DeWALT d25901 demolition hammer d25901 slack in operation

DeWALT demolition hammer: proven quality

There probably isn’t a person who hasn’t seen a jackhammer at least once in their life. Yes, this is precisely the tool with which workers break down old layers of asphalt before laying new. The one used by builders to break down the walls when remodeling an apartment. The one used to remove layers of concrete from various surfaces, as well as to split relatively unstable rocks. There are several kinds of demolition hammers: pneumatic, electric, gasoline, hydraulic, etc. д. Today we offer to talk about the electric demolition hammer DeWALT, because among all the options presented in the market it is the easiest and most convenient to use, and has an ideal price. quality”.

DeWALT D25820K chipping hammer

DeWALT D25820K Demolition Hammer. Ideal for light demolition and surface preparation, or for cutting out pits and open channels in brick, masonry, and lightweight concrete. Absolutely sealed gearbox in an oil bath increases reliability and productivity, and guarantees quality lubrication of components and perfect heat dissipation in the gearbox. The DeWALT D25820K demolition hammer has an excellent power-to-weight ratio of 8 Joules. Impact energy, and at a weight of 5 lbs on the hammer itself.8 kg. All angles of operation in all conditions with 18 different chisel positions. The manufacturer’s thoughtful, ergonomic, compact design will make it easy to work in hard-to-reach places, and the unique sealing system to keep dust out of the percussion mechanism will bring high performance and long tool life. Specially designed mechanism transmits the impact energy directly to the chisel without vibration loss and reduces the swing force of the tool. Soft rubber coated handle gives the operator an unforgettable, comfortable working experience.

Features: Ideal for light demolition, surface preparation or cutting grooves and open channels in brick, masonry and lightweight concrete Full sealed gearbox in an oil bath increases reliability and performance, ensures full lubrication of components and perfect heat dissipation in the gearbox Excellent power/weight ratio: impact energy 8 J (EPTA 05/2009) with 5 breaker weight.8 kg chisel positioning in 18 different positions allows work at any angle for any application Ergonomic, compact design makes it easy to work in tight spaces Unique sealing system to prevent dust from entering the impact mechanism ensures high performance and long tool life Effective mechanism transmits the impact energy directly to the chisel without loss of vibration and reduces tool recoil Soft rubberized handle for user comfort

Accessories: multi-position handle suitcase

Place an order in the DeWALT online store.If you buy and register you get 3 years of official warranty service and will always be aware of: the period of warranty service; the need for regular maintenance; all calls to the service center and types of service performed; the new models of tools and accessories from DeWALT

General characteristics
Chuck type SDS-MAX
Impact energy, J 11 / 8 (EPTA)
Power, W 1150
Impact frequency, rpm 2740
Revolutions adjustment there is
Weight, kg 5,8
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Demolition hammers DeWALT in Odessa

On average DeWALT electric demolition hammers in Odessa can be ordered for 36 231 UAH. Price of DeWALT electric demolition breaker in our price list from 23 918 UAH. up to 46 394 UAH.

On our site 8 DeWALT electric demolition hammers are on sale from a warehouse to each Odessite at a bargain price. On all Demolition Hammers manufacturer DeWALT you can find promotional or discount offers and available for purchase on credit in Odessa.

  • 1 V, Akademika Williams str
  • Portion 9 (up to 30 kg): 14, Mukachevo str. 7A, Govorova str. Odessa
  • Department 9 (up to 30 kg per place): 7A, Govorova str. 9, Frantsyzskiy Blvd. Odessa
  • Branch 4 (up to 30 kg per place): 4A, Akademicheskaya Viliamova str. Catherine, d. 84/86, pom. 501, г. Odessa
  • Department 6 (up to 30 kg per one place): 14, Mukhtarova str. Palia seeds (ran. Dnepropetrovsk road), 126, city of Odessa, Ukraine. Odessa
  • Branch 31: ul. Office 31, General Bocharov Street 50/1 (Pochatok Market), Odessa. Odessa

Our store delivers hammers electric hammer DeWALT in Odessa, and the suburbs (Podolsk, Bolgrad, Ananievka, Belyaevka, Balta, Southern, Berezovka, Chernomorsk, Teplodar, Arciz, Kodyma, Reni, Kilia, Vilkovo, Razdelnaya, Belgorod-Dnistrovsky, Tatarbunary, Izmail) and throughout the Odessa region. Also delivers a hammer DeWALT in other cities: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Chernigov, Poltava, Cherkassy, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Zhitomir, Sumy, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kropivnitsky, Lutsk, Uzhgorod

DWT demolition hammers

When you need to do heavy demolition work by breaking and crushing concrete, asphalt or stone, you should consider getting a chipping hammer. Such tool will help you in those cases where even a heavy peorator will not cope due to the large amount of work or increased complexity. Our store has a wide range of demolition hammers from different manufacturers, but we would like to present you a DWT demolition hammer that features high quality workmanship, reliability and performance. DWT demolition hammer is worth buying due to its affordable price as for a tool of this level and its impressive technical characteristics.

The main difference between a DWT hammer is that it is a gasoline-powered tool. due to the fact that it is not burdened with a power cord, it is incredibly mobile and can operate in such conditions that a pneumatic or electric hammer would be useless. Despite this, this hammer weighs 16 kg, but thanks to its ergonomic design, balance and comfortable handle, its operation will not cause you problems. Handles are conveniently shaped and allow better control over the tool while working. Special tool case and cart for easy storage and transportation of such a large-size tool.

DWT hammer is equipped with a durable and powerful 2-cycle engine that runs on gasoline. Such a motor is quite enough to provide the impact force of 50 Joules, thanks to which, with such a hammer, you will not have unsolvable problems. Thanks to the reliable percussion mechanism the durability and performance of the tool does not cause any doubts. Vibration transmitted to the user’s hands is almost imperceptible, which adds comfort to the work.

DeWALT Demolition Hammers

Such tool as a demolition hammer DeWALT (DeWALT) is used by professionals for dismantling concrete and brick structures, removing the pavement, for tamping soil, trenching in frozen or very hard soil, for cutting through walls, removing old tiles, plaster.

DeWALT Demolition Hammers Specifications

Demolition hammers differ in strength and frequency of impact, power. The higher the data, the more productive the tool. It is conditionally divided into three categories:

lightweight. up to 5 kg, impact force. up to 10 Joules. For use in interior construction. Used both horizontally and vertically;

medium: weight up to 10 kg, energy up to 20 Joules.Demolition hammer works in the horizontal and vertical planes;

Heavy: weight up to 30 kg, impact force 30-60 Joules. Used for heavy vertical jobs: demolition of foundations, reinforced concrete structures, etc.д.

It is very important that the tool is comfortable. Not only the quality, but also the safety of the work depends on it. DeWALT demolition hammer with ergonomic design, low vibration level, additional handle. This makes even the heaviest and most powerful model comfortable to use for a long time.

The tool is protected from overheating and the motor is designed for heavy loads. Electronic system allows you to gradually increase the speed and provides a soft start.


Depending on the type of shank, DeWALT demolition hammers are divided into three groups: SDS plus, SDS max, and hex hammer. The latter are characterized by the highest power and weight. They are designed for demanding work.

Virtually every hammer has an active vibration control (AVC) system. By combining this with a shock-absorbing side handle and moving rear handle, DeWALT achieves the lowest possible level of vibration. This is very important, because the DeWALT rotary hammer is always at its best. к. long-term exposure can lead to serious consequences, including the most serious injuries and internal organ malfunctions. That’s why worldwide tolerance standards for vibration are established for the same as for radiation.

Using the DeWALT demolition hammer, which has the lowest vibration, you can significantly increase the duration of allowable work time and perform a much larger amount of work, feeling less fatigue.

In some cases the DeWALT demolition hammer seems to have a much lower impact force than other manufacturers. But because of the increased number and reduced vibration the results can be much better. Less fatigue and health hazards at the same time.

Perform and protect technology enhances tool performance and protects the user. Torque control system, protection against accidental start-up, splinter block in case of tool breakage, safety clutch, recoil lock all reduce the risk of injury.

Magnesium gear housing is durable and lightweight. Sealing system prevents dust from entering the motor. Electronic speed control allows you to control the operation of the hammer.

There are several models of demolition hammers on our website. All are warranted for three years, including one year absolute warranty.

De Walt D25901

DeWALT D25901K Demolition Hammer


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DeWALT D25961K Demolition Hammer

Introducing the DeWALT D25961K demolition hammer. the most powerful and durable demolition hammer in the series, thanks to its ideal ratio of power, impact energy and vibration. It is very popular around the world, because it can work for a very long time in the harshest conditions.

This model is equipped with a high-performance motor rated at 1600 watts, which allows you to reach impact speeds up to 1450 beats/min. Blow energy of 35 Joules, which is enough to perform even the most complicated disassembling works. Reliable hex chuck with 30 mm diameter for very intensive work. Soft start function has been provided for user convenience.

Demolition Hammer DeWALT D25961K is a great tool that will not leave indifferent the professional and just love the quality tools. The active vibration damping system in combination with the spring-loaded back handle allows minimizing the operator’s fatigue at work as much as possible. The tool is delivered in a shockproof plastic case that is very convenient for transportation and storage.


  • Thought-out ergonomic design
  • High power and performance
  • Excellent durability
  • Active anti-vibration system AVC
  • Soft start



  • Extra side handle
  • Chisel
  • Plastic case
  • Instructions for use
  • Warranty card

We recommend to pay attention to the model: Demolition Hammer DeWALT D25831K.

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DeWALT d25901 Demolition Hammer failure at work

DeWALT D25330K Demolition Hammer. item. Description of the product DeWALT D25330K These features increase comfort at work, reduce. Excavating the first floor of a brick house with a Bosch GSH 16-28 concrete breaker. You can rent a concrete breaker (chipping hammer) on the website DeWALT chipping hammer in operation. Duration: 1:25. by Vyacheslav Reviews and review of the Bosch GBH 5-40 DE hammer.

Electric demolition hammers. Zubr industrial electrical demolition hammer, 2200 W, 60 J, 32 kg (ZM-60-2200 VK). The Zubr concrete breaker hammer is a powerful professional tool, designed specifically for intensive use in the toughest conditions. The Zubr demolition breakers have a reliable construction of high quality materials and gear housing of magnesium alloy, ensuring a long time of trouble-free tool operation.

dewalt, d25901, demolition, hammer

Anti-vibration system significantly reduces harmful vibrations to the operator even during long-term work. High impact force is generated by the pneumatic mechanism regardless of the pressure on the tool. Magnesium alloy gearcase significantly reduces weight and effectively dissipates heat away from stressed parts. Handy switch with patented on-off locking system for maximum safety. Adjustable auxiliary handle provides a comfortable and secure grip in all positions.

An anti-slip handle ensures a secure grip. Disconnectable carbon brushes increase motor life and prevent damage to the rotor collector.

Low center of gravity, minimized vibration, and high-performance mechanism make work easier and faster. Frost-resistant power cord 5 meters long allows you to work on any construction site without extension cords. Specifications:.

Power supply voltage: 220V. Frequency: 50 Hz. Power consumption: 2200W. Impact energy: 60 Joules. Chuck type: HEX 28 mm.

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