Electric saw does not work what to do. Why the AL-KO Electric Saw Saws Crooked

Electric Chain Saw Repair With Their Own Hands

Collector AC motors are widely used as power units of household appliances, hand-held power tools, electrical equipment for cars, automation systems. The wiring diagram of the motor, as well as its design resemble the diagram and design of a DC motor with series excitation. The range of application of such motors is due to their compactness, low weight, ease of control, a relatively low cost. The most popular in this production segment are low-power and high-frequency electric motors.

The repair of electric saws lies on the shoulders of the owner. But this applies only to minor breakdowns. If serious faults are detected, the manufacturer recommends contacting a service center. Among the most frequent malfunctions can be distinguished:

This fault may be caused by a lack of power, engine overheating, or a faulty starting system.

Name the basic components and principle of operation of an electric saw.

Inside, fiberglass reinforced polyamide, longitudinally mounted body and outside, transversely mounted brush motor. When it is turned on, torque is transmitted to the gearbox and then to the drive sprocket, which is in the same plane as the tire.The chain, made up of riveted links, is connected to the drive sprocket and runs along the groove of the bar end. Chain is lubricated by pumping in small portions from the oil tank with a capacity of 80 ml to 500 ml.

Power. 1.5 or 2.6 kW?

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When choosing a model for pruning and gardening, some users appreciate this feature without paying attention to the weight of the unit.The most powerful electric feed saw, the Intertool DT-2205, consumes 2.6 kW with a weight of 6.5 kg, while the Sadko ECS-1500 with 1.5 kW has a half weight of 2.9 kg.The more volts the electric motor has, the easier and faster the tool will handle hard, frozen, thick wood, cut and tear logs even with a blunt chain. It can be fitted with different types and sizes of chains and resins. When overcoming problem areas, the loss of speed of the tool and the motor heating due to the reduced speed of the impeller will be less.

Low vigilance. Light weight advantage.

Domestic BauMaster CC-9916X with 300 mm bar, 1.6 kW and weighing 2.8 kg. The best model for sawing boards and pruning the garden. It is comfortable to hold with both hands when working on the head, and it does not cause operator fatigue with frequent manipulation.Inexpensive price and low power consumption make this tool popular with older people.

The most powerful chainsaw. What the soft start is for.

Since the collector motors are mounted on the tool, which has no starting winding, they immediately switch to the maximum speed mode. During start-up, the starting current increases by 2-4 times the rated current, and the mains voltage indicator can drop from 220 volts to 180 volts or lower, which will affect other connected devices.Thanks to the soft start function, the saw motor rotates at rated speed for 3 to 5 seconds. Wear and deformation of gears and friction parts is reduced, the mains is not stressed.

This electronic module is installed on models over 2 kW, and it is the tool of choice for construction and warehouses for cutting whips at cutting points. Since electric saws are made there from self-contained sources, without this function, the gas generator, even with the maximum power of 5 kV, will lag in the starting surge.

Why the electric saw won’t turn on

What to do if the unit shows no signs of life at all? If the saw does not turn on, the voltage may be low. Measure with a voltmeter. If below 180, connect the machine through a voltage regulator. Sometimes it is recommended to buy a good alternator with AVR and power all power tools from it when the power grid is saturated.- Power cord is damaged. Check cord and all connections. Replace or solder the break and insulate.- Start button does not work. Disassemble. Repair or replace. Sometimes in the case of a faulty pushbutton the power is used directly, but this is not a good solution for the power saw. safety is severely compromised.The chain brake has tripped. Check it. Brakes on when the brake element shield is in a certain position. The shield should be moved back a little.- Thermal protection relay has tripped. Possibly if you turn on an overheated instrument. You need to let it cool down and maybe the relay itself needs repair.- Carbon brushes are worn out. Common problem. Happens even in a nearly new instrument. Loss of power is usually observed at first.Replace the graphite contacts with new ones.- Motor windings are damaged. Overheated windings collapse. Rewound” need to be rewound. It’s quite a complicated process. Disassemble the motor, remove the burnt-out winding, clean the insulation grooves. And then make everything yourself in reverse order. And to wind the coil, you use a winding machine. In general, if you’re an electrician, go ahead. If not, take it to a service.

The selection criteria depend on the type of tasks for which the power tool is purchased, how often it will be used, and the amount you are willing to pay

The main features to look for are power, ergonomics, modern control and protection systems, bar length and chain pitch


Speed of chain and cutting depth depends on power. Higher wattage means a faster, deeper cut.

For country, domestic and garden applications, choose an amateur class with up to 2 kW. Semi-professional models with 2.2 kW power can work all day, suitable for cutting hard trunks. The more powerful the electric saw, the heavier it is and the more energy it uses.

For unstable voltages choose models with a heat regulation system that will shut down the tool when the motor winding temperature reaches a critical value.

electric, does, work, saws

Engine location

The motor can be longitudinally along the bar or transversely. Transversal motor position can be left or right. To determine which electric saw is better, use a straight or side-mounted motor. Hold the tool in your hand.

In turn, the longitudinal design provides an ideal balance of weight and less stress on the operator’s hands. Saws with a longitudinal motor are maneuverable, lightweight, and convenient for working at different angles and heights.

Chain pitch

Standard chain pitch is 3/8. Low pitch chains are 0.325 and are designed for amateur equipment. Do not use chains with a large pitch for carpentry tools, because the thread quality is greatly reduced. Powerful machines use a 3/8 pitch pattern.

Optimal bar length for hobby power saws is 30 cm or 40 cm. Longer bars are used for heavy, bulky and powerful tools.

Large pitch is made rough and uneven cut around the edges, in addition, such chains increase the vibration of the equipment.

Chain tension adjustment

The chain on the bar should be tightened regularly, because it will gradually sag with active work

To adjust chain tension automatically, look for models with special lever

Lubricate and brake

The best chain saws are equipped with automatic chain brake systems. Inertia brake ensures operator safety from power tool impacts and prevents accidents.

To increase user comfort, they provide an automatic lubrication system for the main components. The employee only needs to monitor the oil level in the vehicle through the window and refill as necessary through the hole.

Soft start

Soft start function protects motor from load when it is started. To keep the equipment running longer, the system accelerates the motor smoothly and gradually.

Ergonomic features of hand-held power tools affect operator comfort. It is difficult to work long hours with heavy, powerful models. The user’s hands get tired. Before buying try out different variants, just holding them in your hands.

Repair of Interskol PTs-16/2000T electric saw.

If you want to repair your power tools, then write to me.data in the channel description.I reside.

The engine of the unit has a longitudinal arrangement, and thanks to the increased power, the tool can be operated around the clock, provided that the rules specified in the instructions for use, making the required number of breaks at certain intervals.

Otherwise the motor may not be able to. And it is known to be the most expensive part of the tools of such plan.

The apparent advantage of electric saws, compared to gasoline saws, is not only that there is no moment of environmental pollution, but also that the noise during operation is quite reduced.

Electric saw repair for standard breakdowns at home

If you hear an unpleasant, ear-crushing noise and smell burning when operating the machine, there may be a problem with the lack of oil in the mechanism. If the crankcase is full, the problem is caused by dirty conduits. It is necessary to either clean the grooves or put a new oil pump on the electric saw. It also often happens that the machine does not stop right away but after a short period of time. The longer an electric chainsaw is in use, the longer the time interval. The problem can be eliminated by changing the brake band. If during operation the tool starts to vibrate strongly and loses power, it means that the brushes are worn out. they must be replaced immediately. Causes of the fact that the chain of the electric saw does not rotate, can be such malfunctions:

Also, the chainsaw chain may not rotate due to improper tensioning. After reading the instructions, you will learn how to tension the chain and check its degree of tension.

Unfortunately, most of the malfunction is the result of a dull chain. This increases the load on the motor, leading to its overheating and premature wear. Blunt belt breaks the gear reducer gears, bearings, drive sprocket and other spare parts. The main sign of blunting. small and dark sawdust. The teeth are not able to remove the necessary layer, respectively, the shavings are crushed. It is necessary to sharpen the electric saw frequently, otherwise you’ll have to go to a workshop afterwards. At home, this is done manually or with a special machine, following these rules:

electric, does, work, saws

Repair the vacuum cleaner, electric saw with their own hands will not be difficult for a skilled craftsman. However, with proper operation and timely care, the need for repair will be minimal.

What you need to know before repairing

The “golden” rule of do-it-yourself repairs is to use only original parts and spares. If you try to install inappropriate elements, other brand and configuration, it is a 100% guarantee of future breakage and failure of the electric saw. Before you fix the tool, build yourself the necessary base. You will need:

Original factory parts from the same manufacturer. 2. Pliers, wrench 3. Electrical tester, voltmeter. 4. Soldering iron. 5. Round and oval files, mandrel and caliber for sharpening. 6. Chain sharpening machine (this is ideal, you can also sharpen by hand).

Husqvarna 137 chain saw repair. Husqvarna 137 chainsaw malfunction

Question: My Husqvarna 137 chain saw has a standard problem (pulse duct seal). After the replacement the saw had an unknown malfunction.

Starts up well, idle stably, but after 5 minutes the power goes down, the saw starts working at high RPM and gets bogged down. I think the problem is in the carburetor settings, but I don’t know what to do.Answer: possibly an air bleed through the same pulser. In principle it is recommended to adjust the carburetor after replacement.

Do not adjust it yourself, you need a pressure gauge for this, if you deplete the mixture, you will throw out the piston. Check the carburetor mount, when the saw heats up, it starts to suck air somewhere.Q: I have a question about my Husqvarna 137 chainsaw. At first (when problems started) the saw idled well and at high RPM worked for a few seconds and RPM dropped until the engine stopped, then at medium RPM stopped abruptly and was impossible to start until I unscrewed the spark plug and screwed it back in.

Took off the carburetor, disassembled, washed and blown. 0 results.

I disassembled saw completely found that the rubber tube that connects the carburetor and sleeve (small), the group is normal, the gap in the ring, too, there is a backlash in the bearings (more noticeable from the ignition side because the flywheel broke off a petal, and I think this backlash) collected, started only on the suction, runs 3-5 seconds and stalls.

Opening the valve, it becomes wet at once, after several attempts the spark plug and the piston become wet. What could be the reason? Could be an air leak from under the oil seals? The carburetor overflows?Answer: You need to disassemble the chainsaw. The rubber tube connects the cavity under the piston with the gas pump diaphragm in the carburetor. If the tube is torn, dirt will be sucked under the piston and the pump in the carburetor will not work.

Hopefully the tube has been replaced. Has the carburetor been disassembled, have the idle and mixture quality screws been unscrewed? If the seals are sucked, the mixture will be lean and the spark plug should not be primed. That the petal on the impeller is broken is extremely bad. The imbalance at 11,000 rpm will be awful, the bearing will spread out decently.Q: I have a Husqvarna 137 chain saw. I don’t know how many years ago. Sawed a lot. Recently it has been losing power and a few days ago it just stopped working and would not start.

What was done: Replace the spark plug with a new Bosch. No result. Removed the fuel filter. zero. Repositioned the ignition coil. I disassembled and reassembled the carburetor. (No screws were touched.). Diaphragms are intact. A set of diaphragms will arrive soon, we want to replace them just in case. Changed the fuel.

Rerouted ignition coil from the 142. Result: it cranks, but before cranking, you need to turn the throttle more than once. And if it starts, the engine only runs if you pull the throttle. Т. е. intermittent. Doesn’t work at full throttle or at idle. What else to check??A: Try also checking the muffler (if it’s clogged with fouling), the condition of the impulse duct hose, and if there’s enough compression in the cylinder.Question: Husqvarna 137 chain saw, I have the following symptoms: When I start the saw, chain starts to rotate, throttle up, chain stops. After I stop sawing, chain won’t stop, it spins slowly. It can be stopped by touching the wood without gas, the chain stops, but there are slips after that at idle.Answer: Probably a loose clutch spring, or maybe just plain dirt in the cup. And the idle screw needs to be turned down so that the chain stops.Question: I have a problem with the chain lubrication. I removed the oil pump and I don’t understand why it is not pumping oil. I used to get oil coming out of the cup when I took the pump off, but now it won’t.

Algorithm of calibration and safety measures for carburetor troubleshooting

Adjustment of the carburetor is performed in two steps:

The basic adjustments involve turning the H and L screws all the way in and back out 1.5 turns. The final adjustment requires the engine to be warmed up for 5-10 minutes at low rpm.

The final calibration is done by unscrewing the idle screw until the engine reaches minimum RPM (the engine should be stable and the chain should be stationary). If the engine at idle stops, the screw must be turned back, and if the saw chain is still in motion, you should continue to turn it counterclockwise.

Checking the calibration is done by a test:

  • Acceleration (with a gentle pressure on the gas pedal, the engine should quickly gain revolutions to the maximum indicator).
  • Maximum RPM (if the ignition fails, the H screw should be loosened slightly).
  • Idling (the chain should not move and the engine should gain speed as fast as possible).

If the chainsaw owner is not familiar with the carburetor and does not have the right tool for carburetor calibration, it is time to call in a professional. A carburetor is a very complicated unit and any improper action could have irreparable consequences, such as total failure of the engine.

Makita Do-It-Yourself Chain Saw Repair

Repair chainsaw with your own hands

All the faults of chain saws can be divided into two main groups: problems with the engine with all its components and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and problems with other components (chain brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc.).).

Engine malfunctions

  • the engine does not start;
  • Starts but stops;
  • works unstable;
  • does not develop power, t.е. runs fine at idle, but stalls under load.

Carrying out repair of a chainsaw with your own hands, it is necessary to act in the way of exclusion. inspect in turn all probable causes of failure, starting with those whose verification and elimination takes the least time (about the structure and operation of the two-stroke motor, see here).

Almost all types of engine problems listed above, can be caused by malfunctions of the ignition system. Therefore, when they occur, it makes sense to start troubleshooting with the spark plug. This is all the more justified, because the condition of the latter can also give useful information about the operation of the fuel system. So, if a malfunction occurs, it is necessary to unscrew the plug and inspect it.

The wire is disconnected and the spark plug is unscrewed with a special wrench.

If the spark plug is dry, it means that the problem is most likely not in the ignition system, but in the absence of fuel mixture in the cylinder. Chainsaw repair with your own hands according to all the rules. You can wrap the candle back and take care of the fuel system. If the spark plug is heavily spattered with fuel mixture, it means that there is too much of it. All about chain saw repair with your own hands adjusting the carburetor saw homelite 4518. It may be because the carburetor is out of tune or the rules for starting are not followed. Wipe and dry the spark plug, dry the cylinder by cutting off the fuel supply and working with the starter. to ventilate the combustion chamber and remove the excess fuel. To make the repair of chainsaws with their own hands, how to repair a chainsaw. After that put the plug back in place and restart.

Жрет щетки.! Межвитковое замыкание пила al-ko

The presence of a large amount of black sludge also indicates a malfunction in the fuel system.

The oil to gasoline ratio in the mixture may be incorrect, the carburetor not adjusted, or poor quality oil used. The spark plug is washed in petrol, cleaned from sludge with a needle or awl, electrodes are cleaned with a fine emery cloth and refitted.

In all these cases, it is worthwhile to check the gap between the electrodes. Depending on its brand, it should be in the range of 0.5-0.65 mm. It is also necessary to check the spark plug gasket. If it is worn or damaged, the combustion chamber may not be sealed, resulting in reduced compression in the cylinder and engine performance problems.

Even if there is good reason to believe that the fault is in the fuel system, it is necessary to check the spark plug. If only to be sure that everything is all right. To do this:

  • put the spark plug cable on the spark plug;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, apply the thread or nut of the spark plug to the cylinder;
  • pull the crank of the starter and look at. if there is a spark or no spark.

If there is no spark, simply replace the spark plug. Do-it-yourself chainsaw repairs: the lubrication system. As a rule chainsaw is used in conditions, which are far from being clean. If even a new spark plug has no spark, check the high-voltage wire for breaks and contact with the spark plug.

The reason for the lack of spark can be a faulty ignition module or violation of the gap between the module and the flywheel. It should be 0.2 mm. Gap loss is especially likely if the saw has been disassembled and the flywheel and ignition module removed beforehand. The gap is set with a shim of 0 mm thick.2 mm placed between the flywheel boss and the ignition module. Faulty ignition module should be replaced.

Having checked the ignition system in this way and finding no malfunction, the fuel supply system can be moved on.

If an inspection of the spark plug shows that fuel is not flowing into the cylinder, all possible causes should be considered. Repair of a Makita chainsaw with your own hands. It may be:

  • no fuel coming out of the tank due to a clogged hole in its cover (breather), with a vacuum created in the tank, preventing the flow of fuel;
  • contamination of the fuel filter installed in the tank;
  • no or insufficient fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder.

To diagnose the first two reasons it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel flows out of it or not. If it flows in a full stream, the breather plug and filter can not be checked, if it does not leak or leaks weakly, we can consider that the cause of malfunction has been found. The breather plug can be cleaned with a needle. The fuel filter is removed through the filler opening of the emptied fuel tank, using a wire hook, together with the suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced with a new. Doing chainsaw repair with your own hands, chainsaw repair is not without cleaning. It is recommended by chainsaw manufacturers to change the fuel filter every 3 months.

MAKITA chainsaw main breakdown diagnosis and repair

How to diagnose and repair your basic Makita chain saw

Makita dcs 4610 chain saw does not start

Parts for chain saws MakitaRemont of chain saw Makita dcs 4610,repair

Insufficient flow of fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or failure to maintain the correct ratio between fuel and air mixed in the carburetor may be due to several reasons: clogged air filter, unadjusted carburetor, clogged carburetor channels or filter screen.

As a rule, a chainsaw repair can’t do without cleaning the air filter, because it gets dirty pretty quickly. When this happens, the air flow to the carburetor is reduced, the fuel mixture at the outlet is too enriched, which disrupts normal engine operation. Remove the dirty filter for cleaning carefully, so that the dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some kind of detergent, dried and reinstalled.

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