Gear lubricant for STIHL Grass Trimmer 55

Bolt. STIHL FS 55 gear lubrication plug 41197136500

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STIHL brushcutters are indisputably the best of their kind: lightweight, handy, very safe, maneuverable and built in Germany. But even this quality product can be subject to breakdowns. If they happen you can quickly and inexpensively buy any spare parts for STIHL grass trimmer in the online store Benzo Zip.

The owners of summer homes and country houses every summer have to cut the grass around the house territory. An ordinary lawn mower or sickle is no longer relevant. This kind of work is possible, but it requires tremendous health. That’s where STIHL lawnmowers come in handy and make an invaluable aid to any gardener. It helps eliminate weeds and tall grass in a short period of time without a lot of wasted effort and time.

Before you get started, find out where and how to buy a STIHL brushcutter and where to buy spare parts. At Benzozip you find the right product and parts for it. If you have any further questions or Комментарии и мнения владельцев about STIHL replacement parts, please contact our service specialists.

There are several types of brushcutters for cutting grass. They differ in source of power, which can be in the form of battery, AC or gasoline. Otherwise, the general design of brushcutters is similar and has common standard technical approaches and structural solutions that ensure the movement of the cutting blade or line through the system of drives.

STIHL brushcutters have to withstand the physical effort required to cut the grass, which affects the piston ring and cylinder. These parts should be available at hand, so that in case of failure they can be quickly replaced and continue mowing.

The price of these parts is low (not at Benzosip for sure). Their presence allows you to be sure that you do not have to look for parts in the sun and lose your temper because you do not get to mow the grass outside the house on time. In addition to the above parts, the pipe and magneto for the brushcutter are also necessary, and should be replaced regularly.

Pay attention to the strength of the construction and the materials used in the manufacture. Don’t let the plastic parts fool you. they’re weaker than the metal ones. Modern chemical industry creates such a strong plastic that will outlast metal and rust is out of the question.

If you need spare parts for your STIHL brushcutter you can buy them from our Benzozip online store. We offer a wide range of spare parts for your brushcutter. Highly trained experts are here to answer all your questions and help you choose the right parts for your site. STIHL an assortment of grass trimmers.

Buy spare parts at Benzozip with us your site is always clean and tidy.

Here you will find bottom housing, fan, air filter, trimmer head, any parts of the piston group, starter, as well as the carburetor and other components. Trimmer heads, lines of different diameters, knives for 2, 3, 4, 8 blades are available. For convenience of storage and use the company has a case for brushcutter, shoulder strap, protective covers, covers, as well as brand-name tools. To keep your brushcutter in good working order, remember to use lubricant for the gearbox and flexible shaft and high-quality two-stroke engine oils. You can buy them in our online store. We offer original, certified STIHL components and accessories from popular manufacturers that are compatible with STIHL trimmers. Your order will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time!

How to adjust the carburetor on your STIHL brushcutter

Lawn mowers, like all petrol garden tools, are low-maintenance machines. Repair, adjustment without assistance from others is possible and necessary. For example, the adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with their own hands. a matter of 5 minutes.

Lawnmower carburetor is a part of the fuel system. In it, as well as all carburetors, is the process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for the upcoming submission to the engine cylinders.

In this process, the main thing. the correct proportion of fuel and air, and adjust the carburetor.

Basic carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Strainer. There are two problems with this element more often than not:

To find out the cause of the breakage unscrew the fuel filter cover to extract the mesh filter. If it is just a dirty filter, it can be washed in gasoline or purged.

If there is visible damage on the strainer, it is imperative that a new one be installed. There may also be damage to the fuel inlet nozzle (when repairing practice check this element).

The starting device of the carburetor in most cases does not work because of clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out parts of a clogged carburetor with compressed air is an acceptable and comfortable repair practice.

throttle body, carburetor parts linkages, carburetor inlet or outlet line. all these parts are subject to depressurization. It is probably possible to check by a simple method. to smear the problem area with soap foam.

Lawn mower carburetor construction

Lawnmower carburetor base. duralumin body. It accommodates the diffuser (hole with internal circuits). Air is forced through this orifice. The oxygen (air) flow rate depends on the cross-section (orifice) of the diffuser.

gear, lubricant, stihl, grass, trimmer

The diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. How to adjust the carburetor on a lawn mower carburetor adjustment in practice. video. Fuel is drawn out of them with the help of air flow.

How the lawnmower carburetor works

The throttle determines the amount of air to feed, and this directly affects the power of the motor.

STIHL FS 55. carburetor adjustment (idle speed)

STIHL FS 55 weeding trimmer in the video to adjust the mowing speed.

STIHL FS 55 lawnmower carburetor adjustment

STIHL lawnmower carburetor adjustment

FS 55 Parts Shop

Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system by the pump (its diaphragm). Trimmer carburettor then flows through the nozzle on the carburettor. The fluid then moves through the inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Is filtered by a wire mesh. Goes to the diaphragm chamber through a needle valve.

  • Air is fed into the tube with an air baffle (flap). The baffle plate controls the intensity of the airflow.
  • The fuel supply system is inevitably narrowed by the mixer to speed up the flow.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and restrictor tube. The float chamber adjusts the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, but in the tube with a constriction, it is already low. Thanks to the differential pressure, the fuel seeps through the nozzle.
  • Accelerated airflow promotes fuel (gasoline) transfer and atomization. The air-fuel mixture of the right proportion or density eventually appears.
  • The fuel-air mixture enters the cylinder through the fuel pipe.

READ STIHL 250 Carburetor adjustment video

The area of the choke opening affects how much air is in the system. The wider the choke is open, the higher the fuel flow and power.

Simply put, the adjustment of the carburetor on the gasoline mower is the creation of a good fuel consistency through the correct air supply.

How to adjust the carburettor on a chain saw

Before readjusting, all filters must be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the maintenance manual.

The upcoming adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with their own hands is made by adjusting screws. There are three of them altogether:

Right (L). fuel consistency adjustment for low rpm.

Find the highest idle speed. Slowly turn the screw (L) to the right and to the left.

To adjust the screw a quarter of a turn, always counterclockwise.

Lower (T). responsible for adjustment of engine at idle speed.

For proper adjustment specifically the idle speed is typical:

  • stable operation of the cool motor;
  • Not excessive revolutions of the hot motor;
  • for the trimmer head a large RPM reserve;
  • stable motor operation when changing position (suddenly raising or lowering the blade).

READ Adjustment of carburetor K 45 on Agro-Motorblower

Left (H). adjustment of consistency at high rpm. (The screw should be the last one to be adjusted).

Left screw (H) is for general regulation of highest revolutions, engine output, temperature and petrol consumption.

Adjusting the carburetor of the lawnmower with the last screw is done as follows:

  • Open throttle to full throttle and throttle up to full throttle. Turn the propeller clockwise until the revolutions are lower (in this case you should listen to what you hear).
  • Turn the screw as slowly as possible anticlockwise until the engine feels rough.
  • Then turn back quite a little, just hear a measured, smooth operation.
  • For a more enjoyable implementation abilities more convenient to see the work of an experienced yuser:

Curiously, based on the beliefs of the creator of the video, setting (its correctness) determined by the color of the candle, not only on the revolutions and motor stability.

The correct setting of the carburetor with their own hands in this case. the combustion of fuel consistency without residue, the color of the candle should be light brown.

How to Disassemble STIHL fs 55 Lawn Mower Price

I bought a mower and there is no lubrication hole in the gearbox

Boris Impossible! Where’s the photo ?Check lubrication regularly and every 25 hours or soN Unscrew the threaded plug Igor. if there is no grease on the inside, screw a tube of STIHL brush lubricant into the gear housing TamaraN Press out about 5 grams of grease

Zinaida this is protection from idiots, the grease lasts for the entire service life, you can’t imagine how many gearboxes have been ruined by grease gunners. They put a lot of grease in a gearbox when it’s cold, it gets hot during operation, the grease squeezes out the bearing caps and leaks, and then they have to put it in regularly.

Anna I also have a STIHL fs55 and the gearbox without a screw to lubricate or not lubricated gearbox

Бензокоса STIHL FS 55. Подробный Обзор и Тест

Catherine is a new invention of the Chinese maintenance-free gearbox, is this part costs 4500 USD die down after 2-3 years STIHL rules, there is an option from the AEZ their gearbox 2000 USD, but the sense of investing in a Chinese trinket money next that will die is a cable inside the rod, then the magneto, and then the clutch. I’d say it’s a great grasshopper. I’d say it’s worth the price of the parts Considering the plugs on these mowers run like flies, they’re great!

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STIHL FSE 81 electric grass trimmer. description and equipment

Despite its relatively low power requirements, this STIHL electric grass trimmer has the power to handle tough jobs like mowing dense vegetation, clearing young growth, and cutting tough weed stems. In daily use, the STIHL 81 shows low power consumption and easy care.

The main features of the grass trimmer include:

  • Built-in motor power of 1000 watts;
  • The maximum possible diameter of the grasp when mowing with a fishing line is 40 cm;
  • working diameter when cutting with a knife is 20 cm;
  • Weight in working condition. 5 kg.

The manufacturer has provided free access to frequently replaced elements of the grasshopper, which greatly simplifies its self-repair and preventive maintenance.

Best Grease For Grass Trimmer Gearbox

First, preventive maintenance is done immediately after purchase. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers put a small amount of grease, which is enough only for the running-in period.

If the grass trimmer is used in the home criteria (the amount of work is small), it is enough to add lubrication at the beginning and at the end of the season.

Under severe operating conditions, the gear reducer gasoline trimmer for grass needs to be lubricated every 20-50 hours of work. Indicators for an urgent preventive maintenance are increased noise and overheating. If you find a lack of lubrication it should be one hundred percent replaced.

Often manufacturers produce functional car chemistry. This means that the lubricant for gasoline gears is also suitable for the treatment of hoses and gears of any garden equipment and assemblies that work under the highest loads.

Maintenance should always be carried out immediately after purchasing a gear lubricant. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers put the minimum amount of grease, which is enough only for the running-in period.

If the grass trimmer is used at home (the amount of work is small), it will be enough to add lubrication at the beginning and at the end of the season.

In difficult working conditions, the gear of gasoline trimmer for grass needs to be lubricated every 20-50 hours of work. Indicators for urgent preventive maintenance are increased noise in the unit and overheating. If you recognise any defects in the lubricant, replace it completely.

Often manufacturers produce a multifunctional auto chemical. This means that the lubricant for gasoline gears is also suitable for the treatment of hoses and gears of any garden equipment and assemblies that work under high loads.

New STIHL FS-55 petrol grass trimmer gearbox

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Code: FS55-15B STIHL FS-55 Grass Trimmer Gear

The main differences are: the blade or mowing head guard of the old gearbox is mounted with 4 screws, of the new gearbox with 1 screw and the new gearbox has a long-lasting lubrication, i.e.е. no additional lubrication is required.

To order and buy a reducer, call on the phone: 375 29 612-72-77 (Welkom) 375 29 276-47-25 (MTS) Or place your order through the shopping cart.

self-delivery is possible! Delivery in Minsk and RB.

Don’t forget to check the lube before you start working.

Delivery in Minsk. 1-2 days by courier. Delivery in Belarus. by mail 5-7 days

Buy STIHL Husqvarna Partner Chinese spare parts. (photo, price, description, reviews) you can with delivery in the following cities Antopol, Baranovichi, Baran, Begoml, Belitsk, Beloozersk, Belynichi, Bereza, Berezino, Berezovka, Beshenkovichi, Bobr, Bobruisk, Bogushevsk, Bolbasovo, Bolshaya Berestovitsa, Borisov, Borovukha, Braslav, Brest, Buda-Koshelevo, Bykhov, Vasilevichi, Verkhnedvinsk, Vetka, Vetrino, Vileyka, Vitebsk, Volkovysk, Volozhin, Voronovo, Voropayevo, Vysokoye, Gantsevichi, Glubokoe, Glusha, Gomel, Gorki, Glubokoe, Gomel, Gorki, Gorodeya, Gorodishche, Gorodok, Grodno, David-Gorodok, Dzerzhinsk, Disna, Dobrush, Dokshitsy, Dribin, Drogichin, Dubrovno, Dyatlovo, Jezerishche, Yelsk, Zhabinka, Zheludok, Zhitkovichi, Zhlobin, Zhodino, Zarechye, Zaslavl, Zeleny Bor, Zelva, Ivanovo, Ivatsevichi, Ivyanets, Ivie, Kalinkovichi, Kamenets, Kirovsk, Kletsk, Klimovichi, Klichev, Kobrin, Kozlovschina, Kopatkevichi, Kopyl, Korelichi, Korma, Kosovo, Kostyukovichi, Kohanovo, Krasnaya Sloboda, Krasnopolye, Krasnoselsky, Krivichi, Krichev, Krugloye, Krupki, Lelchitsy, Lepel, Lida, Liozno, Logishin, Logoisk, Luninets, Luban, Lubcha, Lyakhovichi, Malorita, Maryina Gorka (Puhovichi), Machulischy, Mikashevichi, Miory, Mir, Mogilev, Mozyr, Molodechno, Mosty, Mstislavl, Narovlya, Negoreloje, Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Novolukoml, Novopolotsk, Obol, Ozarychi, Oktyabrski, Orekhovsk, Orsha, Osipovichi, Ostrino, Ostrovets, Oshmyany, Parichi, Petrykov, Pinsk, Pleschenitsy, Podsvilje, Polotsk, Porozovo, Postavy, Pravdinski, Pruzhany, Radoshkovichi, Radun, Rechitsa, Rogachev, Ros, Ruba, Rudensk, Ruzhany, Svetlogorsk, Svir, Svisloch, Senno, Skidel, Slavgorod, Slonim, Slutsk, Smilovichi, Smolevichi, Smorgon, Soligorsk, Sopotsk, Starobin, Stariye Dorogi, Stolbtsy, Stolin, Streshyn, Surazh, Telekhany, Terekhovka, Tolochin, Turov, Uzda, Ulla, Urechye, Ushachi, Fanipol, Khoiniki, Chausy, Chashniki, Cherven, Cherikov, Chechersk, Sharkovshchina, Shereshevo, Shklov, Shumilino, Shchuchin, Yuratishki and others. On the questions of delivery in the specific city please specify by managers of the store at the stage of ordering the goods.

Remove and lubricate the lower shaft of the lawnmower

To remove the shaft from the lower part of the boom, first remove the spool gearbox.

  • Unscrew the central fixing screw completely. On the back side of the lower clamping screw unscrew the nut and unscrew the screw completely to detach the reel gearbox from the protective housing.
  • Loosen the upper clamping screw and remove the lower part of the shaft from the reel gear housing. Remove the lower shaft from the reducer side of the boom.
  • Clean shaft from dirt and grease it with grease “Shruz-4” or “Lithol-24”, not forgetting to clean and grease coupling (bushing) with splines in reducer.
  • Install the shaft in the rod, and the rod in the lower gearbox of lawnmower and align the hole on the rod with a hole for the central screw. Screw in the center screw. Then screw in the lower screw, fix the lower part of the rod in the gear housing with the upper and lower screws and tighten the nut on the reverse side of the lower screw.
  • Add 20-30 ml of grease to the reel gearbox through the hole covered by the screw on the right side of the picture.

Lower gear unit

Fig. Lower (bevel) gearbox

On mowers driven to the trimmer with working attachments, there is a transition cone gearbox. Torque is transmitted through bevel gears. This gearbox type is manufactured in two types: maintained and maintenance-free. The name maintenance reducer received from the possibility of adding lubricant to the working cavity to lubricate the gears. If the gearbox is left unattended, the lubricant is supplied by the factory.Gearboxes are designed to be maintenance-free, are built by the manufacturer for their entire service life, and are hermetically sealed. According to the designers of the manufacturing plant, these measures increase the service life of the gearbox, because contamination does not get into the interior through the lubrication hole, which is not tight. Gearbox of lawnmower is the most loaded part, transmitting force with the change of direction, so the node is very important proper care and proper lubrication, what kind of grease is needed for the gearbox and repair of cone gearbox with=bearing replacement can be watched video clip below.

STIHL lawnmowers are very popular

STIHL brushcutters are differentiated by class, engine type and application. Designed for small areas to be tended prior to clearing larger areas of overgrown weeds, brush and young trees. For this reason, it is customary to divide them into classes. First class includes small amateur models with up to 1.2 liters.с. STIHL amateur brushcutters are built with a curved boom. Eliminates the need for a bevel gear, lowers maintenance costs. Curved-boom lawnmowers are designed for use with cutting tools made of fishing line or plastic blades. They are ideal for use in small gardens.

The second class refers to all-purpose machines of medium power up to 2.2 liters.с., designed for fieldwork and landscaping. Such designs use a straight rigid shaft, which allows this class to be equipped with steel saw blades for attachments that can be used to cut down bushes and small trees. Conical gearbox with maintenance-free design. What lubricant to use for the gearbox of your lawnmower. A special brand name STIHL or the common Russian Lithol grease is used.

Бензо-коса STIHL FS-55 Типичный случай если заводить триммер не часто!

Engines from 6,3 to 8 l.Designed for professional use in forestry or horticulture. Named “brushcutters”, they are the most powerful brushcutters for working on larger areas, cutting down small bushes and trees. The arsenal of the working tool includes saw blades for shrubbery up to 7 cm in diameter. Brush cutters are equipped with an anti-vibration system, thanks to which the work with such a tool becomes more comfortable. With powerful drive systems, the gearboxes of STIHL lawnmowers are lubricated with a special brand-name STIHL or Russian-made Lithol 24 grease.

STIHL EVDIRAL Grass Trimmer Gear Lubricant.RU

Sometimes in the midst of intensive mowing work, your grass trimmer begins to make unpleasant, grinding noises. It is the gearbox. the most heavily loaded unit of the device. that complains about the lack of lubrication. And soon these “warnings” can be followed by jamming of the drive.

Ремонт STIHL FS 55 плохо заводится / глохнет при нажатии на газ

What Gearbox Grease for Grass Trimmer?

During operation, the mechanical part of the grass trimmer is loaded with contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions from the adhered grass (sometimes. with dirt), dynamic, shock loads due to constantly changing torque. Gear lubricant for grass trimmer must fully take into account these features, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Each brand is not unreasonably focused on lubricants of its own making (we can talk about cheap Chinese products later). This includes manufacturers such as Husqvarna, STIHL, Huter, Makita, etc. Russian-made grass trimmers are an exception: for example, Kalibr does not specify the lubricant brand in its user manual at all.
  • Viscosity of lubricant. As is known, all lubricating compositions are divided into three groups. high-viscosity (colloidal systems containing various additives), plastic compounds of universal use and solid lubricants that soften during operation.
  • Good adhesion to gearbox component surfaces, which prevents grease from squeezing out into gaps or out of the unit.
  • Intensity of lubricant consumption by the gearbox. Here you have to rely on your own experience and recommendations of specialists, because some trimmer manufacturers, relying on their own service centers, do not give any clear recommendations concerning the period of gear reducer operation between two lubrications.

Lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which it retains its lubricating power. When the gearbox is heated up to 40 ° C, it is believed that the conditions are satisfactory, and lubricant is enough.

There is no universal grass trimmer gear lubricant, but this is not strictly true. In fact, a suitable lubricant would be one that contains the following components:

  • Antiwear additives that do not contain toxic lead;
  • Solid greases with the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferable, since the lubricating power is fully preserved for a large range of shaft speeds;)
  • Only mineral (inorganic) lubricants!) highly refined oils.
gear, lubricant, stihl, grass, trimmer

Lithium greases Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Lithol meet the mentioned requirements to the full extent.24, or Azmol 158, as well as those that are recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model of grass trimmer.

Grass trimmer gearbox lubricant: which one to choose?

Currently on the market a wide range of lubricants for gasoline tools and consumables designed to reduce friction and overheating of friction parts. Therefore, every owner, when the time of maintenance comes, is faced with the problem of lubricating the gearbox of grass trimmer for its long-term operation. For this purpose, special plastic pastes are used, which vary in properties and manufacturers.

Lubricant for well-known trimmer brands

Each brand of gasoline trimmers always recommends an oil to reduce the shrub trimmers of its own production.

gear, lubricant, stihl, grass, trimmer
  • Husqvarna. This Swedish manufacturer recommends Grasa Universal grease. The product is available in black and blue 225-gram or 250-gram tubes. According to the company, this gearbox lubricant was developed specifically for Husqvarna technology, taking into account the steel used and operating speeds.
  • Style. For the STIHL FS range of gasoline-powered brawn, the manufacturer recommends STIHL Superlub FS lubricant, available in 225g tubes or 80g disposable containers in silver-orange.
  • Patriot. Motokos gearboxes of this brand are recommended to be maintained with original Arsenal lithium grease AR-417. It is specially formulated for gearboxes operating at high speeds and temperatures.
  • Hooter. Any of the gear oil brands listed above can be used for the bevel gear of this Huter company’s tool models, as well as the universal types Rezoil, CYATIM and others.
  • Champion. Champion Motorcycle Owner’s Manual refers to Champion Super-Lube EP-O recommended lubricants. The material comes in a 250 gram can or in a Premium Champion C1104 disposable nipple.
  • Makita. This Japanese manufacturer advises its customers to use Makita brand oil, which comes in white tubes with a red cap of 65 ml and 80 ml.

Motokosa gear lubricant selection factors

Often the owner of a particular brand of gas grass trimmer cannot buy the oil recommended by the manufacturer, for whatever reason. In such cases, you will need to find an analogue that is identical in properties to the branded paste. Therefore, when selecting a paste for the hedge trimmer, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Oil viscosity. All pastes on the market are divided into three main groups, namely: high-viscosity (containing additives), solid lubricants (softens when the machine is running) and universal plastics.
  • Intensity of lubrication consumption. This factor is based on the owner’s personal experience and is characterized by the period between two oil. Most manufacturers adjust the transmission service every 20-40 hours of operation.
  • Degree of grip on transmission parts. This is characterized by the adhesion of the oil to the metal trimmer set.

Gear lubricant for STIHL Grass Trimmer 55

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Eliminate grass trimmer vibration, or what they don’t talk about in the service

Trimmers for grass (brushcuts) are firmly included in our everyday life, replacing the usual manual grass trimmers, but buying it, we know that it needs to fuel, start up, set the line or knife, and then mow. How a grass trimmer to maintain this thing can wait, because the grass trimmer is new.

But over time, this tool requires attention. After reading the manual, we will find that the lower gearbox, on which the knife or mowing head with a line is mounted, requires lubrication. Thus, in trimmers STIHL FS55, FS120, FS200, FS250, lubrication is produced by a special tube, where the thread coincides with a hole for the grease and screw it in, you need to squeeze the grease in the gearbox.

This is how the gearbox is lubricated, but the shaft that runs inside the tube also loses its lubrication over time and begins to vibrate, creating a rattling effect. There is nothing about it in the instruction manual. Whether this is done on purpose, so that the service center, could earn on this, or for some other reason, but no one is talking about it, but in the service will take for repair trimmer for grass, lubricate and you’ll probably pay money for that service, but they say. That the plastic shaft guide or the shaft itself has been replaced.

Anyway, but the drive shaft, too, requires lubrication, because with prolonged operation, rotation and heat, the lubricant gradually flows down to the lower gearbox, and when you remove the gearbox, you will see this, while at the top of it will be almost none.

The shaft of rotation transmission from the clutch to the bottom gearbox is designed differently in different braids. So in some, the shaft in the tube passes through a few rubber guides, and in STIHL trimmers, it is a continuous, almost entire tube, plastic insert, guide, in the form of a tube for the shaft, with three spacers on the sides, which is firmly fixed in the tube.

The diameter of the tube is slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft, so that there is grease in it, but after the grease flows out, the shaft in the dry guide tube begins to vibrate, but after lubrication the vibration disappears.

To lubricate the shaft, you must remove the bottom gearbox by loosening the mounting screws, then pull out the shaft, it comes out easily, then apply grease to it and put the shaft back in, turning to enter the splines. This procedure should be done at least once a year.

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