Disc for removing paint on the angle grinder. Types of discs

An overview of grinding and sharpening wheels for angle grinders

It takes a lot of time and effort to remove paint from walls or metal surfaces, and to remove rust. That’s why you can’t do without power tools at times. As a device to facilitate the process, you can use an angle grinder (angle grinder) with special stripping attachments.

Old paint most often comes off the wall or metal. In each case, different types of attachments for angle grinder are used.

On metal surfaces

For roughing work on metal, whether it is to remove a layer of old paint or remove rust, craftsmen use wire brushes. They look like a brush made of twisted or un-twisted metal wire embedded in a metal cup or a disk of the same wire.

From the masters who used brushes for scraping work on metal, you can hear complaints that the small pieces of wire fly away from the nozzle and enter into the clothes.

The thickness and hardness of the brushes depend on the quality of the scraping work you want to do. Keep in mind that the metal wire used in brushes leaves scratches on the surface to be scraped. That is why it is better not to use them for paint stripping, for example, from the car body. They are only good for removing rust and paint from hard-to-reach places.

For gentle roughing it is better to use special discs made of silicone carbide fibers (XCS). they are usually black. The more wear-resistant Clean and Strip discs are also used for these applications. They come in blue and have a similar structure, but are composed of nylon threads.

This grinding wheel is available in 2 versions: for drills and angle grinders. Its distinctive feature from other types of nozzles for removing paint from metal is that it does not get clogged and does not cause damage to the metal in the form of scratches. They also successfully remove welding spatter, rust, various sealants and corrosion-resistant coatings.

Clean and Strip wheels have good abrasion resistance, and they can be used until completely worn out.

Often for paint removal from metal are used petal nozzles for the angle grinder. They are disk with sandpaper glued to its surface in the form of petals.

For roughing the surface use nozzles with coarse grit size. For finishing work, it is necessary to choose a roughing wheel with fine sandpaper. Although this sanding disc wears out quickly and gets clogged with paint remnants, it can be restored quite easily. How to do it, you can understand from this video.

First of all, to remove paint from the wall, masters try to use a brush with a thick twisted wire (discussed above). This method is quite effective, but a lot of dust is generated during roughing work. It is therefore necessary to use protective equipment (goggles, respirator). It is also recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle that completely hides the brush.

In addition to removing paint from walls, the angle grinder can also be used to remove a layer of old plaster, primer, or putty

Cup nozzles are also used to remove paint from concrete walls. Angle grinder should be held at such an angle that the paint layer is removed, but the tool does not go deep into the wall.

In addition to roughing work, this nozzle is also used for leveling surfaces, removing various lapping on the wall, for removing plaster, putty, etc.д.

Chain saw bracket

This removable tool will be useful in the conditions of a private home, cottage, small workshop. Its installation turns an ordinary “angle grinder” into an electric saw capable of slicing through dried wood or sawing through a thick beam. (Bar can be cut both across the wood fibers, and along).

The chain saw arm is easy to mount on the “angle grinder” and can be disconnected from it. The saw is designed for connection to grinding machines designed to work with discs 115mm and 125mm in diameter.

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The power of the chain saw depends on the power of the angle grinder to which it is connected.

Diamond cup for removing paint, coatings and smoothing walls and screeds.

The most effective and efficient technology of cleaning walls is : grinding angle grinder with diamond cups.

Let’s deal with the diamond cups.

Old paint layers can be removed along with underlying plaster or concrete. Diamond cups with coarse diamond grain of 1000/800 microns (20/30 grit) and soft bronze bonds are most effective at removing paint. Long-life cups that are specialized for large amounts of work are of little use for scraping walls, because they can be used to remove paint from walls. к. They have a low sanding speed. Consider: winning on the opportunity to handle a large area, you will lose on increasing the duration of sanding.

When you remove oil-based paint, it is not uncommon to have a hitch. Suddenly the cup stops grinding. Why? When grinding, the cup heats up and paint particles adhere to the heated surface of the segment, the surface of the segment becomes salted; the diamonds do not protrude over the surface. The tool is fidgeting on the surface and does not work. Such a problem can be solved in 3 minutes by subsequent sanding with an abrasive brick. It is not possible to sand bitumen mastic with ordinary cups at all

Good cups with metal-bonded segments for cleaning walls are made by many companies: Bosch, Hilti and others. The surface after treatment is flat and suitable for subsequent finishing.

New opportunities have opened up in the creation of diamond grinding cups with the appearance on the market of PDC diamond segments, which are sintered from fine diamonds together with a brazing substrate.

Grinding with ordinary metal diamond segments grinds the concrete into a fine dust. Processing the surface of concrete with PDC segments, is in cutting mode, when large particles of paint or concrete are continuously removed from the processed surface. The grinding process is consequently replaced by a less energy-intensive cutting process. Heating of the cup is reduced, the processing products do not stick to the diamonds and do not salt the cup.

If you take a cup with a diamond PDC sticking out 3-5 mm over the cup body, it is possible to remove a layer of plaster together with paint up to 2-4 mm at once. Processing speed and life expectancy of such cups are fantastic.

Diamond cup “BOBR” manufactured by NIBORIT

BOBR diamond cup is made of PCD synthetic diamonds (not a typo). These diamonds are made by sintering without a substrate and are cheaper.

Our proposal: PCD diamond cone-shaped segments with dimensions of 5 mm. Each diamond segment projects 2-3 mm above the cup’s surface in the form of a tooth. The greatest effect when working with these protruding segments can be obtained when removing coatings with thickness of 1-3 mm. Diamond cups BOBR produce diameters of 110, 125, 150 and 180 mm. The offered cups can peel off any paints: vinyl, epoxy, polyurethane, and of any thickness, even thick sports coatings.

Work with beaver cup can be on angle grinder power from 800W. Cups diameter 110 and 125 mm peel more than 80 m.sq. walls.

BOB 180 mm diameter, indispensable for floor finishing. Weight of the cup is only 350g. It is the lightest and most highly productive cup. Designed for areas up to 300 square meters.square.

The BOBR with diameter of 125 mm weighs only 175 g. Gyroscopic reaction does not twist your hands when tilting the angle grinder and does not accidentally chirp on an already coated surface.

The following features of the cup BOBR, which attract the performer of works on sanding walls, floors and ceilings:

  • High productivity;
  • low weight of the cup;
  • versatility: BOBR cuts equally easily many years of thick layers of oil-based paints; Venetian wallpaper with vinyl adhesives; remains of carpet with glue; bitumen mastic from concrete; rubber sports surfaces; and more: it is faster and easier to pull down a bump on 3 sacks of “Rothband” than to fill a hole of the same volume
  • price. the most affordable of the PCD diamond cups.

These advantages are due to the new patented LS technology.

Now imagine how easy it is to sand a ceiling with BOBR.

You will earn twice as much with a beaver in a day as with a good diamond cup.

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✨3. Angle grinder attachment for dust-free straight cutting

A special attachment on the angle grinder guarantees accurate parallel cutting (in relation to the plane) and allows you to quickly remove dust from the cutting area.

The attachment is compatible with grinders with a disc diameter of up to 125 mm, has reliable fixation elements and is made of quality materials, so it is not afraid of prolonged use in difficult conditions.

Clean with a chemical cleaner

The method involves the use of a variety of reagents that are sold at any specialized store. For removal of a thin layer of paint, the usual acetone is enough. It is powerless for thicker paints and a stronger solvent must be purchased. If a person is not sure about the composition of the product, it makes sense to ask for advice from a store consultant.

If the paint removal is carried out indoors, open all windows before treating the surface with chemicals.

  • It is necessary to cover all objects on which the solvent may come into contact.
  • Pour the solution into a paint container.
  • Moisten a brush with flush and squeeze gently.
  • Apply the reagent to the surface and wait about 30 minutes (the exact time should be specified in the instructions to the solvent).
  • Clean the object by scraping away the softened paint.

Repeat the procedure until no traces of the paint remain. If it is not possible to provide fresh air into the workroom, you should buy the reagents with the least aggressive composition. The method can not be called the most effective, as solvents can remove paint from wood up to six months old.

Angle grinder bits. Types and features. Applications

With the right use of an angle grinder, this device becomes a versatile tool that can handle any material. In this case, the main factor is to choose the right grinder attachments.

With a grinder you can perform many different operations, using different discs and mounts: peeling, sharpening, polishing, as well as perform other types of work where you can use the rotary movement of the tool.

Types of nozzles

When working with an angle grinder, many different attachments and nozzles are available. Let’s look at their main types, design and application features.

Wood grinder bits

The grinder can be used for sanding wood surfaces, cutting down trees. Special attachment types for certain applications are used for this purpose. Before you start working on a surface, it must be marked.

Discs remain on the surface after grinding. This is noticeable after coating the surface with varnish or paint. That is the peculiarity of the grinder’s work. Therefore, it is additionally necessary to go over the surface with sandpaper. Work on the wood with the sander need to be careful, do not apply great force, do not use thin circles, properly fasten them.

Features of using cutters:

  • Do not remove the protective cover while the cutter is in use.
  • Only use the cutter for the work specified in its instructions, at the recommended rotational speed and other instructions.

Cutting discs

These are the most common attachments and come in many types. With them you can process any material. The most popular ones are. Metal, stone, wood discs.

disc, removing, paint, angle
  • Metal cutting discs differ in diameter and thickness. In terms of diameter, you can find discs with a diameter of one hundred and fifteen in the trade network. Two hundred and thirty mm. The thickness of discs ranges from one to 3.2 mm, depending on the diameter. These dimensions also depend on the speed of rotation and the load applied to them.
  • Fireplace discs differ from other types only in the abrasive materials from which they are made. All other dimensions are identical.
  • Discs for wood. The use of such discs is very dangerous, if you work carelessly, you can get injured. These discs are essentially saws. Do not remove the protective hood from the grinder. It is better to use thin toothed saws for wood and do not use a high feed. The best way to use such a sanding pad for the grinder is to use special devices for the stationary fixation of the grinder.
  • Diamond disc is versatile because it can cut any material. Such mounts are very popular for cutting tiles, stone, concrete and granite. You can choose your own type of blade for each material. Some models have a slotted cutting edge, others. Solid, and they are also equipped with a fine or coarse diamond coating, depending on the purpose. For example, saw blades for cutting stone are solid, and for cutting with cross-cutting slits and coarse dust.
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READ Wood Circular Saw Blades

It is difficult to tell from its appearance what the disc is for, so when buying it, you should read the characteristics of the disc, indicated on the packaging.

Roughing disc is designed to remove wood bark and rough out the workpiece.

If you have some solid wood skills, you can make a choice with such a disc. When erecting a log cabin, the grinder with rough. A good alternative to the usual axe.

You can cut the board with a rough disc, but the width of the cut will be large and more sawdust will be formed.

Wall cleaning with a diamond cup

One of the most difficult and critical tasks in the dismantling. cleaning walls and ceilings. their preparation for finishing work. It is about cleaning the concrete substrate from plaster, putty, paint and the resulting “bumps.

First, the cleaning of walls from putty, paint was carried out by soaking the coating and removing by hand with a trowel. Besides loss of time, inefficient manual labor and blisters this method did not give anything more.

On YouTube there are videos where craftsmen show their work on manual cleaning surfaces from the old coatings. well, these videos are about inefficient labor.

Here is a video clip where you can see how the cleaning of walls from plaster and putty residue was done with a Bosch GBR 15 CA concrete sander and a Bosch Expert for Abrasive cup for 3500

The chisel cutter head on the angle grinder: recommendations for selection

To use such an attachment, it is necessary to have an angle grinder, which provides for the possibility of installing a second saw blade. And it is also necessary that it has an outlet for connecting a vacuum cleaner. When shredding, quite a large amount of construction debris is formed. To protect the master during work, the cover for the angle grinder is used.

Please note! Punching nozzles are not suitable for all grinders. The device must be powerful enough to provide the desired result. The minimum angle grinder in this case should not be less than 1500 watts.

Before buying discs, it is worth paying attention to the length of the shaft. This element must necessarily have a sufficient length, which is necessary for the installation of an additional wheel. The second disc is needed for shaping the opposite wall of the groove.

It is necessary to have an angle grinder in order to use a trencher attachment, which provides for the possibility of installing a second saw blade

The dimensions of the blade itself also play an important role. This is because the diameter of the wheel affects the depth of cut and performance. Safety is also an important point, which depends on the dimensions of the head on the angle grinder for shredding.

This design influences the nature of the load: it becomes more uneven. That’s why you need to know what type of bearings you have when choosing a tool. Conventional ball bearing components fail much faster. Specialists recommend using for grinding angle grinder with roller bearings. Needle-type products are also suitable for this kind of work.

During operation, the grinding discs must act in one direction. towards the master. Otherwise the tool will be repulsed from the working surface.

Before beginning work, attach vacuum cleaner to angle grinder. To it is fixed a tube, which is necessary for drainage of dust and larger particles. It is necessary to hold the tool firmly during work to prevent the discs from coming off.

Experts recommend using an angle grinder with roller bearings for grinding

Rating of the best grinding wheels for angle grinder for 2022

Lower price segment

Standard cup-shaped discs are for removing various coatings from hard surfaces. Diameter for mounting corresponds to the M14 nut. Grit size is fully adapted to the stated type of work and is coarse. Dimensions. 60x110x55 millimeters with a weight of 800 grams. Home of the brand in Slovenia. Recommended retail

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