipment. Product assembly is carried out in China, but not to the detriment of quality, but for the maximum reduction of the cost of goods. So there should not be any worries about it.

The WORX grass shears and shrub shears, which have received a lot of positive feedback (especially from women), are designed for relatively small but regular work in the garden. They are purchased for hedge trimming, lawn and flowerbed maintenance, for cutting grass.

cordless, shrub, shears, best

The scissors feel very comfortable in the hand, and the elastic inserts prevent the tool from slipping in the grip, causing less hand fatigue.

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Laser-sharpened blades ensure high performance and excellent grass and shrub cutting quality.

Main features:

Versatile garden pruner for pruning branches on trees and bushes. The machine is easy to operate. any person can understand its operating principle, all he has to do is to read the user manual.

The Pole Pruner allows you to work at branches up to 4 meters above the ground. The blade head swivels by up to 230°, enabling the operator to gather branches even in dense brushwood.

FISKARS 115400 blades are sharpened sharp. this allows for the right grip on a branch. The machine is low-maintenance, easy to clean and the knives are sharpenable.


Safe-to-use electric garden shears with two extensions. They easily trim lawns, bushes and hedges. One part is a pair of scissors, the other is a 15 cm long double-sided blade that can cut through branches up to 8 mm thick. Ergonomic rubberized handle fits well in the hand, providing the user a comfortable grip. Also comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1.2 Ah and 7 V. It has a lock for preventing accidental start-up.

BLACKDECKER GSL700 Cordless Shrub Shears 15 cm

cordless, shrub, shears, best

GARDENA ClassicCut Li

GARDENA Accu Grass Shears and Shrub Shears ClassicCut lie comfortably in the hand thanks to the ergonomic handle. Blade replacement without tools simplifies tool maintenance, saving time and effort. The battery can be quickly recharged at any time with no memory effect to increase battery life.

GARDENA Accu Hedge Trimmer ClassicCut Li (9854-20) 12 cm

PATRIOT CH 252 52 cm

Lightweight cordless grass hedge trimmer (shrub trimmer) for any garden or vegetable garden. Please note, the device is delivered without battery and charger. Used with BL202 battery and GL202 charger. If you’re ready to splurge, the perfect hedge trimmer for any garden hedge or shrub.

PATRIOT CH 252 52 cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Tips for choosing a shrub shears, the study of the performance characteristics of different models will help the potential buyer to make the right choice and find a real helper in a difficult and noble cause. to establish order and beauty in their own garden or in a city park.

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