Corner grinder for what is needed. Types and design features of angle grinders

Which is better. Corner grinder or grinder?

Construction and repair work involve the performance of cutting, stripping, grinding, polishing surfaces made of various materials, so there is often a grinder and corner grinder in the arsenal of the master. At the same time, many newcomers confuse tools or do not know which one to choose to complete a specific task. By comparative analysis of the units, we will tell you that the corner grinder or grinder is better.

Place Model
one. Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm Prices Review
2. Interskol angular grinder-125/900 671.One.0.00 Prices Review
3. Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm Prices Review
4. Stanley SB90 Prices Review
5. Makita 9910 Prices Review
6. Resanta LSHM-75/900 Prices Review
7. Wert Ees 125DE, 350 W Prices Review
eight. Makita BO5031, 300 W Prices Review
nine. Dewalt DWE6423, 280 W Prices Review
ten. Makita BO3711 Prices Review
eleven. Blackdecker KA300 Review
12. Makita BO3710 Review

Corner grinder or corner grinder decryption and what it is

Among both a home tools and at any enterprise there is almost always a corner grinder, decryption is an angular grinding machine. The second, more common name is “angular grinder”.

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An angular grinder is intended for the cutting and cleaning of surfaces of metal, concrete, tiles, bricks and other solid materials, grinding wood. Fields of application: construction, repair of a house, mechanical engineering and metalworking, automobile services. There are cases when experienced specialists can work with her for not their intended purpose. For cutting boards or slate, but such work is not reliable for safety precautions. Optimal work is grinding and cutting metal.

Low cost, good maintainability, high versatility and wide capabilities of the angle grinding machine made it one of the most common tools.

The device of the machine

The corner grinder consists of several parts, the coordinated work of which leads to the excellent functioning of the tool.

  • The driving element of the corner grinder is an electric engine. It is located inside the cylindrical body.
  • The engine shaft is connected to the rotating mechanism. It is an axis, one end of which goes beyond the body.
  • There are nozzles in the form of disks of different diameters and with different coating on this part.
  • Discs are attached to the gearbox using a special nut. Also on some types of machines there are special holes around the perimeter of the tip. They are designed to attach nozzles using a protracted key.
  • In addition, in some models (mainly with slight power), a battery is provided, which is charged using a special base. It comes with the tool. In other models where there is no battery, the power is supplied through the cord connected to the mains using a conventional outlet.

The corner of the corner grinder is made of very durable plastic, and the gearbox is made of magnesium alloy. This guarantees the strength and wear resistance of the tool. There are also rubber overlays on the housing. They are provided so that the tool does not slide in the hands during operation.

The system for maintaining a constant number of disk speeds

Depending on the type of material, a different number of dishes of disk during grinding is needed. At the same time, in practice, it is usually not possible to achieve a stable speed of rotation. At the time of pressing the corner grinder to the surface, the engine spends energy on overcoming friction resistance. Therefore, the number of revolutions is changing. When working at high speed, the result will be of poor quality.

The system for maintaining a constant number of revolutions of the disk solves this problem, ensures the functioning of the tool at a specific stable speed.

Corner grinder is equipped with security systems that protect the user

For proper use of the disk, it should be understood what material it is suitable:

  • Curunde cut circles are needed for sawing metals, from silicon carbide. For stone and concrete, and diamonds are needed for working with tiles
  • Wood circles are most often made for circular saws, but they can also be used with a corner grinder. There is a variety with teeth and a chain from a chainsaw.
  • Rittle brushes are made of metal wire and have the shape of a bowl or circle. They are used to remove paint, corrosion or primer from various surfaces. The rudeness of the work depends on the thickness and shape (loose, twisted).

There are also several variations of disks for grinding of different surfaces:

  • Petal. It is needed for work with a large volume of wood materials. Evas paper is on its surface.
  • Velcro model. Used for polishing, since a special abrasive is applied to its surface.
  • With wire nozzles. Such a tool is needed to clean iron from corrosion and paint.
  • Circles with diamond spraying. It is needed to work with solid rocks of stone, for example, granite or marble.
  • Cotton nozzles are used for soft processing of the material.
  • Sharped circles have a thickness of 5 mm and are often used in tools for sharpening the tool.

It is not recommended to cut the glass with corner grinding, as it crumbles, dusts and can lead to injuries. When working with a tree, you should carefully monitor the temperature of the material. At high speeds, due to friction, it can be caught or charged. For the listed materials, a specialized tool should be used.

There are 5 varieties of the size of the canvas. The maximum speed recommended for the tool also depends on it:

Diameter (mm) Turning revolutions (RPM) Where they use
115 13.3 thousand. Products of this size are most often used for grinding, since the depth of drink only 25 mm.
125 12.3 thousand. Among the general rating, 125 mm angular grinder takes the place of the most common models. With its help, you can make a cut, up to 40 mm deep and cut all varieties of material, also polish the surfaces.
150 10 thousand. Such a canvas is used for small repair work, since it can cut the walls, and the cut depth reaches 50 mm.
180 8.5 thousand. A circle of this size is capable of groove to 60 mm. It is recommended to use 180 mm canvas for volumetric construction work.
230 6.7 thousand. This type of product is most often used by professional builders, since it has a cut depth of up to 70 mm and is not intended for grinding.

All discs must be selected depending on use. For example, in order to cut the curb, the disc is not suitable for 125 mm. And to polish the tree inappropriate to take a circle with a wire nozzle.

Additional systems to work with tools

Corner grinding machines are widely used due to convenience, versatility and reliability. The design of the power tool provides a number of systems that are designed to ensure high performance and safety of working with the tool. The functionality of each model is determined by the manufacturer at the design stage, the list of additional options affects the cost.

That is why, then we will consider additional systems that ensure the operation of the corner grinder and determine how important their presence is for effective and safe use of the tool.

Starting current restriction system

When the electric engine is turned on, an abrupt increase in the load on the engine winding occurs by 6-8 times, which can cause its damage or operation of protection. In this case, a stroke moment also arises, which is transmitted through the shaft to the gearbox and spindle. The starting current restriction system is an electronic circuit that provides a smooth increase in the speed of rotation.

The principle of operation of this system is a gradual increase in voltage on windings for a given time. The use of a corner grinding machine at the same time becomes safe, increases the resource of the electric motor and gearbox.

The lack of a blow at starting helps to increase the accuracy of cutting and eliminates the possibility of stray when grinding.

The system for maintaining a constant number of disk speeds

When the cutting disk is in contact with the processed surface, friction occurs, which increases the load on the engine and reduces the speed of rotation. The system for maintaining the constant number of revolutions of the disk compensates for the resistance and ensures the maintenance of the cutting speed. Stabilization of the spindle rotation frequency is carried out due to the use of the constant electronic circuit.

There are two ways to maintain speeds in corner grinding machines operating under load: on the current or by the spindle rotation frequency. In the first case, a current consumed sensor is used, which fixes its value and, as it increases, the circuit increases the voltage on the windings.

corner, grinder, needed, types, design, angle

Rotation frequency regulation involves the use of a tachiometric sensor that controls the turning of the angular grinder. With a decrease in this indicator, the electronic circuit increases the voltage and, as a result, provides the optimal speed of the equipment of the equipment. The choice of the methodology for maintaining a constant rotation frequency occurs at the design stage and is carried out taking into account the positive and negative sides of each method.

Not all models are equipped with such a system, we can say that its presence is desirable, but not necessarily.

Re.Inclusion lock system

During the construction work, a situation is possible when the power is turned off for a variety of reasons. The system for blocking the re.Turning on the corner grinder excludes the possibility of unintentional engine start. With a sudden stop of the corner grinder, the employee most often simply puts the tool to the side, without checking the position of the circuit breaker.

The sudden resumption of energy supply in this case is fraught with injuries for the contractor or damage to valuable property. For the Bulgarians equipped with such a system, re.Switching on occurs only after disconnecting the starting device and its re.Press. In this case, the user will need to take the tool in his hands, which means that his actions will be meaningful and controlled.

The presence of such a system is very important and necessary.

The 5 Most Common Angle Grinder Discs

Disk automatic balancing system

In the process of use, corner grinder, especially with the equipment of a large diameter, wear of the disks or brushes occurs unevenly. This leads to the occurrence of an imbalance, which manifests itself in the form of vibration, which does not contribute to the accuracy of the operation. The beating adversely affects the condition of the bearings and reduces the resource of the electric motor.

The automatic disk automatic balancing system compensates for the uneven distribution of the mass of rotating equipment. Different technical solutions are used to stabilize the tool, mostly these are special design of bearings with fewer balls. This system will increase products and is usually used on professional models with large diameter disks.

If you choose a tool for intensive use on the construction site, then it is best to give preference to models equipped with this system.

Engine protection system from overload

In the process of use, the angular grinder load on the electric drive is inconsistent and in certain periods can significantly exceed the calculated. To protect the engine from overloads of the “corner grinding” are equipped with special systems that forcibly stop supplying current. In this case, the tool simply stops working and for renewal it is necessary to turn it off first, and then turn it on again.

There are two ways to protect angular grinding machines from overheating: by current or temperature. In the first version, the shutdown occurs when the limit parameters are exceeded, which are fixed by the electronic module. Another design on the engine is installed a temperature sensor that interrupts the power circuit when the parameter exits the set values.

corner, grinder, needed, types, design, angle

The system provides the highest life of the tool but does not affect the quality and safety of the work.

Dust protection system

In the process of grinding surfaces or cutting materials, a significant amount of dust is formed using an angular grinder. It enters with the flow of air into the case and serves as the cause of increased wear, the most vulnerable bearings, brush node and the outer surfaces of the rotor and stator. Metal particles formed during cutting can cause a short circuit between the turns of the winding.

The system of protection of the angular grinding machine provides for the use of the following structural and technological solutions:

  • Installation of nets on ventilation holes, and on expensive professional models and filter elements.
  • Booking the stator windings and the use of cord bandages on the rotor.
  • The use of closed type bearings.
  • The gearbox body is done if possible airtight.
  • Pouring windings with epoxy resins.

Recommendations for proper cutting of metal

The main tips on how to work correctly with a corner grinder, come down to the following:

  • Before work, carefully study the operational instruction and take all actions in strict accordance with its requirements;
  • Use only nozzles of the corresponding sizes;
  • Correctly fixed the machine;
  • Prevent cables and wires in the cutting zone;
  • All actions for moving, changing nozzles, etc. Carried out only after the power is turned off;
  • Constantly keep the machine on the fuse to prevent a sudden start;
  • Exclude the presence of flammable or simply combustible substances in the work area;
  • It is first recommended to carry out cutting training using unnecessary details;
  • Metal cutting is more efficiently carried out by the heel of the disk;
  • It is advisable when cutting watering metal parts with water to cool the material;
  • It is not recommended to use the device at full power, t.To. This increases its wear and accelerates the likelihood of a breakdown.

Expensive models of corner grinder are automated. There the rotation is easier and the probability of the clamp is almost zero.

The appointment of an angle grinding machine

Angular grinding machine (angular grinder, angular grinder, angular grinding machine, “angular grinder”). Manual electrical or pneumatic tools with an output spindle located relative to the axis of the drive designed to perform grinding, detachment and other works with rotating abrasive disks of various types.

Angle.Grinding machines are one of the most universal, simple work and effective hand tools, which is used in everyday life, the construction sphere, in industry, auto repairing and other industries. This tool can be used to perform a wide range of operations:

  • Straightforward cutting of products made of metal, stone, plastics, wood and other materials;
  • Cleaning the surface of the products before further processing. Soil, coloring, etc.D.;
  • Cleaning the surface of products from the old paintwork, traces of corrosion, pollution;
  • Grinding the surface of the products made of metal, stone and other materials for preparing for finish processing with vertical, eccentric and other types of grinding machines.

Angle grinding machine 750W 115mm 11000ob/min. Professional bison

Angle.Grinding machine 2300W 230mm 6000ob/min. Resanta

Angle.Grinding machine 1800W 180mm 7500ob/min. Resanta

Handing machines of this type first appeared on the market in 1954 (they were developed and manufactured by the German company Ackermann Schmitt). In our country, the corner grinder began to be actively used since the 1970s, and the first samples of these tools began to come from Bulgaria (Eltos brand)-hence the name “Corner Schlifmashinka” appeared. Currently, the assortment of an angular grinder is wide and diverse, therefore, for the choice of a tool, you should understand the existing types of “Bulgarians”, their characteristics and appliance.

How to Use an Angle Grinder: Angle Grinder Attachments

Safety precautions

Working with a corner grinding machine, you should observe safety precautions. Be sure to put on the goggles, this will prevent the entry into the eyes of particles of the processed material and sparks. The employee’s gloves should not have protruding threads that can be wound on rotating details. Headphones will limit the noise level during work, it will be relevant for those who work with a corner grinder for a long time.

The appearance of people in a place where the disk can fly should be excluded if it was poorly fixed. Non.Compliance with these simple rules can lead to injury, defeat of the skin, organs and more serious consequences.

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