Electric saw for home use which is better. Bosch Ake 35-19 S

Rating of the best chain electric saws 2022: Technical characteristics, pros and cons of popular models

To conduct a farm or summer house, cutting trees and proper care of the site, you need an appropriate tool. The best electric saw is easy to cope with the tasks and will not create difficulties in operation, maintenance and storage.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple and consists in converting the electric current into mechanical energy, which makes the chain move. The main nodes of such an unit are:

  • Electric motor placed in the case.
  • Guide tires supporting cutting equipment on the spot.
  • Capital chain.
  • Oil pump for cooling and lubricating the saw set.

With the arrival of chain electric saws on the market, many began to refuse to work with gasoline analogues, since the power tool avoids difficulties with power, smoking with exhaust gases, it can work in it in an impenetrable space.

The operation of the electric saw is carried out in accordance with the maximum loads indicated in the technical passport to the equipment.

First, the device is connected to a 220 V household network, then the operator presses the power button. The motor is set in motion, transmitting the rotating power of the existing mechanism through a gearbox or transmission.

The chain provides the sawing of the canvas. Its lubrication is carried out due to the presence of an oil pump placed inside the case. In modern models, it is possible to control the force, which guarantees the supply of a certain amount of oil to the working material.

How to choose a chain electric saw for home: We study the characteristics

Before buying any electrical tool, it is required to take into account the technical characteristics and power. Such parameters affect the volume and quality of work performed on the site. When choosing an electric chain saw, we recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Power. The main indicator is the characteristic of power. The higher this characteristic, the more prompt and easier it will be possible to solve the task. In addition, a powerful electric saw breaks less often, since it rarely acts at the limit of technical capabilities, which has a beneficial effect on the life of. True, such models differ in great weight and cost, which also needs to be taken into account before purchasing.
  • Placement of the electric motor. The motor can occupy a longitudinal or transverse location. The first option means a simplified design and often refers to the budget price category, but in hard.to.reach areas it is not very convenient to act with a tool. It is better to buy a transverse model that is more maneuverable, but costs more. It is worth proceeding from the priorities and features of consumer tasks.
  • Tire length. This parameter means the length of the working area. On the one hand, the longer the tire, the more thick wood it will be possible to saw. On the other hand, it is not convenient for everyone to use such models due to the severity of the technique. over, such a tool costs an order of magnitude more. It is better to choose a middle ground and prefer a tool with a tire 40 cm long, no more, no less.
  • Safety. Do not forget about the safety of operation of equipment. An important function is the ability to block from a random start and an inertial brake.

How to choose a chain electric saw

Now let’s go specifically to the question of what you need to know to choose a chain power saw.

  • Power.Of course, the main indicator is the power. The larger it is, the faster you can cope with the task. In addition, powerful models are less likely to fail due to complete wear-they rarely have to work at the limit of capabilities, which positively affects the service life. True, they have greater weight and cost, which also needs to be taken into account when buying.
  • Engine.It is also worth paying attention to the location of the engine, it can be transverse or longitudinal. In the first case, the electric saw has a more simplified design and low cost, while working in hard.to.reach places to work with such a saw is not very convenient. The longitudinal is deprived of this kind of shortcomings, but at the same time they are more expensive.
  • Tire length. Finally, we must not forget about the length of the tire. the working area. On the one hand, the larger it is, the more thick logs can be sawed. On the other hand, working with models with a long tire is more difficult due to greater weight. In addition, their price is noticeably higher. So, if you need an inexpensive and comfortable saw electric for home and cottage, it is best to give preference to models with a tire of about 40 centimeters.
  • Safety. Do not forget about safety, the saw should be implemented from random inclusion and inertial brake. You should not save and buy very cheap products because it does not always have a high.quality protection in it.

Many owners, buying a similar tool, reasonably reason and realize that it will be quite rare to work with it. In the best case, cut the old branches on the trees several times a season and cut a couple of logs into firewood once every few years. Of course, for a saw that will be used so rarely, no one wants to pay a large amount. Therefore, many potential owners try to choose the cheapest models. Let their power not too high, but they are inexpensive and quite allow you to cope with a small volume of work. So, to consider several budget electric saws that have received good reviews will be very useful.

Krüger ECSK 25-40

Electric saw Kruger is increased in power and perfectly balanced. The tool body is enhanced, it easily withstands mechanical influences. 2500 W engine provides the possibility of prolonged work with the tool. A long.legged resource chain has a high.alive steel chain. A cover is supplied with a saw that protects the tire from damage.

The Kruger electric saw has many useful functions, for example, automatic lubrication of the chain. This guarantees convenience then the device and saves the time of the operator. From injuries protects the function of blocking random launch.

Champion 120-14

Here is a good and inexpensive saw electric for a summer residence. Her length is not too large. only 35 cm. But for the branches and not too thick logs it will be quite enough. But the power is quite high. 2000 watts, which makes it possible to cope with a whole pile of firewood, spending a minimum of time and time.

The chain step indicates the interval between the rivets of the links. Ranging from 1/4 to 0.375 inches. The larger this indicator, the higher the performance. But at the same time, the load on the tool itself increases.

The chain step is 3/8 inches. a successful compromise that provides good performance and at the same time relatively small load on the saw. It’s nice that the model weighs a little. 3.8 kg, so the work will not cause unnecessary trouble. So, we can say with confidence. if you need an inexpensive chain saw of an electric saw, then, when acquiring this tool, you will definitely not regret the decision made.

Patriot ESP 1816

Another good chain electric saw for home. Her chain step is 3/8 inches, which many experts consider it an optimal indicator. Her bus is quite long. 40 cm. It is precisely this length that experienced users are recommended for ordinary users who do not work on the harvesting of the forest, but simply sometimes sawing logs in the country.

The power is relatively high. 1800 watts, so that a little time will take to saw off even rather thick logs. The presence of a quapi brake function makes the work more safe. if you accidentally jerk back, the chain will simply be automatically stopped, which means that the operator will not be injured. Finally, the weight of the electric saw is 4.4 kg is relatively few, which means that unnecessary problems will not arise during transportation, and it will be quite convenient to work.

  • The optimal tire length.
  • Acceptable cost.
  • Decent build quality.
  • The function of the brake of the quapi.
  • A rather powerful engine.

Hammer CPP 1800 D

If this is not the best saw of an electric from inexpensive models, then it definitely includes those. It has a function of the quapi brake, which makes the work safer, both for beginners and experienced users. In addition, the length of the tire of 35 cm is not too much, but for most operators, who sometimes have to cut a couple of logs, this is quite enough. In addition, the power is quite high. 1800 watts.

Sometimes, when working with an electric saw, a return occurs. the tool is sharply twitting back. At the same time, even an experienced user can get an injury. The special function of the circuit brake (or inertial brake) stops the saw, excluding the negative consequences.

The chain step is quite standard for inexpensive saws. 3/8 inches. The oil tank has a capacity of 0.13 liters, which allows you to rarely interrupt to refuel. True, there is a lot of saw. 5.5 kg, because of which the work becomes less comfortable.

  • Economy.
  • High power.
  • High quality assembly and materials.
  • Safety of work.
  • Warranty period of 3 years.
  • Simple in maintenance.
  • Low noise.

Not all people are ready to save on tools, especially if they are needed for constant work and breakdown or low quality of work may well result in not only a serious loss of time, but also a reputation. Therefore, many are ready to pay a fairly large amount to be confident. they receive a really high.quality tool that will not lead to any unforeseen situation. Often they have not only increased power, but also additional functions that make work with a saw more comfortable and productive. Of course, you can not help but include at least a few such models in the review.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

High.quality and at the same time very budget model from the manufacturer Interskol. The disc saw is equipped with a large disk. by 190 mm, which ensures the height of the cut up to 65 mm. Of course, this is enough to cut even very thick boards and bars, easily cope with any work. In addition, its power is as many as 1600 watts. An important advantage that experienced users will surely appreciate is a long network cord. four meters. This makes it possible to work even in spacious rooms, without using the extension cord. Additional advantages can be called electronic engine protection and smooth start. this increases the level of comfort during operation, and at the same time ensures safety.

  • affordable cost;
  • decent build quality;
  • smooth start;
  • long network cable;
  • A great combination of price and opportunities;
  • Deep drank.

Dewalt Dwe560

Popular wood saw, quite worthy of it is included in the top of the best disc saws. Working with her is easy and comfortable due to small weight. only 3.7 kg. The disk has a diameter of 184 mm and a pretty good depth of cut. 65 mm. Therefore, you can easily cope with most lumber without any problems. In addition, the saw power is 1350 watts, which is more than enough for the presented disk diameter. Perhaps not the largest indicator, but for such an easy and compact tool this is clearly good power.

The model is equipped with an additional disk, which makes the purchase of especially profitable.

The speed of rotation 5500 rpm is enough to ensure even and neatly drank in almost any material. Finally, there is a function of connecting a vacuum cleaner and a special blowing system of sawdust, thanks to which the sawing becomes even easier and comfortable. the sawdust is removed immediately after the appearance and after the end of the work will not have to restore order.

  • amazing lightness;
  • the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • a worked out system for the removal of sawdust and dust;
  • high quality details and reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • low noise.

Bosch GKS 190

Perhaps the best in the ratio but it should be borne in mind that these are products from the world famous German manufacturer. This provides excellent assembly quality and a significant service life of the saw. you definitely will not have to regret such an acquisition. Weighs a saw a little. only 4.2 kg, so the work will be easy and comfortable. The power is quite high. 1400 watts are enough to cut any beam or board. A special dustproof adapter allows you to instantly get rid of sawdust during operation. The diameter of the disk is quite large. 190 mm. This provides a very deep cut. as many as 70 mm. The carbide disk has high strength and is guaranteed to last many years even with active use. It is not surprising that, judging by the reviews of users, none of them regrets such an acquisition.

  • high.quality, even cut;
  • Significant depth of drinking;
  • long cable;
  • decent build quality;
  • simplicity of replacing equipment;
  • well.developed ergonomics gives convenience in work;
  • Great assembly.

When working outside the premises, quite often arises the question of supplying electric tools with a power source. Alas, it is far from always easy to solve the problem. you have to look for a generator that is expensive and consuming a large amount of fuel. But there is another solution. the use of battery saws. With the same disk size, they weigh more than usual, but they allow you to freely move around any territory, without pulling the extension cord behind them. It is not surprising that many masters prefer to buy them. We select several successful circulation saws from this group.


If you do not know what kind of disk saw to choose to work in the country without access to electricity, then look at this model. Unlike most of the battery models, it has a relatively small weight. only 3.6 kg. This does not prevent her from having a set of all the most necessary functions. Let this be not the most powerful disk saw in the ranking, but definitely one of those. In addition, the diameter of its disk is 190 mm, therefore, the height drank the corresponding. 64 mm, and this will be enough for most users.

Smooth start provides even and neat cut, which is especially important when working with solid wood rocks.

Rotation speeds of 3800 rpm are quite enough for a high.quality and even cut of any material. An excess plus can be called the presence of a modern brilliant engine, which can please a long service life. So, do not hesitate. the AEG saw will definitely not disappoint you.

electric, home, which, better, bosch
  • high.quality sole;
  • decent performance;
  • Suitable for work in the most severe temperature conditions (-18 to 50 ° C)
  • the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Makita HS301DWAE

A very successful disk saw from Makita, which is guaranteed to last more than one year. The battery capacity is quite large. 2 a/h, which allows you to work productively for a long time without being distracted by the need to recharge. It’s nice that even with a battery weighs a tool only 1.6 kg. In addition, the kit has a spare battery so that you can not waste time, waiting for the only one to charge. you can always replace it with the second, working easily and with comfort. The disk is not too large-the diameter is only 85 mm, which is why the depth drank only 25 mm. Therefore, this convenient saw is suitable primarily for not too large volumes of work. Serious advantages, according to many users, are the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner and a smooth launch function.

  • small weight;
  • additional battery included;
  • It works quite quietly;
  • the presence of a convenient case for carrying;
  • clean, even saw.

Bosch Universalcirc 12 0

Before you, of course, is the best battery saw of the rating. Its mass is only 1.4 kg, which allows you to work for a long time, not knowing tired and performing a large amount of work. A disc with a diameter of 85 mm provides a saw 26 mm with a depth. for small work it is quite enough. Drank very even and neat due to the speed of rotation of 1400 rpm. Important additional functions are the connection of the vacuum cleaner, locking spindle and backlight. With all this, the noise level during work is small. about 80 dB. With all this, this saw is one of the best in reliability, after all, Bosch is a really serious company.

Manual battery disk saw is designed for sawing boards, timber. It differs in high performance. The choice in favor of the circular saw is relevant for the roofer, a specialist in working with slab lumber. The best manufacturers offer power tools with effective security systems, injuries protection.


With small sizes, it is equipped with a powerful engine that rotates a disc with a diameter of 190 mm. Speed ​​of 5800 rpm provides high performance. Brightless electric motor with overheating protection. The motor does not require permanent maintenance. At right angles easily cuts a board with a thickness of 60 mm. Comfortable guide rulers make the cut accurate, regardless of the size of the workpiece.

Constant blowing of the cutting line provides the possibility of visual control. An industrial vacuum cleaner is provided through the adapter, which is included. The cut depth is set with high accuracy. Smooth sole provides light sliding along rough blanks.

  • Protective casing;
  • Instant stopping of the disk;
  • The presence of backlight;
  • Rubberized handle with overlays from anti.slip material;
  • 3 years warranty.

Ryobi R18CS-0

It is equipped with a reliable brush engine operating from the AKB 18V. Speed ​​of 4700 rpm guarantees high performance. Battery capacity is enough for 270 cuts of a beam 50×100 mm. Light weight makes convenient work in difficult conditions. Adjustment of the angle of cut, cut depth is performed without using the key. A rotating pipe is provided for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Works with a thin disk with a diameter of 165 mm. A distinctive feature is a neat, even cut at any angle. This is an ideal battery saw, faner, wood-boring plate and cuts of countertops. The depth drank at a right angle of 52 mm.

  • Smooth stroke of the start key;
  • Low level of vibration, noise;
  • In performance is not inferior to network models;
  • Easily copes with the oak board;
  • Transparent protective casing;
  • Carved degree scale.

How to choose a battery saw

Manufacturers offer electric cars working on different principles. You need to choose the tool, taking into account the power of the installed electric motor, the presence of a security system. The user should pay attention to the noise level, ergonomics of the handles, the presence of anti.slip linings. Good functionality will extend the service life, will help to accurately perform the cut of workpieces.

Type of saw

Buying a chain saw is recommended for harvesting firewood, caring for a large garden, public work with logs, a large diameter timber. In a tool of this type, the cutting element has a length of 30-40 cm, which provides high performance, makes it convenient to work with overall lumber. To work in the country, a sufficiently saber model can be used not only to cut off dry branches. When replacing the canvas, it saws plastic pipes, laminate, parquet board well.

For accurate work, circular saws are recommended. This is the best choice for cutting woody stove, laminated woody stove, plywood, OSB. Subtle cut, the ability to set up a cut angle allow you to cope with complex tasks in the construction of a frame house.


In the presence of a powerful engine, performance increases, the cutting part is easier to cope with solid wood rocks. The battery capacity must correspond to the characteristics of the electric motor. A powerful engine will quickly discharge a weak battery, which will make intensive work impossible.

Noise level

The battery tool works quieter than models with gasoline engines. Noise levels affects comfort, performance. With intensive use, it is recommended to buy a model with a bronnial engine, which has a reduced level of vibration, noise, reliable protection against overheating. You can work in the garden, at an open construction site with a tool equipped with a standard brush electric motor.


A powerful tool needs to work with both hands: two handles should be provided for this. Elements are made of anti.slip material, which provides not only comfort, but also an increased level of security. When choosing, you should pay attention to the balancing of the tool, weight. This is especially important when working with one hand by weight.


Electronic revolutions will help improve the quality of work, taking into account the specifics of the processed material. A good assistant will be a built.in LED lamp. Durable protective covers will make the use of safer. The smooth starting system will increase the service life of the electric motor, help to do neatly cuts. A professional tool should be equipped with a nozzle for an industrial vacuum cleaner, which will take the chips from the sawing area.

How to choose a disk electric saw

It is necessary to choose a disk electric hand saw taking into account the scope of application, the intensity of application. Manufacturers offer models working with equipment of different sizes. The user needs to consider the parameters of the processed material: the thickness of the workpiece, density, strength. It is recommended to pay attention to such characteristics as engine power, rotation speed, cut depth. For professional use, functionality is important, which will make work convenient, safety, more accurate.


The best manufacturers complete their equipment with powerful engines. This makes the equipment more productive, allows you to work with large diameter disks, maintain a stable speed. With a powerful tool, you can saw longer without stops, which positively affects labor productivity. The user will take less time to sawing dense material.

Manufacturers produce circular power circuits: up to 800, up to 1200 and over 1200 watts. Models with low.power electric motors are designed for a home workshop, periodic use. The exception is mini-saws that, due to their format, cannot be equipped with overall engines. For efficient operation, there is enough motor, with a capacity of 400-500 watts.

Before buying an electric saw with an engine of 1500-2000 watts, you need to evaluate the weight. Increased motor performance leads to an increase in mass. It is difficult to work with a heavy saw even if there are additional handles. Powerful equipment is more suitable for installation on the desktop.

Disk diameter

One of the main parameters of the selection of technology. The larger the external diameter, the deeper the vertical and the corner cut. To saw a beam of 100×100 mm, a model with 250-270 millimeter disk will be required. The disadvantage of such a tool is a large weight, since only a powerful electric motor can promote at high speed. The inconvenience in the work is the opportunity to cut the workpiece in one pass. When using small discs, the cut will have to be done on both sides. This increases processing time, bears the risk of chips.

Mini-saws are equipped with a small diameter equipment. This tool is used for cuts, up to 25 mm deep. It is difficult to process thick blanks with the help of this technique.

Rotational speed

The speed of the equipment of equipment affects labor productivity. The user will be able to cut it faster if the engine disperses the disk to 4500-5500 rpm. It should be borne in mind that a high speed can be achieved by reducing the torque. This is not the best option for working with a raw tree or material with high density.

At high speed, cutter is more clean, without chips. This is important when performing complex, responsible tasks. At high speeds, the temperature in the cut zone increases, when processing plastic, this can lead to polymer melting, which is not permissible. If you have to work with different materials, it is better to give preference to models with the ability to adjust the speed of rotation.

The depth drank

Is directly dependent on the external diameter of the equipment, design features. This parameter is important for any type of woodworking and is indicated in the equipment passport. The best characteristics in desktop circular electric saws equipped with large diameter disks.

electric, home, which, better, bosch

Big depth allows you to process thick blanks in one pass. Models in which this characteristic lies in the range of 55-75 mm are equipped with powerful engines. Motors not only allow you to rotate heavy equipment with high speed, but also help to avoid jamming in the processed material.

Drama depth can be adjusted. It is convenient with such a tool if you do not need end.to.end processing of lumber. For mini-saws, the depth of the cut is not a critical indicator, since the technique is used for sawing plywood, a wood-brown stove, OSB up to 20 mm thick.

Additional functionality

An important selection criterion for professionals. In online stores you can choose advanced models in which electronics are responsible for the functionality. Microcontrollers maintain a stable speed of rotation, take into account the change in speed when it enters a zone with a higher density material. This provides the cleanliness of the saw, excludes the likelihood of jamming the disk.

Electronics monitors overheating and overload of the electric motor, provides a smooth start, compensates for the return hit. This makes the use of technology more simple, safe, comfortable. A good assistant for a professional will be a laser pointer, and the builders working on the street should choose a model with LED backlighting.

Which disk electric saw is better

There are no universal disk electric saws, even among professional technology. A tool designed to work with thick blanks will not replace the battery mini-saw. Professional electric saw on wood is more expensive than equipment for domestic use. The difference is significant, the home master will not want to overpay for the most perfect model. For these reasons, electric saws must be chosen taking into account the scope of use. Team Vyborexperta.RU recommends the following brands:

  • Interskol DP-190/1600M-a semi-professional tool for a demanding home master;
  • Bosch GKS 190. a budget option from a prestigious German brand;
  • Makita HS0600. a professional model for installation on a workbench;
  • Dewalt Dwe550. a light tool for everyday work;
  • Diold DP-0.55 MF-a universal mini-drill for processing different materials;
  • Makita HS301DZ. for those who value complete autonomy.

All the technique presented in the review is worthy of the attention of amateurs and professionals, but only the best models received the title of best electric saw in their class.

Rating chain electric saw

Chain electric saws have a number of advantages, in comparison with a benzo tool. Electro equipment connect to the network, have more performance, light, low.noise and economical.

When drawing up the rating, reviews about the electric chain saw and expert opinions were taken into account. In the TOP, the equipment was selected according to the following parameters:

Bosch Universal Chain 35 / 40. Lančana pila

  • Power. This value affects the ability of equipment to withstand heavy loads;
  • Blocking system. Affects the safe operation of the device and protects against unexpected shutdowns;
  • Heating protection. With increased temperature indicators, the network is disconnected;
  • The option of smooth launch. When turning on, the revolutions increase gradually, which increases the operating time of the equipment;
  • Adjustment of the chain tension. The safe properties of the tools depend on this value.

When selecting nominees, an important role was also played by the device of the tension mechanism and the reliability of the gearbox.

Cheap chain electric saws and complex units have practically no difference in power indicators, while budget devices do qualitatively with small volumes of work. The ranking examines four models with the best characteristics. All options have similar parameters along the length of the tire and power.

Champion 424n-18

Cheap and reliable chain saw of Champion Electric Company The best solution for use in the country or house territory. Electrical equipment is characterized by a longitudinal location of the engine, which contributes to good maneuvering the model, and also allows you to trim bushes and cut off the branches. Minimizing the minimum of effort. Safe work is ensured by the presence of double insulation. In addition, the model is equipped with a chain brake and turning on on. The optimal chain step guarantees good performance, as well as a small load on the saw. Champion 424n-18 weighs 3.8 kg, which accelerates the completion of work.

Пила цепная BOSCH AKE 35 19 S. Подготовка к работе

The external location of the technical node allows you to change coal elements without the use of the tool, it is possible to use for branches and small logs. And a high power indicator makes it possible to cope with a large pile of firewood.

Elitech EP 2000/16P

The unit is reliable, applicable for work in the country and at home. Its set includes a screwdriver for adjustment, a key, a tire with a cover and a circuit, which immediately stops when turning off. A design weighing 5.5 kg is made of high.quality plastic. The speed of engine rotation is 7600 rpm of/Ming guarantees stable operation Elitech EP 2000/16P. It is worth noting the simple use of the structure, as well as the automatic supply of oil to the circuit, which simplifies the maintenance of the device.

  • In the presence of toothed emphasis;
  • Indicator that allows you to control overloads;
  • The ability to adjust the oil level;
  • Two handles to hold the saw.

The tire does not need to be specially attached, it is simply inserted into the case and fixed with a special hairpin. Users share that Elitech EP 2000/16P cuts a birch and pine.

The owner can do simple maintenance work on his own. To do this, you need to clean the collector, as well as change the graphite current collectors.

Makita UC3541A

The tool is equipped with a 35 cm long tire, which allows you to easily cut logs into chocks. The standard step is 3/8 inch. The low weight of Makita UC3541A makes working with the model not difficult, but also safe. Equipment capacity is approximately 1800 watts. Despite the transverse location of the engine, the unit is maneuverable and convenience. There is a rubberized handle and a special lever, due to which it is possible to easily adjust the tension. In the reviews of the Makita chain power machine, users note the equipment of the model by protecting against the rebound and blocking arbitrary starting.

Buying electric saw Makita is worth the sake of a balanced device, vibration and noise do not exceed the necessary standards.

If necessary, you can buy an extension cord 30 meters long, providing comfortable uninterrupted operation of the model.

Karcher CS 330 BP

Easy to use, environmentally friendly and almost silent saw. Only one speed, but it does not become a problem. The length of the tire is universal 35 centimeters, in the work the tool shows itself in the best way. it does not shake in your hands, does not emit odors. If you are looking for a device that will not interfere with your households, this is your choice.

There is a lot of the device, but the name of the manufacturer gives a guarantee that the device will serve faithfully for many years. The only problem is that when repairing it is not easy to find spare parts, and they are decent.

Makita UC3541A

The top of the best chain electric saws could not do without the technology of the Japanese manufacturer Makita, who is famous for its high.performance and reliable devices. The device received a new ergonomic building with good balancing, and specialists noted ease of management in their reviews.

The transparent window allows you to monitor the level of oil and update it in a timely manner, mechanical and emergency brakes make work safe. The chain is replaced and pulled without any effort from the user.

If there are disadvantages, then we did not find them, and if we remember how much this miracle of technology costs, then the language does not turn about the minuses. High.quality, thought out to the smallest detail, leaving only the most pleasant impression.

How to choose a chain electric saw?

Despite the fact that all chain electric saws have a similar principle of operation, some differences between models still exist.

Therefore, when choosing a tool, attention is paid to key technical characteristics:

  • Power. This indicator determines the purpose of the saw and its performance. Devices with a power of up to 1000 watts are great for domestic use. It is better to choose wood and professional construction and professional construction devices up to 2000 watts.
  • Tire length. The thickness of the logs depends on this criterion, which can be sawed using the tool. For domestic use, there is enough model with a tire length of 30 cm. It is better to choose a device with a tire length of 40-45 cm for firing and construction and construction.
  • The step of the chain. For most models, this indicator is 3/8 inches. It is this indicator that provides a neat cut of logs and reduces the risk of a reverse blow during operation.

You should also pay attention to the weight of the device. The smaller he is, the longer the user will be able to work with the tool, not feeling fatigue in his hands.

TOP-5 of the best chain electric saws at the price, quality and reliability for 2022

The selection of chain electric saws in the modern market is truly huge, but not all users are ready to spend impressive funds for the purchase of a power tool for a summer residence.

Nevertheless, in the lineups of many proven brands there are quite worthy of the quality and functionality of the model, which are realized at a very acceptable cost.

Krüger ECSK 25-40

Kruger chain electric saw has increased power of 2500 watts, which accelerates the saw chain to 800 rpm.

Due to the high power of the saw, Kruger does qualitatively and quickly with the harvesting of firewood, and with the cut of the boards, and with the sawing of the branches. The tool case is reinforced.

It is resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage. The overload protection system prevents overheating of the electric motor and significantly extends the service life of the model.

The length of the KRUGER electric engine tire is 40 cm, an automatic oil supply system is provided, facilitating the maintenance of the tool.

There is also an option from a random start. the tool is launched only after the user presses two buttons. a standard and additional protective.

Operation safety guarantees a circuit brake that stops the saw instantly after pressing the shutdown button.

This option is especially relevant in cases where the saw falls on the nail, or the chain stucks.

The tire is equipped with a cover that protects it from damage and prevents the operator’s injuries.

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