DIY CHAMPION Grass Carburetor Carburetor. The failure of the adjustment lever

Washing the carburetor Motokosa

Many masters use benzocouses for a long time, and at the same time do not think about the need to adjust the carburetor of the tool. When it is necessary to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos or motorcycle? If you ask such a question, then changes in the work of the motor are probably not for the better. In order not to guess, and not to miss the moment of the need to configure the carburetor, you should adhere to the following recommendations on the need for adjusting measures:

  • After passing the Typically, the running-in lasts over the burning of 4-5 liters of fuel
  • Когда в бак заливается топливная смесь другого состава, то есть меняется тип масла (даже его цвет) и марка бензина
  • When changing weather conditions, however, this is relevant more for chainsaws, gas generators and motorcypts, which are operated not only in the summer, but also in winter
  • If the lawn mower was not used for a long time. The reason for the need to adjust may be a winter break
  • When fuel consumption increases
  • If black fog on the electrodes of the candle is detected
  • In the absence of gasoline from the cylinder or poor engine start
  • If a large amount of exhaust gases are detected
  • Unstable engine operation, as well as its difficult start and a “sluggish” set of revolutions

As you can see, there are enough reasons for adjusting the carburetor. Typically, masters who work for a long time for a long time, find changes in the operation of the motor, which promises the need to conduct an adjustment process. Even if they are not sure of the need for adjustment, then their extraordinary execution will definitely not be superfluous.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

The grid has only two problems with this element:

To determine the cause of the malfunction, unscrew the fuel filter lid to remove the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, the washing of gasoline or purging will help.

Be sure to install a new filter if there are any visible damage. There may also be damage to the fuel line (check this item during the repair).

The starter of the carburetor in most cases does not work due to blockages. For washing use acetone or the same gasoline.

grass, carburetor, failure, adjustment

Filling the parts of the carburetor clogged air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice. instructions for repairing carburetor motorcosa

Dismantling the carburetor

Visual inspection of the carburetor will help to identify the leakage of the fuel of the air mortgage, but the main reasons for the refusal of the device lie inside. Therefore, in order to determine and most importantly, correct the breakdown of the carburetor must be disassembled.

To disassemble the carburetor, Motokos is not necessary for a lot of effort.

It is enough to unscrew the four screws on one side

And two on the other. This can be done using a regular crossbreed. Unscurately unscrew the screws and put it to the side. They may be needed when assembling. It is advisable to cover the table with a white cloth before disassembling, so that everything is visible, even the smallest details that may fall out during disassembly.


We start disassembly from the fuel supply system.

We remove the primer. a bubble of swing, which is noteworthy, when assembling, installing parts of the carburetor is simply impossible. Products have characteristic castings and holes.


Now remove the membrane. It is she who performs the function of pumping fuel to the carburetor.

With the vibration of the membrane, the other side exerts the pressure of the rocker of the mechanism and the needle rises, which, in turn, opens the hole and the fuel supply occurs.


Remove the carburetor lid with the injection mechanism.


Next, another membrane has been installed. We carefully remove it.


Under the membrane there is another gasket. We also carefully remove it, in no case damage.


Then we move on to the dismantling of parts from the back of the carburetor. As, earlier, we unscrew two bolts. This is already an air supply system.

There is a valve here, which, when the gas is added, opens and increases the air flow into the engine.

After its removal, the bare case remains in the hands. The carburetor is disassembled.

Determination of malfunctions and their elimination

Now it is worth paying attention to the problems that happen when the carburetor is operating and the methods of eliminating them.

Problem 1: Zaror of holes, channels and nozzles with mud

The first thing that happens is the holes and nozzles in the fuel supply system clogged with dirt. Filters installed in the tank and directly in the carburetor do not help. They still miss small particles, which cause motorcycles to fail.


To do this, unscrew the bolt on the mechanism, holding it with a finger. The fact is, there is a spring and a careless action will lead to the fact that it will be lost.


How to make a purge. The most effective way is the use of an ultrasound bath.

It is filled either with a special liquid or gasoline, a carburetor is placed there and under the influence of ultrasound, the so.called cavitation effect, the channels are cleaned from pollution.

The second cleaning option compressed air.

You can use the compressor available on the farm and clean the carburetor channels. However, this method is effective if the pollution is not very large.

If there is no ultrasonic bath or compressor at hand, then cleaning can be carried out in the third way using a special cylinder for cleaning the carburetor. They are sold in almost all car stores and supermarkets. The price is low and equals about 2-3, there is enough such a cylinder for 4 or 5 purges.

Step 0

Now we need to blow the channels in the case and the carburetor lid. See photo.

Step 1

Another particle of dirt can get stuck under the needle. Cm. a photo. This will also lead to the refusal of motorcycles.

Important! When cleaning the carburetor, in no case should not be used with needles, pins or wires. Even the slightest scratch will withdraw the carburetor from the system. It will have to be changed in its entirety.

Problem 2: Flaw clogging of thin cleaning

It is located on the cover of the carburetor and is a small metal mesh. Its pollution occurs very often. This is due to the precipitation of oil, additives, mud on it.

Step 2

Sometimes when disassembling the nets, a certain film is found. This carburetor lacks fuel and the lawn mower is either not starting or working with interruptions. The treatment methods are identical to the first reason: ultrasonic bath, compressor or spray can with a special solution. In addition, if the net is clogged thoroughly, you need to take a soft brush for watercolor paints, get wet into gasoline and rinse it carefully without damaging it.

Cleaning a trimmer carburetor for grass: a detailed description of the process

All black cutters and trimmers for grass with a gasoline engine operating on gasoline have in their design such an important element as a carburetor. Outwardly, this is a small aluminum design, which is connected to the cylinder-piston group through the heat-resistant gasket. The detail plays a very important role, and in the event of a malfunction, the tool will work with interruptions or will not start at all. If the adjustment does not solve the situation, it is necessary to clean the carburetor of the trimmer for the grass. Each master can do this on his own, having at his disposal the necessary tools, materials and knowledge.

All lawn mowers and blacksmiths are equipped with two.stroke gasoline engines that cannot work without fuel mixture. It is worth noting right away that the trimmers use two.stroke gasoline engines that are of two types:

Honda Dio scooter repair / fuel lever / carburetor/ idle jet / karburátor / benzinmérő / fúvókák

  • Two.stroke classic. with their constructive features, as well as the principle of work, can be found here.
  • Modernized two-stroke engines are called 4-Mix. Their description, design and principle of action can be found in this material.

Normal carburetors are used on benzocoses, the device and principle of which are identical to chainsaws. The main difference between them is the presence of manual turning the pages, which is called a primer. If you are interested in detailing in detail the question of how the gas cutter carburetor works and works, we recommend reading this article.

Knowing the device and principle of operation of the mechanism, you can understand the problem of cleaning. However, to begin with, we will find out why it is to clean it and whether such actions will help to solve the problem with the brown cutter.

If you read an article about the device and the principle of operation of a gas carburetor, then you already know that one of the main elements is a rubber membrane. It is this detail that makes fuel enter the carburetor from the gas tank, that is, plays the role of a gasoline pump. In this small but very important mechanism, fuel is mixed with air (the necessary proportion is created) and is supplied to the cylinder for combustion.

Answering the question of why to clean the carburetor of the gas outlets, we remind of the quality of the fuel that is poured into the tank. First of all, it is a gasoline mixture containing small particles of sand and other polluting substances. The filter located inside the gas tank is responsible for capturing these particles. However, smaller particles still fall into the fuel and fall into the carburetor.

These small particles gradually accumulate in the channels, reducing fuel permeability. In addition, they clog valves and cause failure of the components of the carburetor.

it is interesting! The carburetor is made of aluminum alloy, therefore, over time, the development of such a process as oxidation of metal is observed. This also negatively affects the performance of the mechanism.

Most of the owners of gas tools do not keep them properly. After all, the most important condition for the correct storage is not to leave fuel in the tank for a long time. Why this cannot be done? Over time, the oil begins to deteriorate, and then, the next time the engine starts the engine, pure gasoline enters the internal combustion engine. The oil is located at the bottom of the tank, it flows into the carburetor and causes clogging of the channels.

it is interesting! It is important to understand that the design of the carburetor has a rubber membrane resistant to aggressive substances. However, it is impossible to allow it to dry, which can happen if all the fuel is spent in the tank, and the instrument is left in this state for a long time. The membrane will dry and stop working. With prolonged storage of gasoline bush, it is necessary to leave a little fuel in the tank.

Washing is necessary to unlock the channels and remove any pollution accumulated over many years of operation. If you follow the procedure and do it correctly, the productivity of the tool will improve. When clogging the carburetor, ICE performance is reduced, power loss, interruptions, difficulties in starting, etc.D. All this is decided by cleaning a small, but very important mechanism called a carburetor.

Air filter for a trimmer for grass: recommendations for choice from “Wellpart

Air filter for a trimmer for grass can be two types- one and reusable. Disposable devices are not cleaned, but immediately change. For example, all fuel filters in motorcycles are disposable, because it is impossible to completely clean a particle of dust from the filtering surface associated with the fuel.oil mixture.

The reusable air filters of the rubbing trimmer can be removed, disassembled and cleaned of the filtering surface from the dust accumulated in it. In this case, you should carefully follow the requirements of the operational instruction. Otherwise, there is a high probability of damage to the filter surface, and dust through damaged areas penetrates the carburetor, and then into the engine.

Reviews of the owners of motorcycle do not prefer some specific type of filter device. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In many ways, the choice of a specific type of filter device is a matter of habit.

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grass, carburetor, failure, adjustment

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Signs of the need to flush the carburetor of the lawn mower

The fact that the time has come to diagnose the mechanism on a gas station will be indicated by the corresponding factors. One of the main signs is interruptions in the operation of the tool. In this case, the carburetor should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it is fraught with the development of negative consequences. Other symptoms of malfunctions are the following signs:

  • It is impossible to start the engine.
  • They begin to swim.
  • The motor does not develop full power.
  • Response to press the gas button occurs with delay.
  • Fuel consumption increases.
  • When warming up the motor, failures occur.
  • An excessive amount of black smoke is released from the silencer.

However, in the event of the above signs, it should be made sure that the reason is really a malfunction of the carburetor. Exclude other types of breakdowns, and only after that proceed to clean and repair the product on the trimmer.

It is interesting! It is not recommended to disassemble the carburetor, and even more so if there is no experience in this matter. The mechanism consists of small details that may be damaged or lost at the time of dismantling.

In most cases, the above signs can be eliminated by adjusting the carburetor. Detailed instructions about this process are scheduled in this material. All devices on benzocos have adjusting screws with which idle speeds are configured, as well as a high and low speed range. The number and appearance of the mood screws depends on the tool model.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before starting work, you need to place the lawn mower on a flat stable surface. Remove the chain in the opposite direction. There are motorcycles with two and three adjusting screws. Two screws most often equip the tools produced in China. Consider the adjustment of the carburetor Motokos with three screws.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before proceeding with the adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, you need to rinse the air filter. Cleaning is carried out with water with a detergent or soap, and if necessary, a new. Often in the poor work of the carburetor, scibberries are guilty. In order to prevent the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every 10 hours of operation of the tool. Do not forget to check the condition of the candle, if there is a dozen, you need to clean it. Candles are consumables and have their own resource. To ensure good operation of the engine of the lawn mower, candles periodically need to be changed. Next, we evaluate how well the carburetor is fixed to the cylinder-piston group. After the preparatory manipulations are completed, you need to start the motor. Let the engine work for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to identify how many adjusting screws on your tool.

There are the following adjusting screws on the gasoline trimmer:

Fuel supply adjustment

At first you need to slowly tighten the screw adjustment screw for the fuel mixture. You need to do this until the engine starts to stall or stalls. Following this, if the engine did not stop working, you need to turn the screw for a quarter of turnover, and if it stalled, then by half the turnover. Next, you should have a stalled engine. Then you need to open the throttle and see how the speed is gaining. Turn the screw for a quarter of turnover again. You need to scroll until the engine begins to confidently gain increased speeds during cuffing. This is the right time when the engine works most economically. There are times when adjusting this screw does not give anything. Often the reason is in the factory spring that is located on this screw. This does not happen to all the tools. And if the spring turned out to be defective, then replacing it will not be difficult. A suitable spring can be purchased at any construction store.

Cooper adjustment

Following the adjustment of the fuel supply, we are accepting for the adjustment of the idle. To do this, you need to adjust the corresponding screw so that the engine works slightly accelerated at small speeds. But it is necessary to trace, for the immobility of the reel with fishing line and knives. Before the start of their movement, several revolutions should remain in stock. The movement of the coil and knives can subsequently lead to the rapid wear of the clutch. Having noticed that the engine starts poorly, you need to increase the number of revolutions at idle. With an increase in revolutions, the fuel mixture is saturated with air, which leads to power loss.

The main signs of the proper idle work:

  • Revolutions for a trimmer head;
  • Uninterrupted operation of the engine even when the position changes (sharp rise or descent of the knife);
  • Calm operation of the engine at a cold move;
  • Lack of increased speed of hot engine.

Maximum speed adjustment

Further, for the full tuning of the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to adjust the maximum speed. It will not be superfluous to look into the instrument operating manual and see the maximum speed value. This amount will help to determine the tachometer most accurately. If such a device was not at hand, we set up by ear. Barely determining the maximum speed of revolutions by ear, we begin adjustment. A screw for limiting maximum revolutions will help in this matter. Control the engine operation at maximum speed. If necessary, reduce speed, weaken the fixing nut and unscrew the screw. If the turnover is too large, then you will need to screw the screw. These actions must be done in order to protect the engine from overheating. Scroll the screw until the clear even operation of the engine is established.

After the work done, if everything is done correctly, the stable work of the tool is provided.

Understand this by the following signs:

In what cases is it required to set the carburetor?

The stable work of the carburetor motorcosa largely depends on its correct configuration.

The assembly adjustment is required in the following cases:

  • After the a new trimmer for the grass, when 4–5 full fuel tanks were spent during operation;
  • with a frequent replacement by the operator of the brand used to refuel gasoline;
  • as a result of a sharp change in the weather;
  • due to long-term storage of a trimmer for grass;
  • as a result of arbitrary twisting of the adjusting bolts, motorcycles caused by strong vibration of its motor;
  • due to a sharp increase in the number of fuel trimmer consumed.

It will also be required to adjust the carburetor of the motorcycles in those cases when the soot quickly appears on the light of the instrument, as well as with a sharp increase in the volume of exhaust gases thrown out by the trimmer.

The principle of operation of the carburetor of the lawn mower

The throttle dashes determines the amount of air for supply, and the engine power directly depends on this.

Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system (its membrane). Then passes through the fitting in the carburetor. Next, the liquid moves through the intake and exhaust valve of the pump. Filtered with a net. The needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

  • Air supply to the tube with an air septum (damper). The partition regulates the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the flow rate.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle with narrowing. The chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, and in the tube with narrowing is already low. Thanks to the pressure drop, fuel penetrates through the jetler.
  • Air flow acceleration contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its spray. As a result, the air-fuel mixture of the necessary proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture penetrates the engine cylinder through the fuel tube.
grass, carburetor, failure, adjustment

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating an optimal fuel mixture due to the correct air supply.

Principle of operation

The flow of air entering the tube with a throttle fabric intensifies or weakens depending on its position. From the fuel chamber, gasoline enters a special tube through a jetler. Float. a device that regulates the supply of fuel, its level determines the volume. Gasoline supplied through a jickler, under the influence of the pressure difference, is mixed with air. So it turns out a fuel mixture for engine operation.

note! The wrong fuel composition is due to a lack of gasoline or air. This means that you need to configure the throttle or the fusion position. The motor can stall due to the jet, but this is a more serious breakdown

The motor can stall due to the jet, but this is a more serious breakdown.

Adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower

How to adjust a carburetor on a gas tank

Before adjustment, it is necessary to carefully clean the filters according to the maintenance in the instructions.

Further configuration of the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands is performed by adjusting screws. There are three of them:

Right (l). adjustment of the fuel mixture for low revolutions.

You need to find the maximum speed at idle. To do this, they slowly turn the screw (l) to the right and left.

For adjustment, the screw is rotated by a quarter of turning must be counterclockwise.

Lower (t). is responsible for adjusting the engine at idle.

For proper adjustment of the idle, it is characteristic:

  • Sustainable operation of a cold engine;
  • non.high speed of the hot engine;
  • for a trimmer head, a large supply supply;
  • Sustainable engine operation when changing positions (sharp rise or descent of a knife).

Left (H). adjusting the mixture at high speeds. (The screw is set up last).

The overall adjustment of the maximum revolutions, engine power, temperature and gas consumption depends on the left screw (H).

Chips on the choice

In accordance with the current statistics, it is the gasoline models of mowers that are most in demand. This is largely due to their mobility and functionality. However, when choosing a specific model of technology, it is necessary to take into account a number of other parameters. In such situations, it will be useful to compare motorcycles with other types of trimmers.

Electric devices are connected to a household network with a voltage of 220 V. Such machines do not pollute the air due to the lack of exhaust gases. No less important points will be the minimum noise level and relatively small weight. At the same time, the processed area is significantly limited.

The battery models today are the least common trimmers for grass for grass. The electric engine of such mowers does not feed from the network, but from the battery, which provides maximum mobility. However, the operating time of the equipment is limited by the battery charge and is an average of 35-45 minutes. Another important point is the relatively high cost of battery models.

When choosing a specific model of a gasoline trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account its technical characteristics. So, low.power devices are equipped with coils with a fishing line. On more reserved and powerful models, knives and cutters can be used as cutting elements.

Another important factor is the operational conditions. Do not forget about the cost of mowers.

When it is necessary to adjust

Carburetor adjustment is necessary in the following cases:

  • The new engine was running out (4-5 liters of fuel mixture were used);
  • The composition of the fuel has changed (brand of oil and gasoline);
  • The weather changed (it became hot, cold);
  • Air vacuum has changed (concerns mountainous areas);
  • after long.term storage;
  • the load on the engine has increased (after changing the tool and t.D.);
  • Due to the vibration, the adjustment screws spontaneously unscrewed;
  • Fuel consumption has increased, the carburetor shimmers the fuel;
  • Flapse quickly appears on the electrodes of the candle (while the fuel mixture is prepared correctly);
  • The motor starts and immediately stalls or is poorly gaining momentum;
  • Gasoline does not enter the cylinder;
  • A large amount of exhaust gases.

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How to adjust a carburetor on a gas tank

Before adjustment, it is necessary to carefully clean the filters according to the maintenance in the instructions.

Further configuration of the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands is performed by adjusting screws. There are three of them:

Right (l). adjustment of the fuel mixture for low revolutions.

You need to find the maximum speed at idle. To do this, they slowly turn the screw (l) to the right and left.

For adjustment, the screw is rotated by a quarter of turning must be counterclockwise.

Lower (t). is responsible for adjusting the engine at idle.

For proper adjustment of the idle, it is characteristic:

  • Sustainable operation of a cold engine;
  • non.high speed of the hot engine;
  • for a trimmer head, a large supply supply;
  • Sustainable engine operation when changing positions (sharp rise or descent of a knife).

Left (H). adjusting the mixture at high speeds. (The screw is set up last).

The overall adjustment of the maximum revolutions, engine power, temperature and gas consumption depends on the left screw (H).

Setting a carburetor of a lawn mower with a last screw is performed as follows:

  • Open the throttle to the full, while issuing a full gas. Turn the screw clock until the speeds fall (in this case, they are oriented by ear).
  • Turn the screw as slowly against the clock until the non.uneven operation of the engine.
  • Then turn back very little, barely hearing a stable, even work.
  • For more visual use of skills, it is more convenient to consider the work of an experienced user:

It is interesting that from the point of view of the author of the video, the configuration (its correctness) is determined by the color of the candle, and not just by the speed and stability of the engine.

Correct tuning of the carburetor with your own hands in this case-combustion of the fuel mixture without a residue, the color of the candle should be light brown.

How to properly adjust

Before setting up the carburetor trimmer for the grass, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Rinse the engine;
  • replace or clean the spark plug;
  • change to a new one or clean the air filter (it is recommended to lay it out in warm, soap water, squeeze it out and let it dry well).

It is also necessary to install the cord of the right diameter in the trimmer coil or install knives-this is done so that in the process of configuration the engine has at least some load. After installing a cutting tool and starting a gasoline engine, let it warm up for 10 minutes.

If at the idle speed of the motor you noticed that the cutting tool rotates, then it is necessary to reduce engine speeds. This is done using the lower idle regulator, often marked with the letter “T”. The figure below shows the placement of regulators on the trimmer Husqvarna.

But, for example, on the STIHL trimmer, this screw may have a label “LA”.

So, turn the idle control regulator to the left, until the trimmer head is completely stopped.

To configure the carburetor, 3 regulators are used (screw).

  • The right regulator L tunes the level of enrichment of the combustible mixture at low speeds. It needs to be adjusted by the first. Get a maximum of turnover at idle. This is done using the regulator L, turning it to the left and right. After finding the point of maximum revolutions, return the regulator for half a turn to the left (against h. Arrows).
  • The lower regulator t (LA) is used to configure idle. Turning it to the left, the engine speed will begin to decline, and when the regulator is turned to the right, the revolutions will increase.
  • Left regulator h is responsible for enriching the combustible mixture at high speeds. The enrichment configuration completes the adjustment of the carburetor. Also, using this regulator, you can configure maximum speed, fuel consumption and engine power.

Important! If you allow the engine to operate at full speed for more than 10 seconds, then it may fail.

To exclude this trouble, adjustment will be required. With the working motor, give a full gas, then turn the “h” regulator to the right until a reduction in revolutions begins. After that, the “h” regulator must slowly scroll to the left until you hear the uneven operation of the engine. Then the regulator “h” should be rotated to the right until the moment of flat operation of the motor is heard.

After conducting the above actions, the setting of the carburetor can be considered completed. After proper adjustment, the engine must confidently gain momentum, a little four at a maximum of revolutions, and when working, an idle cutting tool should not turn. This manual is suitable for adjusting carburetors on the Huter, Patriot and others benzocos.

There are also carburetors without a screw that is responsible for enriching the combustible mixture at low speeds. That is, they have only 2 adjusting screws: a idle regulator and a quality fuel mixture regulator at high speeds. How to configure a carburetor of this type, you can find out from this video.

How to adjust the carburetor motorcosa with your own hands?

Before setting up the carburetor node, a certain algorithm of actions is performed:

  • The engine is washed;
  • The spark plug is replaced or cleaned;
  • Aerofilter is replaced or cleaned. It can be lowered into warm soap water, after the filter is completely dried;
  • A cord or knives are installed in the coil of the trimmer to increase the load on the power installation during configuration. The gasoline engine should work out at least ten minutes.

If the cutting headset continues to rotate at idle, it is worth reducing the number of revolutions of the power plant. The work of the screw T is adjusted, on some models it is marked LA. The idle regulator is removed counterclockwise until the cutting element is stopped.

Adjusting the carburetor of a trimmer for grass depends on three screws:

  • L is responsible for the level of pumping of the fuel mixture at low speeds. It is set first. You need to achieve a maximum revolution, unscrewing the screw to the desired point. After the regulator turns to a quarter of turning to the left;
  • T (la). sets up work on idle. When screwing the screw to the left, the engine speeds are reduced, to the right. increase;
  • H allows you to enrich fuel at maximum speed. High speeds, the efficiency of the consumed fuel and the power of the power plant’s power are configured with a screw.

We offer to familiarize yourself with how to choose the right septic tank

It is impossible for the motor to work at full speed for more than 10 seconds, since it may break.

Excludes the engine breakdown competent setting:

  • When the engine is running, you need to give full gas;
  • The screw N is twisted by the clockwise until the unit begins to reduce the momentum;
  • The regulator n is scrolling to the left to the stable functioning of the motor.

If you follow all the instructions, the carburetor for the lawn mower is considered configured: the engine works at the required speeds, a little four at increased speeds, the cutting elements do not rotate without load.

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