Drilling at a 90-degree angle device

How to drill at a right angle with a drill

Drilling is the most common job for beginners and advanced craftsmen alike. And that’s how it turns out. drilling strictly perpendicularly almost always. But if sometimes small deviations are allowed, then there are cases when you need to make a hole at a perfectly right angle, and the right equipment is not at hand. In today’s article we will talk about simple self-made screwdriver tools designed to drill exactly at 90°.

How to use an Right Angle Off-Set Drill Adapter

Is it worth buying expensive equipment or frames?

In fact, there is no need to buy such equipment. After all, everything that is needed, you can make for a minimum period of time yourself, without spending a penny. After reading the article, the esteemed reader will understand that nothing easier and can not come up.

Today we will look at three devices, starting with the most complicated (among them) and ending with a very basic one, which can be made in seconds. And as a bonus at the end of the article we will consider making a template for drilling.

Wooden bar jig and its making

To make the conductor you will need an ordinary block, a pencil or a marker, a hacksaw, a cutter and an angle piece. First you must make a marking on the bar. To do this, you need to run a fishing line along one of the edges with a square. Then it must be continued to the adjacent sides using the same angle piece.

On the adjoining edges it is necessary to mark a distance of about half a centimeter and make a cut on the mowing line. Marked on both sides half a centimeter wide marks will serve as a stop. All that remains is to cut the chamfer so as to make an indentation. Using the example on the photo it is probably easier to understand how to do this.

And that’s it. Now you can very easily make perpendicular holes. But it is worth remembering that the wooden device is only enough for a few holes. Afterwards the wood rubs off on the drill bit and you can no longer be sure of the right angle.

A pair of slats and a screw clamp. how can they help?

The following device is striking in its simplicity. In order to make it, you need two laths with a straight cut at right angles and an ordinary clamp. Proceed as follows. Slats should be stacked one on top of the other with an offset of 2-3 cm and tightened with a clamp. That’s it, you can safely make the holes at right angles.

Metal furniture corner

Furniture corner with sides of 5-10 cm. this is a ready-made device by itself. It should simply be placed on the surface and drilled. If there is time, the corner can be slightly ennobled by gluing or screwing on the outer edges of the machined slats. You can find a similar metal template in almost any garage.

Drilling jig for drilling holes at right angles

As promised, we tell you how to make a template from a simple board. The length does not matter here. The main task is for it to fit several holes at a distance of 5 cm one from the other. Optimal thickness here will be 30-40 mm.

With the help of an angle you need to mark along the board in the center of 4-6 points. This action should be repeated on the reverse side. The utmost precision is important here. Marked points should be perfectly placed one against the other. Next, take an ordinary drill or screwdriver with a suitable size drill bit. The task is as follows: try to drill the board as evenly as possible through all the points.

Once the holes are drilled, they must be aligned with the markings. The hole that coincided with the marks and will serve as a reference, according to it you can make perpendicular holes in any surface. You can make a similar template for other drilling angles. In this case you have to calculate the offset of the marks on the back side of the board.

Safety precautions when working with a screwdriver or drill

When working with such power tools you should not try to hold them by the chuck, there is a case or special detachable handles for this purpose. Gloves two sizes larger, loose sleeves in overalls. all forbidden. They can easily become wrapped up in the chuck and cause injury.

The pressure on the drill or screwdriver should not be excessive. This increases the load on the tool and increases the risk of breaking the drill bit.

To summarize

Drilling for the home handyman is a process, if not everyday, then quite frequent. It is unlikely that you can make any homemade tool without picking up a screwdriver or drill. Of course, more experienced craftsmen, who have already had a hand, often do not need various templates and devices to drill a perpendicular hole at right angles. But there are many of our readers, who are just mastering a similar domestic profession. And it’s pretty exciting. But most of all it is interesting that among the home masters more and more often there are girls, whom I can not even bring my tongue to call their fair sex.

We very much hope that the information presented in today’s article will be useful to readers of our online magazine. Homius editorial team is happy to answer all questions, if any during the reading. All you have to do is to explain it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. There you can discuss the article or share your method of drilling perfectly perpendicular holes with other readers.

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Angle 90 degree drill. How it’s work and see inside. powerfix. video (9)

What you can use at home

At home we usually have to drill at right angles. Two effective handy tools are available for increased accuracy.

Metal angle

This is the most common device for 90° holes. Use as follows.

drilling, 90-degree, angle, device
  • Make a mark with a core.
  • Take a drill and place the drill bit in the center of the future hole.
  • Put an angle on the drill so that both sides of the corner piece are in contact with the tool.
  • Drill a hole of the desired depth.

An extended nut

Holes drilled squarely through metal with an extended nut also achieve great accuracy. The operation involves only holding the fixture of the desired diameter while drilling with the drill centered at the intended point.

How to make a 90-degree hole in wood with a drill

Knowing and using in practice the technique of drilling is basic in the field of repair. It is necessary to know not only the general rules, but also the nuances when working with different materials, such as metal, wood, brick, tile and others.

DILD SMS-43 drill stand

Unit consists of three main components. base, column and crossbar for electric drill mount. Base and crossbar are made of silumin. Table surface and legs are ground in one set-up, i.e. they are parallel, which ensures perpendicularity while drilling. Slots are milled in the base for fixing the vise. Column height. 50 cm, diameter. 25 mm. Diameter of the hole under the drill. 43 mm. To limit the drilling depth there is a retaining ring. Factory-made drill guides unite:

drilling, 90-degree, angle, device

Features of the angle drill bit and the subtleties of its use

Drill is a tool, the main purpose of which is to rotate the drill when making holes. Such a tool is usually used for repairs, which simplifies the work. Also to increase the functionality of the tool you can use various adapters, attachments or adapters that make the drill versatile.


Drill attachments serve to simplify the work with this tool, as well as to expand its functionality. Armed with these designs, you can avoid buying many other expensive tools: a lathe, accessories for metal cutting and similar.

Any additional construction for the drill can be purchased in the store. The price for such an attachment will be many times lower than for full-fledged equipment, which gives a similar effect. This is due to the fact that you already have the mechanism: the drill itself will be responsible for the rotary motion. And the motor is the most expensive part of the vast majority of machines.

However, you can not only buy a nozzle, but also make it by hand, especially when you can not find in the stores what is completely satisfactory. No one wants to spend money on something that does not quite meet expectations. Sometimes it is easier to make some of the designs yourself. It is both cheaper and more practical: homemade devices serve not at all worse, while fully meeting all requirements.

It is worth bearing in mind that both factory and homemade attachments quickly fail if used too intensively. They are ideal for home use when only occasional help is needed, but they cannot replace industrial machines.

So in cases where you need to use any of the attachments often and for a long time, it is better to buy a complete unit and use attachments on rare occasions to “tweak”.

How to drill a perpendicular and vertical hole

Although it is sometimes necessary to drill at an angle, vertical holes (i.e. perpendicular to the surface) are most often made. Special drill guides are required to drill a hole strictly at a 90 degree angle. They let you drill perpendicularly, without deviating to any side.

The simplest guides allow you to make only vertical holes, but there are more complex designs that allow you to drill at certain angles.

Mistakes when working with a drill

If you perform the work in accordance with the recommendations, choose the right drill bit, the place for drilling and do not make the most common mistakes, then it will not be difficult to drill any hole.

Basic classifications and functions

Angle bits can work by mechanical axis transfer or by flexible axis change. The first type is more suitable for professional tools.

How To Drill A Straight Hole Without A Drill Press

These drills have a maximum speed of 1800 rpm. This helps to achieve sufficient torque and solve difficult tasks. The second type of bit is a flexible shaft. One part is fixed to the electric screwdriver, and the second part is placed on the drill or bit.

The bevel gearbox for the drill can have different types. Such products are distinguished by the following features:

  • Material of manufacture. Materials capable of bearing high loads are used most often. They are mainly made from high-quality metal that can withstand considerable loads. Such products are used for driving screws into hard surfaces.
  • Features of axle changing. The product is a gearbox enclosed in a plastic housing. It can withstand higher loads. The use of such tools helps to reduce the load on the hands. In this case, the torque in the device will not be very high.
  • Bit extension size. The functions of the adapter depend on this parameter.
  • Swivel angle. This affects the usability of the tool and makes it possible to work with 2 hands.
  • Presence of reverser. Thanks to this function it is possible to remove the self-tapping screws and not only to screw them in.
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