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Correctly selected gasoline grass trimmer will last longer than the stated period of time, if the simple rules are followed during operation.

  • the proportion of fuel mixture 1:50;
  • run-in period 3 tanks of fuel, worked out without maximum load;
  • independent audiovisual control of the technical condition all the time;
  • Remove dust and grass clippings after each work stoppage.

Formulated by experts who operate and repair motorized grass trimmers:

  • Check the condition and lubrication of the serviced gearbox every 8 to 10 hours;
  • Blowing out and oiling the felt filter element after 50 hours operation;
  • Service maintenance at the service center for 100 service hours or once a year.

Conscious or unintentional failure to follow these recommendations accelerates the wear and tear of critical parts. For some people it is as easy as diluting oil in a trimmer or chainsaw.

How do you dilute gasoline with oil?

How to dilute gasoline with grass trimmer oil so you don’t have to clean the spark plug

Some people find it easy to dilute gasoline with oil for use in a trimmer or chainsaw. But not everyone can do it right. If you put oil in the gasoline just “by eye”, the consequences will be sad.

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Grass trimmer, most likely, while mowing the grass will simply begin to smoke and then stall. So what to do? How to avoid this and to dilute petrol with oil properly?

First of all, it is worth noting that for gasoline equipment is suitable for 92 or 95 gasoline. As for oil, it is necessary to choose only two-stroke and high-quality oil.

Before filling up the chainsaw, the gasoline is diluted in a 5-liter canister. A water bottle is good for this purpose. It is easy to use, as a funnel can easily be inserted in the neck of the mower.

How much oil for 10 liters of gasoline?

Mixture Ratio Gasoline, [liters] Oil, [milliliters]
1:50 10 л. 200 ml.
1:50 25 л. 500 ml.
1:50 50 л. 1000 ml.

For a brushcutter, grass trimmer or lawnmower, it is better to choose synthetic or semi-synthetic oil labeled TA or TB. Keep in mind the manufacturer’s recommendations, as some manufacturers of quality equipment may recommend using only synthetic lubricants.

Afternoon! Add 400 ml of oil to 10 liters of gasoline for the run-in period of a boat motor. After the boat motor has been run-in, add 200 ml. oil per 10 liters of gasoline.

How and how much to fill

Filling the grass trimmer‘s fuel tank is easy. To do this, the tank should be positioned so that the lid is on top. The amount of fuel depends on the model of grass trimmer. This information is listed in the manual, also directly on the tank there is a mark.

This can cause the fuel to overflow into the intake manifold and fuel filter, which can cause engine damage or fuel ignition.

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When filling the grass trimmer, safety precautions must be observed:

2 Stroke Oil To Fuel Ratio Mixing Simplified

  • Try to pour the liquid so that it does not spill, you can use a watering can for this purpose;
  • If gasoline does spill, it must be wiped up immediately;
  • The grass trimmer should be started after the fuel container has been put away in a safe and secure place, preferably more than 10 meters away;
  • in case of long intervals between operations, drain the remaining fuel.

Correct proportion and following the technology of mixing and filling will help to prolong the life of the grass trimmer. At the same time, it is recommended to choose only a quality product of the appropriate brand.

How to find oil gas mix ratio for string trimmer and how to mix fuel

What kind of gasoline can be poured into the grass trimmer? For the preparation of the mixture you need gasoline of a certain brand AI-95 or AI-92. The gasoline grade depends on its ignition rate. the octane number. The lower the octane rating, the faster the gasoline burns and the higher the consumption.

Usually this ratio is the following norms:

  • 1 to 25, or 40 grams of two-stroke oil per liter of gasoline
  • 1 to 40 or 25-30 grams of oil for 1 liter of gasoline
  • 1 to 50, that is 20 grams of oil added to a liter of gasoline
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