Cultivator attachments with your own hands

How to make attachments for your power tiller with his own hands

A single-axle tractor is one of the most useful and in-demand technical devices among those used on the homestead plot. But this statement is true only if you have additional equipment. If the size of the cultivated land plot is small, then it is advisable to buy branded units. That’s why the question of how to make attachments for a power tiller with his own hands is a popular.

Cultivator for power tiller

Cultivator for a motor block Motor Sich photo

cultivator, attachments, your, hands

Cultivator for tillers, power tillers for tractor blocks.

Cultivator for walking tractor, it is an attachment for tilling the ground.

Cultivators are used for total tillage before sowing and for sowing, loosening, weed control, watering, hilling.

The difference between cultivator and plough. the cultivator performs tillage without turning the soil layer.

Cultivators consist of a cultivator stand and a cultivator arrow photo.

  • Cultivator arm flat lancet
  • universal cultivator tine
  • Tillage rigid tine
  • Spring break stubble cultivator tine

Tine arms are made of 65G steel, when sharpening tine arms it is forbidden to overheat the metal.

It is also possible and necessary to harden cultivator arms, heat treatment. For hardening, the arm is heated to 820° (a light cherry red color), after that it is cooled by lowering it into an oil bath. After cooling, cultivator arm is released, that is, again heated to 400 ° (grayish color) and slowly cooled in the air.

After these operations the file does not leave any trace on the cultivator arms and the cultivator tines normally perform their work on the soil.

Heavy power tillers implements. Ploughshare for your power tiller with your own hands

Cut roots of weeds, loosen soil to a shallow depth without a turnover of the layer can such attachments as plowshare. Ploughshare for Moto-Block is easy enough to make. For it you will need:

The order of making this homemade attachment:

  • A rack is cut from a thick sheet using a template. On the stand is drilled fastening holes.
  • The blade is cut out of a thin sheet. According to the template on the anvil the tine is bent according to the drawing. The ploughshare element is assembled with rivets or welded into a single unit.
  • Frame blanks for fixing the working body are cut out of profile pipe. Frame lifting and lowering pattern is designed. Next, the hitch is welded, on which the elements of the ploughshare will be installed in the future.
  • Making a binding diagram of the attachments to the tiller. Data obtained is transferred to the frame. Plates for securing the hitch are fabricated. Verification of frame lifting and lowering function. All products are painted with 2 in 1 primer enamel to protect against corrosion.

The implement is tested in the field. If necessary, corrective measures are taken to improve performance.

Homemade power tiller for power tillers

The most common ones are the disc coulters. They are easier to make than other planters, and also easier to manipulate during work.

Two discs are needed to make a discwheel with your own hands. Then these two disks need to be placed at a certain angle (see. photo below) and connect by welding or bolts. If you need to cover more ground, then the discs should be installed with a slight slope to the outside.

It is best to make an okra, on which you can adjust the width of the discs with special bolts (C, B).

Насадка культиватор на мотокосу своими руками | Attachments for mini-cultivator do it yourself

With the help of schemes and drawings for making a homemade hoe, you can make it no worse than in the store (except that the appearance will not be as spectacular).

A selection of videos will only help to assimilate the theory received and put it into practice in a worthy self-made.

Attachments for power tillers. the choice and use

Motor cultivator. an indispensable helper for gardeners and vegetable growers. The main tasks of a soil cultivator include plowing and loosening the soil, as well as dipping, furrowing, and harrowing the soil. This type of agricultural equipment is quite popular and relatively easy to use. Nevertheless, when choosing a machine, it is important not to miscalculate its quality, performance and price. After reading this material you will learn how to choose a power tiller, which unit you need, what type of engine and transmission are the most practical and reliable, as well as peculiarities of service and types of additional attachments.

Auxiliary equipment for a power tiller

Among the necessary improvements to the motoblock in the form of attachments, it is recommended to make, in addition to all of the above, the following elements:

For designs of wheels used as propulsion for a power tiller in the field, wheels with rubber tires are used. How to make wheels for a power tiller with grotozatepeli tips experience and ability to work with ready-made structures, for example, with steel disks from autowheels.

Angle is cut into sections of 35-40 cm. The rims of the disc are marked into equal segments. It is best if there are 8 or 10 of them. Marks are made and angles are welded at the marks.

The elevator with his hands for power tiller better to make a piece of pipe diameter of 100 mm. The elevator itself is made in the form of a roller on a bracket. It changes its position if necessary and makes it possible to lift the single-axle tractor on the support. In normal position, the shaft-lift is in front of the machine and is used as a supporting roller when overcoming ditches and potholes.

Bucket for a power tiller with his own hands is recommended to assemble in the case if it is planned to use it as a snowplow.

Skidder for power tiller: how to make a homemade cultivator and assemble a ripper with your own hands step-by-step instructions and drawings

Cultivator is necessary if you want to get rid of the heavy mechanical work on your land. Ease of use, versatility, compactness and low price. these advantages have made the cultivator indispensable in a small private household or cottage.

With the help of a cultivator you can easily and quickly treat a small area of land, treat hard-to-get-to places (alpine hills, the land around the fence, etc.). Cultivators are widely available in garden equipment stores.

Cultivator can be made by yourself from simple materials.

The structure of a power tiller

Such units have a general principle of operation and are equipped with a carburetor internal combustion engine (more powerful models may have a diesel power unit), transmission and a pair of driving wheels. The technique control system in the form of rods and levers is placed on the steering wheel. There are also models equipped with a differential.

Maintenance of the equipment is no different from that of a car, except for some design features of power tillers.

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