Full-drive adapters for power tillers with our own hands

Rating of best adapters to a power tiller for 2022

When working in rural areas in 2022 it’s almost impossible to do without small tools, such as motor blocks or mini-tractors, which are actively used by farmers as a light truck. In addition to the power tiller, for convenient movement of the operator, an adapter is used. a two-wheeled trailer, which is attached to the outside.

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In this rating we will consider the best adapters for Moto-Block in 2022, and explain how to make such a device by yourself, what they are in principle, and what to look for when buying.

What adapter designs exist?

With this attachment you can greatly simplify the use of a power tiller. After all, it serves as a transitional link that connects the unit itself with other functional elements: nozzles for planting and plowing potatoes, plows, plow Installing the equipment can be fully automated frugal-horticultural works. For example, when using special equipment with attachments you can increase the operating speed from 5 to 10 km / h.

There are several varieties of adapters. In general, the design is a cart attached to the back of the power tiller, equipped with a comfortable seat

Some models are equipped with a lever for lifting, which greatly simplifies the mechanism control and movement of the machine on the site. Other adapters, in addition to agricultural work, can also be used for transporting loads. They have a special body. Depending on their function, the adapters can have short or long drawbars. The short drawbar models are for light tillers and the long drawbar models are for heavier machines.

There are telescopic drawbar models and models with adjustable track width.

Adapters are fixed to the power tiller with a single enlarged coupling, which consists of two parts: the first part is necessary for attaching the equipment to the machine. The second serves as an adjustable adapter between the equipment and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of implements used at the same time adapters are equipped with a double universal coupling.

What kinds of adapters to a power tiller?

Externally, the design of the adapter is a small frame with two wheels, foot platform, drawbar and seat for the operator. Equipping a single-axle tractor with such “updates”, you actually turn it into a mini-tractor. to work becomes much more convenient, faster and easier, and the ability to adjust the seat will make the work more comfortable.

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There are several kinds of adapters for single axle tractors. In order to buy or make the most suitable for you variant, you should get acquainted with all kinds of this equipment.

According to the type of coupling adapters are divided into adapters with steering and movable joint. Depending on the location. on front adapters and rear adapters.

You can also distinguish into a separate classification adapters for the purpose of use: with a long drawbar for powerful large power tillers, with a shortened. for small light units.

Steering adapter

This type is on a rigid articulation with a power tiller. The steering is represented by a separate unit, and both rear and front wheels are available.

The single-axle tractor becomes practically a self-propelled machine, which is simple and easy to control, almost no different from motorcycles or cars.

adapters, power, tillers, hands

Setting up the multifunction model

To make a multifunctional device, you need to prepare:

Such an adapter is a multifunctional model. It can be used for basic agricultural work and transportation of goods over uneven terrain over short distances. Can be outfitted with such implements as a plow, harrow, hoe, or potato picker. In the winter months, you can attach a snow scraper to the adapter.

The main elements of the equipment are: the frame and hitches, as well as the wheel set and seats

The process of making an adapter at home consists of several stages.

Step #1. making a kinematic diagram

To ensure the equilibrium of the structure and to prevent additional overloads at the design stage it is necessary to make a kinematic scheme. It can be made by yourself or use a ready-made version.

This scheme is designed for making an adapter designed to work on the “Neva” power tiller

The preparatory stage of making the adapter

The adapter has a simple design, but the procedure for making it can not be called simple. Initially, you need to take into account the drawings and dimensions, which will help to create a device without defects.

It is necessary to acquire the following materials and tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • Welding;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • With a file;
  • With an angle piece;
  • A sheet of steel with a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • With several square tubes with a diameter of one inch;
  • Attachment set.
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The key elements of the construction are made as follows

  • Coupler. Mounted on the frame and bolted. Coupling is two welded pieces of square pipe and a piece of water pipe. The latter is inserted into the rod with a welded tee;
  • The assembly for securing the wheels. Two pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. The horizontal piece is inserted into the mounting tube and securely fastened with a bolt. On the vertical piece is mounted axle and bearings with wheels.

When all the tools are prepared, the main parts are made, you can assemble the adapter.

  • monitor fuel quality.
  • control the direction of the blades when installing the canopies for cultivation.
  • Close the air supply when starting the cooled unit.
  • Limit revolutions when warming up the motor.

Controlling your power tiller with an adapter makes light work of cultivating the farmland, mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.

Small agricultural equipment such as power tillers, cultivators, and mini-tractors make it much easier for people to. But in the pursuit of perfection, even such units are subjected to modernization. In particular, manufacturers or owners themselves equip them with adapters. special seats that make using such equipment more comfortable and less energy-consuming. There are power tillers already equipped with such a device, but there are also models without it. But an adapter with steering control or with a movable joint can be made by our own hands. How to properly perform this work will be described in detail below.

Adapter for power tiller: purpose and types of factory designs

Any attachment used in the operation of a power tiller, including “Zubr”, “Kaskad” and “Neva” models, has characteristic design features. The factory attachment on the Neva single-axle tractor allows you to do things like harrow, cultivate, dip, dig and mow grass. Currently, there are several varieties of adapters, which are represented by the following parts:

To attach it to the power tiller the usual hitch is used. The second module allows you to connect the coupling mechanism and attachments, resulting in increased functionality up to the level of a mini-tractor. These adapters combine good quality and affordability.

The most popular are the following types of such units:

  • Model “AM-2” for various agricultural works on homestead plots. Special frame and mechanism for the attachment allows comfortable and easy use. Convenient turning device helps to easily move the single-axle tractor around the site. Dimensions of the adapter is 160x75x127 cm with a weight of 55 kg and a working speed of not more than 3 km / h;
  • Model “APM-350-1” can be used as a seat for driving short distances or for additional attachments, represented by a plow, a pair of dipsticks, potato planters and potato weeders. Connected by a frame with a pair of SU-4 locks. The series is equipped with a pedal for the attached implements and a handle to change the position. Dimensions of the adapter is 160×70 cm at a working speed of 2-5 km / hr;
  • The front adapter is characterized by the coupling mechanism, which is located behind. Rear mounting method is very convenient. This design is completely demountable, which greatly simplifies further transportation.
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Keep in mind that universal adapter is most often equipped with counterweight, as well as weights, hubs, plow and potato harrow.

Algorithm of action

To begin assembling additional equipment for a motor cultivator, you will need a drawing, according to which the attachment elements and the construction of fragments will be made. If you have special skills and experience self-made adapter to a single-axle tractor and drawing can be done by yourself. In case of fear of making a mistake, you should take ready-made drawings. Before constructing it is recommended to check and verify the correspondence of dimensions and figures.

Tools and consumables:

  • metal corners, square profile;
  • bearings for the steering wheel and column;
  • Sheets of metal;
  • a pair of wheels, preferably on an axle;
  • drills, electrodes, discs for angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • wrenches of various sizes;
  • electric welding machine;
  • lubricating compositions. solidol;
  • angle grinder;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • drill.

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to make a selection of kinematic scheme, which provides indicators of equilibrium of the entire structure. Overload prevention should also be provided. It is recommended to use ready-made drawings of an adapter with a steering wheel to a motor block.

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