Cutting tiles at 45 degrees with an angle grinder

Boring tiles at 45 degrees: tools and cutting rules

Ceramic tiles are the most popular and practical type of finish for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. When working with tile, you have to tile internal and external corners, niches, boxes for pipes. In this case, you need to cut ceramic tiles at an angle of 45 degrees. As a result, the joint between the elements will look neat, the grout will seal the joint and protect it from moisture. The article considers how to cut tiles under 45 degrees at home without the use of expensive tools.

Cuts tile at 45 degrees

The opportunity to fil fil filing tiles at an angle of 45 degrees allows you to make repairs qualitatively and aesthetically. Such a method unambiguously wins over finishing joints with plastic corners

With what and how to file a tile at an angle of 45 degrees

Electric tile cutter

Electric tile cutter is an expensive, but necessary tool for a lot of tile cutting. Makes a straight cut and a mitre cut at a selected angle. Can be set from 0 to 45. In practice, most often the cutting of tiles under 45 degrees is performed. High quality models have a cooling system. Thanks to this, tiles and tools are not at risk of overheating and the dustiness of the workplace is reduced. The quality of cutting is not affected by the water supply.

45 degree tile cutting machine with cooling system can be operated at high speed.

Consider buying an electric tool if you plan to cut hard and expensive material. porcelain tile. The following models are the most popular:

  • Zubr EP-200-1000S (Russia). stationary floor tile cutter. The machine is expensive (21-22 thousand), designed for professionals and allows you to cut tiles of any thickness.
  • Zubr EP-180-600H (Russia). compact table model. It can cut tiles straight and at an angle of 0 to 45 degrees. Characterized by low noise level and absence of dust: water comes to the place of cutting. Reasonable price (4000 ) can be attractive for beginners.
  • Models Feida TC 200 and Feida TC 250 (China). help to cut high quality accurate bevel at an angle of 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Machine tool for cutting tiles Einhell TH-TC 618 (China). allows you to cut and trim various ceramics, provided that the depth of trimming will not exceed 22 mm.

If during the sawing process (nailing) hit the glaze on the tile, it will turn out with jagged edges. In this case, you will need to carefully grind the chips with sandpaper.

If you cut the tile a little less than 45 degrees, it will be easier to form a right angle.

The tool will be just necessary if you are engaged in laying tiles and spend a lot of undercuts material.

angle grinder

To work in one apartment to buy an electric tile cutter is not rational. Qualitatively cut ceramic tiles under 45 degrees you can use an angle grinder (angle grinder). It is easier and faster to file the corner using a diamond disc. Most likely, the edge will turn out uneven. Such defects are grinded with turtles. If, when installing tiles, you only need to file the material within one apartment, you can use a cheaper option instead: replaceable sanding discs with velcro.

Important! Select a high-power angle grinder with a speed regulator (for undercutting, the minimum value is set).

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Acceptable in price and technical characteristics are models:

Quality diamond discs:

  • BIZON 0512003, thickness 1.8 mm;
  • Union 9020-04-150x22K, h= 2 mm;
  • Expert (180×25.4/22.2 mm) PRACTIKA 034-793 (for ceramic granite);
  • Professional KEOS DBP01.200 on porcelain tiles (180×25.4/22.2).

Quality of the cut depends on the type of attachment on the angle grinder for the final stage of cutting at 45 degrees. A good result provides a diamond wheel (flexible, grinding) AGSHK 100 0 “Turtle.

Use of sandpaper

This material most often come to the rescue, to hide the inaccuracies of the preliminary work, when the glaze is damaged or chipped. In addition, there is another application for sandpaper.

Instead of a professional tool and the need to preserve the layer of glaze, a cut is made on the front part with a glass cutter. After that, on the back side of the angle grinder notch in the form of a letter “V”, which must be made across the entire width of the tile. It remains only to break the element, and the remaining work is completed with sandpaper.

Some craftsmen try to reduce the cost of the work, using only ordinary sandpaper. In this case, filing the corners of the tiles at 45 degrees is done by yourself, watching the condition of the clay and the glaze itself. If you overdo it, the damage will affect the tiles, therefore, you will have to spend money to buy a similar material. The coarseness of the sandpaper itself will also play a significant role, which should vary.

For accurate alignment, two material options are suitable for creating a 45 degree bevel:

The first numbers will be used as a rough tile fitting, and the second, to create a really smooth and high-quality surface as possible. Only after that you can put the tile on the corner, without fear of criticism from the outside. If you comply with the requirements and recommendations from the experts when making cuts at 45 degrees, there will be no questions about how to formalize the corners of the tiles. In the end, you’ll even be able to tell that you got a tile without corners.

For greater clarity you should watch the thematic videos, a selection of which we made just below.

Cutting a rectangular hole

By means of a marker and ruler on the outside of the tile should mark the boundaries of the cut, then exactly in its corners, without crossing the limits of the contour, you must use a carbide drill hole diameter of 5-7 mm. Next, an angle grinder to make through cuts between the holes made throughout the rectangular contour, performing the removal of cut pieces of tile. When finished, the corners and cuts should be cleaned with a file or coarse sandpaper.

In this case, the angle grinder should not be held in a straight position, but at an angle. It is a little more difficult to make such a cut than a conventional cut, but it is much easier to cut a round or other shaped hole. The work is carried out as follows:

  • Initially you should make a cut of a tile in the same way as you would do with a straight cut. At the same time, the tool’s wheel should be positioned at the required angle and with a slow and careful action it is required to remove all excess until a perfect angular cut is obtained.
  • After the end to give a perfect look, you can use ordinary sandpaper, which for convenience should be fixed on a bar of wood.

Please note! To properly cut the tile with an angle grinder without chipping, it is recommended to carry out its cutting only from the front side. In this case, the outer coating of the glaze will be significantly less damaged, and all the defects formed during the work will remain on the opposite edge, which will be fully hidden during the further gluing.

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How to turn an angle grinder into a tile cutter

It is not always convenient to hold the angle grinder by weight and do all the work entirely by hand. In order to improve the quality of the cut, you will need a helper. However, it will be much more rational to turn an ordinary grinder into an analog of the electric tile cutter.

We found out how to properly cut ceramic tiles with an angle grinder. The same principles of work are retained for the tile cutter, but at the same time you have both hands free. Let’s look at what you need to do to improve this tool.

First choose a suitable location for the machine. The base of the future tile cutter can be made of sheet metal, in which a groove is cut for deepening the blade. According to this line and will be made all the work, in addition, by such a mark will be much easier to navigate.

The most important step is to secure the angle grinder. In order to fix the tool in the right position it is necessary to use special clamps. Their counterpart can be made by yourself, but there is a risk that the fixing bolts will tear during the work.

For frequent use and convenience, the angle grinder can be fixed by making it into a tile cutter

Such a version of a homemade electric tile cutter can be improved by adding a reservoir of water and a wet cutting nozzle. This will help avoid dust and cool the tool.

After fixation of the angle grinder you can conduct a test sawing. The principle of operation is as follows: the tile is laid on the marks, the angle grinder is turned on and the disk is slowly lowered. The tile will be sawed on the front side, and it is necessary to feed it from yourself.

If the work is done correctly, you will get a ceramic tile cut in two with neat edges, without chips, cracks and nicks. The final look of the tile can be given by fine sandpaper.

Peculiarities of work with the tool

In the process of tiling work, you will inevitably encounter the need to adjust the size of the tile. In order to perform the incision usually use tile cutters in different variations, as well as improvised tools. If for wall tiles will be quite enough for the glass cutter, a thick floor material is much more difficult to break. Can such ceramic tiles be cut with an angle grinder??

Angle grinder. this is one of the most popular tools, which, in addition to its direct task in the form of grinding surfaces can also perform other functions. It is used to cut metal, ceramic tiles, stone and other durable materials.

Thanks to the special attachment, even thick, durable porcelain stoneware can be cut with the angle grinder

As for the tiles, the work with the angle grinder has its own peculiarities. In order to perform your task you will need a special nozzle and a tile fixture. The tool will do the rest for you.

For added protection, you should put a cap on the angle grinder, of course, it will reduce the ease of use of the tool, but it will protect you from splinters and the disk itself.

A straight cut of ceramic tiles with an angle grinder

This type of work is the easiest to do. It is done in the following way:

  • The first thing to do on the outside of the ceramic tile should be to mark the line for the trimmer saw by means of a spirit marker.
  • After that, it is necessary to securely fix the tile on the plane, eliminating the possibility of its movement during the cut. For this tile should be placed on a flat surface of wood and fixed with a clamp through a made of sheet rubber pad or by gently pressing it with the sole of his foot, which should be dressed in special shoes.
  • Then you need to turn on the angle grinder and wait a few seconds for the tool to gain the required rpm.
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Note! The cut edge of the tile must remain overhanging in the place of the necessary notch.

  • Hold the angle grinder so that the cut trimmer blade produced is clearly visible during the cut.
  • Then it is necessary to hold the tool firmly and evenly in your hands, and do not let it move from side to side, because otherwise you will get not only torn cut, but also spoiled used nozzle, the parts that can fly out in any direction.

Important! Ceramic tile is a rather fragile material, so you should not put too much pressure on it when making the cut. During the first cut it is only necessary to remove the top layer of the glaze

If you immediately make a through cut from the edge, then at the end of the product can crack. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to cut evenly from beginning to end in several stages.

  • Now the moving wheel should follow the marked line on the ceramic tile towards yourself, making the cut to a depth of 1-5 mm, depending on the material and thickness of the workpiece. Start cutting tiles slowly from the side, then move the tool faster to obtain a clean cut.

Please note! The wheel on the angle grinder must be clamped in the right way, using the special key and observing the direction of rotation marked on it.

The cutting disc with a diameter of 100-125 mm has an optimum rotation speed of 6-8 thousand when you’re sawing ceramic tiles. RPM.

Mistakes when working

In addition to errors of cutting it is worth remembering about the rules of laying such products. Tiles cut at an angle are joined with a small (1-1.5 mm) gap and must be grouted with color-matched mixtures. Checking and adjusting the level is performed on each row, after laying the products on both sides of the tiled corner. The verticality of walls and structures is checked in advance, the installation of undercut tiles on uneven surfaces makes no sense.

Work on the preparation and laying of tiles requires professional knowledge and solid skills, and mistakes in their production can lead to fatal consequences and large financial losses. The above recommendations on the sawing of tiles at 45 degrees show convincingly that it will be easier and more profitable to apply to a trusted craftsman to produce these works than to do it yourself with the risk to suffer irrevocable financial losses in case of non-observance of the technology of the works.

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