Gasoline trimmers for grass which companies are better. Huter GGT-2500T

Триммер бензиновый HUTER GGT-2900T

Best gasoline trimmers

If your cottage or a personal plot was treacherously attacked by Serpi, you can always use the old, good bloodworm. But be prepared to spend on this countless hours and your own energy. The lawn mower will cope with them much faster and more productive. The main thing is to choose a reliable and high.Quality tool, namely such models fell into our rating, and in a variety of segments.

A country house is a great thing. Silence, clean air, proximity of nature. But the problems are added. If in the city you are only worried about maintaining an apartment in order of interior, then private ownership requires a completely different approach. Especially a lot of time takes the improvement of the territory. You have to cut the grass and fight unwanted vegetation.

Here a trimmer for the grass comes to the rescue, using which, you can put the lawn in order, dig weeds. There are two main types of this tool: electric and gasoline. If you have a large site, then the last option is better. To carry a long extension cord. The occupation is tedious and unproductive.

To choose a suitable trimmer for grass, before buying you need to find answers to several simple questions:

  • How long and intensively it is supposed to use the tool? For rare work in a small area with soft grass, there is quite a domestic trimmer for grass, for the processing of significant areas you will need a professional model.
  • What type of engine to prefer? Two.Strokes have a simpler design, but require the preparation of the fuel mixture, four.Stroke, in turn, is easier to operate, but more difficult to repair.
  • Power. Almost any trimmers for grass can easily cope with grass and soft plants, for rosehips, blackberries, burdocks need a tool with a powerful engine.
  • Type of bar. A straight rod is used in trimmers with a large engine volume, since in this case the torque is transmitted using a hard steel shaft. A cable that is used in curved is less reliable.
  • Volume of the tank. Affects the total mass of the tool, as well as for the duration of work without refueling.
  • Universality. It’s good when you can use both a trimmer fishing line and discs: for each type of work, your own nozzle.

In our review. The most popular gasoline trimmers for grass, each of which has many positive reviews of real customers. When distributing places in the ranking, the main criteria were:

  • The total number of sales of the model in recent years;
  • The number of positive assessments set by the owners after using the tool;
  • Brand reputation;
  • Recommendations of professionals.

TOP-10 of the best gasoline trimmers up to 5000

Model of a gasoline trimmer for EuroLux TR-1300T grass in a price segment of up to 5000 can be used both for pruning soft grass and to remove more hard vegetation. The device is equipped with a shoulder belt and a bicycle handle, which maximally reduces the load on the hands and shoulder belt of the operator. The position of the handle is regulated, which provides a better balancing of the entire tool, which, in addition, weighs less than most analogues. 6.7 kg.

From the advantages of this model, a quick replacement of the cutting element, equipping with an anti.Vibration system (reduces operator fatigue), the mobility of the device and its compactness can be noted. The assembly quality is noteworthy. Many owners admitted that they did not find a reason to complain about anything. Despite the affordable price segment, fit and accuracy of the execution of the parts of the case are at the same high level as the internal filling.

Many manufacturers are engaged in the release of garden gasoline trimmers for cutting grass and shrubs. From the most famous to Chinese who are not familiar to the consumer. Such a variety gives rise to a lot of questions and doubts-which company to give preference, which manufacturer offers the best combination of “price-quality”, completeness and provision of spare parts? Despite the fact that almost every manufacturer includes its products in the top lists, the leaders remain unchanged:

  • Husqvarna;
  • Stihl;
  • Makita;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion.

Champion T333

  • Convenient and effective
  • Moderately lightweight
  • Sufficient power
  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • Easy to use

In general, a great braid for grass. The assembly is simple. It is convenient to keep. Not heavy for me even with a full tank. By the way, I noticed that it is more convenient to keep it with a full tank. Mow perfectly. The consumption is slightly larger than in my previous spit, but not significantly. I recommend a braid, but immediately buy a reel and carbine for a replacement.

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • ICE power 1.22 l.With.
  • Two.Stroke engine
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.95 l
  • Speasing width 40 cm
  • Shoulder belt / folding handle
  • Weight 6.7 kg

Caiman WX21

Opens our rating of the best gasoline trimmers of 2021 The Caiman WX21 lawn mower. “Japanese-French” (Caiman brand was born as the fruit of Subaru and Pubert cooperation) Trimmer for grass-one of the lightest in its class, only 4.5 kg. It used the Maruama engine (and this company, by the way, is the leader of the “intra.Japanese” market almost on the verge of a monopoly) with a working volume of 20 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 0.7 liters.With. Stop, but there is a 230-mm sawy disk with carbide attacks in the kit! You are kidding? There is no way: the branded technology of sharpening the discs of the Katana Blade disc with four cutting edges allows even a low-power, in general, the motor “pull” such a disk, since it cuts it is easier than ordinary, with less resistance to rotation.

The crankshaft of the engine and its connecting rod. Forged, with excellent quality processing. All bearings from connecting rod to the gearbox are Japanese, NSK production. When working at low speeds, the motor is unusual for the two.Stroke and practically does not vibrate: this is the case when the words “made in Japan” are not just words, but a sign of real quality, the motor is not only very reliable, but also perfectly injected.

The funny feature of this model is the presence of “cruise control”. A special backstage is installed on the handle, in essence simply limiting gas to the desired level of gas and, accordingly, engine speed. Sometimes this is really convenient. For example, when mowing soft grass of full revolutions, the “kayman” is alleged, and you can not catch the desired regime during the operation of sensitive gas, but immediately fix it. At the same time, there will be less noise, and fuel consumption will decrease.


Further in our ranking is a popular and time.Tested benzotrimer model (for more than 10 years). This universal lawn mower will become an indispensable assistant in a large country or garden plot, including with a complex terrain. On the shoulder she is not only young lawn grass, but also hard weeds, dry, reeds and even a young shrub. Of course, for different vegetation it is better to select the appropriate cutting tool, taking into account the relatively low engine power and a flexible drive shaft. The low weight and soft shoulder belt make the operation of a trimmer for the grass light and comfortable, and control using a multifunctional handle is simple and safe. The lawn mower is quite capable of taking one of the prizes in the nomination “Folk Choice”.

Nine.7 /10 Routes capacity reviews of this benzotrimer was enough for a beard fishing with a fishing line of old raspberries in the country, and with disks it becomes just a “beast” and is able to scatter a more adverse.


A curved whole bar immediately indicates a cable drive, which, of course, has its disadvantages. It will require regular cable maintenance, but with proper care it is quite reliable. The power of the 27-cubic engine 2-Mix is ​​one horsepower. So, Stop, we had little 4-Mix, which we described just below, speaking of the Stihl FR 131 T, there is some more “wrong” motor? No, everything is simpler here: this is an ordinary two.Stroke, just “brought” in terms of economy and environmental friendliness. Well, the saving of gasoline (especially taking into account the tank is only 0.34 liters) and not such a strong exhaust smell next to his head is also pluses, isn’t it so?

Despite the small operating volume of the engine, the trimmer for grass is equipped with a system for facilitating launch. Thanks to this, it can even be recorded in “female” (although women are also oh what different). It is not only easy in itself, but also you can crankshaft with almost two fingers.

The trimmer handle for grass is D-shaped, so it is convenient for them to work in a limited space, with “non-standard” positions of the head. The head, by the way, is good in the kit. Two.String Autocut with automatic fishing line, as it is easy to guess by name.

Nine.5/10 Routing reviews starts easily and without problems, even when in the morning still freezes. I almost do not feel weight in my hands.


Thanks to a curved rod, a comfortable D-shaped handle and small weight, this trimmer for grass is great for dringing slopes and various relief folds. The engine here is not very powerful, so you should not run the site, as well as trying to overcome the old burdock or the dried raspberry. The tool for performing such work is simply not intended, although it is able to cope with them for several approaches.

Which parameter is better and more important for you when choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass?

Makita EBH341U

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.4 l.With.
  • Engine type: four.Stroke gasoline
  • Engine revolutions: 10,000 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.65 l
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 6850 about./min
  • Working volume: 33 cubic meters.Cm
  • Engine brake: there is
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush

Short review

Makita EBH341U is one of the best gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratio. He will leave behind only a beautiful and well.Groomed space. This result will be the merit of a four.Stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 1070 watts. It works on ordinary automobile gasoline at the rate of 200. 300 grams per 10 acres. Based on this, it will be easy to calculate that the volume of about half-liter will be enough to clear the large site without refueling. Manufacturers tried to dispel the opinion that gasoline engines pollute the atmosphere, so they significantly reduced the noise level and made a convenient bicycle handle. It is easy to adjust it. On the handle there is a lever control of various tools. A portable trimmer for grass has a speed of rotation of a knife up to 6850 revolutions per minute. Such an unit from is the possibility of installing a bush.Cutter or brush. The weight of the equipment is 7100 grams, which is quite acceptable for back with such power. The fuel tank has a volume of 650 grams, and the shoulder belt allows you to comfortably hold the gasoline trimmer for the grass for a long period of work. For a more convenient grip of the manufacturer, we also took care of the rubberized handle, the point, this completely eliminates the slippage of the tool and make the work even more comfortable.


  • Excellent quality
  • Four.Stroke engine
  • High power
  • Relatively quiet
  • Convenient belt
  • Good solid design. In places aluminum (for lightness), but the nodes are thick and look reliable.
  • Quality assembly
  • Economical consumption
  • Refueling with clean gasoline should not be mixed with butter
  • Minimum exhaust (not felt at all)
  • Oil with a measured bottle in the kit.
  • High.Quality knife (Made in japan).
  • All.Metal drive shaft


Husqvarna 325r

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.13 l.With
  • Engine type: two.Stroke engine
  • Engine speed: 7200 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.34 l
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Noise level: 110 dB
  • Working volume: 28 cubic meters.Cm
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, handle with adjustable height

Short review

The Husqvarna 325R gasoline trimmer is just an excellent device that will satisfy the needs of even the most avid gardeners and farmers. All.Metal drive shaft is designed efficiently and reliably. This tool is started with half a turn, thanks to the Smart Start system. Almost intuitive management, understandable integration, high.Quality heads and knives for grass, all this will be available to happy users. Now, in order to cope with grass and shrubs, only one tool is enough. The gasoline trimmer for the grass is equipped with a throttle flap and a primer located in a light access. Convenient belts are fixed on two shoulders, for comfortable use and load reduction. The fuel tank is completely transparent, so you can easily control the level of gasoline and observe fuel consumption. The handle has a convenient cycling adjustment. This does not need additional tools and some devices. The technique is also equipped with an optimized gearbox for mowing grass.


  • Good quality
  • Light weight
  • Convenient grip
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is comfortable and simple enough
  • Minimum vibration
  • Does not overheat
  • Warranty 2 years
  • All.Metal drive shaft
  • The ignition switch with auto.Return provides an easy re.Start
  • Smart Start (easy launch system)


Champion T433-2

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a 3 mm trimmer fishing line
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.7 l.With.
  • Engine type: two.Stroke engine gasoline
  • Noise level: 102 dB
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 l
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: 6500 about./min
  • Working volume: 42.7 cubic meters.Cm
  • Speasing width: 40 cm
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush

Short review

If you are in search of a reliable and affordable device that will allow you to comfortably and easily fight grass and excess vegetation on the site, then the gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433 2 grass will be a wonderful choice. This tool has gained great popularity and is in the collection of a large number of gardeners. It is competition of the most popular world manufacturers and has a lot of positive reviews. Thousands of customers have already been able to evaluate high quality performance and the reliability of a gasoline trimmer for Champion grass. Modern technologies were used in production, so a powerful motor is equipped with air cooling. To refuel a two.Stroke engine, you will need 92 gasoline, and its power is 1.7 horsepower. By purchasing such an assistant for your use, you will acquire a powerful and productive tool, which, in addition to your functional features, has a convenient and thoughtful design. Ergonomic case, comfortable fixation belts, voluminous fuel tank, comfortable handle. Will make mowing grass light and simple. In addition, the gasoline trimmer for grass has a convenient design, which allows you to easily transport the unit to any place. A collapsible rod provides compact dimensions for transfer. Using a gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433-2 grass, you can process sections of both medium and large area. With him on the shoulder, any volume of work and even the thick thickets of wild weeds.

How to choose a good gasoline trimmer for grass


What power to choose? The power of a gasoline trimmer for grass is considered in the same units as in cars. In horsepower (l.With.). The greatest value is 4.7 liters.With such motorcycles are designed for professional use. They easily work for a long time and easily cope with any types of grass, can even cut small branches and shrubs.

If the device is planned to be used rarely and for simple work, for example, haircuts of grass on flower beds, then an expensive powerful trimmer for grass is not needed. It is enough to purchase a model with a capacity of up to 1 liter.With. In case of larger work, such as mowing herbs in a personal plot, it is worth using a medium.Power motorcycle engine of 1.2. 2 liters.With.


Which bar to choose? The trimmer rod for grass is part of the design that connects the engine block with the cutting element. Inside the bar is a shaft or a cable that transfers the rotation of the engine to the cutter. The rod can be made of collapsible, which allows you to conveniently store and transport a trimmer for grass. Also rods are straight and curved.

Straight rods are characteristic of professional trimmers. A durable shaft is more reliable and durable than a cable, with its help you can transmit more power, which allows you to easily cut small branches and shrubs. It’s good if the shaft shaft is forged.

Curved rods are considered more ergonomic. Their shape provides a greater maneuverability of a trimmer for grass and allows you to process inaccessible, complex areas. It is more convenient to keep such a braid, and less effort is spent on it with its help.

We previously already considered:


The handle is designed to direct the movement of the trimmer for the grass. The convenience of work depends on its shape and material. If the device is distinguished by good ergonomics, then the person will be less tired, distracted, and the quality of the lawn haircut will increase.

Several types of handles specialized for different activities can be distinguished. So it is more convenient to process high shrubs using D or P-shaped handle. U or T-shaped handle looks like the steering wheel of a bicycle, it needs to be kept with two hands. It increases the maneuverability of the device and simplifies work with heavy, overall models. J-shaped hilt allows you to control the trimmer as an ordinary oblique.

It is also good if the trimmer has an anti.Vibration system of pens.


The lawn mower can be equipped with the following types of cutting tools:

With the help of a metal disk, a trimmer for grass easily brings not only thick stems of the thistle bushes and other overgrown weeds, but is able to cut small branches of trees. Knives mow any kind of grass on lawns where there are no stones. The fishing line for the trimmer, on the contrary, is convenient to use in uneven rocky areas. Its cutting properties depend on the profile and thickness. The best qualities show cords with a star or square profile. The round shape is suitable for lawn grass. The thickness varies from 1.5 to 3 mm, the thickest fishing line for a trimmer copes well with shrubs and small branches.


Two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines are installed in motorcycles. Two.Strokes are simple in operation and unpretentious, however, they need to use a special fuel mixture. Before each refueling, you will have to clearly measure the proportions of gasoline and special oil and mix them thoroughly. Such a composition cannot be stored for a long time, fuel should always be fresh. Other significant shortcomings are loud noise and a large number of exhaust gases.

The alternative is four.Stroke engines. They differ in reliability, relatively low fuel consumption, do not require the preparation of the fuel mixture manually, they are less noisy. Their disadvantages include high cost and more complex maintenance.

In fact, here T, you will not have to choose like almost all household and semi.Professional trimmers for grass with a two.Stroke engine.

Good four.Stroke gasoline trimmers for grass

Champion T374FS

  • Power. 1.36 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.75 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 102 dB;
  • Weight. 7.5 kg.

Pros: One of the most affordable gasoline trimmer for grass with a four.Stroke engine is offered by Champion. The T374FS motorcycle machine easily cleanses the territory of weeds and unnecessary vegetation, and when changing the cutting element to the knife can also be used to cut off the branches of trees.

gasoline, trimmers, grass, which, better

Low fuel consumption, a small amount of exhaust gases and the convenience of a portable model make Champion T374FS a good option for grass for small areas in a private residential sector. The lawn mower copes well with inaccessible areas and allows you to carefully and delicately smooth the lawn next to the trees.

The upper location of the motor guarantees its uninterrupted operation. The power unit does not clog and does not overheat, and the fuel tank by 0.75 liters allows you to work without stopping longer. Controls are at hand, on the handles. The ergonomic design of a trimmer for grass does not allow the back to get tired. The maximum comfort of operation provides belt equipment with thigh protection.

HUTER GGT-2500T, обзор бензинового тримера.

Cons: a regular coil is best replaced with a better.

Patriot Pt 415T

  • Power. 1.3 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 1 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 7.8 kg.

Pros: The Patriot PT 415T gasoline trimmer is specially designed for intensive use and work at high loads. The capacity of the four.Stroke engine is enough for mowing grass and lawn on large, uneven areas at any angle of inclination. When replacing the cutting fishing line with a knife, a trimmer for the grass is ready to cut off dry, thick stems and old dry grass.

T-shaped handles are very convenient to handle, and the engine power controls in the handle allow the user to fully control the situation. Adds ergonomics Patriot Pt 415T Ergonomics Anti.Vibration system.

A hard shaft in a non.Vegetable rod gives the design of a gasoline trimmer for grass reliability and durability. The bevel width of the fishing line is 42 cm, with a knife or disk. 25 centimeters. The fuel pump reduces the load on the starter and is indispensable when starting the engine. An unconditional plus of a gasoline trimmer for grass, its four.Stroke engine, which does not require preparing a mixture of gasoline and oil, works quietly and releases less emissions.

Cons: the disadvantage of the design users mark heavy weight, as well as a tight carbine for fastening, which is included.


  • Power. 1.9 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.71 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • Weight. 5.8 kg.

Pros: the power unit of the German gasoline trimmer for the STIHL FS 131 grass combines the advantages of a two.Stroke and four.Stroke engine: it works quietly, releases less exhaust gases, does not require oil replacement, has good torque indicators. Power of 1.9 horsepower is enough for mowing dense or old grass in large territory.

Decompression system and manual fuel pump make a gasoline trimmer for the grass simple, even after prolonged non.Use. The user can choose one of two cutting elements in the kit: a disk with a diameter of 230 millimeters for thick, old shoots or a three.Millimeter fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Capable of mowing grass on hay.

The anti-vibration system is responsible for the convenience of using the STIHL FS 131, which extinguishes harmful vibrations of the engine, a two-handed ergonomic T-shaped handle and double shoulder straps with soft foam inserts. Such design features facilitate the long work with a gasoline trimmer.

All control elements of the STIHL FS 131 motorcycles are on the handle, and the device itself is perfectly balanced by weight, which makes the care of green spaces light and convenient. A hand trimmer for grass in online stores received from buyers the status of “Choosing customers”, as one of the most profitable purchases of garden equipment.

Cons: glasses that come in the kit quickly fog.

The advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for grass compared to an electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Any of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Reliability. A gasoline trimmer for grass is able to work without a break during the day. During this period, he will not heat up and can provide the user with the ideal implementation of all goals in any conditions.
  • High performance. The power of a gasoline tool enables the user to work even in hard.To.Reach places. Electric trimmers for grass are not so powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • Unhindered movement of the device in any place. The trimmer for grass on gasoline does not depend on the outlet and wires, unlike the electrimmer.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline trimmer for grass:

  • Noise when working as a benzotrimer and strong vibration. Electric trimmers have noise below.
  • Environmental pollution. When working, a gasoline tool forms a large number of exhausts, which can not be said about the electric device.
  • Price. Benzotrimmer is more expensive, as it has increased performance, unlike the electrimmer.

Choosing between gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help choose the most suitable tool for specific needs.

When selecting a better gasoline trimmer for grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is necessary. For the correct choice of a trimmer for the grass, you need to evaluate the site and nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do it.

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