Do stanley batteries fit the DeWALT

STANLEY STSJ6501-A9, aka DeWALT DW349, or just a jigsaw

I have already written about the tool company Stanley in the review of the electric drill, in fact, because everything is fine with it and it more than satisfies me, I decided to buy a jigsaw to help with the already available. So during the review I will occasionally compare it to mine, and at the end I will take both apart and compare not only the outside but also the inside.

Although I am not a person who makes money repairing apartments, but I still have to use it a lot, mostly on wood, but sometimes laminate / chipboard. Now I’m switching over to an oscillatory saw, but it’s hard and pointless to cut large volumes with it.

And so, came a jigsaw in a cardboard box, and although I knew that the plastic box will not be, but still a little upset, because my old also is stored in its native cardboard box, which after 8 years, visibly frayed.

stanley, batteries, dewalt

On the back is a classic advertisement and technical specifications.

I have a lot of tools, but about half also lies without the box, why the manufacturer does not complete their products convenient packaging, and not just the one that has stood the road to the buyer.Looks neat but this storage option is only suitable for neat home use.

The kit includes:1. Jigsaw2. Jigsaw3. Manual and warranty4. Adapter for euro outlet (comes with the store)

The set is minimal, very little ruler and adapter to connect to a vacuum cleaner, but about this later.

The paper was given a lot, but all in plain Chinese, and I do not see much point in them.

The instructions are in English. Too bad it’s not in Russian, but thanks to that.Again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s better to have one.

The adapter and the wood saw. Saw blade for the quick and rough cut, I use it very rarely, I have to work carefully most of the time. Although if you need to quickly cut something, and the quality of the cut is not of great importance, it’s okay, I think that’s normal.And the adapter, I would not recommend using, in my opinion it is not safe.

The old jigsaw also had saws in the kit, but not only that they have a somewhat strange shape of the shank and one of the saws is also bent, so they also have not fit him 🙂

And here is the culprit of the review. The color is classic as always for Stanley and DeWALT tools.

The declared power of 650 watts, the number of strokes without load 800-3200, the value of stroke. 20mm.The first drawback I found, the plug with flat pins, adapters do not use, only change.

The protective “tail” of the cable is quite long, the cable itself is soft, no questions.

The handle is rubberized on the top, bottom and front. It feels great in the hand, but you have to try hard to make it bad, although when I chose my first jigsaw, I had some uncomfortable variants.

In the handle is set quite a wide button with a mechanism for fixing it in the pressed position. I personally got used to just hold the button depressed, but maybe someone will find it useful.I would note not very convenient button, despite the fact that the tone is quite soft (this is convenient), to turn it on should sink quite deeply, so when a slight decrease in pressure the jigsaw turns off, with the old jigsaw such effect was noticeably less. Maybe it takes some getting used to, or it’s done for safety’s sake, but in my opinion it’s not really convenient.

In jigsaws use buttons without adjustment, and the regulator turns (or more precisely. of power) is located at the top. Adjustment is smooth, “virtually” divided into 7 speeds.

The soleplate has an additional plastic overlay that improves slip and reduces the damage to the work surface, that’s a plus.

On the side there is a memo on how to fix it.

To remove the overlay you have to move it forward, which is logical, because if it was removed by moving it backwards, it would come off during the sawing process 🙂

If you work on surfaces which are not critical damages, it’s better to remove the overlay, because it doesn’t need unnecessary wear and tear.The sole is flat, there are no protruding parts.

There are wire arcs in the front, but I do not understand their purpose.And here is the place for installation of the ruler, but the ruler and the screws for its fixation are absent. Perhaps this is the first thing that really upset me, the old ruler also did not have one, and it is much more convenient to use with it since it is used as a guide.Clamping a piece of iron, for this the manufacturer is probably a minus.

Unlike my old jigsaw, this one has a screwless system for securing the jigsaw. At the front you can see the black “pawl”, to install the saw press it up, insert the saw, release. I seldom use the frequently changing saws in my work, but I tried it and found it very convenient.

On the left side is the “pendulum” mode switch, i.e.е. The saw’s forward/backward swing during operation. As at the majority of jigsaws (including at my old one) there are three steps of regulation. This mode increases the cutting speed, but can degrade the quality of the cut. I’m used to working without it, but I used the pendulum when I cut OSB for the floor, as it was important to saw quickly, the quality of cut was not important.

the choice of the angle of the soleplate in relation to the saw, here also no additional tool is necessary, we take away the presser foot located on the side, to the side and turn the soleplate.

Tilt angle up to 45 degrees on either side.

Tilt angle is fixed. 0/15/30/45 degrees. For more precise fixation there is a mechanism with ledges. In theory it should be locked “automatically”, but in fact there is a small gap of about 1-2 degrees. Although not exact, there is a backlash until the mechanism is clamped, but before clamping the backlash is present and after locking the sole plate remains in the position in which it was before locking. Т.е. you set it to 1 degree and it grips in that position. Not very convenient, although my old jigsaw had a “stepless” adjustment and had to expose with an angle piece.

I almost forgot, there is a working area light, turned on simultaneously with the motor, no “afterglow”, but it’s a pity. In the short period that I use Milwaukee tool, I got used to the fact that the light turns off with a delay, it is really comfortable.By the way, the brightness of the backlight is not very high, but it shines “where it should”.

The tool weighs about 2470 grams without cable and 2625 grams with cable.

The new jigsaw found a job right away, the kind of work that the old jigsaw does not give very well because of the backlash that appeared. I should have trimmed the length of a couple of trims. After even this small test (but then there were others), I can say that:1. The new one is quieter and a little softer.2. Less vibration than the old one.3. On the “long distance” is good, the saw doesn’t wiggle.4. The button is not very handy, from time to time I loosened the hand and the jigsaw would turn off, but here it was the habit of the old.5. There is no way to connect a vacuum cleaner, but because I was cutting in an apartment, it is very relevant.6. The work of the backlight noticed by accident 🙂

While testing, I was sawing a board that I had tormented with screwdrivers before, but in this case the casing is MDF, t.е. quite soft.But in any case, the cut is clean, the front part was taped with one layer of masking tape, I cut from the back side.

When cutting, I had to undercut at an angle and I noticed that in the extreme positions of the blade the saw almost touches the plate. The trim itself was no problem, but I think the saw would start to scratch the overlay if it shifted sideways.

Now it was my turn to see what’s inside but first I will show you the jigsaw with which I compared the saw in use and with which I will compare the “stuffing”.

The new jigsaw is a little more compact, although they fit about the same in the hand.

But the specs are different. The power of the old jigsaw is 810 Watt versus 650 Watt of the new jigsaw and versus 500 Watt of the DeWALT DW349. I purposely took a tool weaker than the old one because I did not use it to its full capacity anyway, so why have a powerful and heavier tool if it is superfluous for my needs.The stroke frequency of the old vs. 3200 for the new is pretty much the same. But the old one has a big advantage in the form of a possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner.

But the new one does not have this function, although the old one was so useful to me that I used it at most five times. Even the batteries are the same as the ones I put in 8 years ago.The old jigsaw has a laser ruler, but it usually saws as it pleases, not as the ruler is pointed 🙂

To disassemble the case I had to use not only a screwdriver but also a small adjustable wrench, because the self tapping screws were too tight and I don’t have a big screwdriver at home. Or rather there is a screwdriver, but it did not fit in the holes for screws.

I don’t have much grease, maybe it’s normal but it seemed to me that there should be more.

Collector assembly and rear bearing, neat. The manifold is pretty deep, but the stripes on the lamellae are a bit suspicious.Yes, I forgot, the photo of the insides after the tests.

The cable is fixed with an iron clamp, and a terminal block is used for connection, which is not quite familiar. I would even say that it is not quite right in this case, because of the vibration may gradually break the contact.2. The triac of the power regulator is mounted on a small heat sink.3. On button, the claimed current of 6 Amps.4. Node of the power controller and power supply of the backlight. First of all I would like to improve the backlight and its power supply.

The backlight, of course, how can such a small LED illuminate something normally.No, it certainly lights up, but in my personal opinion it is not enough power, although before that I used a jigsaw for 8 years without any light at all, but you get used to a good thing very quickly and want more.

But the almost total protection of the armature winding is a big plus, especially in rough operation, I will show you later how it is implemented in my old jigsaw.

the gearbox with a rather massive counterweight (I think that’s how it is called).

When working, the counterweight (above photo) moves in the opposite direction from the tool drive, two pics in extreme positions. This is needed to reduce the vibration, ideally to zero, but in real life it’s almost impossible.

Dynamically it looks like on this picture, but it has the swivel mechanism, but I think it’s even better.

Locking knot of the soleplate swivel mechanism. In the case of this unit there is a hole to install the adapter for connecting to a vacuum cleaner, but the adapter itself is not included 🙁

Accidentally on the Internet I came across a spare parts site where there are parts and internal mechanism with all parts listed.

And now let’s take a look and compare the inside with my old jigsaw.In fact, I opened it some time ago when I was cleaning the wood dust, but still for some reason I expected worse.

The grease is almost gone, probably have to do a full flush of everything and grease.

General view, the first thing I can say is. The engine is noticeably bigger. And the dust that got in almost everywhere.

Collector junction seems to be no worse than Stanley’s, even throttles are present near each brush.

The speed controller and the trigger are about the same as Stanley’s, the knob has a slightly different knob to hold it in place, but as I wrote above, I don’t use it.

I can’t say that I have worked too hard (by my standards), but I have quite a lot of dust.

In my personal opinion, the mechanism looks a bit simpler than Stanley’s.

But the general principle is completely identical, the mechanism of the tool drive and counterweight move in opposite directions.

Laser transmitter with button. The design is very simple, the manufacturer did not even bother with the mains power, the current consumption of the laser is not very high, enough and batteries, but as for me, the backlight is more useful than this laser ruler.

But armature protection is standard, t.е. just a wire in lacquer isolation, in this aspect Stanley is much better thought out.

Comparative photo of both jigsaws disassembled.It is clear that it is not correct to compare the new and the “used” tools, but you can see in the photo more “modest” mechanism of the old tool and less sizeable motor of the new one.The power of original DeWALT DW349 is declared as 500 Watt, here. 650, its hard to say how it is in reality, I have nothing more to compare it with.

When I was preparing my review, I happened to come across two tool catalogs, one from DeWALT about power tools and the other from Stanley about hand tools.Stanley company was founded in 1843 and is one of the oldest companies, it was engaged mainly in the production of hand tools before. For example the photo on the right shows the catalog and the adjustable wrench from this catalog. And in the photo on the left there is also a small screwdriver, but I couldn’t find it in the catalog, both of these tools were given to me by the Mastersity forum for helping the readers.

In 2009, Stanley merged with Black and Decker to become Stanley Black and Decker, Inc. But since the company was not engaged in the production of power tools, in order to expand the range began selling tools under its brand name of the no lesser company DeWALT, which in fact since 2010 belongs to the company Stanley.Т.е. DeWALT is actually a subsidiary of Stanley, just doing a different kind of business. In all, Stanley has companies such as. DeWALT, Black and Decker, Facom, Bostitch, Porter-Cable, MAT Industries, LLC.

This photo is a page from the DeWALT catalog and a Stanley jigsaw.

HACK DeWALT battery charging to STANLEY Work 100%

And here it says. find 10 differences 🙂 Unfortunately the only important difference is the price, at the time of purchase (even at a discount) I succumbed to a fit of shopaholism, because I can buy a DeWALT DW349 for the same money here. I hope this doesn’t make the review less useful, because a brand-name tool has a greater consistency of performance from product to product than a no-name one.

advantages and disadvantages in a nutshell:AdvantagesQuality assemblyBalanced mechanism, smooth runningOpening of backlightEasy changing of accessories.Reinforced protection of the armature windingsAdditional plastic foot.

DisadvantagesLack of ruler (limiter) No adapter for vacuum cleaner.Need to replace the power plugPrice.

My opinion. The tool is pretty quality, no complaints about the quality of the assembly, however, as well as to work. The stroke is soft, the power for my tasks is more than enough. The backlighting of the working area is nice, if they would make it a little brighter. The fact that there is no limiter and adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner, upsetting. And it is the second that is more frustrating, because you often need to cut at home and connecting a vacuum cleaner significantly reduces the amount of dust.

Electric screwdriver battery adapter: Connecting incompatible brands (Makita, DeWALT, Milwaukee)

Surely many have come across the fact that batteries of one brand do not fit with power tools of another brand. Although the supply voltage and general characteristics are the same, many manufacturers protect their property and implement protection in the form of incompatible connection pads, special skids and locks, as well as because of the different location of the power contacts. So, I will show you how you can use batteries from DeWALT and Milwaukee, using a Makita tool as an example.

The very idea of using old batteries for new “carcasses” of the tool is not new. Yes, and self-made (and reconditioned) batteries are in circulation among enthusiasts. I do not infrequently see cases of stock purchases of power tools complete with “no battery”, t.н. “stun”, for which then have to buy expensive original batteries or look for some other way out. Not so long ago I had an article about the available battery adapters and converters for power tools, I decided that it would be convenient to demonstrate the work of such an adapter on the example of Makita DM18M, the appearance of which is shown in the photo below.

Such converters are popular for several reasons. First is the availability of old tools for Ni-CD, Ni-Mh models. As a rule, there are a lot of similar tools, they have already worked out, and you can take a similar set for the ridiculous money. On the other hand, batteries that have been in use for several years tend to fall into complete disrepair. Battery refurbishment is quite expensive, usually resort to installing a BMS-controller and lithium cells like 18650 or 21700 inside the case. Such a move is usually welcomed by DIYers and diyvaychiki. And secondly, there is a great variety of cordless tools from first-tier brands: Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Dewolt, Milwaukee. And this whole zoo needs to be somehow stitched together. And, considering that there are also non-original tools for the batteries of these brands, the problem becomes more complicated. Specific inexpensive options for compatible tools in the article: “How to choose a tool on Aliexpress: what you need to pay attention to first “.

This adapter DM18M copies docking part of the battery Makita 18V and has a similar skid and contact group. A large button, like the original battery, is used to remove it from the tool.

Included is a simple but clear guide to using the adapter.

The layout reminds of a battery, to be exact, the upper part is for Makita (or compatible) tool, and the lower part allows connection of accumulators from DeWALT or Milwaukee.

There is a sticker marked DM18M (Makita), as well as indicating the maximum (20V) and operating voltage (18V). On the reverse side is the power contact group (“plus” and “minus”).

One of the features I would single out is the presence of a USB adapter for powering gadgets. This means that you can always charge your smartphone, if necessary, from the battery with the adapter installed.

Dimensions conventionally. length 100 mm (approximately), height 4 cm including the lock. Assembled, this adapter slightly increases the size of the battery, but not by much. It is possible to work with such adapter.

The adapter adds practically no weight to the tool.

To judge the “internals” I would like to take apart this adapter.

Inside a small board with a DC-DC converter (low-power,

0.5A) for the USB output, and on the contact group is wired (plus “red” and minus “black”). The terminals for connecting the contacts of the tool are made in the form of springs, similar to the original batteries.

Reset button on the adapter is spring loaded, disconnects easily, same as the original Makita battery.

Here is how the DM18M adapter plus battery looks like together. Notice the slight increase in overall height (about 2cm).

Connected in the end to a fairly good impact drill, bought on Ali for a modest 40 (detailed review of the drill).

The adapter sits on the tool until it clicks into place, no problems. Holds the battery pretty well (has a little play). Weight in the assembly is almost the same as without the adapter (the battery is heavy, the drill is heavy, the adapter is light, less than 80g).

For example, a Makita 18V battery (left) and DM18M adapter nearby (right). As you can see, the battery contact group is organized similarly.

Contact group angle grinder (right) and DM18M adapter (left).

Thus, a whole “zoo” of tools can be powered and used from a single battery.

There are two important points to keep in mind and observe when using an adapter. The adaptor does not allow control of the battery charge and does not perform the protection functions (no current cut-off, overload, temperature cut-off, etc.).п.). It is possible to drain the battery to zero. And also it is not necessary to install this adapter to power battery-powered equipment such as large angle grinders, circular saws, which require from the battery increased current output and can cause overheating of the contact group. The power tool is designed to work with original batteries (type 9.0Ah, 12.0 Ah). And this adapter is suitable for use with screwdrivers and similar tools. Also in conjunction with non-original batteries and non-original tools. Quite the saver.

DeWALT DCB182 Battery

The DeWALT DCB182 18 V lithium-ion battery is powerful, compact and reliable. No self-discharge and no memory effect, state-of-the-art XR technology guarantees performance, extended operating time and longer battery service life. The battery fits in the entire DeWALT XR range. LED indicator allows you to monitor the level of charge. Slider-type attachment makes it easy to attach and remove the battery from the tool. Similar design improves the balance of the XR tool and makes the handle smaller.

Battery Specifications DCB182

The DeWALT battery is covered by a three-year warranty. One year absolute guarantee.

  • 3 years warranty first year absolute guarantee
  • Free delivery for 2500грн and more
  • Consultation with a technologist
  • Quality-price selection for your application
  • Goods by installments
  • Goods in stock
  • Huge discounts for loyal customers
  • We sell only quality tools
  • Test driven tools
  • 10 years on the market

DeWALT DCN680N 18V Cordless Nailing Tool

The DeWALT cordless nailing machine, 18V is designed for fast and precise nailing in different materials. This compact, yet lightweight tool enables the most comfortable and productive work in all conditions. Thanks to the mechanical principle of operation the model has a low operating costs, as well as stable performance in all conditions and temperatures.

The batteries are 18 V XR rechargeable batteries. These are high-quality and reliable Li-Ion batteries, suitable for all XR Power Tools. Brushless motor for substantially longer working time. To work use nails type 18GA of thickness 1.25mm. To work in poor light conditions DeWALT DCN680N has LED backlight.

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Cordless nail gun DeWALT DCN680N 18V

Comes without batteries, charger and case!

Cordless tool

Rechargeable battery DeWALT DCB127 10.8V/2.0Ah. The battery uses XR Li-Ion technology, which provides longer battery life and higher performance. Battery.

DeWALT DCM562P1 cordless blower. Designed for cleaning debris in residential and urban areas. Equipped with a Li-Ion battery that is protected against overload.

Hitachi UC3SFL battery charger. Suitable for Hitachi 3 Batteries.6V, works with Li-Ion batteries.SpecificationsVoltage3.6VBattery typeL.

Makita BL1830B Battery Li-ion 18 V / 3.0 Ah (632G12-3). removable rechargeable battery for powering cordless cordless tools from the 18V range. Battery capacity.

Metabo Powermaxx 12 V adapter (625225000). Designed for connection to suitable Metabo cordless power tools (for 10.8 V). Insert into the adapter only the appropriate.

Metabo PowerMaxx CC 12 BL cordless angle grinder (600348500). suitable for machining and cutting metal, concrete, stone, ceramic tiles, etc.д. Complete with two lithium-ion.

Electric drill Proton DA-2/14Li-1 has a quick-action chuck that provides an easy change of accessories. Reverse function helps to quickly change the direction of the bit rotation and easily remove from.

Ryobi RC18120 battery charger (5133002891). Designed to charge Ryobi ONE series 18-volt batteries. Equipped with LED indicators that inform about the condition of the.

Stark BC-18Q battery charger (210018030).001). Battery charger for restoring the charge in batteries that are needed to power cordless tools.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver Stark CD 18-2 Li-Ion. for tightening/unscrewing screws in wood, plastic and other materials. Complete with two 18 V Li-Ion batteries. 18 mode.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver Stark CD10-2 Li-Ion (210070016). for tightening/unscrewing screws in wood, plastic and other materials. Equipped with two Li-Ion batteries n.

Battery DeWALT DCB124 12V / 3.0Ah. The battery uses XR Li-Ion technology, which provides longer battery life and higher performance

DeWALT DCH133M1 cordless torch. Has three operating modes: drilling, drilling with impact and chiselling. Switches between them with a toggle switch on the side of the k.

HITACHI HIKOKI DS14DVF3RA cordless electric screwdriver. With powerful, air-cooled motor with two-speed gearbox. The tool successfully combines in itself pr.

Hitachi UC18YGSL battery charger. Suitable for Hitachi 14 V batteries.4-18В. Works with Li-Ion battery sliders.SpecificationsVoltage 14.4.

Battery Makita BL1840B Li-ion 18 V / 4.0 Ah (632F07-0). Removable rechargeable battery to power cordless cordless tools from the 18V range. Battery capacity.

Batteries and chargers for the tool

Cordless tool is safer than cordless tool. к. has no wires that a worker can trip over and which, if damaged, can cause short circuits. The need to continually pull the wire, looking for a power source is a waste of time and in many cases very inconvenient. Also, sometimes it is not possible to extend the wire. If we talk about professional use, the battery helps to save money: no need to buy dozens of meters of cable, sockets, generator.

DeWALT battery features

Li-Ion batteries are self-discharge protected, have no memory effect. They have a large capacity and can run for up to several hours, yet are lightweight and compact. Slider-type attachment provides better tool balance, less weight, and a less bulky handle.

XR Li-Ion

The DeWALT XR technology battery is smaller than a conventional battery, but more powerful. It is compatible with all tools in the series. Batteries have operating voltages of 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V. Capacities of different models from 1.3Ah up to 5Ah. Most batteries have a three-level battery charge indicator.

XR Flex Volt

powerful than previous products. Unique 54 V batteries that switch to 18 V. The switch in the DeWALT XR Flex Volt batteries automatically changes the voltage from 54 V to 18 V based on the type of tool being used. Battery life is about the same regardless of voltage output, i.e.к. Capacity also varies. Charge level indicator lets you check battery status.

XR Tool Connect

The latest development from DeWALT is the innovative Tool Connect technology. Monitors the battery’s charge, how long it is on, whether it is on or off, and where it is located. All you need to do is install the free app on your smartphone. The DeWALT Tool Connect battery is compatible with all 18 V tools. Among other things, the system alerts you if you take the equipment outside the designated area and if the battery overheats. There are currently two models of Tool Connect battery packs with 3Ah and 5Ah capacity.

All DeWALT battery packs in our webshop. We offer reasonably priced equipment with three years warranty 1 year absolute warranty.

DeWALT has launched its new 20V Max XRLithium-ion battery pack DCB204, which offers a charge capacity of 4.0 Ah. New XR 4.0Ah battery packs have built-in fuel gauges and can be used with any DeWALT 20V Max. tool or charger.

Craftsman, the 90-year-old tool brand that is much loved and recently ridiculed, has just announced a new generation of tools. Last year Sears sold the iconic tool company to Stanley Black and Decker, and we’ve all been waiting to see what maker DeWALT, Carrier Cable, and Black and Decker would use the Craftsman.


STANLEY staplers and staples are reliable tools and supplies used not only in construction, but also in furniture making and household tasks. Products of the American manufacturer are well known all over the world and are valued for their long service life and practicality. The devices are equipped with simple staple magazine access mechanisms and anti-jam systems that make working in any environment a pleasure.

STANLEY staplers have several advantages that set them apart from the competition:

  • Reliability. Stapler bodies are made of strong ABC plastic or metal. They perfectly withstand shocks and other mechanical impacts from the outside. They are not affected by falls, which are quite difficult to avoid while in active use.
  • Practicality. Many models are capable of working with several types of fasteners: staples “A” and “G”, nails “J”, studs without pins, staples for fixing cables. The handles of the tools can be mounted in the lowered position for maximum compactness if desired. For your convenience, some staplers are equipped with a staple indicator, a simple impact force regulator for comfortable work with different types of materials.
  • Intelligent Design. The manufacturer has taken care of craftsmen and created tools with the most comfortable handles. The devices are well suited for long-term use without the feeling of fatigue.

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