Echo grass trimmer what gasoline.

What is the ratio of petrol and oil for the Echo grass trimmer? How to dilute gasoline for a lawn trimmer

Hello! I bought a Prorab 84061 weed trimmer. How to dilute petrol with oil correctly and in what proportions? I couldn’t find the original Prorab oil, so I bought Hungsvarna HP oil. The manual to the trimmer says of third-party oils can be used SAE MIF\4, API TC-TB. If you use a different brand of oil, the proportion of fuel mixture does not change. The standard mixture ratio is 1:25.But in the specialized store “specialist” who sold me the oil Hungsvarna HP strongly advised to dilute the oil to 1:50 (as written on the oil). The actual question: if the instructions says dilute oil to 1:25, but the oil is recommended 1:50, then in what proportion dilute? And 1:25 is how much? 40 ml? Will I damage my engine if I dilute it to 1:50??

What is the right way to run-in the engine?? The manual does not say anything except to start and shut it off. Maybe I don’t need a running-in period? I read that there are trimmers for grass that can work immediately after purchase.

Do you need to lubricate the gearbox before working or is the factory lubricant already there?I hope for your help, thank you!

1) Gasoline is ALWAYS diluted with oil in the same proportion as indicated on the oil can! With two-stroke products (gasoline trimmers, chain saws, etc.).) You can use any oil for two-stroke engines, except for outboard two-stroke engines. Preferably use oil from good dealers where you are unlikely to buy duds. Better to use Husqvarna or STIHL oil. STIHL oil always has a sealed neck. Beware of counterfeit products. There is a risk of ruining the piston immediately.2) You don’t run the two-stroke product! REMEMBER THIS!!All 2-stroke products are high-speed and like to run absolutely on full throttle! No half gases allowed! This leads to incomplete exhaust and clogs the piston walls with oil deposits. Consequently. Piston scoring. So full throttle and every 25-30 seconds do a 1-2 second throttle dump to give the product a break and return to normal temperature mode.3) Gearboxes on direct-shaft brushcutters must be relubricated every 20 hours. The oil comes out of there naturally during operation. This is done to keep dirt, dust, etc. out of the engine along with the grease. д. So if you do not want to get into a gearbox replacement. Fill up with special gear lubricant every 20 hours. It is not complicated and the whole operation takes no more than 3 minutes. Tubes of grease are sold in every garden equipment store and cost from 100 to 300. 1 tube is enough for 3 years.The concept of running-in the tool comes down to running under load during the first two to three barrels of fuel. For example, when mowing not dense, low grass, or when sawing dry, undersized wood. Never run the tool through several tubes of oil while it is idling. This running-in results in carbon deposits on the cylinder windows, piston, and muffler that adversely affect engine life.

Grass trimmer, or lawnmower. a tool you can’t do without in the household. In this case, its reliability, efficiency and long service life depends on many factors. For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the grass trimmer, observe the proportions when adding it to gasoline and the rules for filling the device.

What is the best trimmer for the grass to buy

To choose a good grass trimmer, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power affects the performance of the device. The higher it is, the faster the cutting element will rotate. For a dacha with a small plot, a device from 0.25 to 0.7 kW is enough, the garden tool already needs to have power from 0.25 to 1.8 kW, and a professional tool should not have a power of less than 0.9 kW.
  • Cutting width affects the size of the strip that is formed after the passage of the grass trimmer. The larger it is, the less you need to make movements to mow the area.
  • Weight directly affects usability and worker fatigue. If possible, it is recommended to pay attention to lighter models.
  • Turning speed is another factor in performance. For the cottage, 6,000 rpm is enough. Semi-professional and professional models have an indicator in the area of 7,500-9,000 revolutions per minute.
  • Line thickness varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm. It affects the ability to cut through stems of a certain thickness and branches of bushes. The thickness of 1.4 to 2 mm is sufficient for a summerhouse plot. For mowing dense grass, a 2.4 to 2.7mm trimmer line is needed. To ennoble a neglected area, a 3.0-3.3-mm line is necessary.
  • The cutting system comes in two types: knives (metal or plastic) and a soft line for the trimmer. The first type is suitable for a flat landscape, and the line for the trimmer will perfectly cope with the work on bumpy terrain near the fences.

When choosing the best Echo trimmers, it is recommended to think carefully about the conditions under which they will be used, and on this basis choose the optimal model.

Why buy a trimmer for the grass?

Comparing with similar mechanisms, give preference to brushcutters when choosing the following functional indicators:

  • Mobility and low weight of the unit, allowing it to be carried over distances, to use in hard-to-reach places for mowing.
  • Universality. Lawn mower is equipped with a knot for changing working elements directly during the machine operation.
  • Design simplicity that allows to use the brushcutter for a long time without frequent adjustments.

These and other positive features give buyers the confidence that buying a grass trimmer is the right choice.

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Echo SRM-330ES


lawn mower.of the year.I never had a problem with it, the spark plug is still good.Although I bought a candle for safety just in case.


The only downside is the price.Yes more do not use a line for a trimmer less than 3 millimeters is very wearing clips in the trimmer head.The clips are not sold separately, and the head will last a very long time.I have to buy the head.


Powerful grass cutter, easy to cut any kind of grass, suitable for both mowing and haymaking.If someone says that this mower is for grass, that’s a lie.I compared it to many others.Pulls like other brands with the same engine displacement.100% worth its price.If I had to say two hundred.


It’s easy to start, right off the bat. Consumption was a pleasant surprise. Noise level is really low. Powerful machine shaves everything you want. It is a pleasure to use. Everything is thought out in every detail. Japanese quality is evident.


If you’re still in doubt, take the Echo SRM-330ES or not? I recommend it, unequivocally YES. You will not regret it 100%.

Figures of merit

Quality of workmanship, power, ease of assembly, clever removable guard design, harness, easy start, quiet idle and acceptable full power. Low fuel consumption. Easy to change a new trimmer line and switch between cutter and spool. No fatigue for 3 hours in a row.


For the weak man, I think it is heavy, and for the thin man, the harness is tightened to the maximum, but it turns out it hangs, there is nothing to tighten. Uncomfortable to pour the mixture, you must put on a stump or elevation, in the field without a funnel or a special canister will be problematic. Only 4 meters of fishing line in the spool, more would have been better.


After a strong MTD 790 and Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, this lawn mower while only causes my excitement and admiration, though it costs more by 5-6 thousand. Worked for a season, tried power tiller, but with it you can feel the real power (nettles are flowers, small lilacs and cherries the thickness of a thumb. mows without any problems) Writing a year later, went to the second season. Thanks to the company Echo for the mower, now I have time at the weekend, and not only to mow without a break, but also to do other things and bathe, etc.п. What I mowed with the previous mowers (all weekend from Friday to Sunday, pouring sweat and falling from exhaustion), 330-th machine is going as a workout for a man, a couple of hours, 40-45% of the total, well, and two more approaches for an hour and a half, and that’s it! It took more time to put on boots and suits and harness and fill up the gas tank ))

Bought a scythe like this. Worked the first weekend one hour. All is well, happy. The next weekend worked an hour and a half, while working stalled and never started again. I bought a scythe like this, and then I went to the service center. After a week they said they’d sent it to the dealership to confirm or deny warranty, and the verdict was that it wasn’t a warranty case because the mower.к. the scoring on the cylinder from the exhaust side and it was caused by bad gasoline (the data sheet said actan number not lower than 89 lit 92) or bad oil (oil for two-stroke engines) or wrong proportions of oil and gasoline. So anything but a factory defect. Japanese quality. I will wait for the answer from the representative office. Let’s see what kind of company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Echo lawn trimmer belongs to the group of high quality tools of the famous Japanese brand. The main advantages of the grass trimmer are uniqueness, versatility, reliability.

Advantages of brushcutter ECHO

  • Increased service life through the manufacture of the main working parts of high quality wear-resistant materials:, three-layer coating of engine cylinders, a specific air cleaning system, drive design of metal.
  • Quick and easy replacement of the trimmer head for a metal blade.
  • High ergonomics of ECHO brushcutter. well-thought-out equipment, comfortable control, protection from vibrations.
  • Economical fuel consumption 0,62 l/h at maximum engine load.
  • It is a lightweight model, only 4.8 kg, and it has a rugged design.


If you analyze the numerous reviews of owners, you can be convinced that the EchoSRM-22GES brushcutter is characterized by almost only positive feedback. There can be one or two negative responses per hundred, which are more likely to be caused by improper use of the machine.

Basic malfunctions

To avoid premature failure and malfunctioning of the equipment you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, learn the techniques and skills of safe and comfortable mowing.

  • If there is the slightest sign of vibration, stop work and determine the cause, as sudden vibration can be a sign of serious damage.
  • If after setting the throttle in idle, the cutting assembly continues to rotate, adjust the carburettor correctly.
  • If the cutters jam, it is necessary to stop work urgently, eliminate the cause when the engine is off.
  • It is necessary to work at a lower speed in the risk area.
  • Do not use defective cutting attachments or attachments that do not comply with recommendations: nylon strings only, never metal cloths.
  • If you can not stop the engine, it is necessary to close the choke and call for service.

Instruction manual for ECHO GT-22GES brushcutter. download.

Lawn Mower manual Echo WT190T. download.

Echo GT-22GES


Easy to start, quick to start, light weight.


3 years without problems, forgot to drain the gasoline for the winter. started in the spring immediately and jerked off as it should be. about the care, of course need to lubricate the drive, wash the filter, etc.д., I read in previous Комментарии и мнения владельцев that it somehow died, but it turns out you have to take care of it!


Ease of use, easy to hold, easy to start, 5-year warranty


winds it up on the block at high grass


It rumbles like crazy! I have a 10 hectare plot, started up, didn’t mow for a long time, I had nothing to do, the grass grew one and a half meters high, it’s not an option to mow all the time, if you need to mow high grass all the time, you need a more powerful device. I don’t even want to stop mowing grass up to 1 meter in length, it’s light, no vibration, no fatigue. Mower. fire! My choice was between this model and Stihl 38m, still a joy to use!!


Power is not enough for thick grass Lubricate the pin of the clutch housing


Bearing broke down because of the lack of grease, the plastic housing melted. we need to change the clutch housing ~2 thousand at the current exchange rate Advice. lubricate, then it may last a long time!


Easy start, weight, versatility when mowing slopes and trifles, assembly, economy.

The shortcomings

The engine is weak, I would adjust the ignition, it picks up the rpm not immediately.


The model for 40 cm of grass, higher, if you overslept the hay, it mows long and hard. I bought it late and it was 70 cm high. I had to mow for 6 hours every day on seven acres. Surprised by low fuel consumption. Vibration in the hands and fatigue in the back can be felt.


I have been using it for over two years. Good for the lawn. It’s light weight but not too loud.


It’s summer and it’s time to buy a good mower. It took us a long time to find the right one.I stumbled upon your site by accident and I immediately found what I needed. I placed an order and the manager called me back. We discussed details and agreed on a certain date and after a while my order was delivered to me. Was very satisfied. Thank you!


Really easy to start. Makes a good cut at the root too. Overall I like it. In the evening I had the whole garden. Cut down the raspberry bushes too.


I bought 6100,82 rubles worth of oil and 111 5 liters of gasoline. I was glad to use it. I recommend.


light, easy to use, enough fishing line in the coil for a long time. First year it ate a lot of gasoline, now the appetite has decreased, on one tank, and it is 0.Mows almost the entire garden in 5 liters, and I almost max it out.


Vibration, can not go anywhere, my arms get tired of it, maybe the fact that I drive at high RPM.


I have been using it for two seasons and there is no sign of it breaking. video how it starts up with a click, in the second year of use. I am satisfied with the mower, my parents too.


Makes a great cutter. nettles, small twigs, bushes, grass in chaff, there are problems with the high grass (if you work carelessly, it braids around the cutter), but you can adjust. I don’t know about efficiency. a full tank is enough for 6 acres (unless you have a jungle there, of course). Starts with half a turn (if gasoline is fresh), the noise is more or less (chainsaw roars much louder). Assembly is excellent (nothing hangs loose, nothing falls off).


Vibration bothers me, at first I don’t notice it, but after a couple of hours my hand starts to whine. Sensitive to gasoline.


We bought it for 6,000.р., been using it for three years. The only disadvantage. the gasoline, or the mower is too sensitive, or shitty gasoline turns up. not spent all the money, left in the tank. the next time will barely work or does not start until you fill up with fresh gasoline. To reduce vibration, put the shoulder strap, seems fine. What else I recommend mowing in cool weather or in drizzling rain. the grass cuts like a hot knife and the engine does not overheat, you can mow for hours at a time. Don’t hesitate to step on the gas.


Lawn mower light enough and mobile. I bought it for the garden and it paid off. The fuel tank (330 ml) is enough for an hour and a half of work. Mowing is all great, but the branches do not take, even the thinnest, even though the line for the trimmer and is not designed for this. Great build, on many parts is written “Made in Japan”, a pity that the assembly in China, like most trimmers at this level. Started all summer without a problem.


Noisy, like all lawnmowers, fairly short, probably designed for short people. The cover that covers the trimmer’s grass head fell off, the nut and bolt went loose and lost. Fixed it in 5 minutes, but the new nut has no flappers, but it is more reliable. During mowing, the lid of the air filter fell off and the filter itself fell out. I fixed the lid with duct tape, it can be screwed on, but the lid is too flimsy.

The commentary

Completely justifies its cost, the quality is excellent, the drawbacks are not important. Read a lot of reviews about this brand, overall positive. That’s why I chose it. I have never regretted it.

Garden trimmer for grass Echo GT-22GES. review

Bought it three years ago for 8000 My joy has no bounds!Even a child can mow with this trimmer. The mower is very light, its weight is 4 kg.Easy to start, right from the start.It uses very little fuel: for me to mow a part of 1 hectare with grass up to the waist once it was enough to fill up the tank, the volume of which is 0,44 liters.Instruction manual in Russian, warranty card, eye protection, safety goggles, belt and a new line roll for cutting headsets were included with the trimmer.

Fuel tank capacity: 0,44 l.

Cutting equipment: head with nylon line G137,trimmer line 2,4 mm

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height, 1465 x 315 x 570 mm.

Engine: air-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine

Spark plug: NGK BPMR7A

Carburettor: Diaphragm type

Ignition: Magneto with flywheel, CDI condenser system

Fuel: refined gasoline with an octane rating of at least 89 (I use 92), forbidden fuel with ethanol

Engine oil: for air-cooled two-stroke engines, standard ISO-L-EGD level JASO FC, FD and Echo Premium

Ratio: 50:1 (2%),t.е. 20 ml per 1 liter of petrol. engine oil

Before starting the engine is desirable to get a special measuring bottle for fuel mixture.First, we make the fuel mixture: in a separate container (measuring bottle for the fuel mixture) pour gasoline (in my case is a liter, you can have more), then measure with a syringe or measuring cup motor oil (in my case is 20 ml), pour the oil into the measuring bottle of gasoline and shake slightly, so everything is properly mixed =)

Then pour the ready-to-use fuel mixture into the fuel tank.Always keep the shoulders level, it is not allowed to pour it higher (see Fig. 3).photo 1).

The first start of the engine:

Be sure to check that the trimmer line is tucked into the cutting headstock, and that the tire itself is evenly secured!

Before starting, make sure that the cutting attachment does not touch the ground or other objects!

1.Press the choke button three times

2.Move choke lever to closed position(photo 3)

3.Turn the ignition switch to the start position

Are Echo String Trimmers Any Good? SRM-225 Review! EP EP 54

4.Pull starter grip until you hear the first sound of ignition (photo 5)

5.Open the choke (photo 3)

6.Start the engine and let it warm up (start it with open choke (photo 3) and switch on ignition (photo 4))

7.Hold the rounded handle with your left hand and the right hand on the throttle trigger and throttle lock, and cut the grass (photo 6)

Running-in of engine is the first 10 hours of operation of grass trimmer.Allow the engine to idle for 5-10 minutes at first startup, then turn it off for 15 minutes.During first 10 hours of grass mowing it works like this: 15 minutes work, 15 minutes rest.After time on the break-in engine can mow longer, but be aware that in hot weather, the engine can overheat, because it has air cooling, so do not nasazhaem mower, let it cool in the shade in the blowing area between mowing.

Echo SRM 2320T Gas Powered String Trimmer

Important information! Benzotrimmer completed ONLY cutting equipment with a fishing line, the use of metal tips and knives to cut knots on it is not provided, unauthorized use of different nozzles on this device can lead to failure of the drive shaft.

shelf life of the fuel mixture.30 days!WE COOK THE FUEL MIX STRICTLY ACCORDING TO THE PROPORTION 1:50!

Garden trimmer for grass Echo GT-22GES. review

As I live in the private sector, the issue of cutting the grass, regardless of whether there is a lawn or not, will stand. Our site is big, but in addition to all the territory behind the yard, it also needs to mow and landscape, or at least just mow. The site itself is under landscaping, so some places it is well-groomed more, in some places less, yet a private home is a lot of work on the yard to make the beauty. But as for the grass trimmer, we had a big one that I couldn’t do anything with, it was big and heavy for me, by the way mowing the grass is pretty cool, so I do it with pleasure.

  • Type: garden equipment
  • Manufacturer: Echo, Japan
  • Model: GT-22GES
  • (I bought it two years ago for 10,990)
  • Powered by gasoline
  • Where to buy: marketplaces, stores of garden equipment and tools

The grass trimmer was packed in a cardboard box assembled, it basically involves no disassembly. It came with detailed instructions and plastic goggles. Glasses broke 2 years ago, so there is no picture.

Grass trimmer is small, when buying, you should consider the height of the person who will use it. For example, my height is 156 cm, I’m fine, a little extra for a taller person. If you take my husband, he is 186 cm tall and he is not very comfortable, although you can twist the handle, but it’s not comfortable, not versatile. So we use as is and mow in parts, so as not to get tired.

Grass trimmer head orange, bright, will not get lost in thick and tall grass. On the bottom, where the line for the trimmer, there is a protective rim, so the line for the trimmer would not go through the legs and the grass would not fly in the face, but anyway, after mowing, I’m all covered with grass from head to toe.

The volume of the fuel tank is small 0.4 liters, that is less than half a liter. But it’s not pure gasoline that’s poured in there. The lid on the strip, from the grass trimmer is also not lost. On the side of the head there is a button to push, so that the fuel goes through all the tubes. There is also a power regulator. I do not know how it works, I intuitively move it back and forth to start the grass trimmer. And if I hear it growl I move the slider, reducing the power.

It should be understood that I’m not a technician, I understand from the point of view of. here is this gizmo, there is another, but also a gizmo. The point is that even a girl can figure out how to use it.

I see no point in describing the specifications, because you can read about them on any site, the main thing here review on the grass trimmer Echo and experience with trimmer.

Experience with the trimmer Echo GT-22GES.

The first thing that attracted me to it was its compact size, and I saw it at a neighbor’s. In addition, the gasoline tank is much more convenient than the electric grass trimmer. Second important point. Made in Japan, and finally decided after a lot of positive feedback.

The need for goggles, I underestimated, in my eyes flies everything, stones, grass, earth, but my glasses were falling off, when I looked closely enough, I saw there were holes in the ears, and I put a rubber band there. It became immediately more comfortable, but I had to take my glasses off every 10 minutes to clean them from the grass.

From the grass trimmer grass flies in all directions, and no matter how hard I try to handle it carefully, I’m still up and down in the grass, and even out of the hair. There is an option to mow in a cap and raincoat, but it’s hot, so just old clothes that are not sorry. Unfortunately, the glasses burst.

We took 92 gasoline, poured it into a 5-liter canister and 100 ml of engine oil in it. Mix everything up and you can gradually pour in this fuel.

One full tank enough for 30-40 minutes mowing grass. After emptying the tank, you need to give the trimmer a rest, to cool the engine, at least the same half hour. The main thing in the work of any technique is careful attitude, then it will serve for a long time.

echo, grass, trimmer, gasoline

We tried different models, there is a square, star, circle, etc., but the square turned out to be rigid, badly and constantly had problems, it was extremely uncomfortable option. Then chose a circle of 2.5 mm (I think) and did not have any problems. It’s easy to change, even more so to pull it out, I myself do it without any problem, even my manicure does not interfere.

echo, grass, trimmer, gasoline

As for the small lawn grass, the grass trimmer for half a bowl easily covers a large area. It is very powerful, sweeps away even thick grass, and the maneuverability and small head allows you to bypass a rock, fence, curb, big grass trimmer like dumbass does not bypass anything, and mows the same way as this baby.

This is a problem, as the grass trimmer is small, then such grass cut at the root, and here we have found a variant, to cut it in the center, and the second pass already at the height that we want. High grass gets tangled in the trimmer anyway, then you have to stop and untangle everything. I don’t think I need to tell you that the Echo grass trimmer needs to be turned off completely.

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