Cut things before throwing. Pride is a serious obstacle in love

Why you really cannot be transmitted or thrown out old things

The fact that you need to get rid of the trash, so as not to clutter up your apartment and not turn it into trash, it is known to each of you. However, few people know that not all your things can be thrown away, but to “give”. especially. talked with Feng Shui experts and found out why you can’t just take it and get rid of the junk and why the gifts unnecessary for you cannot be useful to someone else.

We do not take into account the ethical side of the issue, when, for example, you decided that the gift is categorically not suitable for you and it can calmly “give” someone else. It is clear that the donor spent time, effort and money to find something that will please you. And even if he did not guess a little with your tastes (sizes or preferences), then giving someone else his present is just offending a person. If we recall folk signs and beliefs, then, for example, our ancestors believed that any offering had a mystical meaning and, accordingly, every donated thing had its own energy (most often positive, because the donor wanted to make a pleasant gift). Therefore, if a person had carelessness to neglect this gift, then he could inadvertently bring down the wrath of the Higher Forces and put a misfortune on his house. In addition, the positive energy that was given a gift in the process of transmission acted only in relation to a certain person and, accordingly, “disappeared” if the present was given to someone else. Thus, the meaning in this procedure, according to our ancestors, was simply not.

Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that there was a tradition of intra.rod donation. This is when, for example, the head of the family, having received any memorable thing or family relic at one time from the father, then passed it on to his son. Thus, these gifts remained in the family and had the same positive energy, simply moved on. From older to younger. And in no case could these things be transferred to other people who were not associated with blood kinship.

As for the signs, for example, it is not recommended to transmit jewelry, in order not to inadvertently bring trouble to both the donor and those who will eventually go. If for some reason the decoration did not suit you, it is better to give it to the remelting and do what you really like, or just leave it in your box “for a rainy day”.

If you still decide to part with unnecessary things (including gifts), then try to comply with several rules.

Throw up urgently: 10 signs of a thing that you will never wear again

Everyone knows that getting rid of old things is necessary and important. But in fact, not all girls are ready for this. And now, once again standing in front of a wardrobe crowded with things, we are chagrin to say the phrase “there is nothing to put on”. Let’s figure it out together on what signs you can understand that this or that thing you definitely don’t need anymore.

First of all, we get rid of the wardrobe items, which have already exactly served their own, and the hand does not rise to throw them out, because certain memories are connected with them or it’s just a pity to part and “suddenly come in handy”. Not! Stretched T.shirts and sports trousers, old underwear. all this will definitely not come in handy. You should be sorry for yourself if someone sees you in all this. Be merciless to such things that have served and obsolete.

Secondly, Down with clothes, which is not in figure, or it must be bent/overwhelmed, and she has been waiting for her star hour for several years. If you have not adjusted the thing right after the purchase, as a rule, you will never do this. Agree, the type of your figure and growth are unlikely to change, so why will such things take place?

Clones settled in your wardrobe? Let’s “sift” them. Several t.shirts of the base color, for example, white are one thing, but if five dresses with the same type of pattern and the same fabric were counted, then this is clearly too much. Most likely, you wear only one of them, and the rest hang idle. Leave your favorite dress, and others wish the happy journey (throw it away and forget: 10 dresses that are hopelessly outdated).

Once trendy items bought in the excitement around new design collections and sagged unnecessarily in the closet for 5-10 years, the same fate awaits. Believe me, if you did not put them on then, you won’t do it, even if the fashion returns to them. We cross out.

Old styles, transparent details, baggy jeans, things with obscene phrases. all this you have exactly outgrown. The rebellious period of provocations and high.profile statements for show remained in the past. It’s time to free up the place in the wardrobe. we remove.

Mountains of downed shoes, shabby sneakers and shabby boots. Yes, they are very comfortable in them, as in home slippers. But, every time putting them on, you think. I just drive it to the store again and that’s it. Without regret, say goodbye to the worn shoes. Your legs deserve the best, pamper them and yourself.

Abundance of accessories is one of the main differences in the women’s wardrobe and male. The danger is that they have been accumulating for years, and each time in search of the right strap or shaik you are surprised to find a thing that has not been worn for a long time and managed to forget about it. So her time has passed, she lost her relevance or even appearance. We part!

Accumulations in the form of socks and tights with small holes you definitely do not have. Or still have not yet managed to throw away? Then urgently conduct an audit and get rid of such copies. You are unlikely to sew them.

From vacation, we bring not only magnets to the refrigerator, but also souvenir T.shirts, baseball caps, and even sandals with shells. No and no again. All these things have no place in your wardrobe. And bring a tan, vivid impressions and beautiful photos from vacation.

Leave only everything positive in your life. If unpleasant memories are connected with some thing, or albeit pleasant, but still former relationships, then do not keep all this at yourself. You are happy in the present and you have a happy future.

In doubt to leave or throw one thing or another, then ask yourself a few questions. Honest answers to them can stop your choice:

If at least one of the three questions you answered positively, then this thing may still stay in your wardrobe. But do not forget the golden rule. if you have never put on a thing in a year, part with it without thinking. You can give a second life to things and accessories in good condition. transfer them to charitable organizations, they will find their new owners, bring them comfort, comfort and joy. Do not hold on to things that you don’t need. Remember: the old one always replaces the old one, so do not be afraid to be open to the new world.

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14 signs that it’s time to get rid of this thing

If you find it difficult to understand whether to leave this thing or throw it without regret, put your entire wardrobe with the following tests. Do not forget about outerwear, shoes, linen, bags, shai, belts, gloves, socks, jewelry, including hair.

  • Old, but still suitable. How often do we promise ourselves that after washing these pants will go to the country, but again we find them in our closet. Erased boots, worn-out bags, stretched things and clothes in the spools, also in some way magically linger. Now imagine that you are dressed in something like that and met your first love or childhood girlfriend in the store? Your appearance will hardly radiate confidence, even if in 90% of cases you do not care what others think.
  • Objected spots on clothes, the thing is damaged and cannot be repaired. Cm. paragraph 1.
  • Bought spontaneously, on sale, with the thought “what if”. It happens that we succumb to emotions and buy a thing without thinking. We bring her home, hang it in a closet, we put it on once and safely leave it until better times. The best times have come, but the desire to put on this thing has never appeared.
  • Uncomfortable. Discomfort is a sign that this thing is not in our closet. It is impossible to relax in such clothes, she rolls all the time, gathers folds, the seams crash into the body. As a result, you are nervous, and there can be no talk of any charm. Resolutely get rid of clothes that you need to constantly pull and correct.
  • Morally outdated. Perhaps once it was one of your most beloved things, but for 5 years since she went out of fashion. Maybe you don’t follow fashion, but whoever appears to look stupid?
  • It does not correspond to age. Undoubtedly, every person is free to dress as he wants. But let’s admit ourselves honestly, many city crazy people who are trying to look at 20 at the age of 40, at best cause a smile and bewilderment, and in the worst. nothing but disgust. We are all destined to grow up, we are changing, and the things that painted us begin to spoil us. Let’s get rid of such.
  • Does not combine with anything. Sometimes we buy a thing, because she has a gorgeous color, an unusual model, she approaches our eyes. But at home we understand that it is impossible to choose anything under it. We leave it in the hope of buying something suitable, but we do not buy.
  • He sits badly. Get rid of clothes if the silhouette and proportions are not yours, if the clothes are not suitable for your type of figure, incorrectly tailored, too compressed, or unprofitably emphasizes the form.
  • Wrong size. If this is not your size at this time, just give the thing to the one who will wear it. No need to wait until you lose weight or get better. Live in the present.
  • You would not buy this thing a second time. It also happens. The thing is not bad, sits well, but no joy from it.
  • Clothing smells unpleasant. This can be the smell of dampness, or the smell that occurs when tissue contacts with the body.
  • Clothing is associated with bad memories. If there are clothes in the closet that reminds of something bad or donated to you by the person whom you do not like, get rid of it immediately and without regrets.
  • Things that you did not wear during the year. To help yourself decide, divide your cabinet into 2 parts: right and left. For the next 6 months, when you did not put on a certain thing, hang it only on the left (and after washing too). Thus, all things that you do not wear will accumulate on the right. Perhaps you will understand that you only wear 20% of your clothes. Then ask yourself: will I wear it someday at all?
  • Does not give confidence. Despite the fact that it is not clothing that does not paint a person, but on the contrary, things often have great influence on our mood and self.confidence. A person can say as much as he likes that he is free from consumerism, he is not interested in style and fashion, but whatever one may say, beautiful clothes change self.perception, makes us feel self.confidence, sexuality, gives us answers to questions. Dress any geek into an expensive costume from Armani, wash it, finally, and he will believe that the whole world at his feet.

Yes, the analysis and sorting of the wardrobe require patience, determination and cold head. Here you can not throw anything away, or realize that you do not have a single really good thing, and generally be left without clothes. In any case, it is necessary to determine the further fate of things that are destined to leave your closet.

What can be done with unnecessary clothes

With good, but inappropriate clothes and accessories, everything is clear, someone can be very happy about them. But also unusable textiles, shoes and even jewelry will find a lot of applications.

Good whole things can be sold, given to relatives, friends or charity.

Unfulfilled clothes and shoes can be thrown away, of course, into a container for textiles for further processing. You can bring it and wear it in the country. If you can’t wear such things, cut them into rags and use them for cleaning. Beautiful fabric and jewelry can be placed in a needlework box, they will help decorate one of future projects.

How to start throwing unnecessary things

It takes time for such a thing. Measure on it as much time as you are ready to spend on unloading everything you want to get rid of your apartment. Start with the most important and difficult, and then move on to a simpler.

Go through all the rooms and look at those things that remind you of those who are close to you in the present time or have been dear in the past. Remember that, although there is no need to forget about the past, 10 things reminiscent of one person are not very good. Get rid of most of them. It is not necessary to throw it out, you can just give friends, friends or relatives. Then, when you go to visit them, you will see these things from the other side. not like when they surrounded from all sides and reminded of themselves in your house.

Some things can be presented to friends

Now you can proceed to everyday trash that caught your eye every day. First you need to inspect the balcony (if you have, of course, you have). All the boxes lying there, different toys, the remains of building materials. all in the trash. Just imagine how much space will immediately free!

Start cleaning by parsing things on the balcony

Move on. Look at the cabinets and what lies with them. Some families completely make the cabinets with boxes. This looks ugly, and besides, non.ecological. Therefore, boldly sweep out of there everything that your eye did not please!

Do not do good work in one day. Draw a schedule for yourself: how many things you should throw away, for example, in a month. An ideal option would be to get rid of half the things. And remember the most important thing. it is not necessary to throw everything into the garbage. Some things can be offered to friends, some can be given to orphanages, for example, old toys or an unnecessary stroller.

Unnecessary toys can be given to the orphanage

The main rule is not to leave for “suddenly needed”. This is the last step to get rid of the thing. Quite often it happens: you see a thing and do not understand where it is here and why it is still not in the trash. and then suddenly you miraculously remember that, it turns out, it will be needed in six months in order to be useful to you in that unlikely situation when under There will be nothing more with your hand. And, as a rule, this thing remains in the same place where it was lying. Remember that if suddenly at least such a thought flickered for a moment, then this thing must be thrown away or given to someone-this is already at your discretion.

Throw or give things to someone is already at your discretion.

Tips for competent cleaning and sorting

First you need to get everything to a prominent place (for example, to the center of the room) and it does not matter if you went on yesterday or not. You need a cold head to clean the house! So, pull out and distribute everything into groups: what you need for every day, what you use, say, once a week, and what you never or very little.

For convenience, fold unnecessary things in one heap

You guessed what things are subject to liquidation?

You can sort things according to this principle:

  • Use every day,
  • 1. 3 times a week,
  • once a month,
  • Only in the season, summer-autumn-winter-spring-for example, banks for blanks or warm socks.

Everything should be in order!

“Come to everything wisely and do not start grabbing everything you see. start with the place where it is most difficult to understand”

In the event that you have a huge cabinet and you don’t care how things lie (they are already distributed so well), you can not worry about this. Just remove what you don’t use at all. Come up to everything wisely and do not start grabbing everything you see. start with the place where it is most difficult to figure out. Balcony or pantry. everyone has their own. We start with the difficult, we finish simple. this is the motto of any cleaning.

In particularly difficult cases, when the place is cluttered with things, you can use this technique: to clean it from everything, and then decide what to put back, gradually, separately versed, whether you need one or another subject. You also need to remember one more rule: what is bad in one place, it can lie well in another. It is not necessary to throw everything at once, try to rearrange the subject to another place that, it seems to you, is no longer needed. Remember. everywhere you need a balance, so you do not need to grab everything at once and think about how to throw everything as soon as possible.

If you don’t need a thing anymore, throw it without hesitation

Getting rid of the benefit

“For some, a rearrangement is a lot of dust, garbage and forces spent, but for you is one of the simplest ways to get rid of trash”

things, throwing, love
  • Books. Here you need to approach wisely. First arrange all the books on their content: children’s, detectives, science fiction. Books that you have never read at all or which were on the shelves-for example, 10 culinary recipes, you can safely throw or give it to someone.
  • Archives. It doesn’t matter whether the photos are or a bunch of cassettes. some things will look great and combine with modern design and technology. If you have your own ideas or acquaintances who know how to turn the old piece of metal into a beautiful lamp suitable for your interior, then feel free to do it.
  • Value. Before you thinkly starting to throw everything in a row, think about whether this or that thing has some kind of value. This happens often quite often. no one needs at first glance a figurine can cost, though small, but still money. Ask your relatives, what kind of subject it is and it may have value not only for them, but also for collectors. It can even be dishes. in the Bolshoi Theater, Faberge dishes and those who used it did not even know about it for a long time. Therefore, look on the Internet information about a particular subject that has fallen up in your house, or ask the knowledgeable people about the value of this thing.

Some old things may be of interest to collectors

  • There are many ads of ads both on the Internet and in newspapers. Bry an ad and you yourself will be surprised that someone else needs your old phone. Often on ebay, they order any trifle and old interior items. they look great in modern design. Offer them there, maybe your old things will be a joy to someone. Well, if no one needs anything, feel free to send everything to the trash.
  • First old, then new. Before getting rid of some thing, people first buy a new. You should not do this. You may already have several dresses, ties, household appliances. those you want to buy. Therefore, first look, maybe the old thing will still serve and have not outlived its. Come up to everything with a cold head: remember, balance is your favorite word.

Buy new things after cleaning old

If you decide to throw out the thing, do not change your solution

  • Rearrangement is one of the main advantages of cleanliness. For some, a rearrangement is a lot of dust, garbage and forces spent, but for you is one of the simplest ways to get rid of trash. It often happens that everything around is tired and I want something new-however, there is no way to go somewhere, and they don’t let go. In this case, a rearrangement comes to the rescue. This is the path to something new and cleansing from the old. Moved the closet, and behind it a whole mountain of garbage. They moved the desk, and it has a complete mess and a bunch of unnecessary rubbish. A wonderful reason to get out! Of course, this is an energy-consuming process, but after it you will feel as if you got rid of something old and brought something new into your life.

How to throw old things correctly

Many people agree that old things carry negative energy, which must be rid of. Bioenergy experts advise doing this right so as not to doom themselves to failure.

The philosophy of the teachings of Feng Shui has one well-known rule: everything is new-this replacement for the old.

Broken things. broken glass, dishes. you need to change as quickly as possible to fence yourself off from negative energy.

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The worst negative energy is in old furniture.

Psychics suggest burning old things, and those that do not burn are breaking into small pieces. Broken dishes and glass can be thrown out whole. Dear and serviceable, but unnecessary things can be given that will bring good luck to your house. If you do not want to give a thing, it is better to clean it with conspiracies for good luck. Psychics advise putting a positive program for furniture or clothes that did not belong to you. This will help to avoid the evil eye or curse, which may have been on the previous owner.

But all the same, how to throw out old things correctly

If you throw old clothes that the homeless can choose, first wash it in salted water. This simple procedure will clear the thing of your energy, and also protect against magical influence.

The same applies to the dishes. first soak it in salted water before taking it to the trash. It is recommended to throw out all the dishes with cracks and chips. it brings negative energy to the house.

If you do not want someone to pick up your things from the garbage tank and wear it, just cut them into pieces. The dishes can be previously broken in a bag, and then take it out of the house. no one will use it.

Any documents where your personal information is indicated first cut into small pieces or burn.

Why observe such precautions? Simple actions will save you from negative influence through personal belongings. If your clothes will wear a homeless person, this can adversely affect health. things are saturated with the energy of the owner.

In order not to endure happiness and well.being from the house along with waste, I must say: “I take out unnecessary from the house, and I leave happiness and prosperity”. This helps to get rid of problems and not lose good luck.

What will Feng Shui say

Supporters of Feng Shuya know that Chinese wisdom is more categorical to old things. All cracked, with sprinkled corners, with torn details, even a little broken-is immediately subject to disposal.

According to Fengha, only new, entire objects are able to give healthy energy to their owner. Old, old, spoiled things, this is a symbol of poverty, wretchedness, old age, inferiority.

If you want to have something rare, then this should be restored, repaired and have a new, healthy appearance.

True, you can never give or throw hats, shoes or linen according to Feng Shuya.

How to throw old things correctly

You can’t litter your apartment with a jam, but you also throw out suitable, but unnecessary things are not necessarily.

For example, Vanga said that in order to come to you, it was necessary that something leaves someone from you. That is, your unnecessary things should be given to the one who needs them.

Defense Against Offenses: Get Out of Your Feelings. Bishop T.D. Jakes

Here are just a few tips where you can put unnecessary trash:

  • Books that have already been read and only take places can be sent to school, to kindergarten or just to any library. Do not consider to get to her for work;
  • Old toys can be given to neighboring children or given to any preschool institution;
  • The clothes from which your children grew up can be a new thing for someone from other families;
  • Old mattresses, pillows, armchairs or even grandfather’s sofa can truly please some dog shelter;
  • From the former clothing you can sew large soft toys (sweets, carrots, twisted cords) and take it to the cottage for your or neighboring children.

Know how to part with old things in time, free up a place for everything new in your life!


From this letter it is clearly seen: the author is very dependent on the presence of a man in her life. Its main need. Love and attention that a man shows. Most women who come to me for courses and therapy suffer from dependence with relations. If there is no man next to them, life seems inferior for them.

This type of women from childhood has a lack of love and affection. In adulthood, they use men to make up for undisguised love. And therefore, they most often choose failed socially male. They have a lot of free time that they spend on courtship after the subject of sighing. These are mainly beautiful words, care for the desires of your beloved and help in everyday life. But due to lack of money, they do not make more or less significant gifts.

As a rule, unemployed men have no hobbies and practically no friends. Beloved for him as the center of the universe. For the candy-bouquet period, this is quite enough, but the woman only at the beginning of the relationship draws attention to the manifestations of love. Then she begins to evaluate a partner as a man. And then it turns out that he is an infantile, weak, indecisive dreamer. It turns out that there is nothing to respect him for, and you can’t feel it next to him “like behind a stone wall”.

From now on, a woman begins to express her claims. After all, she saw him in a completely different light, it turned out. I was mistaken! But it’s not about a man, but about yourself. After all, you initially knew about its failure, but still developed relations with him. You begin to demand from him that he cannot give you. He did not hide his unstable financial situation from you, and you accepted it as he is. And now you began to demand more from him than he has. You do not feel like a woman next to him.

Male energy is in every representative of the stronger sex, regardless of social status. In some men it is more developed, in others weaker, but it is still.

Отношения, в которых женщина не уважает мужчину, не поддерживает в нем чувство мужества, изначально обречены на разрыв.

In the above story, the main character is dependent on the presence of men in her life, or rather. From the feeling that she is loved, they admire her. Therefore, she initially draws attention to the weak men, next to whom she will be the goddess. They care, love, satisfying her need for male attention. And after saturation, the woman ceases to perceive the man, because he already satisfied her needs. She is no longer hungry. And after satisfying some needs, others appear.

things, throwing, love

Money. The main thing or not in a relationship

After the candy-bouquet period, a very important point occurs. the adoption of a person as he is. Rather, first acquaintance with a real person. And financial situation is not the most important criterion for the choice of a man, the main thing. How can you live in this position. I have a familiar married couple, their happy marriage for 10 years. The wife earns very well, while the husband receives a small military pension (compared to her income) and is engaged in the construction of their joint country house. The spouse does not pay attention to his small income and they are completely happy together.

Счастливые отношения. это гармония с самой собой и любимым мужчиной.

First of all, you need to get rid of addiction, then there will be no desire to cut his clothes, scream, hysteria, do what it is then ashamed of yourself in front. And for this you need to spiritually grow up from an unwilling girl to reincarnate a self.sufficient adult woman. Thus, you will not suffer from emotional loneliness, as a result. Stop using men to satisfy sensual need. After that, you will navigate when choosing a partner, not by his ability to satisfy you with attention. You can choose a worthy man next to whom you will feel like a true woman.

Relations need to be built with a man whom you respect. A spiritually developed woman not only represents her ideal chosen one. She chooses among men those who suit her in all respects.

Why don’t wear someone else’s clothes

Esoterics clearly express their opinion on wearing other people’s things: trying on the clothes of an outsider means trying on someone else’s life. And although priests do not consider such things sinful, there are certain objects that cannot be worn:

  • the clothes of deceased people;
  • cross crosses;
  • decorations;
  • things found on the street;
  • products, the fate of the former owners of which has developed dysfunctional.

Folk signs also say that things of strangers are undesirable:

  • To wear someone else’s clothes. to bring trouble to the house.
  • Put on a thing obtained dishonestly. a bad sign.
  • The found gold does not bring happiness.

However, due to life circumstances, some people are forced to purchase clothes and shoes in second-hand or take things as a gift. In this case, you need to clean your clothes by adding salt to washing powder, which perfectly “rinses” the remnants of someone else’s energy. Another option: take clothes to the church and sanctify.

Why you can’t throw the old

Folk signs that were passed down from generation to generation say that you can not throw old things, since each item stores part of the vital energy. In addition, the likelihood should not exclude that the discarded clothes and belongings can find unscrupulous or unkind people who will use objects for personal purposes.

However, it is impossible to store unnecessary rubbish. This leads to clutching not only the space of the house, but also of personal energy. You need to throw your belongings correctly, guided by ancient signs and rules.

Correct getting rid of old things

It is better to get rid of property at once, using the technique of “100 things”. This is an energy manipulation that will help to free up space in the house, as well as get rid of old thoughts, emotions and experiences.

The essence of the methodology is to collect 100 things in the house, put in a bag and bury in the forest. It can be broken or non.working devices, torn or unnecessary clothes and shoes,

Thus, the probability of reuse is excluded.

How to throw things away that you cannot throw away from the signs:

  • Watch. By legend, throwing a working clock, a person throws his time. You can get rid of an unnecessary accessory by taking the clock in the workshop and selling them for spare parts.
  • Lower underwear, pajamas and bedding should be burned or buried in the forest.
  • Wallets and purse. According to signs, throwing his wallet, a person throws out monetary luck. To prevent this from happening, you should put a significant amount of money into the old wallet every week. With this money they purchase gifts to relatives and friends, and they burn the wallet.

What to do with children’s things

If you believe folk signs, children’s things cannot be torn. this is how you can cause irreparable harm to the baby. However, the old clothes and shoes of the child do not need to be stored. they need to be burned or given to other people, before this, having completed the ritual of the fraught:

  • Clothing and other belongings should be washed, adding salt to the water to wash off the energy.
  • Then, a salt is sprinkled separately for each thing, and they say: “How these things leave my house, so forever eternal connection disappears with them! Language, castle, key under my threshold!””.

After that, items can be without fear to other people or burned.

Folk signs say that, throwing old and unnecessary belongings, a person frees a place for positive and good events. However, it should be remembered that you need to get rid of personal belongings correctly and then you can without fear of letting new future events into your life.

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