Gasoline to oil ratio for STIHL grass trimmers

Why you should not buy gas for your lawnmower at a little-known gas station?

High-quality fuel should not have in its composition any foreign and dangerous impurities. Its composition meets the specifications and requirements of specialized GOST 32513-2013, which regulates the quality of unleaded motor fuel. Thanks to the state standard, the negative impact of such gasoline on the fuel system and other components of the lawnmower should be minimal. However, unscrupulous petroleum product manufacturers and small petrol stations can still sell harmful mixture with artificially increased octane number due to prohibited chemical additives.

Low-quality fuel that does not meet GOST requirements has increased sulfur and various tars. The latter slowly precipitate on the surfaces of fuel system parts, reducing the flow of combustible fluid and changing the correct proportion of gasoline and oxygen in the air-fuel mixture. And sulfur changes the combustion temperature of fuel. Therefore, all elements of the combustion chamber, i.e. head, valves, cylinder, and piston, function at higher temperatures than they should. Accordingly, their service life is depleted much faster.

That is why, answering the question what gasoline to fill in a lawnmower, you should choose not only the brand AI-92, but also pay attention to the brand of gas station. Filling stations from among the largest and best-known companies in Russia can always provide a quality certificate for the fuel sold and value their reputation. It is such gasoline can be considered branded and, therefore, reliable.

Fuel mixture for two stroke engines

Grass trimmers, which are equipped with a two-stroke motor, do not have a separate system designed for oil supply in order to lubricate the working parts. For this reason, such devices should not be filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of fuel and engine oil. The latter must be specifically designed for two-stroke engines. The use of automotive engine fluid will lead to premature engine failure.

Preparing the fuel mixture for twin-roller engines

Gasoline for a STIHL 2-stroke lawnmower must be AI-92. Using AI-95 may cause engine overheating and rough running of the machine. Gasoline and oil should be mixed in a 50:1 ratio, where 50 is fuel and 1 is oil. That’s about 20 ml of oil per gallon of fuel.

If the engine is worn out or the power tool is used heavily, the ratio is 25:1. If there is not enough lubricant, scoring will occur on the cylinder walls and piston surface. The piston ring will then be destroyed, causing the engine to seize. Overfilling is not that critical, but it can lead to fouling. The piston ring will then be cindered, and this reduces the power of the apparatus.

Oil and Gasoline Ratio for Fuel Mixture

STIHL 2-stroke chainsaws. How much oil to use per liter of gasoline?

STIHL chain saws are quite small. Have a high level of cutting ability and are more powerful. These are the benefits that attract customers to this company’s models.

The STIHL chain lubrication system consists of the following components:

The oil feed is specially regulated through the operation of a pump. An important fact is that the chain is lubricated during the entire operation of the saw, so the oil product on its surface must flow continuously.

During use, the lubricant comes out of the bar groove and is immediately absorbed by the sawdust, so the chain is lubricated automatically. There are models that have a dosing device for the material that is pumped to the chain. Low-priced models only have a hand pump. it works by actuating a motor on the handle.

Choosing between AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline for your lawnmower

As many people as there are opinions, which applies not only to the choice of grass trimmer oil, but also to gasoline. Similarly, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to use gasoline of the brand recommended by the manufacturer (it is specified in the manual to the tool). However, everything is not so simple here, since at each filling station gasoline brands only have the same name, but have a completely different composition. It is required to understand, and come to a single conclusion about what brand better to fill in the gasoline in a two-stroke motor for your trimmer for grass.

Manufacturers recommend using gasoline A-92 for their equipment, and some models require the use of the brand A-95, which does not contain ethanol. It is not recommended to use AI-90 gasoline or lower, as it will cause rapid deterioration of engine parts. Buying gasoline of one brand, you can not be 100% sure that it is true. As a result, the following picture is obtained:

  • The manufacturer recommends to fill the fuel in the grass trimmer AI-92
  • The gardener uses only this brand of gasoline, but buys it at filling stations where the price is lower or where he has to
  • It negatively affects the internal parts of the engine, because at one gas station it is really high quality gasoline AI-92, and at the second. in the best case if it is AI-80, but not AI-76

As a result, the engine suffers, and after a couple of years of operation of the new trimmer for grass arises need for its overhaul. So you don’t have to analyze the quality of fuel or buy only expensive gasoline, it is recommended to fill up only at one gas station. Gasoline is filled into metal cans at the gas station, not plastic cans.

There are manufacturers that produce special purified fuel for two-stroke engines. If you choose this option, then you will not need to choose the best filling station, the brand of gasoline and control its storage time.

How to extend the life of your chainsaw?

The chainsaw will be technically serviceable under one condition:

Read the instruction manual and the manufacturer’s application recommendations in detail when purchasing the tool.

Strictly follow and adhere to the instructions on how to mix the ingredients to make a flammable mixture of gasoline and recommended oil.

Do not use oils designed for motor vehicles to form a working product. This is strictly forbidden.

How to thin petrol with STIHL grass trimmer oil

Household appliances with gasoline engines require responsible maintenance. To keep the tool happy with trouble-free operation for a long time, it is necessary to use fuel and oil for the gasoline pump according to the maintenance manual. Two-stroke gasoline engines operate with oil added to the fuel mixture, four-stroke engines have a separate tank in the fuel tank.

Varieties of motor oils, their purpose

is a special composition, which is a solvent and additives that reduce friction, creating the necessary fluidity and preventing thickening when the temperature drops.

The method of obtaining the composition are:

  • Mineral oil obtained from distillation;
  • synthetic. by synthesis or processing of natural gas;
  • Semi-synthetic. an improved mineral oil, thanks to the introduction of synthetic components.

For safety reasons, so as not to confuse the products, the oil is colored red, blue or green. The range differs in composition, the user needs to buy the oil designated for 2T garden implements if the mixture is to be prepared. 4T for pouring into the crankcase.

Synthetic and mineral oils have different bases and should not be mixed. When switching to another type of oil, the system must be thoroughly flushed.


Oil for the gasoline tank should be classified according to the TC oil classification for air-cooled engines with a combustion chamber volume of 50-200 cm3. When choosing a product, the important parameter is not the price, but the protective properties for the engine of a particular brand. Therefore, they buy the recommended oil first, in the absence they choose the same oil.

Determines the quality of the oil for the alkaline value of the gasoline tank. Alkali neutralizes the oxidation process of rubbing materials, slows down the degradation of the surface. When oil oxidizes, it loses its protective properties. The normal pH of an oil is 8-9.

Viscosity is important. That’s why there are winter, summer and all-season oils. What use of oil for the gasoline pump depends on whether the user will work in sub-zero temperatures. Summer oil thickens even as it cools slightly. The flash point indicates how quickly the oil will burn out. Viscosity is best above 225 C.

Procedure for using and cost of oil in a two-stroke engine

Engine operation is associated with friction of moving parts of the cylinder and sleeve, cams, joints. As parts friction heats the surface, and as they stretch. scuffs. If the gap between the mating parts has a composition in the correct proportion of oil and gasoline for the gasoline pump, a number of problems are solved:

  • The parts in the engine run with reduced friction, less heat;
  • lubrication in the gaps prevents corrosion of the parts during long-term storage, flushes out the particles received during friction;
  • prolongs engine life.

How to prepare a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Filling the brushcutter, chainsaw, and.

How to mix gasoline and oil correctly for chain saw or brush cutter

General recommendations for preparing fuel mixture for 2-stroke engines for chainsaws, brushcutters and other.

gasoline, ratio, stihl, grass, trimmers

The emergence of additional properties promotes the use of additives, which are in the oil composition in the amount of 5-15%. These are additives that create anti-corrosive, anti-wear and frost-resistant properties of oils.

Incorrect oil composition may ruin the engine by forming deposits in the cylinders, leading to coking and rapid engine wear.

It is important to know how much oil to add to motorcycle gasoline. You must first of all study the instructions and observe the recommended proportions. Using a mixture that takes into account the model and configuration of the engine, the climatic conditions, and the load will extend the life of the gasoline pump. Experienced users advise that when buying a tool, immediately buy the recommended oil in reserve.

Fuel mixture requirements for a two-stroke engine

The difference between a two-stroke engine in increased power compared to a four-stroke engine. It is prepared in a certain ratio of petrol and special oil. What is the optimum oil to gasoline ratio for gasoline pumps. The recommended proportions must be followed precisely. When adding additives the manufacturer has considered the type of engine. That is why mixing different oils is prohibited.

If mineral oils are used, the mixing is done in proportions of 1:25, 1:30, 1:35. For synthetic oils, use a ratio of 1:50 or 1:80. This means that in each of the blends offered, the required amount of oil is dissolved in the volume of gasoline. Mixing gasoline with gasoline oil can be like water and syrup. It is necessary to pour the gasoline, add the exact amount of oil and shake the mixture. It is desirable to use a new solution to work. If stored for more than 2 weeks the composition changes and the oil film causes malfunction of the carburetor.

To dilute and store the combustible mixture, you cannot use PET bottles. Gasoline destroys plastic, the polymer dissolves in the fuel mixture and further deteriorates the fuel quality, creating the risk of stray currents.

Choosing the right gasoline

Two-stroke engines are loaded with a mixture of unleaded gasoline and oil labeled 2T. In this case, you must use the recommended gasoline AI-92. If you use a brand with a higher octane rating, the flash and combustion temperatures will be higher, the valves will burn out prematurely. The same goes for oil. The recommended composition is not the most expensive. But using a different brand is unacceptable. The viscosity will change, it will lead to insufficient lubrication of conventional products made without grinding with high precision.

If oil is added in excess, incomplete combustion will create carbon and excessive emissions. A rich mixture is bad for the engine. For a four-stroke engine, the oil is poured separately from the gasoline. It cleans components, cools, reduces friction. The oil gets dirty during operation and needs to be changed after 50 hours of operation. What’s the petrol oil ratio for your STIHL grass trimmer? The composition should be marked 4T with a viscosity of 10W40.

Gasoline and oil fill ratio for STIHL grass trimmers

In addition to petrol chain saws, the German manufacturer of high-quality STIHL cutting tools also makes. They are indispensable for grass mowing and lawn mowing, lightweight and mobile.

Mixing 2-Stroke Fuel for STIHL Machines

STIHL lawn and grass trimmers also have a two-stroke engine and are filled with a fuel mix. For STIHL grass trimmers the recommended ratio is 1:50 (100 ml of oil per 5 liters of gasoline).

Low-quality fuel can cause your STIHL power tool to break down. STIHL chain saws are usually fuelled with lead-free gasoline with an additive content of more than 90. AI fuel is perfectly suited to it. 92. AI is also used. 95, which is used much less often. It is made on the basis of AI. 92, but contains various additives that deposit on the internal engine elements and can impair the engine operation. Mixing the two fuels is allowed in order to achieve the optimum result.

Remember that it is recommended to use fresh gasoline.к. prolonged storage in closed containers loses useful octane properties.

Calculation of fuel mixture proportions

Correct fueling also involves strict compliance with the proportions. For a two-stroke engine use 1 part oil to 50 parts gasoline. To maintain this ratio you need 5 liters of gasoline and 0.10 liters of oil. Also remember that such chain saws can not be equipped with an oil pump, and therefore the use of pure gasoline is completely unacceptable.

In the event that the substances for the mixture have different brands, it is recommended to use a proportion of 1:40.

What Ratio Gas to Oil Does a Stihl Gas Trimmer Use?

When pelting a new chainsaw, 20% more oil is added in the first 3 refills. In that case, 1:42 would be used instead of 1:50, and 1:40 would be replaced by 1:33.

Faulty fuel ratios can lead to scuffing as well as sooting of spark plugs and pistons.

How much oil per liter of gasoline you need for your lawnmower or chainsaw

All two-stroke engines run on a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. Fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, creating a working force on the piston, and the part of the mixture that has not had time to ignite lubricates the moving parts of the piston group.

When formulating a fuel mixture for a lawnmower or chainsaw, you need to calculate how much oil you need per liter of gasoline, based not only on the standard proportion, but also on what brand of gasoline and oil is used. In the case of two-stroke engines, this is very important.

For trimmers, a special two-stroke oil is made, which should be marked “2T” on the package. It is strictly prohibited to use motor oil, much less gear oil. There are three types of two-stroke oil:

Everything depends on what substances make up the oil base. Mineral oil is the cheapest and most unreliable. Its use is justified only in domestic trimmers, which work for 30-60 minutes a day with long breaks. Most brushcutter manufacturers at this level specify that TC-W3 oil is suitable for the engine. That means you can use mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic 2T oils.

For professional-grade brushcutter it is advisable to buy only the oil brands recommended by the manufacturer. Usually it is semi-synthetic and synthetic with special additives.

The producers mark the oil with letters:

  • ? TA. for two-stroke motors up to 50 cubic centimeters;
  • ? TV. for engines 50. 200 cc;
  • ? For motorcycle engines, snowmobile engines, etc.д.

In trimmers, if the type of oil is not specified in the instructions, you can pour all three modifications. How much oil to add to the fuel of a grass trimmer depends on the brand of the tool and the quality of the gasoline. You might also see letters FA, FB, FC, etc. on the oil package.д. They are indicative of the level of smokiness. The closer the second letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke is emitted during combustion. As a rule, a quality oil has very few. This does not affect the choice of oil.

important are “self-mix” and “pre-mix”. The first word combination means that the oil dissolves on its own, and the container with the second mixture needs to be shaken a few times.

If the manufacturer’s instructions do not specify what gasoline to use, you must stop at AI-92. If it is recommended to use AI-95, do not use other brands of gasoline.

Some users believe that if you add more oil to the gasoline for the fuel mixture than necessary, it will benefit. It’s not. Oil that is not burned will not be expelled from the engine with the exhaust fumes, but will settle inside as soot. This buildup threatens the integrity of the piston. If you use a mixture with too much oil regularly, the grass trimmer will smoke a lot and a drop in power is inevitable.

If there is not enough oil, the grass trimmer will overheat, the piston rings will collapse, and the piston will jam. If the oil deficiency is minor, the grass trimmer will run 30 to 40% less life. If there is not enough grease in excess of 20%, the motor will jam after 20 to 30 minutes of intensive work. Each trimmer manual provides proportions on how to dilute the fuel mixture. This is usually 1:25. 1:40 or 1:50.

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