Cutting a sheet of metal in size. Methods of cutting metal

Metal cutting

In the company “Steelist” you can order metal cutting services. Our company employees work on different equipment, which allows you to process various metal alloys. The production of metal products allows you to use them in many industries, from construction ending with decorative products and advertising banners. Based on this, we consider it necessary. to have different types of machines at our enterprise, which make it possible to realize all the wishes of the client as much as possible. Steelist LLC is an ideal place to order metal cutting in different ways with delivery.

If you decide to order metal cutting services in our company, then the consultants will quickly calculate

Examples of work on cutting metal to order

Many people know that the traditional cutting process involves two ways-stamping and penetration produced in coordinate-puncture presses. Cutting sheet metal in such machines is carried out due to the shock effect of the cutting tool, which can quickly produce accurate cutting of the metal in strictly set places. In addition, our enterprise operates a guillotine press that produces direct cuts in large quantities, as well as an automated CNC-based press, which not only quickly performs metal cutting, but also reduces the cost of work itself due to the lack of human intervention. But our main favorite is a laser machine, which is indispensable when it comes to major orders.

Our technical capabilities of cutting sheet without a trace

Gas. The method is used for black rental with a thickness of not more than 200 mm, waste minimum.

Plasma. Production of blanks, the desired size of parts, an artistic direction (decorative products). Used to work with black and stainless steel up to 50 mm thick. High accuracy plasma cutters are cut in the specified form.

Laser. High accuracy of cutting, is used in the field where products with a curly circuit are needed, for example, in the production of furniture. Suitable for black and stainless steel, as well as aluminum with a thickness of not more than 20 mm.

Hydroabrasive. Due to the lack of exposure to metal with high temperatures in the cut zone, deformation is excluded, due to high accuracy, it is possible to cut out complex figures in the shape. The quality of the cut is excellent. High speed allows you to quickly process large volumes of sheet rental of any steel and alloys with a thickness of not more than 100 mm.

Club of guillotine. Using special guillotine scissors or knives, preliminary cutting of the sheet area in the longitudinal and transverse directions for future blanks is carried out. We work with black and stainless steel, as well as aluminum with a thickness of not more than 12 mm. Meter of workpieces. up to 6000 mm.

Why is it worth ordering a service from us

Qualified specialists, on modern equipment, cut the sheet in size with high accuracy. Selection of optimal technology, calculation of the cost of services are performed when placing an order. The price depends on the type of cutting, material and some other indicators.

cutting, sheet, metal, size

Sale of finished products is carried out in any quantities, regular customers. discounts. Delivery, as well as to all settlements of the country.

A sheet of a certain size is required without a residue? Send us your order, we will calculate it as quickly as possible!

Long-end-transverse cutting of the leaf

Since sheet metal, as a rule, has a larger width than it is required for its use in various fields of industrial production, before direct use it must be cut. For this, the longitudinal-transverse cutting is used. For its implementation, appropriate equipment and the use of the correct method of cutting are needed. The cutting process itself is carried out in several stages and includes longitudinal dissolution of the metal, as well as transverse cutting.

The main stages of the longitudinal transverse cutting are:

cutting, sheet, metal, size
  • unwinding of the roll of sheet metal;
  • longitudinal cutting (dissolution of the sheet for barks);
  • transverse cutting (cutting bar into “cards”);
  • packaging cards in packs.

Through the use of high.precision modern equipment and thanks to the skill of our specialists, we provide the best result. The cutting of the metal takes place with minimal tolerances in width and the highest quality of the edge.

cutting, sheet, metal, size

Cutting tape

The leading place of the band.pile cutting of medium and large diameters occupies due to the fact that it has high performance and insignificant cost. In this case, the metal cutting process is from 100 millimeters and is more performed at high speed with strict observance of the specified values. At the same time, the blanks do not require additional processing in the places.

Nowadays, the most advanced metal cutting technology is hydro.carbraise. With its help, you can get the desired part with the least mistakes, which does not require subsequent processing of edges. Traditional architectural and design graphic schemes are introduced into the process management system, which facilitates the procedure for manufacturing the desired part. With the help of hydro.carbonated cutting, there is the possibility of processing metal at a speed of 300 meters per minute.

Cutting gas acid

When carrying out construction and installation work, the most common type of cutting is currently a gas acid. It is based on the possession of hot metal when the stream of pure oxygen is the property of intensive burning. The liquid metal and oxides from the cut obtained during the gas acid cutting are removed by oxygen, which is supplied from the nozzle of the cutting of the cutter under high pressure.

Metals corresponding to the following conditions are subjected to this type of cutting:

  • the presence of low thermal conductivity;
  • The melting temperature of the metal is greater than the temperature of its combustion in oxygen;
  • minimum dubbing impurities and carbon.

Metals that are not amenable to gas acid cutting is:

Our company is cutting metal in the amount of the client’s application.

4 sheet metal cutting tools

Cutting metal

“Fortis Metal and Design” offers services of cutting steel, cast iron, aluminum/alloys based on it, other non.ferrous metals. By phone number 8 (800) 777-19-87 you can find out all the necessary information.

Gas cutting The thickness of the price of the price for 1 SOG. m cutting for burning
40 mm 245 27
50 mm 323 27
55 mm 388 34
60 mm 453 40
70 mm 557 47
75-300 mm On request On request
Plasma cutting Sheet thickness price, /strokes.m. Stainless steel, non.ferrous metals
2 mm 70
2-3 mm 96
5-6 mm 148
8-10 mm 174
12-14 mm 219
16-18 mm 323
20 mm 388
22 mm 453
25 mm 518
30 mm 648
Hydroabraseic cutting (stainless steel) Price thickness, /m. RZ20 RZ40 RZ60
2 121 92 71
3 156 112 81
5 223 142 96
eight 420 269 183
ten 565 364 247
12 729 479 316
16 1077 693 470
eighteen 1274 815 553
twenty 1471 943 639
25 2009 1288 873
thirty 2587 1662 1128
40 3886 2501 1694
fifty 5357 3456 2350
60 7011 4530 3059
70 8902 5712 3860
80 10950 7006 4733
90 13137 8340 5646
100 15454 9914 6736
Laser cutting steel (price, /m.) Thickness, mm galvanized steel stainless steel
one eight fifteen
one.5 9 19
2 12 22
2.5 23 26
3 23 27
four 28 29
5 35
6 43
eight 83
ten 113
12 158
fourteen 242
16 281
eighteen 348
twenty 416
22 580
24 724
25 167
26 781
28 881
thirty 262 949

Cutting services:

The processed field is melted with a heated gas stream.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

The feed is carried out in manual, semi.automatic or automatic mode.

Hot gas perfectly processes the edges, without leaving burrs, roughnesses.

The most accurate cutting method consists in the direction to the working field of the light beam, focused by a set of lenses and mirrors, instant heating of the metal to the melting point.

Burnout products are removed by blowing, burnout or evaporation.

Laser equipment allows you to get a perfectly even seam on a working field the size of thousandths of a millimeter.

High.speed separation is carried out using a high pressure stream.

The flow includes water and abrasive material.

The diameter of the snot of the two-component system is 0.2-0.35 mm/0.6-1.2 mm.

A jet, expiring from nozzles at a speed of up to 1200 m/s, cuts metal, hard alloys, stone, reinforced concrete, plastic, textolite.

The temperature of the working field is 60-90 ° C.

The level of roughness of the finished RA edge is not more than 1.6.

Modern plasmotron serves on the working field under high pressure a stream of plasma.forming gas.

Steel, cast iron is cut using an active gases plasma. For cutting colored alloys, the plasma stream is created from the argon.

The stream speed reaches 1,500 m/s, temperature. from 5 to 30 thousand.° C.

Plasma technology allows you to cut alloys that are not amenable to oxygen cutting (highly alloyed/stainless steel, leaf aluminum). Thickness. up to 1500 mm.

Cutting metal

The Dedenevsky metalworks carries out orders for cutting sheet metal and other metal rolling. Work is carried out on CNC machines, the technical characteristics of which are regulated by the current GOSTs.

Order service

Our works

The Dedenevsky metalworks carries out orders for cutting sheet metal and other metal rolling. Work is carried out on CNC machines, the technical characteristics of which are regulated by the current GOSTs.

Cutting technology is based on the process of separation of workpieces from varietal, cast or sheet metal. There are several main cutting technologies, when choosing which the desired quality, amount of waste, speed and cost of work are taken into account.

It is performed by a laser beam. a light stream of small diameter with high intensity. It goes to the surface of the part, and at the interaction point the metal begins to melt. It is used in cases where high.quality cutting of sheets is needed, especially thin. up to 12 mm. Among the advantages. high accuracy and speed, lack of physical deformation at the contact point.

Cutting is carried out by special press-nomplers, which can be manual or automatic. Used when cutting metal on rectangular blanks. The advantages of the method are high speed and accuracy, minimization of waste.

Gas and oxygen are supplied to the cutter, which form a burning stream. A metal sheet is cut under this effect. It is used when it is required to cut metals of large thickness (up to 200 mm). The downside is a low.quality cut, which must be additionally processed.

The process is performed by a plasma stream that has a temperature of 15,000 degrees. The part is cut quickly, the molten metal is blown out. The method is used for cutting parts, the thickness of which is not more than 120 mm. The downside of this method is associated with the exposure of temperatures: the edges become very solid T requires additional processing.

The method suggests that the cutting canvas is water or its mixture with an abrasive, which are supplied under high pressure. Hydroabrase cutting is used for any metals. The thickness is 400 mm or more. The main advantage is the absence of any temperature effects on the part.

In the company you can order cutting services, as well as other types of metalworking. To make an order, you must send a file with drawings of future products to our email. It is important to specify the number of necessary products, the thickness of the metal rolling. The manager will send an answer in which the cost of work and their terms will indicate.

Types of metal cutting

Metal cutting using mechanical exposure:

Metal cutting using a jet or thermal effect:

  • gas cutting (oxygen, oxygen-blus);
  • gas-electric cutting (air-fiber, oxygen-dug);
  • Cutting by electrical erosion;
  • plasma cutting (plasma-spirit, cutting plasma stream); ;
  • oxygen cutting with support for a laser beam;
  • Hydroabraseic cutting;
  • Cryogenic cutting.

We offer metal cutting services in the PG “Etalon

The industrial group “Etalon” will accept orders for cutting metal of any complexity and volume. We also work, but we can also consider applications from other regions.

In order to find out the exact cost. send an application on the site or write to us by PG mail.Etalon@.

Cutting metal rolling into size

The most popular service today is metal cutting. Every day we are asked to cut the reinforcement and pipes, chop the sheets, make parts according to drawings.

Depending on the necessary result, we offer the following types of cutting:

Gas cutting is used most often, it is the cheapest way to cut metal. It is used in cases where high cutting accuracy, aesthetics, even edges are not required. Gas cutting is fast, comfortable, cheap. But it should be borne in mind that the cut metal will have melted edges and warden. As a rule, the metal is cut with gas for its more convenient and cheap transportation.

Plasma cutting allows you to get products of any geometric shape, therefore it is most often used to make parts for various purposes. In addition, the basic advantages of plasma cutting include the absence of Ojalin, even and clean edges of finished products, as well as the high speed of their production. The technology of plasma cutting completely eliminates the deformation of the metal, which is also another plus in its favor.

For the manufacture of complex, requiring high accuracy and minimal tolerances of parts should be used to laser cutting. This technology excludes mechanical contact with metal, allows you to work with very fragile materials of any thickness. In addition to ordinary steels by laser, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, non.ferrous metals can be cut.

We offer the cabin of steel sheets with guillotine and cutting pipes and circles on the LPS (tape.sawing machine).

The benefits of ordering metal cutting

The company “Steel Choice” offers customers high.quality comprehensive service. from the selection of raw materials with the necessary characteristics to its cutting. We have a modern technical base, guarantee the accuracy of size and accuracy of processing.

  • the best ratio of value and quality;
  • cooperation with both legal entities and individuals;
  • the ability to order single and serial products;
  • performing metal cutting in the lowest time;
  • A guarantee of the quality of raw materials and work performed.

The experience and qualifications of our experts contribute to the quick and successful performance of any complexity. As additional services, we make holes breakdown and the application of anti.corrosion coatings.

You can always get more detailed information about all types of cutting, as well as which of them will always be in our company.

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