Excavator with your own hands from a power tiller

Blueprints are no problem

After calculating your finances and deciding on the possibilities, you have nevertheless decided to build an excavator yourself? A great solution, creative fun will be assured!

And the next step will be the drawings of a self-made mini excavator.

To build your own drawings you should have engineering skills, calculation skills. Here it will be important to trace every detail, to make all calculations.

You can use the Internet. resources, because if you know exactly what kind of mini excavator you will do. to find drawings on the Internet will not be so difficult.

Drawings trailed mini excavator will be much easier and simpler than a self-contained excavator, in the manufacture of which there are much more parts and components.

Other excavators on a site: EKG-5A, EO 3322, EO 3323, ЕK 270, a walking excavator, draglaine, a trench excavator, a mini excavator Landformer.

The finishing touches

As you can see, it is possible to make a mini-excavator, it is enough to apply a little effort. In principle, after the above steps of assembly, homemade machinery is ready to use. Working in comfort: canopy or small cab with metal sheeting. Install a car seat inside. If you plan to work in the dark, it makes sense to think about lighting.

Before you start assembling, it might be better to buy a ready-made mini excavator? Homemade versions are not much cheaper, and require a certain skill to assemble.

One horse, two horses

What to do with “horses”? The question is reasonable, and the answer lies in the objectives and the work that you will implement on the mini excavator, made by their own hands. What exactly you will dig depends on the calculation of forces on the boom lifting-lowering hydraulic cylinders and the crank rotation, then the speed of the links and the piston movement in the cylinders is determined. Usually 8 to 13 horsepower is more than enough.

Search for necessary equipment or spare parts became even easier leave your request and you will be called back.

Before you start the construction

Before making a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a power tiller, from an old transport, clarify the subtleties. You can make a cross-country vehicle on the basis of a caterpillar or pneumatic wheels. A tracked machine is not difficult to drive. this is important to take into account. You need to understand where, under what conditions will you use the device, as well as how many people, how much weight the vehicle can carry without damage. Further it is possible to develop:

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Simple homemade mini excavator with their own hands: illusion or reality?

Compact construction equipment, is very popular. Small size, economical fuel consumption, while retaining the functionality of a full-fledged model. Excavators are no exception. Small-sized earthmoving machinery, optimally suited for small construction companies, utilities and private individuals.

Thanks to the wide range of attachments, the mini-excavator is able to perform a large list of works. But here there is one problem: such models cost from 300 000, so not everyone can afford such a purchase. What to do in this case? There is only one way out: to design a mini-excavator with their own hands.

Minitractor from a power tiller with their own hands

The desire to have a fully-fledged “iron horse” is inherent in any agrarian, for all its advantages, motor blocks are not a full-fledged substitute for a tractor. It is one thing to “run” in the field for a power tiller, and quite another. to cultivate the soil sitting at the wheel of a mini-tractor.

Description and technical characteristics of the JCB 5CX.

On this page you will find a detailed review of the tractor T-40.

Portable petrol power tree planting digging machines

Adapter to a power tiller with steering: drawings, dimensions.

Getting to know mini tractors from a power tiller with your own hands

But the cost of a mini-tractor is quite high. Therefore, the desire of many farmers to create their own minitractor from everything they have at home is understandable.

Today the construction of tractors of their own design can be done in two ways: the creation of equipment from parts of cars or agricultural machinery or modernization of motor tractors to minitractors. The latter are already called mototractors.

The popularity of this design movement is evidenced by the abundance of participants in specialized forums and groups in social networks.

Home made tractor.

Where everyone can share their experiences in creating a mini-tractor from a power tiller with their own hands. Here you can get acquainted with the drawings of a mini-tractor from the tiller with his hands, to discuss the most important technical details or view photos or videos of mini-tractor with his hands.

To date, power tillers are represented in three categories:

  • completely self-made;
  • Modernized mototractors to the level of a minitractor with the use of factory sets;
  • factory tractors made on the basis of power tillers.

Minitractor with their own hands

When converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor all kinds of parts and mechanisms that are at the hand of an amateur designer are used. Often such models are made, what is called “by eye”, without prior calculation. Despite the fact that drawings of mototractors from a motoblock are available on the Internet with their own hands, each master has his own original model as a result. The main disadvantage of such mototractors is the use of catches from machinery created to perform other tasks, not related to agriculture. First of all it concerns gearboxes, which are removed from cars. And it’s not always possible to talk about comfort of work on such a tractor. Nevertheless, those wishing to remake their single axle tractor in a mini tractor only increases.

That would be correct, without violations to perform the conversion of the car, we recommend to read the list of documents that need to provide to the traffic police.

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Plan of making a mini-tractor from a Neva power tiller.

On our site you can also learn how to make a homemade crawler all-terrain vehicle.

This link will tell you all about the biggest tractors in the world.

With the help of the factory

The demand for modernization of motor blocks has found an echo both directly with their manufacturers and companies which have production capabilities to create kits for modification of motor blocks.

The easiest way to bring your single axle tractor closer to the image of a tractor is to purchase an adapter. a two wheeled cart with a seat for the driver, a powerful drawbar and an attachment for coupling trailed equipment.

excavator, your, hands, power, tiller

A complete set usually includes the frame, footpegs with pedals, brake system, complete steering column, and front beam with hubs and brake discs. The delivery also includes a rear linkage with a hoist (usually manual) and on customer request an electric hoist.

With this kit, you can assemble a mini-tractor with a welding machine, locksmith’s tool and wrenches. It is also necessary to worry about the wheels for the future “iron horse”. it can be the wheels from a car or similar from a power tiller.

Simpler but more expensive

To not puzzle over how to make a tractor out of the tiller with his own hands, you can buy a ready-made tractor factory produced by the manufacturer.

They are distinguished by a more advanced design than the first two versions, as well as the presence of all the necessary nodes for agricultural machinery. The cost of such a unit is lower than that of a mini-tractor, but it is higher than to make it on their own from a factory set.

Types and features of mini excavators

Mini excavators can be crawler or wheeled. Crawler mini-excavators are a scaled-down copy of crawler excavators. They differ only in a short turning platform and different types of tracks, which can be rubber and steel. Thanks to the rubber tracks it is possible to protect the surface of asphalt and turf from damage.

Wheel Hoes

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Mini crawler excavators have a double-sided automatic gearbox. The advantages of these machines are their small size and ease of operation, making them capable of working in hard-to-reach places. They have low ground pressure and good stability. The disadvantages include low travel speed and shallow digging depth. With this technique can not use a number of additional equipment, such as: a trencher and loading bucket.

Mini wheeled excavators are small machines on wheeled. They are used for all kinds of excavation work in a small confined space. In most cases they are used in laying utilities, as well as near buildings where the use of oversized equipment is impossible. This type of mini excavator is used to create dams and dikes, for digging trenches and pits, transporting and reloading lumpy and loose building materials.

Where to Start?

Of course, with the visualization. Lest the problems associated with the further operation of the mini excavator, created with their own hands, and buried forever your time and labor, to create it, you must approach with a clear understanding of what to do and how to do. After all, having bought a lot of spare parts, having spent countless hours and efforts, one will hardly want to realize that his “handicraft” turned out to be more expensive than the production unit, but less effective. After weighing all the pros and cons, the first thing you need to arm yourself with is a drawing. You can either buy it on foreign sites, or look it up on Runet. If you go looking for the information you need on foreign websites, remember that, for example, the American system of measurement uses inches, not meters. Don’t forget to convert from one measure to another!

Then to all this you need to attach your ingenuity, skillful hands and a set of necessary parts. But first things first.

Finding blueprints

When manufacturing, you need to choose a specific scheme, according to which the special equipment will be assembled. As a basis, we take factory drawings, but reduced in size drawings of such excavators as “Belarus” or self-made excavator for MTZ. You can also use ready-made diagrams and sketches, according to which folk craftsmen made their self-made. Having obtained the drawings of a particular design, it is necessary to make an estimate. According to it you will be able to understand how much money will be needed to purchase consumables and spare parts for making an excavator with your own hands.

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