Electro or chainsaw what to choose. Advantages of the chainsaw

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better?

Chain saw. An indispensable tool on the farm. It is needed, if you need to cut something, cut, cut. The spectrum of operations that can be performed using this unit is quite wide: work in the workshop, harvesting firewood, pruning trees, caring care, etc. In order for the tool to serve for a long time without failures and breakdowns, you must first choose a high.Quality model that suits the goals of use.

Two types of chain saws are presented on the market: electric and gasoline. This is the basis of the classification of these tools. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, sphere of use. Which one to choose? What other criteria to pay attention to when buying equipment? Let’s try to figure it out!

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose?

Before you purchase a tool for your needs, you should deal with its technical characteristics and compare them with your needs. First of all, we must clearly indicate our needs.

If we use the saw in our own garden, then most often you need to cut the cut tree into smaller pieces from the tool, for this it is enough to have a compact, comfortable electric saw, feeding from a socket with normal power.

However, if the work requires greater power or we have to work in more severe conditions, far from the power source, it will be necessary to purchase a high.Quality chainsaw. Both the first and second types of saws are currently presented on the market by many models, and at least several manufacturers are world brands specializing in this equipment. It is always important to compare sentences not only in terms of price, but also in parameters, because the work of the tool in specific conditions will mainly depend on them.

First of all, the most important solution will be the choice of the engine, as well as other main parameters, consider them more details. Below are comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of saws that will help you choose the right and buy a chainsaw or electric saw.

The general parameters that are very important in the daily use of this device.

  • Universality.Naturally, when buying more expensive equipment, we want it to serve us as often as possible and for different needs. Therefore, it is worth choosing models that are useful, for example, for cutting trees in the garden, as well as for cutting bar for fuel. Of course, a lot depends on our needs, but greater versatility means less operating expenses.
  • Safety. Although modern saws are equipped with security systems, it will always be useful once again about security systems when working with such a dangerous tool. The device must have a system prevention from overheating, safety circuit breakers and quick launch.
  • Environmental friendliness. Much depends on the effectiveness of the energy system itself, which, for example, consumes less electricity or fuel and, therefore, has lower emissions. Many manufacturers have their own, very strict standards in this area, often certified.
  • Operational comfort. Is provided by functions such as silent work and convenience (which is important for long.Term use), performance and wireless communication. These qualities are especially important for professional models intended for higher requirements. But not always the most expensive option is best suited for our needs.

Electric and chainsaws have long been used, so individual models have evolved so much that it is sometimes difficult to find in a huge assortment the only device of your dreams. Nevertheless, overpayment for equipment that is used once or twice a year is not always advisable. Let’s analyze that we will need what functions are most important to us. Then the probability that we will buy a good device corresponding to our expectations will increase significantly.

Disposable carpenter) ⁠ ⁠

Briefly for LL: buying a saw chain. Check if the connecting link is correctly installed. The arrows on it must correspond to the direction of the circuit on both cheeks of the link.AP: Stihl claims that this is not so, their answer at the end of the post.

I had a chain of the 180th calm. Well, broke and broke, went and bought a new.

Then I think. But my old is not at all old, it is not even sharpened. Why not repair it? Googled “Repair of the saw chain”, found a long tedious video on how to stuck a chain.But it’s not about him. The author noted in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that he “set the link wrong” and gave a link to the video (also a long and tedious one: https: // wwww.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = wecirjkqxei)

electro, chainsaw, choose, advantages

It tells that the cause of the cliff. Incorrectly set connecting link.Briefly on video and problem: 0. Chains are delivered in the bays. One. For retail in size, they are “cut” (riveted) somewhere in the bowels of the supply channel, they also put the connecting link.2. The connecting link has a direction and is marked with arrows. Cause. The front of the link is higher than the rear, which normally saves the resource of the chain and tires.3. At least part of the employees did not read the instructions or there is no instructions, so the connecting link was put incorrectly.4. A chain with an incorrectly set link is often torn even before the first sharpening.

I went, looked at my old chain. Yes, the link is not wrong. The photo is hard to see. The connecting link differs from the “relatives” rivets, it is easy to find on a new chain.

I looked at the new chain. Similarly. I went to the store to change to normal. Fuck there. Of the 15 viewed, not a single chain was made correctly (which is interesting, because according to the theory of probability to put a connecting link for two ways, in two ways. Correct and incorrect, 1/2 probability of true, the same with a plate, t.E. The probability of correct installation in case of accidental selection. 1/4).

I bought a connecting link and stuck it myself.

The question arises for stihl. Are dealers, bringing and riveting chains for sale, do not have urgent recommendation about the correct installation of connecting links?

Surely there is a problem with other chains, but I have a STIHL, so I consider only this manufacturer and its representatives.I will not even consider the option that unscrupulous representatives of the manufacturer specially do so for large sales. Then all the chains would be with multidirectional links, but in reality there are also multidirectional (one arrow forward, the other back), and incorrectly directed (both back).

Hello! The direction of the direction on the connecting links is an auxiliary element for installing the saw chain on the guide tire in the right direction.The coup of one connecting link has no effect on the saw set (tire and chain stars), nor on the motor itself. Since the link is not subjected to such a load in which it can cause a circuit break. It is permissible to install in any direction.If we talk about asymmetry, then it is due to the use of the same production processes for different types of links. The bevel of the rear heel is important for the cutting links and does not play an important role for the connecting link.If the breaks occur too often, we recommend paying attention to the condition of the chain stars, since its wear can contribute to the ruptures of the saw chain. Wear is allowed no more than 0.5 mm. We recommend periodically check the correctness of the tension of the saw chain and the condition of the guide tire. It is also necessary to use the original chain oil, which is well removed heat and a qualitatively cleansing headset. Additionally, you can check the sharpening of the circuit. If the cutting teeth are poorly sharpened, have different lengths or sharpened at different angles. This can also cause a chain to break off.

High.Quality powerpaper selection parameters

The modern market offers a wide selection of models. Among the well.Known brands of well.Established manufacturers are most popular: Bosch, Sparky, Patriot there are also less promoted brands, which are often and are not inferior in the presented functions. Therefore, when choosing a chain electric saw, it is worth navigating not only the advertising of the brand, but also the operational characteristics of a particular model.

The material will also be useful about what you should pay attention to before buying an electric saw: https: // diz-cafe.COM/Tech/Kak-Vybrat-Elektropilu.HTML

Parameter #1. Location and engine power

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a tool is engine power. Not only performance depends on this parameter, but also its durability.

If the voltage surges in your power grid are quite common, choose a better tool with a sufficient power supply. The engine of such a chain electric saw when the voltage is reduced will not overheat, issuing the rated power.

The power of the circuit electric saw of the household version can vary within 1.5-2 kW, and professional can reach 3.5 kW

With unstable voltage, experts recommend choosing models equipped with the thermal control system that automatically turn off the tool. Thermallane is triggered when the engine winding temperature reaches the installed threshold. But it should be borne in mind that if there is too frequent disconnection in the conditions of unstable voltage, the performance of the unit is reduced and the performance.

If you focus on the location of the engine in the design, then it can be:

  • The transverse. The axis of the engine is perpendicular to the width of the unit, and its center of gravity is slightly shifted. When working with such a tool, you will have to constantly maintain balance. It is as comfortable as possible to work with him in a vertical plane when you perform a cut from top to bottom.
  • Longitudinal. The design is a flat fishing line for a trimmer, in which all components are well balanced. Such a constructive solution provides excellent balancing the canvas when turning, giving the tool more maneuverability.

Drinks with the transverse location of the engine are designed for overall use. The power of such tools ranges in the region of 2 kW, and the mass does not exceed 4 kg.

Saws with a longitudinal location of the engine are indispensable for carpentry.

The absence of a protruding engine on the side simplifies work with the tool, but increases the weight of the unit, the value of which can reach 6 kg

From considerable weight, the hands will get tired quickly, and therefore with such a tool it will not be very convenient to control for several hours of continuous work. This should be taken into account.

The German brand Krüger, which has long gained the popularity and trust of consumers, has a very good, increased power. Electric saw Krüger (Germany) has compact dimensions and is used to harvest firewood, cut the beam, sawing off branches and branches. The power of the Kruger electric saw is 2500 watts. Shock.Resistant plastic protects the device from damage. Among the functions. Automatic lubrication of the chain, locking of launch. It is convenient to work: a chain electric Kruger weighs only 5 kg.

, which is more than acceptable for the German manufacturer. Without a doubt, this device is the best demonstration of the ideal ratio of quality and price.

Parameter #2. Regulation of the chain tension

In the manufacture of electric saws, low.Profile circuits are used. Although they have less performance, they are good because they subject a lesser vibration tool, making it safer in operation.

Correct tension affects the performance and safety of work, so during the operation of the electric saw circuit you have to tighten quite often

On sale there are models in two options for execution of chain tension:

  • Classic. For tensioning the chain, the fasteners weaken the screws and with the help of a flat screwdriver neatly shift. This is a rather painstaking way that takes a lot of time and requires the presence of the necessary tools at hand.
  • Simplified. The tension of the chain is achieved by weakening the nut and displacement of the tire through the slider.

Lubrication of a saw unit in modern models is carried out using an oil pump automatically. The pump is driven simultaneously with the inclusion of the saw. This greatly simplifies the care of the unit. The owner of the owner drank. To control the level of oil fluid and add it as necessary.

electro, chainsaw, choose, advantages

The presence of a lever on the side panel allows you to easily adjust the tension, the system is convenient because it does not require the use of special tools

Parameter #3. Tire length

The working tire on which the chain is fixed can have various modifications. The length of the tire is directly related to the power of the tool. It can reach 30-45 cm. Given that on a suburban area it is unlikely that you will have to saw thick logs, a 40 cm long tire is considered the best option for economic work. Tools with a larger length will be much heavier, more powerful and, therefore, more expensive.

The quality of the cut depends on the thickness of the cutting canvas.

For household use tools, the standard step of the teeth is 3/8 inches: the thicker the chain will be, the more powerful the motor should be

Which is more convenient for electro– or chainsaw

The chainsaws are balanced. The operator will easily hold any in his hands. With electric saws, everything is not so simple. The lineup includes saws with a longitudinal and transverse location of the motor:

  • Dawed with a transverse engine. Short, but the center of gravity is slightly shifted. While work will have to constantly maintain balance. It is as comfortable to work in a vertical plane when you perform a cut downward.
  • Dawed with a longitudinal engine. Neblying, but rather long. She is well balanced and maneuverable. But it weighs more, with prolonged work, the operator’s hands will be tired faster. This is also worth considering.

AMAZING CHAINSAW wood carving, Native American with wolves

Assessing the vibration on hand, it is worth saying that both saws are comfortable for work: the fps46 chainsaw has an advanced system of extinguishing vibrations on the handle and housing, and the electric motor was already balanced due to the design of the electric motor during operation.

Electric chain saw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and works from the 220 V network. You do not need to buy fuel and refuel the saw. It does not emit exhaust gases, so suitable for use in closed rooms. Usually an electric saw is not as noisy as a tool working on gasoline. In most cases, it is easier and more convenient in operation: the engine does not need to be started manually.

But there are weaknesses. The electric motor is unstable to voltage drops. What does it mean? Imagine that you have stupid teeth on the chain and you saw the barrel. In this case, the load on the engine is growing. It does not cope and at a critical moment simply fails. The same happens when the voltage drops. Therefore, it is important to follow it, especially when you are outside the city. In addition, electric saw can not work in the rain and with increased humidity.

How To Buy The Proper Chain For A Chainsaw

The main differences between electric saw models

The higher this parameter, the greater fluctuations in the network can withstand the tool. But, on the other hand, the weight and size of the saw will also be larger. Higher. For work in the garden, a tool with an engine for 1,000 watts is suitable, for regular sawing of trees or construction in the country, a saw with a capacity of 1.5–2.5 kW is preferred. Aggregates with higher indicators are used for daily long.Term work.

There are electric saws with a transverse and longitudinal location of the engine. The former is usually shorter, more compact, however, the center of gravity is displaced, which complicates management. It is easier to control saws with a longitudinal engine, and it is more convenient to wield them.

Additional functions and parts of chain electric saws

Smooth engine starts protects the network from overload. This is especially true in the city where electric equipment may not be in the best condition.

Blocking random inclusion eliminates injuries. In order for the chain to rotate, you need to unlock the power button with the thumb and only then press it.

Chain brake stops the saw. It is located on top of the tool and made in the form of a shield. If the saw discards the saw from the workpiece, you automatically press it with your hand.

Thanks to the system protection system, the saw stops working when the engine reaches a critical temperature.

Closing a chain stretch: you manually pull the handle so that the chain does not sag. It does not need a key or screwdriver.

Automatic lubrication of the chain. The oil pump works with the saw engine. There is no need to manually supplier the oil on the chain or dip the entire tire in grease.

Tundra’s electrical chain saw of random inclusion

Conclusion: which drank is better and why?

To say for sure, which type of chain saw is better. Electric or gasoline. Cannot be accurate, since these tools are good for a variety of tasks. And it depends on these tasks what saw to choose. Further. The main goals and objectives for which benzo and electrical saws are used, they will help you make a choice in favor of a particular model.

Tasks for which it will be useful to the electric saw:

  • Periodic use of an electrical saw is good for household purposes, for example, in order to cut small boards, beams, repair work in the barn, garage, chicken coop, installing the fence on the site;
  • Construction work, the creation of structures using wood. Shed, bath, sauna, gazebo, wooden shops;
  • Logging work;
  • Cutting dry branches, thinning vegetation in small areas (you can use battery electrode models for greater mobility);
  • Processing of an electric saw tree inside closed rooms, as well as rooms with poor ventilation (even work in basements, pantries, on balconies is allowed).

The tasks for which the chainsaws will be useful:

  • Intensive loads, for example, a roll of forest, cut large logs;
  • Construction work using wood, wooden beams;
  • Sawing wooden structures, work in furniture industries;
  • Work in open areas, in remoteness from any residential premises (forest, taiga, summer cottages, forest plantations);
  • Low power chainsaws are well adapted for use in everyday life, including for bubbles of firewood, cutting dry branches from trees, cutting a shrub, thinning of advanced vegetation in summer cottages, a cut of reeds;
  • The work of Benzo with a saw helps out in the conditions of weak electric networks (with voltage drops, the operation of powerful electrical devices, such as an electric saw, is undesirable for electric networks and wiring).

Before buying and the final choice of a chainsaw or electric engine, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the materials of thematic forums, the opinions and reviews of Benzo owners or electrical saws about specific devices, manufacturers.

Power Source is the main distinguishing feature

Since the electrical saw is powered by electricity, the use of a tool of this type is possible only in places where it is possible to connect to the mains. It is convenient to work at home with such a tool, during construction. When working with electric saw complexity, it can arise when it is necessary to carry out work not only in the immediate vicinity of the house, but also to process the entire site.

For unhindered movement with a tool along the area for external work, you will need to purchase an extension cord a length of a few tens of meters

In addition, with active movement, for example, during trimming of fruit trees, it is necessary to ensure that the cord from the power tool does not get confused underfoot and does not fall under the work of the saw.

Electric saw is more intended for construction work: it is convenient to cut a tree along and saw thin boards. Slices from the electric saw are flat and smooth.

Thanks to the main feature of chainsaws. Mobility, they are an indispensable tool on foresters. Comfortable tools can be used in almost any position

The main trump card of the chainsaw is autonomy. Basil will become a convenient help in the farm of the countryside, the power surge in which are far from rare phenomenon. Owners practicing sorties to nature in order to organize outdoor activities: a picnic, expedition, hunting or fishing, they can always take a convenient tool with them in the trunk of a car.

Electric saw or chainsaw: advantages and disadvantages

Everyone who is going to a construction hypermarket behind a chain saw has a choice. A tool working on electricity or gasoline. The RMNT website has chosen the main advantages and disadvantages of electric and chainsaws to help you make the right choice and buy a tool thoughtfully.

RMNT portal.Ru has already given professional advice on choosing a chain saw. However, the questions remained. Therefore, to begin with, find out the main advantages and disadvantages of electric chain saws.

  • Easy in circulation and simple design. The electric engine does not have a gas tank, she just does not need him. There are also no carburetor and air filters. Instead of a starter, a stator. In general, electric saws are easier, so it is easier to work with them, hands are not so tired.
  • No need to pull the starting cable, you just have to insert the fork into the outlet and the engine will start right away, without any effort.
  • Electric saws can work indoors.
  • No need to buy and refuel fuel, additional savings.
  • The price of electric saws is significantly lower than gasoline.
  • You are attached to the length of the wire and the source of electricity, there is no mobility, you won’t go to the forest with an electric saw.
  • The oil for the chain will still have to fill.
  • You can’t work under the snow and in the rain.
  • Electricity in the country can be turned off unexpectedly, work will stop.

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws.

  • Autonomy. He filled the gas tank completely with the fuel, took the canister with him with a margin and went to the forest, to the farthest corner of the site. Anywhere.
  • High performance. Gasoline engines are powerful, so it is precisely these saws that use professional lumberjacks.
  • Gasoline engines, more reliable electric, last longer.
  • Easily cope with thick trees trunks.
  • Noise and exhaust. Work in the room will not work, you will suffocate.
  • Weigh a lot, the design is complex.
  • It will be difficult for a beginner to master the work with a chainsaw, quickly start the engine, be able to prepare the optimal fuel mixture.
  • It is difficult to start a gasoline engine in the cold season.
  • In case of breakdown, you will have to go to the workshop. However, the home master, most likely, will also not cope with the repair of electric saws, so this drawback is common.

We state: the electric saw should be chosen if you need to work indoors, on the construction site where there is electricity, harvest wood for the fireplace and furnace next to the source of electricity or periodically perform work in the garden, where the extension cord will definitely reach. For more volumetric work on sites where there is simply no power supply, of course, you need to choose a mobile chainsaw.

Recall that electric cars are cheaper both when buying and during operation, so if you have no problems with electricity and you are not going to bring down trees in the forest. This is a good choice.

As for popular manufacturers of electrical and chainsaws, among them Makita, Stihl, Vitals, Bosch, Greenworks, Hyundai, Yamamoto, Zadry, Patriot, Interskol. On average begin with 3 thousand for an electric saw and with 4 thousand for models with a gasoline engine.

As for the batteries, which, it would seem, have all the advantages of both electric and gasoline models, as they differ in mobility, there are questions with them. In particular, the batteries are more expensive than usual ones, weigh more due to the presence of batteries. In addition, the tool will still be discharged, perhaps the work will have to stop at the most inopportune moment. Yes, and there are batteries that sooner or later have to change, not cheap.

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