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Pile saw. A saw disk tool designed for cutting wooden, plastic or metal blanks at a given angle with maximum accuracy. The device is widely used for the quick manufacture of the same type of blanks.

The end saws are highly accurate, so they are used for cutting chasing products in manufacture:

Depending on the configuration, the saw can be used for sawing wood, plastic, aluminum profiles and pipes, as well as almost any long steel products.


How the end saw works and works

The main nodes are:

The bed is the power part of the device, to which the remaining nodes are attached. It also has blanks for the saw. A cutting head with a saw disk is attached to the bed with a hinge. The main feature of the end saw is that it uses a pendulum mount of the cutting part. It is a swinging rocker. That is, the disk with the head falls on the sawing workpiece, before this properly positioned at the right angle.

The saw disk is fixed directly to the gear shaft, or the belt transmission associated with the electric motor. Electric motors used in end saws are characterized by high speed set. Due to this, the device is launched almost instantly immediately before the sawing of the arranged workpiece. This, in turn, ensures a higher level of security. In addition, part of the saw disk from the operator is closed with a protective casing to minimize the likelihood of contact with body parts or clothing.

Functions and opportunities

End saws have constructive differences among themselves. Budget devices are greatly simplified, therefore, they are designed only to perform basic functionality. Expensive professional end saws make it possible to perform similar actions faster and more speed, and also have opportunities that more simple models do not have.

The end saw can have the following functionality:

  • Turning the table.
  • Tilt cut.
  • Broach.
  • Upper table.
  • Laser.
  • Backlight.
  • Dust removal.
  • Electronic signs.

What type of saw do I need for which job?

The table on which the blanks are located during sawing has a rotation mechanism. Due to this, the positioning of the parts is carried out at one angle. Most often, saws are used to drink parts under 45 ° and 90 °. Any basic model is capable of this. Professional devices have the possibility of wider adjustment with a step of 1 °.

Very useful for the end saw is the function of inclined cut. It consists in the fact that the head with a saw disk can bend directly to the sawing part at an angle. In combination with the turn of the table, this allows you to get a cut with two bevels. It should be noted that most of the amateur.Level saw is possible only one way. In professional, it is regulated in both directions. Yet you can do even having a slope in one direction, simply turning the workpiece. But in this case, free space is required on both sides of the end saw. When it is installed in the corner, then turning the long workpiece may not work. In this case, the possibility of slope of the saw in 2 sides fully solves a similar problem.

Crouping saws are used for cutting blanks at a straight and oblique angle, cutting under an angle, and some models are able to perform a combined cut (simultaneously at an angle and under an angle).

Processing of workpieces on end equipment today is one of the key stages of manufacture of absolutely any wooden parts and products for any final type of production of wood products. Poles saws in baguette workshops, furniture workshops are used.

Saws with a sawable saw disk can be effectively used for processing various blanks not only from wood, it is possible to work with plastic and non.Ferrous metal, usually with aluminum. Building finishing materials from such raw materials are used for finishing work indoors. Top saws working with metal are very often used in industries for the manufacture of window frames from a whole profile.

Although the end saw has a rather narrow specialization, it is almost universally used on construction sites. The secret of its popularity lies in the ease, speed and high accuracy of the work performed. Any finisor will confirm that it is very difficult to perform a cut of an expensive lacquered platband or skirting board with high accuracy, cleanliness and without the formation of chips. And what to do if it has a complex profile or you need an angle excellent from 45 degrees, or in different planes? It is the end of the saw that helps to cope with these tasks without any problems, with high speed and accuracy.

The end saw is perfect not only for performing corner nozzles. You can install the rotary mechanism of the saw in the zero position and at right angles to handle any small blanks: parquet board, laminate, wooden lining, cashing, window and door boxes, dobes, bosses, aluminum profiles, transition thresholds, products from composite materials, specialized plastic.

The main selection criteria

Before starting the choice of a end saw, you need to know what structural elements and parameters should pay priority attention. Consider the main criteria for choosing a good “end” in more detail.

Engine’s type

In modern pendulum saws, three types of electric motors can be used. Each constructive solution has its pros and cons:

  • Asynchronous engine. Differs in reliability, efficiency and low noise level. However, such a solution has one serious drawback: the slight power and speed of rotation of the rotor with a significant mass. That is why most manufacturers do not equip household models with asynchronous power plants;
  • Collector engine. Has an ideal power ratio to mass.Body indicators. Such power plants are easier to implement a control system and stabilization of revolutions. The frequency of rotation of the collector engine shaft can easily exceed 10 thousand. Rpm. It was not without minuses: a limited resource of brushes, a high noise level, overheating of the anchor at increased loads;
  • Bingle.Collar engine. It is a certain symbiosis of collector and asynchronous technology. In such a motor, the weakest link, which are brushes, is replaced by an electronic unit. Such power plants have incorporated all the advantages of classical technologies: high power with a small mass, noiselessness, intransigence to maintenance, high reliability indicators. The only drawback of endings with a bastard engine is a high cost, which is more than paying off for a long life of the tool.

Asynchronous engine Collector engine Burning Engine

Type of gearbox

Taking the choice of a suitable end saw, you should definitely pay attention to the design of the gearbox. The second most important element of the cutting node of any “end”. This element is a link between the power plant and the saw disk. Two types of gearboxes are used on this tool:

End saw with gear gear end saw with belt gear

Reducer’s gear gears are reliable and durable. Without slippage, they transmit torque from the engine rotor with a spindle of the saw disk. However, when the gear fails (tooth breakdown at excessive load), it will require replacing the entire gearbox, or expensive repair of this node.

The belt transmission also has a lot of disadvantages: it is possible to slip the belt on the shafts, a fairly quick wear due to a high friction coefficient. Nevertheless, manufacturers of pendulum saws widely use below gearboxes in their products. Thanks to this design, manufacturers managed to reduce the wear of the bearings caused by vibration, which partially smooths out the belt transmission. The flying belt is easy to install in place, it is enough just to replace yourself with a critical wear. In addition, when the disk is jammed, the belt is slipping on the shafts, which will save the engine windings from overheating and expensive nodes from destruction.

Saw wheels

Answering yourself the question of which model of the end saw is better to buy, you should decide on its purpose and operating conditions. In other words, any disc is suitable for working with wood. If it is supposed to use ends to process various materials, a very important point is a correctly selected equipment that varies:

  • External diameter. Depending on the model, sawing disks with a diameter of 210, 250 and 305 mm can be used in endings. Circles of smaller and larger diameter are quite rare, since they are designed for specialized equipment, which rarely appears in free sale;
  • A landing hole, the diameter of which can be 25 or 30 mm;
  • Material. Saw boards are monolithic and carbide. The first is made of high.Carbon steel, which tends to quickly “sit down”. You can sharpen such a disc yourself without using specialized equipment. The carbide cutting tool is equipped with winning attacks that hold sharpening perfectly;

Monolithic (left) and carbide (right) disk

Power and number of revolutions

The engine power in endings, depending on the model, can vary from 0.8 to 2.5 kW. Low.Power models are often used for short work with a small diameter equipment. The maximum power is characteristic of a professional tool, which, with appropriate equipment, can cope with almost any materials. Optimal for household endings is considered a power of 1.5-1.8 kW.

The number of speeds of the saw disk affects the quality of the cut and the productivity of the device. In most modern models, this parameter is in the range from 3200 to 6 thousand. Rpm.

Important! The best models of end saws are equipped with a system for adjusting the speed of equipment.


How to choose the optimal weight and dimensions of the end saw on wood? You should know that there is a dependence between the power of the technique and its mass.Body indicators. The higher the power of the model and the larger diameter of the equipment, the greater the dimensions and weight of the tool. That is why you should not chase overhead models if it is not supposed to use the tool for professional purposes.

Vorskla PMZ-90-255

Recently managed to test such a saw a little. Despite the style of the name (fashionable now), a purebred Chinese appeared before me, in a sense analogue LS 1040.

The feeling from this end, as if you transplant from a foreign car to the Zhiguli-it seems to go, but somehow it is not very good. The most important thing is the backlash in the settings, so the high accuracy of the cut is simply unattainable. The details of the engine body and the control button are rudely made, well, that’s okay, if only it does not break. The protective casing interferes a little to work (it was removed by the owner). The engine is powerful. 2100 watts, which is as much as 450 watts more than Makita, it is at the same speed (4500 about./min.). It works louder, but not more productive, heated well. It requires regular breaks. Sawdust stubbornly fly past the vacuum cleaner. The presence of a long mechanism is pleasing, you can cut the workpiece somewhere around 30 widths. True, the console moves tight. There is no smooth start, there is no disc brake after turning off. Otherwise, everything is tolerable. It’s still difficult to say something about the durability of this device, since the copy has not yet been really checked in battle.

If the PMZ-90-255 does not sprinkle under load, you can recommend it as an option for home use, where superiority is not needed, and the speed of the saw is at the forefront. The price of such a machine is about 170–180, that is, instead of Makita LS 1040, you can buy two and a half Vorskla PMZ-90-255.

Tips for choosing a end saw

Now let’s touch on the recommendations for optimal investment in equipment. The tips posted below before buying an instrument are required to read to each potential user.

For empty and short actions, select household equipment according to the following parameters:

For constant work, it is recommended to purchase professional equipment. Optimal parameters for him:

The more powerful the engine, the less it will be heated in the process, the more significant the tools of the tools will be, respectively, the larger the disk that can be made with your own hand. This may be needed if it is necessary to replace.

Some disks indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the cut material or its types (for pipes, sheets or profiles). It is also worth paying attention to this.

Saw models equipped with a spacious canvas for larger and comfortable work are more expensive, but cutting metal on such units is incomparably more convenient. When choosing, when choosing, the presence of a cut depth limiter is also welcomed when choosing. This way you can choose the optimal groove for the processing of the workpiece in width.

Decide whether you need in your work or in the future such options as a broach, laser backlight and similar. If their need or probable demand is not assumed, then there is no need to overpay for more equipped modifications of models. If the disk does not cover the protective casing during operation, you should know, this is the worst version of the tool, since it is dangerous to work on it.

The wider the workpieces that are supposed to cut the metal with the end, the wider the disk diameter should be.

It is necessary from several models suitable in all parameters to select the one that weighs less, this will help save more strength and get less tired in the process. Of course, this will affect the cost. Lighter analogues and higher are valued, however, believe me, it’s worth it.

Choosing a saw disk for a end saw

The quality of the cut depends on the characteristics of the end saw and the cutting part. Disks for saws distinguish:

The landing hole or the internal diameter of the disk is usually 3 cm. The value of the external diameter can be 21, 25 or 30 mm. This indicator is indicated in the characteristic of the tool and on the front surface of the disk. When choosing the parameters of the cutting product, you should pay attention to the engine for which the specific size of the disk is selected. For powerful engines, it is impractical to use large discs. As a result, you can get a poor.Quality and inaccurate cut.

Homemade machines and devices for home workshop

Descriptions and technologies for the manufacture of useful designs for the arrangement of a garage workshop, recommendations.

The larger the external diameter, the more teeth are located on it, and therefore, the load on each of them is less. This suggests that large discs have a longer period of operation. It is advisable to use disks with a small number of teeth for longitudinal cut, with maximum. For transverse. On the surface of any disc is indicated its labeling, maximum rotation speed, direction of rotation and compatibility with the tool.

The saw disk must be selected by going from the power of the tool

Helpful advice! For high.Quality and durable operation of the disk, the proportionality of its size and thickness must be observed. Otherwise, frequent breakdowns are inevitable.

Disco’s teeth design for end wood saw

The quality of processing of products is affected by size, sharpening, geometry and material of the diesage. The smaller the size of the teeth, the better and accurately the cut is obtained. This is especially important for laminate and varnished or painted wood. For rough processing, you can use disks with a small number of large teeth. They are used for cutting plywood and soft wood.

On the saw disk you can find recommendations for its use

For processing plastic and composites, it is better to choose wheels with trapezoidal teeth or with an attack “Triple chips”. For solid wood, it is advisable to use products with teeth with carbide attacks of tungsten carbide or cobalt alloy. For cutting wood-brown stove, plywood and veneers are preferable to the discs with attacks by ATS.

Helpful advice! To obtain high.Quality cut in products from valuable wood, combined discs should be used, where several beveled teeth alternate with one cleaned.

The geometry of the teeth indicates the nature of the cut. Depending on this, discs are distinguished for longitudinal, transverse cuts or for finishing and neat processing. Some disks for prolonged work have thin cuts and smooth lines, thanks to which the temperature deformation of the circle is compensated and the noise level is reduced when the tool is working. The surface of the teeth should be smooth, without a zabrin, and the edge should be quite sharp. Discs are made of heat.Treated steel with composite surfaces.

Sawing circles for cutting must be selected based on the thickness and type of material

Power and number of revolutions

When choosing a saw, you should pay attention to its power and speed of rotation of the cutting part of the tool. These parameters are closely interconnected. The greater the power of the device, the higher the speed of the dusty disk speed.

The life of more powerful devices is slightly higher than that of analogues with a lower indicator. The standard power value is 1.6 kW. This value is quite enough to perform any kind of task. However, many modern models have a capacity of 1.8 kW. But this directly increases the weight of the unit and complicates the work with the tool. In addition, powerful models require good wiring, so that when the saw, there are no short circuits and there are no interruptions with the supply of electricity.

The number of revolutions that the disk affects the quality of the cut. The more this value, the more careful and cleaner it will turn out. Modern models have built.In the function of adjusting the number of revolutions, which is convenient for processing a specific type of material.

The life of professional models of end saws is slightly higher than household devices

Laser and electronic equipment

In rare cases, the end saw with the length has electronic elements. However, there are models that are characterized by the presence of electronic regulation of rotation speed. Thanks to this, there is a great opportunity to control the work process.

In the modern world, many manufacturers strive for perfection and innovation, therefore, the most daring and expensive ideas are increasingly introducing. For example, laser tip in a saw is an optional, but very useful and expensive option.

With the help of a laser, a clear fishing line for a cutting trimmer is drawn. This function is especially necessary for inexperienced masters.

Features of combined end plates

The combined design involves the possibility of using a end saw not only for ending, t.E. Transverse cuts of lumber, as well as longitudinal cuts inherent in circular saw. The main feature of the combined devices is the presence of a mechanism for turning the saw disk from one position to another located in the perpendicular plane to the initial.

The advantages of combined models are:

  • Expansion of functionality;
  • Lack of need to purchase two types of equipment;
  • Ease of transformation from one position to another when performing work of various orientations;
  • Compactness and mobility.

The main disadvantage of such devices is the small depth of drinking material processed with respect to a narrow orientation models.

Combined model in circular sawing mode

When installing on the end saw with the length of a special saw disk, its functionality can be expanded. In this case, the user receives a universal end, which can be used for sawing metal and plastic, ceramics and stone.

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Security measures

High.Speed cutting tool with electric power is source of increased danger. In order to preserve the life and health of people, as well as material values, it is necessary to carefully comply with safety requirements.

Personal protective equipment when working with a end saw

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  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the installation before starting work on the absence of mechanical damage and reliability of fastening of the saw parts to each other and to the bed.
  • It is prohibited to work on an untouched tool.
  • Do not clutter up the working area. There should be a free passage to the unit, there is enough space for installing and removing blanks, as well as for working operations.
  • Strictly observe the materials and dimensions of the blanks permissible for work on this model.
  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment: protective glasses or a transparent shield, respirator, protective gloves, strong and not torn work clothes.
  • When working on machines, it is unacceptable to wear rings and chains.
  • Comply with other requirements specified in the user manual.

It is important to understand that the minute saved on compliance with safety requirements can cost health or even life.

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