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The tools for woodworking angle grinder on sale from Aliexpress

Angle grinder (angle grinder). a useful tool for a wide range of works, and additional attachments further expand its functionality. And today we will talk about accessories for woodworking.

Beforehand I want to remind you that, in addition to the many pluses, if you do not respect the safety of the angle grinder carries a great danger.

Do not use this tool without a protective cover, because the speed of rotation is such that it can easily cause serious injury. Always protect your eyes and face and if possible wear protective clothing. And also use the tools strictly for their intended purpose, check them before use, hold the workpieces securely and hold the tool with two hands. Never use fabric gloves, they can wrap around the tooling. Put the angle grinder only after the disc has stopped completely and always be extremely careful in your work.

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Angle grinder stand with safety guard

This product allows you to make the woodworking process convenient and safe.

The stand is made of tungsten steel approx. 1,2 mm thick, its dimensions are 13,8×9 cm.

The product is scratch and corrosion resistant.

The inner diameter of the attachment. 40 mm, outer. 110 mm, weight about 100 gr.

The angle grinder can be set at different angles, the adjustment range is 2-3 cm.

Wood carving spindle for angle grinder

These are spherical nozzles with a head diameter of 40 mm in two sizes. 14 and 10 mm.

Overall nozzle length 10.8 cm. The head is covered with sharp teeth, which, when rotated quickly, allows you to cut smooth cavities in wooden workpieces, creating original spoons, bowls, sculptures, and more.

The bits are made of steel, they are strong and weighty (0,47 kg).

Circular saw blade for angle grinders

These discs are fast and smooth and are excellent for cutting, routing and sanding wood. Vector edge and tungsten carbide teeth allow high speed operation, prevent overheating of the discs and minimize kickback when cutting.

Here you can find discs with different diameters: 65 mm (bore diameter 16 mm), 100 mm (n.e 16 mm), 115 mm (n.Ø 22,23 mm), 125 mm (ow.e 23 mm).

In this article we will show you how to cut wood with an angle grinder

Originally designed for metal applications, the angle grinder has such a wide range of applications with different kinds of materials, even wood is no exception. It’s acceptable to use an angle grinder for woodwork, but you need to be extremely careful and be aware of the high risk of hazardous work. When sawing wood with an angle grinder, the surface will not be smooth as, for example, when using a circular saw, but these errors can be easily corrected, you can grind the surface.

It is necessary to cut wood very carefully with an angle grinder and with the appropriate disc, designed specifically for sawing wood, but they are not available on the market very often. Special disk for working with wood material has teeth, which increase the size of the cut. Do not cut wood more than 4 cm thick.

It is forbidden to work with circular saw blades, because the speed per minute is significantly different. Do not use discs with big teeth, because it is highly probable that they will catch on material and the disc will get jammed. The likelihood of pulling the tool out of your hands in this situation is instantly increased. If possible, set a lower number of revolutions.

The question is often asked: Can an angle grinder to saw wood with a disc for metal? Of course it is possible, but not recommended. The wood will simply begin to smoke, there will be an unpleasant smell. It is better to use specially designed discs for this purpose.

Sawing plywood with an angle grinder

To saw plywood angle grinder often use discs for wood. Because of the large accumulation of dust, you need to work in a well-ventilated room, so as not to breathe the burning smells. It is better to saw along a pre-marked line and pay attention before the end of the process to avoid jamming of the circular sawing area.

Cutting OSB with an angle grinder is safer and better with the right disc. The ideal disc would be so-called among people three-toothed woodblade, which is designed for high rpm. It’s a plus if the angle grinder has a speed regulator.

Sawing wood with an angle grinder

The most important thing is to follow the safety regulations and a properly labeled wood blade ensures that your work will be perfect. When we saw wood with an angle grinder, for safe sawing it is necessary to fix the angle grinder on the principle of a circular saw, so that the angle grinder does not bounce under your feet. Such work is very unsafe, so if there is an alternative that is replaced, namely, a jigsaw, the same hand tool, or a circular saw, it is better to apply them.

Tree trimming with an angle grinder also requires special care and it is worth remembering that small branches can be sawed off with the appropriate disc for aesthetic purposes, but thicker amounts of work are categorically forbidden on wood, especially on the weight.

Can a diamond blade be used to cut wood??

Diamond discs are mainly used for granite, tile and ceramic. For wood it is better to use discs with teeth. When cutting wood with a diamond wheel the material will smoke and the tool will heat up quickly, which will take time to cool down. Therefore it is best to use discs for specific materials.

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How to make with your own hands

Independently make a cutting circle on an angle grinder from paper is much easier than it may seem at first glance. To make it, the following materials will be required:

  • sheets of plain A4 paper (the thicker the paper used, the stronger the product will be);
  • a pencil;
  • ruler;
  • compass;
  • office glue.

The simplest way of manufacture of such consumables involves the use of an ordinary cut-off wheel as a sample for the angle grinder, which should be put on a sheet of A4 and outline the contours with a simple pencil. In this case, it is used as a sketch.

Then, after the sketch is ready, it must be cut out with scissors. Several of these paper products should be glued together using office glue. At the same time when gluing it is necessary to ensure that there are no folds and irregularities.

If you do not have a factory-made cutting disc to use as a sketch, you can use an ordinary compass and ruler. First, you need to take several sheets of A4 paper, put them on top of each other and neatly align them. Then they must be cut into two equal parts. Using a ruler, draw diagonals on the obtained blanks.

The next step is to place the compasses on the intersection point of the diagonals and draw a circle using it. The compasses shall be set at the mark of 6.5 cm (this parameter depends on the size of the workpiece to be obtained). Then you must cut the circle drawn with the compass. The resulting blanks (3-4 pieces) are thus glued to each other with glue. During gluing, the sheet should be constantly smoothed out to prevent the formation of folds and irregularities.

After the adhesive has dried completely on the finished discs, a hole must be made in the center of the discs, which will connect them to the angle grinder. To do this in the center of the product, using the compass, is made and cut a small circle for a spindle M14.

Wood disc for angle grinder ZUBR 125 mm (ZUBR-125)

The company carries out return and exchange of this product in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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Return is possible within 14 days after receipt (for goods of proper quality).

Return shipments are subject to agreement.

Return of the goods in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights” in the following cases: If the goods are not in the list of goods not subject to exchange and return It was not used and kept in the form in which it was purchased Less than 14 days from the date of purchase of the goods Goods has a complete set of goods Replacement of goods is possible within 14 days after purchase. Money back within 1-2 days after return of the goods Return of the goods which has not come up to the expense of the buyer is possible within 30 days There is a cash or marketable receipt Return and replacement of the goods is discussed

Universal disk TRIZUB Multi cutter. a new tool from the domestic Ukrainian manufacturer. The disc is made of hard metal alloy 65G, this makes it incredibly strong and wear resistant. Brazing on the Ukraine 56 HRA carbide disc. In the process of manufacturing the disk cut out by laser from a plate of metal, due to what the product is perfectly balanced, in contrast to the extrusion press this method of manufacturing allows to prevent deformation of the disk.

High safety when working with the saw blade is achieved by a special rounded shape of the teeth, it is the only disk of this format, which can be used absolutely safely on the angle grinder (angle grinder). The disc is suitable for both domestic and professional use for industrial purposes, it can be used for cutting different types of wood, plywood, plasterboard, plexiglass, chipboard, fiberboard, parquet boards, or to use as a universal wood cutter. Has a good clean cut, low noise and no vibration. You must have an angle grinder (angle grinder) to work with the disc.

Features of using an angle grinder on wood

Sawing wood with a hand-held tool involves a number of peculiarities. Wood is an inhomogeneous natural material, its density is not evenly distributed. After a relatively loose area may unexpectedly start more dense, can be hidden in the thickness of the defects filled once, in the growth of the tree, the resin. There can be developed or underdeveloped knots, and sometimes even ingrown foreign objects (nails, wire, shot or even bullets that hit the wood while still in the wood, for example during hunting).

Thus, it can be almost impossible to unambiguously select the operating mode of a hand-held cutting tool. This can lead to jerks, the energy of which has to be dampened with the hands, in special cases the tool can even break loose. If the cutting tooth hits metal, it can be broken and ejected by the next tooth with sufficient velocity to cause serious injury.

Unlike circular saws (stationary or mobile) angle grinder has a greater number of revolutions on the pulley, it is necessary to perform its main function. grinding.

Masters adapting this tool for sawing wood, quite often removed the protective cover, which is categorically unacceptable, if we consider the abovementioned features of wood as a natural material with unpredictable variations of properties. If the need to use the angle grinder as a circular saw still arises, in order to ensure safety and get the best effect, you need to buy a special disc designed specifically for this tool.

Wood cutting disc for angle grinders: features

Such tips are made of tungsten carbide, a special material. This is explained by the following: when working with an angle grinder there is a possibility that it will break from hands, so the material of the wheel must have high strength characteristics. The use of tungsten carbide significantly increases operational safety, but the cost of such products is quite high.

Cutting discs for angle grinders are available in many varieties

discs of this type can have differently arranged teeth. The variety of types of products on this basis allows to choose the most suitable nozzle for a particular situation. Tooth shape and spacing are also very important. The most common wheel size for working with wood is 125 mm. In case you decided to pick the most universal option of cutting saw blade on wood for angle grinder 125 mm, then it is recommended to buy a product with beveled teeth.

Useful information! The straight-toothed circles are best suited for working with soft woods. Boards made of softwoods can also be processed with these types of nozzles.

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These products may have teeth, which in their form resemble a trapezoid. They have a wider working range and are used to cut medium-density boards. The following materials can be cut with such a wheel:

The most universal cut-off saw blade size is 125 mm

Wood saw blades for angle grinder of this type have some design features, which are caused by their purpose. For example, during operation the products easily overheat, so they have special slots, which can be empty or filled with copper. Such a measure compensates for the thermal expansion of the metal that occurs during high rotational speeds. The width of such grooves may vary, but should not exceed 2 mm. As for their depth, it does not exceed 20 mm.

What are the wood discs for angle grinder and how to use them correctly?

The angle grinder is one of the most popular tools for working on different surfaces, be it metal, stone or concrete. It is also called an angle grinder. Usually the angle grinder is used for processing metal or stone workpieces. But in some cases the angle grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

Cutting discs for angle grinders: the right choice for safe work

Almost all construction electric tools are multifunctional, and they owe this to special attachments, each of which has its own properties, technical characteristics, purpose. For example, numerous drill bits of drills, peorators, as well as different types of cutting-off wheels for angle grinders (angle grinder) or “angle grinder” as it is also called by users.

This name appeared in the seventies, when the first samples of such tools were produced in Bulgaria. Equipped with a powerful motor this machine naturally performs not only the grinding function, it cuts and processes hard materials metal and stone.

Among my readers, there are probably people who are preparing to buy an angle grinder, as well as those who have already purchased the tool and are trying to figure out the attachments. I want to help everyone at once, to simplify the task and tell about numerous cutting-off wheels, as the most popular attachments of this machine, which, quite possibly, you will have to buy additionally.

To do this, you need to find out what kind of work is done with an angle grinder, and the types of attachments used for them. than 70% of all work performed by the angle grinder is cutting work. It cuts, almost any material: from metal to wood, but, when choosing be sure to read the instructions, because there are models of tools and cutting discs that do not perform certain functions, such as cutting stone.

Cutting discs are divided into abrasive and diamond cutting discs. Abrasive cutting discs for metal and stone are used most often. How to find the right one for you?

When you pick up a cutting wheel, you will find quite a lot of information on its front side. First, you will see the specific specialization of circles, because they are designed not only for steel, but also other materials, including non-ferrous metals, as well as cast iron, stone, porcelain. There are also versatile options.

You will also find data on the maximum operating speed, the useful life of the cutting wheel, the dimensions, and the specification.

CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD?? (Tricks TipsCutting Wood With Grinders)

The label of the wheel specifies the outside diameter and the inside diameter (fit), which is often 22.2 millimeters. The outer diameter should be chosen according to the class of the angle grinder, for example: 115, 125, 150, 180 or 230 mm. Never fit a cutting wheel with a greater diameter than specified on the angle grinder, it could be dangerous.

The disc thickness has a big influence on the choice, because it determines how it can be used for the specific application. Standard thickness is 2.3 to 2.5 millimeters at 125 millimeters in diameter. Work carefully, quickly and easily enough with thin discs (11.2 mm), and the material heats up less. But thin discs wear down vigorously. To keep the abrasive from rubbing off, match the thickness of the disc to the thickness of metal being cut so that the cutting is more productive and lasts longer.

(thin Luga metal disc)

Be especially careful when working with thin discs. Although the abrasive material of metal cutting wheels is reinforced with reinforced mesh using special techniques, never remove the protective shield from the angle grinder, wear special clothing, do not forcefully press the wheel. Observing all standards, you can safely cut thin discs of sheet metal, pipes, profiles of different configurations, angles, fittings.

How to determine the shelf life of a cutting wheel?

Let’s look at what this inscription on the label means: V 04/ 2016. It is usually stamped on the metal ring around the seating hole. This designation indicates the quarter and year until which the disk can be used. The year is clear, and the quarter is indicated by its first month: V 01 (January) Q1, V 04 (April) Q2, and so on. Do not buy expired products for safety reasons, do not leave discs lying around at home idle, purchase them by the time you work.

Cutting wheel marking

About the specification and marking of cutting circles we can talk a long time, but some manufacturers have tried to describe everything in detail on their websites, giving information for certain types of circles. So, we’ll look at one example of how to decipher the four-digit code on the label.

The four-digit code “A 30 S BF” means: A electrocorundum (abrasive grit material). If there is a symbol AS, it is white electrocorundum, purified from chlorine, sulfur and iron, which is important for cutting stainless steel. Symbol C silicon carbide grit for stone cutting circles. 30 (sometimes 24) large grit for steel, 40 or 60 grit for non-ferrous metals.

The next digit, S in this case, indicates the hardness of the bond. The harder it is, the higher the serial number of the symbol in the alphabet. There is one important point: it is necessary to find the ideal ratio between the hardness of the bond and the strength of the metal being cut, because they have an inverse correlation.

During cutting, the blunt grains must fall off, crumbling, giving way to complete cutting particles of abrasive. But if the bond is too hard, the cutting wheel, as experts say, “gets greasy”, begins to cut poorly, overheats the workpiece. If the bond is too soft, however, the disc will wear out quickly.

And the last designation of the code BF is the bakelite abrasive grit bond material.

Cutting diamond and abrasive discs for angle grinders cope with such tasks as concrete, ceramic granite, stone, asphalt cutting and processing. It is well known that on the hardness scale diamond leads, so the ends of steel cutting discs for hard materials are coated with diamond dust mixed with metal particles.

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Diamond discs for different hardness of materials are sectional for slate, brick, tile, marble, and also non-sectional for granite, concrete, stone. When choosing them, decide what kind of material you are going to work with. Diamond disc thickness 1,3 2,2 mm.

Abrasive cutting discs are universal; they cut not only metal, but also stone. They are made by pressing several layers of fiberglass mesh with abrasive mass, followed by baking in a furnace. Without reinforced mesh cutting-off wheels also exist, but are not used for manual angle grinder. The wire mesh minimizes the risk of the disc breaking at high RPM.

Cutting-off wheels have high rotation speed, so the guarantee of safe operation is their high quality made by renowned manufacturers and obligatory certification. In our store you find products from well known companies: Hitachi, Luga, Bosch, ISMA, Makita and others.

Diamond discs cut denser materials, such as stone, and wear more slowly than abrasive discs, but the latter have their advantages. Abrasive wheels are self-sharpening, although at the expense of reducing the diameter, and do not require forced water cooling, they cool down naturally due to the large number of pores between the abrasive particles. Therefore, the temperature during operation of abrasive wheels does not exceed 70-80 o C. Among diamond discs there are models that are designed for dry cutting.

color coding has been introduced to help consumers make the right choice of cutting wheel. For abrasive wheels, green corresponds to concrete cutting, blue to metal. For diamond discs, green indicates granite, orange brick, yellow tile and alabaster, blue concrete and marble, gray tile and porcelain tile.

Consider these parameters when selecting a stone cutting wheel:

  • matching the size and type of abrasive grains to the hardness of the material;
  • correspondence of the rotation speeds of the wheel and the spindle of the angle grinder;
  • the permissible diameter of the cutting wheel for your angle grinder.

Such seemingly simple work as cutting stone is only possible by strictly observing safety rules:

  • securely clamp the cutting wheel to the machine spindle with the special key;
  • Always wear personal protective equipment and a respirator when working;
  • Guide the wheel precisely along the cutting line to avoid jamming and possible injury;
  • Do not remove the safety guard from the angle grinder;
  • Do not be in the plane of the disc’s rotation while cutting;
  • firmly fix the material to be cut, and hold the angle grinder with both hands.

The key to productive and safe work with cutting-off wheels is the right choice and observance of all rules. The construction season will soon be upon us, when the use of power tools, including bolt cutters, will increase. I hope that my tips will be helpful to you and help you get through this season with maximum productivity and excellent results.

Frequently asked questions on angle grinders

Angle grinder universal power tool for versatile tasks.

It is used for construction, structural dismantling and repair work. To unlock all the possibilities of the angle grinder, you need to know the rules of its application and safety precautions when working with power tools. This information you will learn from this article.

With an angle grinder can perform cutting, grinding and polishing of different materials: wood, steel, concrete, bricks, ceramic tiles.

Sometimes the angle grinder is used for atypical tasks: for example, sharpening drills and cutting glass. You have to use the right disc type for each material.

And in order to choose it correctly, you need to remember the following peculiarities:

  • Power of angle grinders and spindle speed, on which a disc is installed, are selected for a certain disc diameter. The smaller the diameter, the higher the maximum speed of the disc.
  • You need a disc of a certain type for each material. For example, metal is cut with an abrasive disc, concrete with a diamond.
  • To find out what materials a particular disk is compatible with, you need to read its marking.

There are the following types of discs for angle grinder:

  • cutters for cutting blanks made of different materials;
  • Saw blades for cutting wooden work;
  • Sanding discs for grinding wood, concrete, metal, etc.д;
  • clean the surfaces of rust or dirt.

Install the circular saw blade according to this procedure:

  • unplug the angle grinder from the power supply,
  • lock the shaft and disc by pressing the spindle lock button, unscrew the clamping nut and replace with a new disc,
  • Install the clamping nut and tighten it well with the wrench that comes with the angle grinder.

How to work with an angle grinder?

  • Prepare your work area thoroughly.
  • Wear special clothing and protective equipment: goggles and mask.
  • Carefully read the instructions for your machine before you start.
  • Fit the disc you need and secure it with the jam nut.
  • Make sure the saw blade is facing away from you.
  • Wear hearing protection: A dust mask and a dust protector with a nozzle for connection to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Before you cut into walls, be sure there is no risk of pushback by checking carefully for hidden utility lines or rebar.
  • Do not remove the blade guard, as this could result in injury.
  • Use discs with appropriate diameter. The maximum disc diameter is specified in the data sheet of the angle grinder.
  • Always hold the tool with both hands and do not work overhead.
  • Firmly secure the workpiece.

Rules for cutting metal with angle grinder. Use a disc with an appropriate diameter.

Be aware of disc speed and do not exceed recommended parameters. Do not forget to grind away at fine metal.

Concrete cutting rules. Only use a diamond wheel for cutting concrete.

There may be rebar inside the concrete be prepared for a possible blowback. Cut small cuts in concrete up to a depth of 1.5 cm.

Working with tiles, ceramics and tile. Cutting these materials generates a lot of dust, so wear personal protective equipment.

Tiles and ceramics split easily: to avoid this, moisten them thoroughly with water.

Rules for cutting wood with an angle grinder. angle grinders are not designed for wood. Such jobs can result in injuries.

We recommend using specialist tools for cutting wood: jigsaws or circular saws.

Rules for cutting plexiglass. A diamond wheel is recommended for working with this material.

To make everything go smoothly, cut plexiglass in two steps: first, make a contour cut and slightly deepen it.

And then break the plexiglass by moving it to the edge of the table.

What angle grinder to buy in the online store TM Worcraft?

For work in hard-to-reach places, it is better to buy a CAG-S20Li-125.

It has a battery that fits over 40 different power tools.

For more demanding tasks we recommend the network angle grinder WAG13-125V.

It has adjustable speed (in the range of 3000-10000 rpm) and a powerful 1300-watt motor.

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