Cut a circle out of glass at home

How to make a circle out of metal. How to cut sheet metal. Cutting a circle in thick metal

Any construction, whether in your home, or in production, involves working with metal.

Often, during the use of this material, the question may arise: how to cut a circle in metal?

circle, glass, home

It deserves attention, as the choice of the right tool and technology directly depends on the labor intensity of the process of performing the work and the quality of its result.

How to cut a circle out of thin metal

Metal can be thin, or thick and strong, so a variety of tools are used for cutting it.

circle, glass, home

The choice of materials and cutting techniques also depends on what diameter the circle is needed and how smooth it must be.

Jigsaw application

If there is a need for a perfectly flat circle, you can use an electric jigsaw to cut it.

  • First the thickness of the metal is determined and a suitable saw blade is selected for the jigsaw.
  • Before you cut a circle in the metal with the jigsaw, the contour of the circle to be cut is outlined on the working plane.
  • Use a drill and a bit (eight to ten millimeters in diameter) to cut a hole, which will begin the work.
  • The saw blade of the jigsaw is placed in the obtained slot and the cutting proceeds according to the outlined drawing.

Cutting with this tool does not take much time and effort. over, the jigsaw can be used to make a circle with perfect edges. But this tool is used only for metal of minimal or medium thickness (e.g. 2. 3 mm).

Using an angle grinder

angle grinder is used to work with metal of small thickness. To form a circular hole with this tool, you can follow these step-by-step tips:

  • Before cutting a circle in metal with an angle grinder, a marking is carried out so that its contours are clearly visible.
  • Along the entire length of the outlined drawing with the disc of the angle grinder cut short segments, which will eventually join together.
  • The shape will look more like a polyhedron than a circle. Therefore, once the cut is complete, the piece is machined and deburred until the edges are sufficiently even and smooth. An angle grinder can also be used for machining. If the circle has a wide diameter, the contours can be ground with a large disc.

Processing the cut circle with an angle grinder, be careful to keep the disk inside the hole and at the same time, was located in the same plane with the worksheet.

Cutting a circle in thick metal

In order to outline the exact contours of the figure, which will be cut from metal, you should use a ruler, a compass marker and a marker.

First, using a ruler, set the necessary width of the circular connector so that it corresponds to the required diameter of the circle.

Then a central point of the circle is defined on a metal plane.

From it, using a compass, the contours are drawn.

To make them clearly visible during work, they should be drawn in with a marker.

Using a cutting torch

A circle in medium thickness metal can be cut with the gas cutter. The work takes place in several stages:

  • The outline of the circle is marked.
  • The torch of the tool is ignited.
  • The torch is adjusted.
  • Carefully and slowly the torch is driven around the drawn outline.

Using this method, it is possible to cut a hole in the metal, which has a width of about four or five millimeters.

Using a welding machine

If you do not have a cutting torch in your home arsenal, you can use a welding machine.

It must be set to the highest current level.

The burning arc is then placed against the contour and held there until a hole is formed.

Then you just need to slowly guide it along the drawing until you get an even circle.

But the most important thing is to adjust the power of the tool correctly.

For example, if you are using metal about four millimeters thick, you need a device that operates at about 150 amps. If the metal is thicker, so will be more power tools.

To speed up the process, it is better to use thin electrodes. However, they burn out quickly and need to be replaced. Because of this there will be a need for frequent heating of the metal, because during the replacement of the electrode, it will have time to cool down.

On how to cut a straight circle out of metal with a torch, shown at

How to cut glass

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to draw the circle evenly. This can be done with a special tool (radius glass cutter) which consists of a square bar, a fixed suction cup on one side and a moving glass cutter with a ball-shaped handle on the other. The suction cup must be attached centrally and the cutter must be fixed on the outside radius.

Angle of sharpening of the roller tool is 100 degrees, the resource of 350 m on glass 5-1 mm. Lubrication function can increase service life up to 6000 m, for materials 1-10 mm the sharpening angle becomes 135 degrees, and for glass 10-20 mm. 150 degrees. Liquid, which wets the cutting trimmer line, must be tucked into the clear handle, as a rule, the head of the tool is fixed in such models. Diamond models have a mileage of up to 10 km, they are suitable for material up to 10 mm thick. Synthetic diamonds are designed for glass up to 5 mm. Diamond or oil versions are most often used in circular glass cutters.

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Diamond glass cutters can easily handle curved areas, the only problem is in the subsequent breaking away. You need to press the inner part with your fingers until a solid crack appears along the entire contour, then turn the glass over and repeat the pressing procedure. To maintain the integrity of the inner circle, it is advisable to make cuts from the circumference to the edge of the glass in the four corners. Then carefully break off the outer segments. If necessary, the edge can be roughened with an abrasive, but always under running water. In this case, the workpiece will be in the same plane as the abrasive, so that the glass does not work to bend. Small burrs can be removed by hand with a sharpening stone, and protective gloves should be worn to avoid accidental cutting. As a rule, you can remove not more than 2 mm by hand, for more serious treatment it is better to use a sharpener.

Hold the diamond glass cutter in your hand near the base, like a pen or pencil. Cut the trimmer line without effort, the cut should be just a little noticeable. You need to press a little harder on the roller cutter, but the oil lubricant will make it easier to do this. Slots in holders allow you to do without pliers when breaking off straight pieces, for shaped cuts it is desirable to use pliers. In the same way you can make round coffee table tops. To create an ellipse, the tool outlines arcs of semicircles on both sides of the workpiece, and then carefully connect them with straight lines.

If your glass is very thin, you can cut a circle out of it with ordinary scissors. To begin with a water-resistant marker you need to make a stencil on the glass. Then put the glass in water, take scissors and cut out a circle by stencil, biting off small pieces of excess glass with pincers, while gradually approaching the shape of the circle. This method produces a slightly uneven circle, but if there is an urgent situation and a glass circle is needed, you can use this method. But remember that this method can be used only if the glass thickness of 2-3 mm, otherwise it will not work.

Medium-sized glass circles can be cut with a tubular drill bit (or a piece of pipe with liquid abrasive compound). The maximum workpiece size should not exceed 30 cm in diameter. Under a conventional pipe, the abrasive needs to be added periodically. It is necessary to drill through, to break off a few millimeters (even microns) evenly will not work. the inner part will break. Using a circular glass cutter (in the first step) and a tube drill (in the second step), glass rings can be made.

If you don’t have a glass cutter and a tube drill bit, you can use a diamond saw. This tool is a smooth strip with diamond dusting where the teeth of ordinary saws are. To work with such a saw, you need to cut a stencil of the required circle from thick cardboard or plywood. Then it must be glued to the glass. When the preparatory work is finished, you can start sawing with a diamond saw. During this process, periodically wet the glass with water, so it is best to perform the process of cutting round glass in the bathroom. Be patient when using this tool and be very careful when cutting glass.

There are also several non-standard ways to cut glass. For example, hydrofluoric acid can etch the glass, leaving intact the part that is coated with paraffin. When heated by plasma, glass wool will be thrown away from the glass disk. Also cut out on a template glass workpiece of any configuration can diamond engraver in the engraver machine.

As you see, a quality glass blank of any thickness and necessary diameter is easiest to get in domestic conditions if you have a special tool. In the field, the task can be performed with a minimum set, but in this case the circle will not be perfect, additional processing of the edge of the workpiece will be required.

How to cut glass with a pipe drill

If the diameter of the glass circle must be small, you can use a tubular drill. The drill is represented by a metal tube that has a drill mount on one end. The drill bit is completely smooth around the edge, and the cut is made with abrasive material mixed in water. Before starting to cut, the abrasive is mixed with water, applied to the circular trimmer line, and then you can start drilling.

It must be remembered that glass is a fragile material, so it is necessary to cut a circle out of glass very carefully.

Always keep moistened abrasive material under the tip of the drill bit to avoid overheating and glass cracking. The marked line for the trimmer is drilled through with a drill bit.

Cutting glass with a diamond saw

If you need to cut round glass and do not have a glass cutter or pipe cutter, you can use a diamond saw. The diamond saw is a smooth band with a diamond coating where the teeth of an ordinary saw are.

In order to work with the diamond saw it is necessary to cut out a template of a cut circle from cardboard or plywood. Afterwards, the cut out stencil must be glued to the glass. When these preparations are done you can start cutting with the diamond saw. During the sawing process the glass from which you cut out a circle must be constantly moistened with water, so the process of cutting circular glass must take place in the bathroom. If you have decided to cut a circle out of glass with a diamond saw, you must have patience and cut the glass with great care.

How to cut a round glass?

Now let’s look at the easiest way to cut round glass. To do this, we must take the glass cutter and tools to cut an even circle. First mark on the glass the center of the circle, then attach the suction cup to the place where you marked the center. We will tie a rope to the installed suction cup, and to the rope it is necessary to tie the glass cutter. The length of the rope from the suction cup to the glass cutter should be equal to the radius of the circle which is planned to cut out. After all the preparations are made, you can spend a circle on the glass with the glass cutter. Now from the resulting circle on the remainder of the glass to draw “rays” with the glass cutter. And after that, use pliers to break off the extra pieces that are between the previously conducted “rays”.

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If it is necessary to cut a circle of less than 30 centimeters in diameter, you must use a tubular drill. The tubular drill bit is a tube made of metal, which has a fixture for fixing in the “chuck” of the drill. The edges of the glass cutter must be smooth, because the abrasive water is used to cut the glass. Before you begin to cut a circle out of glass, it is necessary to apply an abrasive with water to the edges of the circle, and when you cut a circle out of glass, the abrasive with water must always be under the pipe drill, so that the glass is not overheated and cracked. If everything is done correctly, the result will be an even circle.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

Before we start to describe the glass cutting techniques in detail, we want to remind you of safety. Always wear protective gloves and glasses when working to prevent cuts or shards from getting into the eyes. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the glass.

With a flaming thread

A very common method, mainly used to cut glass bottles. Straight glass can also be cut with this method, but with minor adjustments. All that is needed to make an even cut of the glass is a piece of woolen thread, a flammable liquid (alcohol, kerosene, etc.), a double-ended piece of glass.д.) and a container of cold water.

circle, glass, home

Soak the string in flammable liquids and fix it in place along the cut line. Light it, wait until it burns through and place it immediately in cold water or pour it on the heated place. The main thing is that the glass cools down as quickly as possible and breaks from the temperature difference. A characteristic click will signal the success of the work done. If the glass is not cracked, you can try to repeat the operation.

This method is good enough to evenly shear off bottles, but does not always work with large glass sizes. Just he is very flammable and requires a fire extinguisher on hand or a reservoir of water, which is already mandatory.

Soldering iron

A very interesting, but rather slow way to thermally cut glass. suitable for shape cutting, but even a straight line for the trimmer line will do without problems. This operation will require a file and a heating element (soldering iron or apparatus for burning).

Having marked the line on the glass for the trimmer of the future cut, take a file and make a small groove with it at the very edge. With 1-2 mm distance from it, heat the place with the soldering iron until a micro-crack is formed between it and the groove. Then we make the same distance from the crack itself and gradually move to the finish point. It takes a long time to cut the glass this way, but you can get any shape. To speed up the process a little, you can periodically cool the glass by putting a wet rag on it.

With scissors in water

The simple method of directional glass shearing. Makes it easy to cut round shapes, but not good for making straight lines. You will need a pair of scissors and a container of water, which serves as a lubricant. The maximum thickness of the glass should not exceed 4 mm.

The process of cutting with this method is very simple. Take a piece of glass to be cut, immerse it in water, and use scissors to scrape off small pieces from the edges. Water will not allow the glass to crack, allowing you to make a controlled chip. You can get oval and round shapes in this way.

With a diamond disk

Not the safest way to cut glass, requiring a high degree of accuracy and compulsory compliance with safety rules. It is easy to chip the glass and run the splinter in any direction. Otherwise, the method is effective enough and can cope with the task. You will need a special tool (angle grinder, drilling machine, or drill) with a 0-thick diamond disk for the cut.1mm.

The cutting process itself is quite simple, but requires a certain amount of skill and a steady hand to guide the tool straight along the line. We lay the piece of glass to be cut on the flat place, then we take the cutter and guide the saw blade on the glass surface. The main thing is not to plunge into the depths, but only slightly touch it, so that a small groove is formed, similar to a wide line for a trimmer from a glass cutter. Then just break the glass in the right place.

To reduce the risk of glass breakage and to reduce the amount of glass dust, you can periodically sprinkle the place of cut with water.


One more way how to cut glass at home without a glass cutter and expensive power tools. You will need a file and some experience with glass. Note that a file must have corners, so a round one will not do.

To cut glass it is sufficient to make several notches on its surface with the angle of the file. It is important to press with a little more force than average to create a clean groove similar to that of a glass cutter. When the chipping point is mapped out, simply break the glass against the edge of the table or by placing a match under the place of the cut.

This method requires a certain skill, and if you are faced with cutting glass for the first time, we strongly recommend practicing on small, unnecessary splinters before moving on to the main material.

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Using a Victory Drill

If you know what glass cutting is all about, here is another way to cut glass without a glass cutter. With some experience, a single drill bit with a pobedite tip may be sufficient for this operation. The main thing is to make sure the drill bit is more or less new, with sharp corners on the head.

The process itself of cutting glass with a glass cutter is much the same as with a regular roller glass cutter. The only difference is a higher pressure, but everything else is standard. We lay the glass on a flat surface, mark the line for the trimmer of the cut, attach the bar, and on it lead the line for the trimmer from top to bottom. Before cutting, turn the tip so that the glass is in contact with the sharpest corner. Once you have a clear line for the trimmer, break the glass along the cutting line.

Selecting the glass

One of the keys to success in any job, is choosing the right material. This belief also applies to glass, which should be chosen according to the task at hand. In the following paragraphs, we will give you a couple of recommendations on how to determine the quality and optimum thickness of the glass. If you already have the material available, you can skip to the next heading or go straight to the instructions on how to cut glass with a glass cutter.

Before we begin the description, we clarify that we are talking about conventional window panes, which are most common in construction markets. The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying glass is its end part. The edge of the cloth should have a bluish-green tint. Low quality glass has a greener color because of high iron content. The material is more fragile, but usually less expensive.

The choice of glass thickness should be made on the basis of the required dimensions. To work with a canvas was more convenient, and the risk of marriage was minimized, the ratio of width, height and depth should be optimal. With an area of 1m² and a thickness of 2mm it is very likely that the first wrong move will cause a crack. When using glass panels up to 50 cm, the thickness of 2-2 will be sufficient.5 mm. From 50 to 100. 3 to 4 mm. Larger sizes, should have a thickness of 5-6 mm or more. Follow these recommendations when choosing glass in a store and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Preparatory activities

In order for the cut to be of high quality, you must first prepare the material for the work. If the glass is new, you just need to wipe it down. The best for this purpose is newspaper, for the most part, it wipes the surface dry, and does not leave behind lint and streaks.

If the glass has previously been in use, it will take a little more time to prepare the material before cutting it with the glass cutter. First of all, such a surface will need to wash well, using special means for cleaning glass. Then a thorough degreasing process should be carried out. As an option you can use kerosene. To do this you need to wipe the glass thoroughly with a rag soaked in kerosene and wait until it dries completely.

At the same time, the stage of glass preparation also includes its cutting. There is no doubt that you will obtain the final result without waste, especially if you need to cut a product of irregular geometric shape. But if you do the calculation as correctly as possible, you can reduce the amount of waste by several times.

Also, make sure that the work surface is sufficiently flat and without slopes, but also not too hard, preferably the work surface is made of plywood or fiberboard, and cover the top with oilcloth or a soft cloth.

Glass shape cutting

Our needs are not always limited to straight edges. Some projects may require a rounded or wavy shape of glass. The process of shaped cutting may be a little more complicated than straight cutting, but it does not require a tremendous amount of experience. There are some features to consider before you cut a curved line with a glass cutter.

To be able to cut curved glass more accurately and easily, we recommend that you prepare a template with the required shape in advance. The template is better to saw from a piece of wood particle board, thickness from 5 mm. When marking the future template, take into account that the roller of the glass cutter will not adhere tightly to its walls, but with an indentation of 2-3 mm. To prevent the cut guide from riding on the glass while cutting, you can glue a few strips of duct tape to its underside.

When the template is ready, we attach it to the fabric to be cut out and draw the line for the trimmer with the glass cutter. Then gently tap on the line on the underside. If you are cutting a shape inside the glass panel, for easier removal, you can draw lines from the shape to the borders of the panel, so that you can neatly chip off the edges.

Cutting glass is not always successful the first time. This almost jewel-like process requires a certain amount of skill. Practice, and you will soon be able to do this job easily and with high quality.

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