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Best inexpensive gasoline trimmers-rating for 2022

Updated: 05.05.2022 gasoline trimmer for grass is a type of garden technique for mowing vegetation. The device is able to cope with different grass, dried, young shoots of trees and shrubs. Unlike traditional lawn mowers, this is a more universal tool. It works both in open, even, and in hard.To.Reach areas, with uneven relief.

With the help of a gasoline trimmer for grass (lawn mowing), you can perform diverse tasks. Maintain order on the site of a private house, care for flower beds and lawns, garden and garden. Use for hay harvesting, away from housing. The design of the device allows you to effectively remove grass along the borders, buildings, under trees and other places of complicated places for other technology.

The device of the lawn mower is quite simple. Consists of a gasoline engine, a long bar with a gearbox, control handle. Engine and gearbox, in most cases, are located at the opposite ends of the bar. Additionally, the tool is equipped with fasteners and various cutting nozzles.

The main advantage of the gasoline device is autonomy and ease of work. It does not depend on the availability of a power grid as an electric. Managing a trimmer without a wired connection is much more comfortable.

The disadvantages include increased noise during operation, the presence of exhaust gases, more complex maintenance (compared to electric).

Classified gasoline trimmers for grass according to several signs.

Inexpensive household models, thanks to the affordable cost, the most popular segment represented by a wide range. Among the best devices, it is really possible to choose an option that will successfully cope with the tasks.

For an inexpensive trimmer for grass, the following characteristics are important:

    Engine type and power. The engine of most models is two.Stroke. Advantages: the use of a cheaper fuel mixture does not need a separate lubricant. Compact than four.Stroke does not weight a braid. Among the disadvantages are less resource, power, smell of burning when burning oil, the need to prepare a mixture.

By power, trimmers for grass can be divided into groups:

  • Up to 1 liter.With. (horse force). Effective for rare use and small volumes of work.
  • 1-2 l.With. For more large.Scale tasks and long.Term work: processing the average in size of the site, for hay harvesting and other.
  • Than 2 liters.With. For long.Term work in large areas.
  • Whole and collapsible. The first is more reliable. The second more convenient for transportation.
  • Direct and curved. Straightforward, withstands greater power. Curved is considered ergonomic, hands get tired less.
  • A reel with a fishing line. It is more convenient for semi.Automatic coils in which the fishing line feeds when the button is pressed with a blow to the ground. A fishing line for a trimmer can have a different diameter and shape. The more powerful the device, the greater the permissible thickness of the fishing line and better cutting properties.
  • Form (profile) can be round, square, stellar, twisted. Included with inexpensive devices usually there is a round fishing line for a trimmer suitable for lawn grass. With the help of a thick star fishing line, it is good to cut off thick grass and shoots in hard.To.Reach places.
  • Metal knife, or disk, cuts off tall, thick grass, shoots of bushes and trees. The knife can have 2, 3, 4 and 8 blades affecting the effectiveness of the cut. Nozzle of this type “does not like” obstacles in the form of stones, borders, etc., Too uneven relief.

The cost of the device depends on the combination and the presence of certain characteristics, quality of materials, brand-producer.

Presenting a rating of inexpensive gasoline trimmers 2022. The best 11 models that were selected by our experts on reviews and user estimates.

Rating (2022) Prices, ₽ Country
one. Patriot Pt 3555es Country from 10,000 rubles China
2. Huter GGT-1900T from 9300 rubles China
3. Champion T333-2 from 10900 rubles China
4. Denzel DT 43S from 11700 rubles Russia
5. Huter GGT-1300T from 9600 rubles China
6. Elitech T 33r from 8100 rubles China
7. Patriot Pt 443 The One from 8900 rubles China
eight. Redverg RD-GB233S from 10300 rubles China
nine. Interskol KB-25/43V from 8000 rubles China, Russia
ten. Carver Promo PBC-43 from 6200 rubles China
eleven. Stavr TB-1400LR from 6600 rubles China

STIHL FS 250 model

A trimmer for grass, designed to mow dense herbal from the areas of the middle area. Up to 50 acres. Benzin two.Stroke engine with a capacity of 2.1 liters.With. The lawn mower is equipped with two handles on a horizontal bracket in the form of a bicycle steering wheel. The trimmer fishing line and nozzle with a steel knife in.

  • Relatively high power for a small.Sized motor.
  • Reliability. The lawn mower is trouble.Free with any intensity of use. Does not fail in hot weather.
  • Undermisability to fuel quality. A gasoline mixture can be prepared on the basis of both synthetic and mineral oil.
  • Light starting determines the weak wear of the starting group during operation.
  • The presence of a belt for carrying motorcycles on the shoulder. With the help of this accessory, the convenience of work is ensured, which is especially valuable for prolonged pumping of grass from significant areas.
  • Low cost for trimmers of this class.
  • Increased fuel consumption, which significantly increases when tall grass with thick stems.
  • Heavyweight. The mass of the product is a little more than 6 kg, which causes quick fatigue during operation.
  • Noisiness. With prolonged work, you should use headphones.
  • Long length does not allow transporting a trimmer for grass in a small passenger car.
gasoline, braid, grass, choose

Conclusion. A trimmer for herbs for mowing not only lawn grass and most weeds, but also young shrubs. Does not require complicated maintenance, is easy to store. A good version of technology for novice entrepreneurs providing landscape design services.

Model Echo SRM-330S

Lawn mower to perform a large amount of work in a short period of time. The power of the gasoline engine is 2 liters.With. The design provides for the possibility of installing a device for cutting branches and knots. Anti.Vibrational system provides the comfort of the mowing.

  • Light starting accelerates the sealing of the site. Due to this moment, the spark plugs are last longer.
  • A small consumption of gasoline allows you to mow grass for a long time without adding fuel.
  • A well.Thought.Out equipment that includes a minimum set of tools for setting up braids for grass and changing fishing line, safety glasses, a disk knife.
  • Low noise level.
  • A stitched shoulder belt with soft inserts provides a comfortable mowing.
  • Unknown gasoline filling. To perform all the necessary actions, the device must be put on an elevation.
  • Too small a fishing coil.
  • The rapid wear of the fishing line in the head, and the inability to replace them. You need to buy the whole head entirely.
  • High cost even taking into account semi.Professional characteristics.

Conclusion. Small.Sized productive lawn mower for the processing of advanced land plots. The disc knife easily cuts small branches. The technique perfectly shows itself when cleaning significant areas with an area of ​​up to 50 acres from a powerful grass stand and weeded shrubby shoots. Suitable for buyers with average income. Professionals will appreciate the good maintainability of this trimmer for grass.

Model Husqvarna 143r-II

Inexpensive semi.Professional trimmer for grass with a gasoline two.Stroke engine with a capacity of 2 liters.With. The width of the mowing sector is 0.4 meters. It is equipped with fishing line, nozzle and shoulder belt. It is possible to install a device for cutting shrub branches.

  • Universality. This motorcycle can be used both for mowing weed grass, weeds, and haircuts of lawns. Both sowing and rolled.
  • Reliability and durability. The device operates flawlessly over a long period of time, without needing maintenance and even minor repairs.
  • A large volume of fuel container allows you to process significant areas without a break for refueling.
  • The thoughtful design of the head. Thanks to this, the grass is not wound on the shaft, but freely falls to the ground. Therefore, the mowing of the grass is performed without stops and loss of time to clean the head.
  • Small mass. Manipulations with this trimmer do not cause fatigue in the process of long.Term work in areas of large area.

Advantages of gasoline braids, their basic device

First of all, we will remove a small contradiction. Some publications on the Internet provide a very controversial classification, according to which only power tools are attributed to trimmers, completely separating this category from a motorcycle engine with a gasoline engine. In others, all types of manual mechanized braids are ranked to trimmers, both electric and ICE (pos.A), thereby highlighting their difference from wheeled lawn mowers (pos. B) and even more so. Self.Propelled raiders (pos.AT).

The main types of mechanized mowers: a. Manual (braids for grass); B. Wheeled; B. Self.Propelled (raiders).

How really impeccably correctly. It’s hard to say. However, the second type of classification still seems more visual and reasonable. Without claiming absolute truth, we will still adhere to the definition that a trimmer for grass is a manual instrument for mowing grass with an electric or gasoline power drive.

Despite a very wide variety of gasoline trimmers, most of them are made according to a single scheme. As a power drive, an internal combustion engine is used, from which the torque is transmitted to the working cutting head. The illustration shows the main visible elements and nodes of a standard benzo-codium-trimmer for grass:


In their device, most gasoline trimmers are approximately similar

Gasoline engine, located at the top.

Rod connecting the engine to the working part of the trimmer for grass. Inside the bar is always a flexible or hard shaft transmitting rotation. The bar can be solid or collapsible, consisting of two or more sections.

A handle that can be of various types, which, incidentally, determines the placement of the main controls (pos. 6).

Cable connecting the control device with the engine.

Corner gearbox transmitting the rotation of the shaft to the working spindle.

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Cutting tool. A special knife or coil (bobbin) with a cutting cord (fishing line).

A protective shield that protects the operator’s legs from injury during operation

The controls of a gas station can vary somewhat in their layout, but usually include several keywords and switches of the same in their functionality:

Typical “set” of the control elements of a gasoline trimmer for grass

Button (toggle switch) ignition circuit. Allows you to instantly drown out the engine if necessary.

The main key that controls the throttle shuttle of the carburetor (Gas key).

A safety key that prevents accidental pressing for gas. Until it is drowned, it is impossible to use the main key.

Stop the control key in the pressed state. Facilitates management with large volumes of work.

The switch of the air damper position is used shitty launch and rapid heating of motorcycles

As a rule, another control element is located on the engine itself. This is a switch of the air damper position. Used to facilitate the launch of and rapidly warming up the engine at a low air temperature.

A little more about the main elements and nodes of motorcycles will be described below, when considering the parameters of the choice of tools. In the meantime, a few words about what advantages are possessed by gasoline trimmers for the grass:

  • Such an instrument is not at all attached to the source of energy. To work on the ground, it is enough to have the necessary supply of fuel with you. In addition, even when working directly at the house there is a clear advantage. There is no power supply that is constantly interfering under the feet.
  • Unlike an electric trimmer for grass, gasoline can be used after the rain and in the early morning, until plentiful dew has disappeared. The upper location of the engine completely eliminates any dependence of the safety of using the tool on the moisture content of mowing grass.
  • Gasoline trimmers for grass are always more powerful, have a higher motorsurs, capable of long.Term work without pauses, cope with hard herbs and shrubs. The probability of a drive overheating is many times less than that of an electrimmer.

Inherent in gasoline trimmers and certain shortcomings:

  • Their device is more complicated than in electric counterparts. Their operation and especially regular maintenance requires certain knowledge and skills.
  • Gasoline braids are always significantly more massive, that is, working with them will require more significant physical efforts.
  • The technique of this class is very picky to the purity of fuel and the correctness of the compilation of the fuel mixture. With low.Quality fuel, interruptions or refusals of the tool are possible.
  • The internal combustion engine is always the presence of an exhaust and a significant level of noise.

Nevertheless, if it is supposed to process large areas in the area, or work on a terrain where there is no way to connect to power, nothing is better than a gasoline trimmer for the grass. The advantages of such a tool significantly outweigh its shortcomings.

For gasoline trimmers for grass caliber

Find out how to choose a chainsaw, familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of the tool, in the publication on our portal.

Engine starting system

The engines of most gasoline trimmers start manually: sharply pulling the cable (starter cord), you thereby promote the drum, which in turn sets the engine crankshaft.

Some modern models of trimmers are equipped with a light starting light system Flash Starter. Extending the cable, you take a special spring in several stages, which, having accumulated energy, will transmit it to the crankshaft, which will become an impetus for starting the engine. With the Flash Starter system, the engine starts easier, t. To. The spring gives a high speed of promotion than it can be done with a hand. The operator now requires less physical effort, because he no longer needs to make sharp jerks of the cord, the cable can be pulled quite slowly and smoothly.

How is the light launch of the benzotrimmer, see in

To facilitate the start of the engine on the power block of the tool, as a rule, there is a special button, several presses to which before starting the required amount of fuel to the carburetor.

A gasoline trimmer for grass is a tool for harvesting green feed and other operations associated with mowing grass, but its effective and long work is possible only if it is correctly selected.

gasoline, braid, grass, choose

Now you know how and in what parameters the motorcycles are correctly selected and which is better to choose a trimmer for grass for mowing grass in the country or near the house, taking into account the price and quality.

Eminent manufacturers do not always produce high.Quality models, so you should carefully study the technical characteristics of a particular copy. To simplify the choice and not read many contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you the rating of the best, according to owners, gasoline trimmers.

Mobile for xt141c premium

The lightest gasoline trimmer for grass in our ranking. Its weight is only 4 kg of 490 g, so women can also use it. Equipped with a high.Tech High Perfomance engine, which is 20% more powerful, while having a minimum level of vibration and noise. The manufacturer also declares its even greater reliability, the resource is increased in 3.5 times.

The new Mobil K Highspeed Conical Geer CG1, equipped with high.Quality bearings and a hardened conical pair, also contributes to a decrease in vibrations. A distinctive feature is the Comfort Start system that facilitates the launch of 2 times. Thanks to her do not need to make sharp jerks and there is no reverse blow. The ergonomic handle and the shoulder belt will allow the most evenly distributed the weight of the tool.

Huter GGT-2500T

German unit with a capacity of 3.30 l.With. Designed for those who monitor and care for their site. Keeping the device tightly in the hands when working on a large territory allows a figurative handle with rubber lining. For convenience, its position can be changed, and the icons about the safety rules are drawn on it. Fuel volume 1.2 liters are enough for 2 hours of intensive work of the trimmer for grass.

Direct hard shaft makes it possible to mow running areas with thick grass with a fishing line or knife at a speed of 9500 rpm. The cutting element has a mowing width 255 mm. To lengthen the fishing line for the trimmer, you do not need to disassemble the coil, it is enough at large speeds of the device not to hit the ground much. The protective casing is equipped with a regulator of the sequence of mowing area. Thanks to the upper location of the engine, it does not overheat and vegetation does not clog into it. So that the back does not get tired of the weight of the device of 7 kg, the humer.

  • It copes with dry grass of different lengths. As well as with shrubs.
  • It starts to start quickly.
  • Comfortable.
  • Low price.

Interskol KB-25/52V

The most inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass in our rating with a mowing width 43 cm. This device is not inferior in performance by famous brands. The knife is able to accelerate to 7500 about./min. The fuel tank is designed for 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of the mixture is enough for half an hour of active work. The configuration includes: belt, knife and fishing line for trimmer.

Fubag FPT 43

This model of a gasoline trimmer for grass belongs to the average price category. Thanks to the Primer and Easy Start option, the engine is quick to launch. Power 1.75 l.With. Even large grass is enough for mowing, while saving fuel. The handle folds, which facilitates transportation. In addition, you can choose the size of the main rod suitable for you.

The width of the knife 255 mm increases the speed of the surface mowing. The casing has a metal mount, which increases its reliability. You can configure the device using an adjusting screw without using tools. Inexperienced rod increases the strength of the structure.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is created for mowing in complex places: near the walls, stairs, trees. The fuel pump allows you to independently pump gas to the carburetor, and this, in turn, allows you to run the device without jerks even after downtime. A large casing protects against flying vegetation. The cutting system. A fishing line for a trimmer, is ideal for a tuberous surface, since when in contact with solid objects it will not be damaged. It will not be difficult to manage the device, due to the small weight. 5.6 kg.

The curved bar allows you to place the unit for different angles and get to hard.To.Reach places. Protection against random inclusion is represented by the subject button. Thanks to the collapsible structure, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is easy to place in the trunk. The fuel tank cover is connected to the tank using a special holder. Rubber buffers extinguish vibrations.

  • Light, hands and back do not get tired.
  • Convenient design with a curved rod.
  • Cut width 38 cm.
  • Grass does not clog during work.

Patriot Pt 555

This model has earned quite a few positive reviews of the owners of gasoline trimmers. Engine volume is 52 cubic meters. Cm, which allows even real weeds to mow, using a knife in the kit. Thanks to free access to the filter, the device is easy to maintain.

  • Good equipment.
  • High power allows even complex sections to mow.
  • There is an anti.Vibration system.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Tough shaft.

Champion T523

Good gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of 1.9 liters.C who can mow grass of almost any stiffness. The rod is collapsible, so it can easily be transported even in the trunk of a small car.

With maximum load, the consumption of the fuel mixture is 0.62 l/h. Fishing line supply. Semi.Automatic. The kit includes a fishing line for trimmer 2.4 mm and knife.

Makita EM2500U

A light structure weighing only 4.5 kg will mow thickets with a girth of 42 cm. A trimmer is stored for grass in a corporate bag that goes in configuration. Smooth cutting element: knife or fishing line for trimmer. It is possible to install a bush cutter/brush. When winding thick grass, the brake is triggered, which allows the engine not to burn out. Thanks to the Robin engine, the number of toxic gases is minimized.

Choosing a motorcycle to perform heavy, energy.Intensive work, it is necessary to focus first on the power of the motor, because the higher this parameter, the better the device will cope with its work.

In addition, the power of the motor, coupled with the volume of the power unit, determines the engine resource, and therefore its service life.

Therefore, when working under a serious load, a powerful but inexpensive Chinese apparatus can be more tenacious than 10 times more expensive, but noticeably less powerful lawn mower from the USA or Europe.

Hello, Pavel. On the one hand, you are right, the volume of the combustion chamber and the working volume are not the same. When the piston reaches the upper dead point, there is still a free space over it, formed by the cavity in the head of the cylinder block, which is included in the volume of the combustion chamber and recesses in the piston. And usually the ratio of volumes is called the degree of compression. But! In two.Stroke engines, the degree of compression is about 10, in theory it should mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder block is 10 times smaller than the volume of the cylinder, however, in fact, this is not so. And the ratio is much less. For example, the still popular VAZ 21083 automobile engine, the declared volume of which is 1499 cm3, the degree of compression of 9.8, but the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head, including the space under the laying and distance from the upper dead point of the piston for the edges of the cylinder block. As well as excavations in the pistons under the valves is 164 cm3, that is, the total volume of 1663 cm3, but in any instruction or in any description of this figure it is not indicated, because it does not reflect the real capabilities of the engine.

As use to two.Stroke engines that are equipped with powerful trimmers for the grass, the situation is the same, because their compression degree of 9–11, depending on who makes and how. However, the main problem is that an ordinary buyer does not understand the difference between a common and working volume, but he knows how to compare the numbers of different models among themselves. For example, one trimmer for grass has an engine of 30 cubes, the other has 50, so the second is more powerful. And the worker is a volume or a complete buyer, no difference, moreover, 27 and 33 cm3 are still very different from 45 and 55 cm3, so no matter how indicate the volume, and the total information will not change from this.

Therefore, on the one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, it has historically so happened that only the working volume indicates with regard to internal combustion engines and, if important, the degree of compression. This is applicable to any motorized technique, from trimmers to ocean ships, which is why we did not confuse readers with information that would not help them in assessing the capabilities of a particular trimmer for grass. But, since you paid attention to this, we decided to clarify the situation, suddenly, for someone, the size of not working volume, but a combustion chamber, will really turn out to be important?

Before learning others, deal with the concepts of a combustion chamber and working volume. You have these concepts confused.

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