Electric screwdriver or wrench what is better. What is an electric screwdriver

Screwdrivers and wrenches. Differences

In the domestic construction arsenal is necessarily a tool for tightening and unscrewing screw connections. This tool is usually an electric screwdriver or impact wrench. Both machines have a rotary function and make work with fasteners easier. But despite their similar modes of action, there are important differences between them. In this article we will analyze which device is more convenient and how you can turn one into the other.

To begin with, let’s highlight the characteristics of each device, and then compare them with each other.

An electric screwdriver is a hand powered tool for screwing and unscrewing fasteners, such as screws, bolts, self-tapping screws, etc.д.

There are several variations of this device:

  • By type of power supply: cordless and cordless. The former are lighter and more often used in the home. The latter are indispensable for outdoor or site work without access to power grids.
  • By efficiency: impact and nonimpact. Shock-type models are more powerful and productive and are more popular. And impactless screwdrivers are characterized by high speed and precision.

Electric screwdrivers are used for furniture assembly, minor repairs. Some models are equipped with additional functionality:

  • They support the drilling function and can replace a drill;
  • With special bits can serve as a substitute for Allen wrenches;
  • The speed control and the ratchet mechanism setting allows you to precisely screw in screws to the desired level.

The impact wrench is a more specialized device. It is structurally similar to a drill and an electric screwdriver, but the difference is in the shape of the holder. The installed nozzle is suitable for working only with bolts and nuts.

Nutrunners are classified according to several indicators. The type of power supply is distinguished:

Another characteristic is the mechanism of action. A distinction is made between impulse and impact models. The former are suitable for working with complex connections, as they have a high torque. up to 2000 Nm. The disadvantage of this type of equipment is the low speed. up to 15 rpm.

Impact wrenches have a high power. about 4 kW. They are considered more productive and have gained more popularity among craftsmen.

Unlike an electric screwdriver, a wrench is great for demanding jobs. Thanks to its high power, it can screw or unscrew even very tight fasteners. But simple tasks can pose problems. For example, screwing in self-tapping screws requires special skills, as an impact wrench can tear the flat or drive the fastener deep.

Another key difference is the attachment mechanism of the nozzles. An electric screwdriver has a chuck, but a wrench instead has a rod with a wrench head. That’s why you need a special adapter to use attachments.

  • Dimensions. The impact wrench is larger and heavier than the electric screwdriver because of its constructional characteristics. Powerful battery requires a lot of space and weighs more.
  • Functionality. Screwdrivers usually have more extra features: speed control, multiple speeds, backlight, ratchet mechanism, multiple attachments.
  • Tangential impact. The electric screwdriver mechanism does not support the tangential impact function.
  • Efficiency. The impact wrench has the ability to apply more force and is therefore more efficient at handling tight fasteners.

What is better to choose. a nutrunner or an electric screwdriver

Better to buy a wrench or an electric screwdriver. depends on the purpose. The last machine is worth choosing for standard household chores. Easily capable of tightening all types of fasteners, in some cases replacing a drill. The screw drive unit does not take up much space in the toolbox, and its low weight and compact dimensions are very advantageous. The device is inexpensive, there are many budget models on the market.

Nuts and bolts tool is considered a professional-type tool. It is used more often in workshops and assembly shops. It is not recommended to use the device for screwing screws at all. One of the differences between the nutrunner and the electric screwdriver is that the former uses a tangential blow, in which the flats of fasteners can simply come off.

The difference of the device for screwing nuts can be attributed to the higher power

Which is better: a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver for the ice drill

The ice drill for winter fishing is often fitted with auxiliary tools. As a rule, ordinary drills and screwdrivers are used. They help to quickly make a hole in a hard surface and at the same time do not burden the luggage of the fisherman too much.

If necessary, it is also possible to install a device for work with nuts and bolts on the ice drill. But it is worth choosing one only if there are no alternatives. The tool is heavier, has less power reserve for independent work, and can run out of power just during the application. In addition, it is easier to put an electric screwdriver on an ice drill than a specialized nut-mounting device, with its fundamental differences.

IMPACT, screwdriver, impact wrench, pulse electric screwdriver, combo kit. what are they for?

In this video I tell and show you what an IMPACT is.An impact screwdriver (from the word impact) is a pulse screwdriver or a nutrunner.The impact wrench is conventionally called a ¼ HEX head screwdriver in the professional world and a ½ square head nut wrench in the professional world. In fact, any cordless or cordless impact wrench is also an IMPACT.

Impact wrenches are fundamentally different from screwdrivers in their construction. Higher torques are achieved through the power of inertia and the impact force. This inertia and momentum, unlike screwdrivers, occurs not at the expense of the reduction gear, but due to rotation of the flywheel, untwisted by the motor and with compression of the spring, hitting the spindle tangentially to the axis of rotation. the principle of action can be presented more simply as unscrewing a nut with a chisel and hammer.The main disadvantage of impact wrenches is the loud noise from the handwheel during operation.The main advantage is that there is no “reverse thrust” of the tool when tightening heavy fasteners. That is, in the absence of recoil on the handle of the tool. At the same time, impactors of approximately equal size and weight relative to a single-class electric screwdriver, can develop 3-4 times more peak torque.In addition to noise, one of the disadvantages of impact tools is the impossibility of drilling metals with drill diameters larger than 8-9 mm, the inability to work with drill bits on hard materials such as stone, porcelain tiles, etc.п. Inefficient drilling of stone, brick and concrete with conventional drills with pobedite tips.Obviously, each of these tools has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why when you have both of these tools in a set, they complement each other, together extending the range of applications and generally achieving much better performance than any one type of tool, even if higher in class, power and cost. For example, a 12 volt combo kit can cost the same as a single 18 volt power drill and still provide the same level of work with fasteners, but in a much smaller size and weight. That makes the job a lot easier. Especially when people hold a tool in their hands or on their belt throughout a shift. What’s more, it often happens that you need to drill and screw at the same time. Constantly changing the bits/drill bits in an electric screwdriver is more tedious than having two compact tools separately for drilling and screwing.For this reason, in recent years, most manufacturers of cordless tools began to offer in their range of such paired sets “Drill- Electric Screwdriver Impact” and received a great spread and popularity among professionals.

What cordless wrench to choose

When the parameters are figured out, it’s time to move on to the ratings. The superficial review of cordless nutrunners will help determine the appropriate model. However, being carried away by the rating, you should still not forget about the characteristics of the tool. Otherwise, you can choose something that is not quite suitable for the task.

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29 for Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver UNISEX Tool

Rating of cordless wrenches by reliability

When it is necessary to have a reliable cordless tool, it is always brand-name products. It is already time tested. Never lets you down during your work.

Zubr ZGUA-18-Li K

Despite the budget cost, the model is quite powerful. Adjustable nut tightening torque. Spindle speed of up to 2,200 rpm. rpm. Impact function. Delivers up to 3,300 l/min. shocks. 350 Nm of torque is enough for your garage work.

Cordless model with reversing button for reversing spindle direction


Brushless motor is the plus side of the impact model. Thanks to this design, it has a longer service life and higher productivity. The impact wrench handles hardened nuts and heavy-duty fasteners. Spindle lock is provided for easy head changes.

Two rechargeable batteries

Greenworks GD24IW 0

Brushless motor for dependability. Cordless model boasts high torque, but will not break nut threads. Infinitely variable speed adjustment possible by pulling trigger.

The ratchet handle with rubberized grip surfaces allows the electric impact wrench to be held firmly in the hand


The successful combination of budget price and reliability has made a cordless tool popular among car mechanics. There are three spindle speeds. Switch can be set at 2100, 2500, or 2900 rpm. 400 Nm of torque allows fasteners to cope with tight nuts.

The model has an impact function

Top 5 cheap and powerful cordless wrenches

Among the inexpensive products you will not find powerful wrenches. If a retailer offers this option, it is likely that the stated specifications will not be true. Choosing a cordless impact wrench with good power is still a delusion. Here you can also find relatively inexpensive models.

Bosch GDR 120-LI 0 Box

Cordless model has two speeds. Switch can be set in the first position to 1900 rpm, in the second position to 2600 rpm. Reverse function. High speed is usually used for drilling jobs.

Chuck brake function

Makita TD110DZ

Popularity of the model is due to its light weight and compact size. The impact wrench is ideal for work in hard-to-reach places. Can drive screws and bolts. Only 110 Nm of torque, but copes with heavy-duty fasteners perfectly.

Built-in backlight is useful when you have to work in the dark


Handles sturdy fasteners with its impact function and good torque of 250 Nm. Comes with three sockets size 22, 19, 17 mm. Manufacturer supplies two batteries.

The impact wrench comes with a 5 year warranty


Cordless budget model has a four-sided spindle with a spring-loaded ball for use with standard sockets. Reverse function allows you to unscrew and tighten nuts. The tool is capable of working in percussion mode.

To change the spindle speed is equipped with a regulator

AEG BSS 18C12ZLi-0

The model is suitable for working in a darkened space. Site illumination is provided by a three-point indicator. Good torque makes it possible to cope with rusty M16 nuts.

Quality metal gears for long service life

Expensive and reliable

This group includes expensive brand-name tools. There is no doubt in their reliability. However, there are affordable models among these wrenches that will fit in your garage.

Makita TD110DWAE

Cutting torque control is considered a plus point of the model. Spindle speed is controlled by pulling the trigger. The impact wrench weighs only 1.2 kg. No hand fatigue during long hours of work.

How the mains and cordless electric impact screwdriver works

Electric impact wrench electric, whether it is network or cordless, provides a tangential blow in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation. In other words, when tightening screws, the force developed by the tool is not continuous, but a high-frequency series of small blows. Its work is similar to what happens, for example, when putting a spanner on the nut and tapping on this wrench with a hammer.

The total effort that develops a network or battery-powered electric screwdriver of this type is the sum of the efforts made by him during a unit time.

Externally, an impact electric screwdriver is very similar to its non-impact counterpart:

How to make a wrench from an electric screwdriver

For various reasons in the home affairs may need to unscrew a couple dozen nuts. Buy for the sake of such a fleeting need nutrunner, pretty pricey, but in the manual twist does not want to, when in the possession of an old-fashioned electric screwdriver. It performs the main rotating function, now it only needs to be reworked for unscrewing nuts. Here it’s as simple as that.

To make a wrench from an electric screwdriver, you will need a special adapter for bits and nozzles themselves, the size for your nuts. Adapters cost around 300 and are available at most construction stores. When all components are at hand, clamp the shank adapter in a chuck, put on the desired tool and use the home-made wrench from an electric screwdriver.

There are many tools for tightening fasteners these days, and one of the most popular members of this class is the electric screwdriver. Almost any housework will be easier if you have this great helper in your arsenal. But for all its versatility, the electric screwdriver has a very similar competitor. The impact wrench has a narrower focus, but is much better suited for certain jobs. Let’s look at the differences between these tools and how you can make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver with their own hands.

Features and advantages of a hammerless electric screwdriver

The design of this tool is more simple and reliable. Since in its case there are no stable alternating loads, chucks and rotors are much more wear-resistant.

Impactless screwdrivers cost less than impact models. In addition, they have less weight and dimensions, and are characterized by the ability to work for a long time without recharging.

If you are going to work with wood and soft masonry, screwing and unscrewing fasteners under light load, it is worth choosing a hammerless electric screwdriver.

There are complications when trying to perform complex tasks. The main disadvantage of this type of tool is the inability to drill high-density inelastic materials (concrete, stone).

The equipment will not allow you to work with damaged fasteners, because the working head will scroll, not performing the expected work.

Is it possible to make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver by yourself?

Of course you can, but with one important caveat: it is unlikely to get the same power as a tool made in industrial conditions. But very often too much power is not needed. For example, if you have to change the rubber on the car. Many people know how long the process of tightening the nuts from the wheels. It is of course possible to call in a specialist, but it costs money. If you have at hand an electric screwdriver, it can be quickly converted to a wrench: it only requires an adapter with a head of a certain size, which must fully coincide with the dimensions of the cylinder wrench. It remains to mount this adapter in the chuck and install the head. The nutrunner from an electric screwdriver is fully assembled.

Of course, it will not be a complete tool, because it will still be necessary to loosen the nuts by hand, but the time spent on all the wheels is only one minute.

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How to turn an electric screwdriver into a wrench

Electric screwdriver can be turned into a screwdriver. Such “re-equipment” will be useful for car owners who want to save time on seasonal change of wheels and in many other cases. Having an electric screwdriver in the set of home tools, you can solve a number of tasks, including. screwing and unscrewing any nuts. To avoid fiddling with the nuts by hand, you need to stock up on a special adapter for sockets for nuts of different diameters.

Top 5 best mini electric screwdriver 2022

To turn an electric screwdriver into a wrench, you just have to clamp the end of the adapter with a chuck and install a suitable nozzle. Device is ready to work. Turning into a screwdriver doesn’t take much time. No need to buy an extra tool. The standard set of 9-12 nozzles of different diameters allows to work with nuts of the most widespread sizes.

The only inconvenience. the power of screwdrivers is relatively small. So you can only turn the nut, but you have to tighten and loosen fasteners manually. But it will save a lot of time, which is more spent on unscrewing fasteners rather than loosening/tightening them.

Metabo and other screwdriver manufacturers made it possible to use the tool as a full-fledged electric screwdriver with a drilling function. There is a drilling bit for that. It is quickly mounted on the tool. So turning a screwdriver into an electric screwdriver is no less realistic than the reverse process.

Screwdriver adapter for screwdriver bits

Of course, you can play around with the electronics in order to increase the rotation speed of the working elements. But it is better not to do this. so as not to break the tool and not to lose the factory warranty. Manufacturers indicate the main parameters of products in the instruction manual in the technical specifications section. Such manipulations may not be safe for health.

electric screwdriver and nutrunner. useful at work, at home. When using special nozzles and adapters their functionality is extended.

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