Cut in half and several more pieces. How it is more convenient to cut cabbage with significant volumes

half, several, pieces, convenient

Cutting into two equal parts, part one

Cutting tasks are the area of ​​mathematics, where, as they say, the mammoth did not lie. Many separate problems, but in fact there is no general theory. In addition to all the well-known theorem of Boyai-Hervin, there are practically no other fundamental results in this area. Uncertainty. an eternal companion of tasks for cutting. For example, we can cut the correct pentagon into six parts from which you can fold a square; However, we cannot prove that five parts would not be enough for this.

With the help of cunning heuristics, imagination and half the liters, we sometimes manage to find a specific solution, but, as a rule, we do not have a suitable tool to prove the minimum of this solution or its non.existence (the latter, of course, refers to the case when we did not find the decision). It’s sad and unfair. And once I took a clean notebook and decided to restore justice in the scale of one specific task: cutting a flat figure into two equal (congruent) parts. Within the framework of this cycle of articles (by the way, there will be three of them), we, Comrades, consider this funny polygon depicted below, and try to understand impartially whether it is possible to cut it into two equal figures, or there is no one.


For starters, the school geometry is refreshed and recall what equal figures are. Yandex helpfully suggests:

Two figures on the plane are called equal, if there is a movement that mutually unambiguously converts one figure into another.

Now ask Wikipedia about movement. She will tell us, firstly, that movement is a transformation of a plane that retains the distances between points. Secondly, there is even a classification of movements on the plane. All of them belong to one of the following three types:

We introduce some designations. We will call the cut figure a figure A, and two hypothetic equal figures, into which we seem to cut it, will call B and C, respectively. Part of the plane, not occupied by the figure a, we will call the area D. In cases where a specific polygon from the picture is considered as a cut figure, we will call it a0.

So, if the figure A can be cut into two equal parts B and C, then there is a movement that translates b c c. This movement can be either parallel transfer, or turning, or sliding symmetry (starting from this moment, I no longer stipulate that mirror symmetry is also considered sliding). On this non.hchitar and, I would even say, obvious, the basis and our solution will be built. In this part, we will consider the easiest case. parallel transfer. Turn and sliding symmetry will fall into the second and third part, respectively.



Literally from the Italian language, Panini is translated like small buns. In Panino (the only number) a variety of filling should be closed by a loaf on both sides. In the preparation of panini in Italy, Chiabatta is used. an Italian white loaf made of wheat flour and yeast (literally. “slippers” because it is very similar in shape). But the main difference is that panino should be fried on a grill with ribs, and the ingredients of the sandwich should melt and stick together, giving a delightful aroma and texture in any combination of products. This recipe is variations on the topic of panini.

Original ingredient Original technique
Fried onions, barbecue sauce, mustard, adjika Washing and cheese are laid between two boobs of loaf, greased with sauce, and are fried in a special uniform or on a grill under the press.

The sound is pleasant | Cabbage, cut into small pieces(650g)

Italian panini with ham and cheese

Pour vegetable oil into a mixer cup. Add dried tomatoes, basil and chicken broth cube. Mix everything in a thick paste.

Cut the buns in half along. Lubricate both parts of the cooked paste from the Keverr cube.

On a slice of Bukhankaa, lay out two slices of cheese, a slice of ham, tomato and olives. Cover the second slices.

Pay the finished panini on the grill grill, crush something heavy (for example., pots with water) and fry on two sides so that the loaf becomes crispy, and the cheese melts well.

Cut the finished panins in half and serve with a salad from arugula.

How to cook potatoes for salad

Most often for salad they take potatoes in the uniform. Only it is boiled a few minutes less than usual, so that the vegetables are vighter.

If you do not like to remove the peel with boiled potatoes, clean the raw and cut it with small cubes, or as it should be for salad.

Then fill the potatoes with cold water, salt and cook over medium heat, stirring periodically. To check the readiness of small cubes, just try one of them.

As a rule, after boiling water, they boil for 10-12 minutes.

The main thing is not to digest them. After all, for salad you need hard potatoes that will not turn into mashed potatoes.

How to cook potatoes fryt

Potatoes can be prepared not only in traditional ways. For example, cook in a saturated salt solution. As a result, you will get a fratet potato, to taste like a baked. Ideally, to diversify salads or ordinary dinner.

Remove all the dirt from the tubers, put them in an enameled pan and pour it with cold water so that it completely covers the potatoes.

half, several, pieces, convenient

Pour a lot of salt into a pan: approximately 300-400 g. Perhaps in the process you will have to add more, because the salt should not completely dissolve.

Bring the water to a boil over high heat, then reduce the temperature and cook the potatoes under a loose lid for about 30 minutes, stirring periodically.

By the way, the salt solution after this can be used many times more for the preparation of fry potatoes.

How to cut cabbage for extinguishing

For this method of heat treatment, it is recommended to cut the vegetable into squares or slices. Suitable dimensions. from 1×1 to 5×5 cm. To grind the vegetable into slices, you need to divide the head of heads into 2 parts. Halves are divided into 4 more of approximately the same parts. Large pieces are obtained that require longer heat treatment than squares or straws. This grinding method is suitable if the cabbage forks are small.

For lazy cabbage rolls, you can grind the vegetable by cutting. For this, the heads are divided in half, remove the stump. Parts of cabbage are cut into stripes, chopped into straws, which is then finely chopped.

You can cut cabbage stripes for extinguishing. This method of making vegetables is very popular among many housewives. When shining, you should not cut too thin strips, because the vegetable will lose more than half of the juice, which will have to be replaced during cooking with water. As a result, the dish will lose a characteristic taste, aroma, loses part of the beneficial properties. The optimal thickness of cabbage chips is from 0.5 to 1 cm.

How to cut cabbage for salting

The method of tackling vegetables for salting depends on personal preferences. Most housewives continue to cut the vegetable with medium strips. The strips should be approximately the same size, otherwise they will be unevenly soaked in the brine. Too thick pieces will quarrel longer.

For salad, dense cabbage of medium size is ideal. It will be possible to cut it without problems with a large knife with a wide blade that easily cuts the forks. Kochan needs to be divided into 4 parts (crosswise), so more convenient. During grinding the vegetable, you need to move the sheets with a knife across. Suitable straw thickness 3. 5 mm.

Ways how to divide a large file into parts

One of the simplest and fastest ways to break absolutely any file (s) (or even a folder) is to place it in a multi.volume archive. over, the size of the volume can be set manually, exactly the one you need.

For those who are afraid that the time of creating the archive will be too big, I will say that the archive can be created without compression! T.e. The archive will be needed only to pack the information, and break it by volumes (by the way, the archive without compression is quickly packaged).

To work, we need an archive. I recommend dwelling at 7-ZIP (it is free, convenient and multifunctional). Below I give the address of the article where you can find links for loading archives, as well as their detailed description.

To help!

The best free archives. My solid selection

So, we assume that you have 7-zip

We find a folder or file that needs to be divided: click on it with the right button and in the context menu of the conductor, select “7-Zip Add to the archive” (see. screenshot below).

  • compression level: recommended “without compression” (so you spend much less time. over, the video file will not get clever in this way);
  • Break volumes in size: here indicate in megabytes the maximum file size. Say, for a flash drive of 16 GB, it will be about 14,500 MB (t.e. 14500M), an example below.

Settings for creating a multi.volume archive

After creating the archive, you will see that it consists of many parts of the same size. Now, in order to extract it, it is necessary to extract the very first part of the archive (001). see. Screen below.

In general, 7-ZIP is quite a “smart” program and he will highlight the file that is needed with its icon

What file to extract in a multi.volume archive (note that all files of the same size)

By the way, if on the PC where you will transfer the file there is no archive, create a self-setting archive (when creating, indicate the SFX archive, in the 7-ZIP settings).

Breaking in Total Commander

Another very good and reliable way to break the file is to use a special function in the Total Commander program.

A very functional and convenient file manager (in my opinion, much more convenient than a classic conductor). Allows you to view catalogs without brakes in which thousands of files. It also allows you to easily and quickly work with all popular archives: ZIP, 7ZIP, Arj, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE, etc.D.

There are unique possibilities: group renaming files (with custom filters and masks), file breakdown, work with FTP, etc.

So, first of all, we launch Total Commander and find our file. In my case, this is an archive with a photo (“Photo.7z “). the size of this file is about 1 GB. Task: to divide it into parts, each of which is not more than 250 MB.

We break one large file into 5 parts

First select this file, and then click on the “files/break down file. “. Cm. Screen below.

Next, you need to specify the location of a new created file and the part to which the program will be divided.

Indicate where to place the created file and its dimensions

As said above, I indicated 250 MB (by the way, the program has all the most popular sizes: for Floppy 3.5 dishes, CD/DVD discs, etc.), and indicated the same folder in which the original file lies.

After that, the file was divided into 5 parts (plus the sixth part is the control amount of the file (necessary to check the integrity of the archive, I also recommend that you save and not delete!)).

Actually, now you can transfer all these divided files in any order to another PC, and then, select also in the Total Commander menu “Files/Assemble the file. “. In general, everything is quite simple and fast.

Sentences with the phrase “cut along

Cut the cucumbers in half, remove the pulp, chop it and mix it with grated cheese and apple. Mix the resulting mass with mayonnaise and fill it with cucumbers.

Cut the eggplant peeled from the skin along in half, salt and leave for 30-40 minutes so that bitterness comes out.

Hi! My name is a lamp, I am a computer program that helps to make a map of words. I know how to count perfectly, but so far I don’t understand how your world works. Help me figure it out!

Thanks! I began to understand the world of emotions a little better.

Question: Miloar is something neutral, positive or negative?

Cream is beaten with strawberries and sugar. Buns is cut along, part of the pulp is removed, and the resulting mass is placed inside.

Cut the peeled sausages along in half, slightly smear them with horseradish and the lubricated side put the rolls on the slices, smear the sausages on top with tomato sauce.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the seeds, cut the pulp with cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Cut the biscuit cake along the 2 parts, grease them with cream and lay them on each other. Put the meringues on top and pour chocolate in a water bath with chocolate.

half, several, pieces, convenient

Cut the kidney along, remove the ducts, rinse well under running cold water and cut into small cubes.

The herring is cut along the spine into two halves and soaked in fresh milk or a strong sweetened tea.

The roots and rhizomes before drying are cut along or across the pieces, and in some plants, the bark is removed from the roots.

Squints. carbal carrots are cut along in half, then chopped obliquely 1 mm thick and used to decorate cold dishes.

Cut each soul mate along into two parts, which put the cut side into the crouty, grease on top with a thick layer of horseradish sauce.

Cut the chilled cake along into two parts, soak each part with flavored syrup, glue them and decorate the cake with cream.

Then select larger olives to decorate the salad, the rest are either cut along or cut into circles.

Large fish are melted. cut along the vertebral bone into two fillets, and then cut and a black film is removed from the inner cavity.

Cut the biscuit along the 2 parts, put the cream on one half and cover the second. Cover the cake with the remaining cream, sprinkle with coconut chips.

Cut the processed carcass of the chicken along the abdomen, spread, grate with salt, coat with sour cream and fry in melted oil on both sides.

Cut the apples and pears along in half, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes, sprinkle with lemon juice so as not to darken.

Lay the meat on a cutting board, cut along the fibers, leaving 1 cm to the edge, expand and beat off a layer of 0.5 cm thick, then salt and pepper.

Lyme leaves are cut into small strips; Chile pepper is cut along into two parts, remove the seeds with a knife and cut off arbitrarily; Lemongrass after removing the outer layer is cut with rings.

Therefore, large tubers must be cut in advance along the tuber so that there are approximately the same number of sprouts on each part (there are much larger in the upper eye than in the lower, therefore it is necessary to cut along, not across).

When the rear leg is a collapse, the pelvic bone is cut out, the meat is cut along the femur and cut along the separating layer the inside of the posterior leg.

half, several, pieces, convenient

The leech was cut along, across, pulled out of it the secret of the salivary glands, until it was recognized as a pharmaceutical “mini-factory” capable of producing a set of biologically active compounds that not only cured the body, but also rejuvenated it.

If we take the number of arches known, as they said in the old days and put them to each other, you will get a simple cylindrical arch: as if the hollow cylinder was cut along and the units laid flat.

Cut the vanilla pod along in half, pour 1/3 of the cream into a cast iron, remove the seeds of the seed with the tip of the knife with the knife, put in cream, add and pod.

Divide the photo into several parts.

Free online service will help divide a photo or picture into several parts for printing A4 poster or publication on social networks.

Download the image from the device.

Supported types of images: PNG, JPG, GIF, Webp

Progif. Service for cutting photos for parts without Photoshop for printing and publication on social networks. Allows you to divide any image into parts, vertically and horizontal indicating the number of fragments. Increases the image to several printed pages A4 with a pre.examination of the result. The area for trimming in a visual editor is cropped.

What images can I divide into parts?

The cut parts of the image are converted into the JPG format with maximum quality. It is possible to choose a format to preserve and download the result for your device.

  • ZIP archive contains all the cut parts of the image in one file.
  • PDF file. for print. The PDF reading program performs scaling to the A4 Page print area.

Brushwood in a new version: bizarre forms for a spectacular supply

Brushwood. a prescription that is widespread even in the days of the USSR, which enjoys enviable popularity. Today we suggest you look at brushwood from a new angle, namely, to make its unusual shape and with some changes in the test recipe. We promise: it will be very tasty and very beautiful!

How To Shred Cabbage For Coleslaw

To prepare brushwood, take the following ingredients:

  • 400 grams of flour;
  • 35 grams of sunflower oil without smell oil for frying;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 h. l. salts (or sugar, to taste);
  • 1 h. l. sesame seeds (black or white);
  • 140 grams of water.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a tight dough.

Cover with food film and leave for half an hour. Then rinse, leave for another 2 hours, rinse again. Now you can start cooking brushwood.

Roll the dough into a very large and thin layer. Fingers should shine slightly.

Then expand two layers of dough, fold on each other and cut again in half.

The resulting four identical parts of the dough are folded on top of each other, cut the dough into stripes of the thickness that you like.

We start creating a shape of brushwood. We make incisions in the center, then we pull the upper part of the piece of dough through the central incision.

Another option: fold a few pieces of dough together, fold in half and make a few cuts on the bend. Cut through the resulting incisions.

The number of incisions can be very different, as well as the methods of folding. Another option: fold a piece of dough in half, make many incisions, expand. Combine one edge with the opposite, then pick up the dough at the edges, forming such an interesting shape:

Fry in a large amount of oil, as usual. Here’s what it turns out:

You can learn more about how to make different forms of dough from a visual video below:

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