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When assembling a table for cutting with your own hands, you should follow the optimal balance between functionality, safety, time and means. This can be achieved by choosing details and materials with the desired parameters. It turns out to reduce costs by involving old details of other designs. furniture, frames of wooden houses and outbuildings.


The main requirements for the saw table are resistance to strong load, shock and vibration. The countertop should be smooth enough for movement, not bend under weight from 50 kg. Suitable options can be:

  • Metal (steel or duralumin) 3-5 mm thick. The advantages of metal countertops are high strength, almost unlimited service life, shortcomings. large weight, decent cost.
  • Laminated wood-bearing plate or moisture resistant plywood with a thickness of at least 2 cm. The cost of this option will be the most profitable, but the strength is noticeably reduced.
  • Textolite 15–20 mm thick. The material is more durable than the plywood, but inferior to the metal. At the cost of textolite countertops are also between metal and plywood sheets.

They are not recommended as a material for a countertop plastic, wood chipboard or OSP. The design made of this raw materials will be unstable to the vibration from the saw. You can make a table completely from natural wood. but too expensive.

Metal laminated wood-bruise


At the base of the table for sawing boards can be wooden bars fixed under the lid to increase hardness. Elements with a cross section of at least 5 x 5 cm are placed, retreating 50–90 mm from the edge of the countertop. For the sawing table, it is recommended to choose bars of hard wood. beech, horned, oak. The advantages of a tree are low cost, simple installation with self.tapping screws. Disadvantages. lower strength and service life, high probability of fire.

The upper part of the table frame for the sawing is often made with other materials from the same sheets that were chosen for the countertop. For the legs of a wooden structure, it is recommended to use the beam, fixing it with the help of metal corners. The pros and cons of wood supports are similar to the features made of the same material of the bed.

The basis of the table for cutting and cutting the boards can be metal. Stability increases when choosing metal corners or channels with sides of 25-50 mm. To save them, they are bought at the intake of scrap metal or replaced with specialized pipes. The details of the frame are connected by welding. The use of bolt compounds is not recommended due to the possibility of promoting under the influence of vibration. The reasons for choosing a metal bed are maximum strength, reliability, simple care. Cons. high cost, the need to use a welding machine.

Metal wooden beams plywood laminated woody plate

Features of the circular saw

Knowledge of these features is extremely important, you should take into account the regimes of the functioning of the saw, know the type of load and take all possible measures to strengthen the most important nodes. Only with this approach can you achieve a long and safe operation of a home.made machine.

What are the general features of woodworking mechanisms?

High speed of the teeth of the saw. This is how the quality of sawing is ensured. But large speeds of the saw disc are caused by serious injuries, during the manufacture of the machine, very much attention should be paid to safety precautions. All devices available on industrial specimens should not be installed must be installed that some of them are unnecessary, and you can upgrade the factory samples for the better. All safety regulations are written by the blood of injured people, do not repeat tragic errors.

This refers not to withstand significant static loads, although this is very important. The table can easily perceive great efforts of this type, but at the same time vibrate from exposure to even relatively small dynamic multidirectional loads. This condition does not have a negative impact on safety precautions, but noticeably worsens the quality of the saw

Traces of teeth are noticeable on the surface of lumber, it is difficult to withstand the specified linear dimensions, etc. D.

Fire safety. Absolutely all electrical appliances, engines, starters and other special reinforcement must be mounted in strict accordance with the requirements of the PUE. You need to know that dry sawdust not only burn perfectly, but with a certain concentration in the air form an explosive mixture. By the way, burning sawdust is difficult to extinguish, they swim on water and continue to burn.

No need to make the easiest machine due to safety devices, strictly follow the recommendations of designers. Decide what you need, woodworking machine or fresh problems?

table, materials

Description of the manufactured product

The end table is a horizontal base, on the surface of which the cutting element is placed and fixed. This design is usually made of a metal profile, durable plastic and strong wooden boards. Together, these materials provide a strong, stable position for the cutting element and the convenience of using a saw, especially when processing long materials.

Based on the length of the pipes or boards that you plan to cut, the table must be made a certain size. Therefore, for a comfortable saw, such a tool is often made sliding, however, you can dwell on a permanent model.

The table can be stationary or, when installing additional wheels, portable, but in any case, the surface should stand tightly on the floor and not move during the processing of products.

table, materials

Preparation for the manufacture of a table

All kinds of types of such tables can be found in construction stores, from the cheapest to large professional, however, there are situations when it is not possible to purchase this product. It is in such cases that a homemade workbench should be made for such a tool.

First of all, in the process of manufacturing the table, you need to take into account several important points:

  • the choice of convenient free space for installing the table;
  • mandatory installation of mounting for inpatient placement of the tool;
  • the size of the processed materials for their successful placement;
  • Type and dimensions of the end saw itself, which will be installed on the table.

The next step will be the analysis and execution of the above points, since the successful manufacture of the table directly depends on this. After studying the instructions for assembling the table, preparing drawings, as well as the necessary building materials, you can safely begin the main part of the whole work.

Which disk circular to choose for installation

Long cuts, for example, when dissolving the boards on a beam or cutting of a review, require prolonged work under a significant load. Only high.quality circular can serve in this mode for a long time.

The same thing and when working in stationary mode. When the circular is turned upside down and fixed in the table, it turns on and works for a long time. At the same time, graphite brushes are actively wears out, the contacts of the rotor, the gear of the gear ratio are erased.

Attention! To work in a stationary mode, you should choose a tool of proven brands, semi- or professional class.

Optimal power. from 1.2 kW to 2.2 kW. There are large models up to 5.5 kW. But they are expensive and consume a lot of energy, their power can be excessive.

What will be required and what price will cost the manufacture

A marginal instrument will be required: a carpentry corner, roulette, level, possibly a caliper.

The tool for cutting the workpieces in size can be different. For metal: a monkey with a detachment circle or a hand saw for metal, gas cutter or electric welding. For soft materials: manual hacksaw or ray saw, circular, electrician, saber’s saw.

The assembly and fastening will require a screwdriver or a drill with speed adjustment, a hand.handed screwdriver, screws on soft materials, bolts and nuts, keys for them, a drill and a drill of suitable diameter.

It is impossible to name the price of manufacture. If the master already has material and fasteners and he does everything himself, manufacturing can not cost anything in money. Only time and work. If you have to buy the material, the amount depends on which material, how much, at what price, whether you have to pay, for example, a welder or not.

Therefore, the price of manufacture can be from 0.0 to 3-7 thousand and even 20 thousand. and more, if a complex machine with slopes, screw adjustments, etc.D.

Installation of a circular saw in a homemade table

After the manufacture of the main case, the electric engine is installed in a homemade table.

  • At the stages of manufacturing the design of the table in the countertop, all the necessary holes were cut off.
  • During the installation of a stationary saw, it is necessary to perfectly adjust the tilt of the tool, otherwise the drill of wooden parts will be low.quality. First of all, it is necessary to install the tool on the finished countertop in all grooves and determine whether to change the slope. If the angle does not correspond to the desired, then it will have to be adjusted with the help of special bolts, this is the easiest option. Or you can cut out special cubes that will be attached to the countertop, and already on top of them, an electric saw will be attached at the right angle.
  • If the tool is installed on the spot correctly, all the holes converge, you need to put and attach the sole to the table with bolts and tighten them from the inside with the help of nuts with spring washers.
  • After the manual disk saw is installed, you need to take a bar a little more than those by which the angle of inclination took place, and fix it on the countertop in the place where the saw platform was marked.

This bar is needed so that after dismantling the circular saw from the table, you can integrate it exactly in the same place, without using any additional segments.


Since the circular saw is an electrical device, it is better to work with it to a specialist who understands electricity. The transfer of the switch to another place is also better to entrust to the specialist.

The desktop will serve you for a long time if you observe simple rules of operation.

  • Even varnish varnish must be protected from moisture.
  • Periodically clean the table from dust and dirt.
  • Work more carefully with various chemical liquids, they can negatively affect the varnish coating.
  • Evenly distribute the load on the countertop, do not overload it by installing equipment on only one side. Remember that both a static load and dynamic work on the countertop during operation. If the load is unevenly distributed, then the shield may simply not withstand it.
  • Periodically pull up the bolts at the base, avoiding shaving the base, otherwise it will negatively affect the quality of the product.
  • Do not forget about the backlight. We offer to consider as an additional lighting source of fluorescent lamps or LED tape.
  • When installing the workbench, think well where the electric tool will connect. If possible, it is better to install the right number of sockets on the apron.
  • In the room, place the table perpendicular to the lighting source, so that the light falls on the leading hand (left.handed. right, and right.handedness, respectively, on the left).
  • Do not place the workbench by the window. Locksmith work usually takes quite a lot of time, and in one way or another natural ventilation is one way or another, respectively, the risk of colds increases.
  • The vice should also be placed under the leading hand.
  • To maintain your own health during many hours of work, use a chair whose height is equal to the distance from your foot for the corner of the popliteal excavation. The knee is bent at an angle of 45º. We also recommend using the angular foothouse for about 40×40 cm in size.
  • Try to maintain the air temperature in the workshop no more than 20ºC. At a higher temperature, the wood will begin to cite, and with a low, the ability of a tree to absorb moisture increases and swell.

Self.manufacturing a carpentry is a matter of, but fascinating, because it is necessary to take into account not only your needs, but also the ergonomics of the entire working space. Do not try to make a monumental table immediately, remember that there is always an opportunity to allow inaccuracy. In addition, over time, you will have to change the countertop, and then you can modernize your workplace taking into account past errors. The family budget is also significantly saved.

Stages of manufacture

Before assembling a machine for cutting boards, logs and blanks, all the necessary materials and tools should be prepared. For work you will need:

Fastening will be performed by self.tapping screws using an electric screwdriver. All the necessary details are sawn with an electrician. A saw with a disk of suitable diameter is also being prepared.

  • Sawing all parts into parts with the desired dimensions.
  • Marking areas of fastening saws and legs on the countertop.
  • Making a case, which is usually a drawer of a rectangular shape without a lid and bottom.
  • Installation of countertops.
  • Cutting holes, which should be 5-10 mm longer and 4-6 mm wider than the disk.

If you saw the material at a certain angle, then the resulting slot should resemble the trapezoid (inverted) in the form. A conventional hole is made for even sawing. Before cutting the groove, you should attach a saw and adjust the marks.

Sawing all parts into parts with the desired dimensions

Marking areas of fastening saws and legs on the countertop

Installation of a countertop and cutting holes

How to install a saw correctly

The next stage is the correct installation of the saw on the upper surface of the saw table. For this, the executor of the work must perform the following actions:

  • Install the tool so that its working part enters a pre.prepared groove.
  • Mast the places for M8 bolts with a secret head (they will be mounted by a sawing disk).
  • Drill the plywood from above to make the same holes with a diameter of about 8 mm.
  • Make a zenkovka to drown the hats of bolts.
  • Gently install a metal sawing disk and thoroughly tighten the bolts from below using nuts with spring washers.

Work on the manufacture of a machine requires great concentration and concentration of attention. The slightest mistake can lead to the fact that you have to start all over again.

After fixing the structure on the table, you need to install the unit to turn on and off the engine saw motor. A hole is cut in the case, the switch is attached with bolts and universal glue. Two separate cables should go from the block. One. to the instrument, the second. to the nearest electric outlet.

With independent assembly of such an unit, it is worth considering the performance of the motor, as well as the maximum power of the electric motor. In this case, experts advise to opt for an engine, the power of which does not exceed 1000–1200 watts, otherwise the operation may be unsafe. And a more powerful saw implies a more difficult and stable table.

Install the tool so that its working part enters a pre.prepared groove

Mark places for m8 bolts with a secret head

Install a metal sawing disk and thoroughly tighten the bolts from below

Install the block to turn on and off the disco engine motor

Production process: instructions

Countertop for a circular saw in the finished form

To make a high.quality structure, you must observe some tips. The process consists of several steps presented in the table.

Steps Description
one A bar on all sides should be trimmed with a rubbish. Then the frame of the future table is collected from it. In each of the sides of the countertop, you need to drill several holes of 5 mm. Additionally, one is performed for the legs of the product.
2 Several holes of a similar diameter are performed in the tsars. The legs are performed one at one The diameter remains the same, 5 mm.
3 Start installing dugs in the countertop. Before that, they are covered with carpentry glue. Legs and tsars are placed on top. In the presence of clamps with ties, the product should be fixed using them. Когда клей полностью просохнет нужно скрепить царги и ножки, используя специальные крепежи из металла. Additionally should be pulled with self.tapping screws. You can add the construction of reliability and strength using the corners. They will become an element of additional mounting, give the product stability. For the short side, 2 pieces are enough, and 3 are suitable for long.
four The next step involves fixing the saw on the product from the inside. There are several methods to carry out the task. For fixing, M4 bolts or bars with self.tapping screws are suitable. The first case is speed and reliability. The second method does not imply additional holes, which eliminates the need to drill. I need to do it in bars, the width of which is equal to the dimensions of the saw site. Further, screws and bars on both sides fasten equipment and countertop
5 After installing the saw, you will need more a larger bar. It, using self.tapping screws, is fixed on the basis of the design. Screwing is carried out on the marks made when setting the platform in an even position. These manipulations will help, taking off the saw, to return it usually quickly without searching for segments
6 The saw disk is installed in the place. The base is sprinkled to obtain a longitudinal hole. Then the product needs to be turned over
7 Then the manufacture of parallel stops begins. Two strips are sawn away from plywood. Their length should coincide with the width of the table. On average, these dimensions are 10 cm. The corners should be twisted
eight The resulting stripes are polished. They need to be tucked at an angle with self.tapping screws. Inside the metal corner should be screwed
9 If you need to fix the emphasis on the basis and the structure will be used often, the guide should be attached so that it is perpendicular to the disk. Attach the video on the bottom. This will allow him to move.

The design is made and ready to use. When performing the described manipulations, it is important to remember the observance of safety measures. Applies and any manipulations with a disc saw.

Regularly check the position of the table and its fortress. The design should be stable, without loosening.

An example of a manufactured desktop for a circular saw

A table for a manual circular saw with a lifting mechanism

First make sure the saw relieved to fix it, only then turn it on. You can’t keep the material with your hands. This will help to avoid wood in the face when the knots begin to bounce. Additionally, it is recommended to use special protective glasses when working.

For safety, be sure to use goggles

These simple tips will help to avoid injuries at the workplace.

In the kitchen, not only cooks food, but also arrange family dinners, receptions of guests. Therefore, the dining table for the kitchen must be chosen wisely: the general style of the entire room depends on this. “Wrong” furniture.

Even if the production of furniture is far from your sphere, to make a summer table with your own hands to gather with family and friends with warm summer evenings is a completely feasible task. Its main advantage.

table, materials

The benefits of massage have been known since ancient times. It is used for healing and relaxing the body. For a qualitatively made massage, you must use a special device. If you are young.

table, materials

To correctly choose the size, it is enough to have an idea of ​​the standards of kitchen furniture, which are adhere to manufacturers. The calculation is as follows: one person takes a comfortable.

Everything that is done independently is always interesting and pleasant. In addition, “homemade” give the opportunity to fly fantasy and the realization of the most daring ideas. Especially a lot of spaciousness for creativity for those who. instructions for assembling a table for a circular saw

First of all, you need to choose the size for the future design. Focus on the dimensions of wooden blanks, which are then planned to be treated with a saw.

For small details, a wide table is not required. It is also important to imagine where the design will stand.

You can use a drawing from the Internet or make a sketch on your own with sizes.

Step two. choice of material. It is allowed to use existing on the farm. If there are no stocks, then you need to raid the construction market.

Next, all the blanks are cut along the length and assembled. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The frame is created.
  • The disk is mounted and fixed.
  • The place on the countertop is pretended and marked, where it will drink under the tool.
  • Work is carried out on its device.
  • The working surface is installed and fixed.

Few people know this secret of the copper pipe! Great DIY idea!

With high strength and significant thickness of the material surface, it is appropriate to fasten the saw platform directly to it.

In this situation, the equipment is first mounted on the hand table, and only then the finished block is installed on the frame. However, a more reliable solution is to organize separate supporting corners and strong bars for the tool.

It is impractical to describe in more detail the process of creating a table for the circular, since the installation device can be any.

Frequent errors

So that the beginners succeed, it is useful for them to study the list of most commonly made errors compiled by experienced craftsmen:

  • The choice of fragile material and low.quality fasteners, the organization of insufficient amount of transverse connections. Over time, the construction will lose stability.
  • Application of the material of an inappropriate brand for a working countertop. The probability of deformation will increase.
  • Fixing the saw is weak or to a weak basis. During use, the tool may fall out or change the installation angle.
  • Lack of free chips emission. After a certain period of time, the space clogs, the motor begins to overheat.
  • The hardness of the place to collect sawdust. This makes life difficult to the master.
  • Inaccuracy or insufficient size cut under the disk in the countertop. The result is the impossibility of tilting the saw for sawing at an angle, friction of equipment on the edge.
  • Inconvenience of access to the control button.

A table for a circular saw is necessary for everyone who is dealing with wood processing. You can not buy it, but make it with your own hands from improvised materials.

This will cost cheaper and allow you to organize the workspace as conveniently as possible.

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