Gears don’t shift on the Kentavr tiller

Diesel single axle tractor Zirka WC10DE (plow)

Zirka WC10DE single axle tractor (plow) is the new 2016-2017 year in the model range of “Zirka” TM. Zirka WC10DE with water-cooled engine circuit and electronic starter. The new lineup of motor blocks Zirka received a lot of improvements to ensure the comfort of use, compared to the previous model Kentavr MB 1010E. The WC10DE single axle tractor is factory-fitted with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine running at 2,300 rpm. 10L horsepower.с. Enough to work with heavy-duty professional attachments. The motor has a cast-iron crankcase, lower vibration and noise levels. Fuel consumption is less than 286 g/kWh. The engine can be started electrically with a push button.

The Zirka WC10DE power tiller (plow tiller) cultivates land areas of up to 3 hectares. Our store offers many matching implements (passive, active, transport).

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The tiller arm grip has also been increased from 100 to 110 mm.

Adjustable single-hoe plough included.

Features of the diesel power tiller Zirka WC10DE:

  • Equipped with a large cast-iron crankcase.
  • The Zirka single axle tractor is equipped with a steering wheel which can be adjusted.
  • Reinforced rear gear cover.
  • In addition the single axle tractor is equipped with reinforced hubs.
  • The manufacturer has reinforced the engine frame.
  • Wider track
  • Gearbox which is the transmission has a bevel gear.
  • Dry dual-disc friction clutch.
  • If necessary, the steering mechanism can be locked.
  • The brake is a ring brake with sturdy inner pads.
  • Gear pump promotes effective lubrication.
  • single axle tractor is perfectly assembled, materials used are durable, shockproof.

Customer Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the gearbox in previous models, prompted the manufacturer to take necessary measures to eliminate the shortcomings. Modifications were made to the design. Now the gears shift easily, without tension.

Affordable, reliable, multifunctional. AGAT (Salut 5)

Russian AGAT is an inexpensive and reliable single-axle tractor with a Salut 5 gearbox.

The AGAT single-axle tractor is a multipurpose machine weighing 85 kg. The single-axle tractor has compact dimensions. The main distinctive feature of the AGAT walking tractor is its good weight distribution and low center of gravity, which makes the walking tractor very comfortable to work with. A gearbox with 4 forward and 2 reverse gears will ensure reliable and unpretentious work for many years.

Also owing to a wide choice of attachments the single-axle tractor becomes a multipurpose vehicle capable of performing a full cycle of works during planting, cultivation and harvesting. the single-axle tractor can also be used for other purposes. Such as cargo transportation, grass collection, garbage and snow removal with optional active attachments. AGAT single-axle tractor is often called Salut-5. Why so? Since 2002-2011, AGAT plant has produced power tillers under the trademark “Salut”, and since 2012 the plant has started to produce power tillers under its own trademark “AGAT”.

The main thing in an engine block is a gearbox. A gearbox is installed on the AGAT engine block, which has established itself as a simple, reliable and unpretentious unit. Gear unit ensures sufficient traction in difficult conditions. Simple and rugged design makes it virtually indestructible. All kinds of forces are possible on the spur gearbox, including impacts from stones in the ground. Gearbox of this reducer is manufactured at AGAT factory, which is confirmed by the marking and serial number embossed on the gearbox.

Four forward and two reverse gears in the transmission. The gear change is made with a lever on the back of the gearbox. All gears on the AGAT power tiller shift clearly and without any problems.

Speed of the walking tractor with 4×8 in first gear is 2.8. 3.5 km/h. In second gear, the speed of the km/h. Rear travel speed 2.5 km/h. There is a peculiarity of AGAT engine block: with the help of a rearrangement of the pulley it is possible to reduce the speed of the engine block and increase its traction. With this we get an additional lowering set of gears.

Gearbox output shafts are round, 25 mm in diameter. Wheel extensions are supplied to increase the track of the power tiller. The standard track of AGAT engine block is 260 mm, but the wheel extensions increase the track of the engine block up to 540 mm.Adjustment of details, namely, tight, without big backlash fit of extensions on gearbox output shafts is done very qualitatively. Cutters for AGAT single axle tractor are made from quality materials and have 600 mm of grip and 250 mm of cultivation depth. For a larger working area it is recommended to buy additional cutter sections, but this all depends on user preference.

The single axle tractor is equipped with size 4 wheels×8. But many people install bigger wheels to work with a power tiller with a cart. Without additional modifications, it is possible to install the car wheels from VAZ.

AGAT single-axle tractor has a frame structure: gearbox, engine, hitch and fenders, which are attached to the frame of the motoblock. It has a footrest in front and can be folded down when working. The hitch has a reinforced center hole to increase the strength when the power tiller is used with a cart. Due to the special frame design the AGAT single axle tractor has an offset and low center of gravity. That is why a single-axle tractor is more resistant to rollover and comfortable to work with.Engines of various brands are installed on the AGAT engine blocks. Such as Lifan, Zongshen, Hammermann, Honda, Briggs Stratton. You can also find a single-axle tractor AGAT with diesel engine. The most practical and inexpensive would be a variant with Lifan engine for 6.5 л.с. Lifan is a time-tested brand in the budget engine segment. The engine is simple, economical, easy to start and backed up by inexpensive parts that are available almost everywhere.

The clutch on the AGAT power tiller consists of two V-belts, tension pulley with a lever, return spring, cable and a control lever on the steering wheel. By pushing the lever on the handlebar, the roller moves and creates tension in the drive belts and the engine’s rotation is transmitted to the timing belt pulley on the tiller. This design makes the clutch easy to operate and repair. A steering wheel on the AGAT may be adjusted horizontally and has a turn of 180 degrees, also vertically. Handlebar is equipped with rubber dampers to reduce vibration transmitted from the power tiller to the user during operation.

Controls for the tiller are on the handlebar. There is a clutch lever on the right side of the tiller and an engine speed control lever on the left. There is also an additional engine-stop button on the handlebar. All active attachments are hitched to the rear of the trailed unit and are driven by pulleys located on the gearbox. The power tiller comes with a set of wrenches.AGAT single axle tractor is filled with oil, as in the factory the required tests of finished products are performed. Engine oil volume 0.6 l, in gearbox 1.1 л.

Both passive and active attachments can be mounted on the AGAT single-axle tractor. Passive power tools include: plough, ridging plough (single, double, disk), weeder, ripper, spudger.Since the single-axle tractor is mated with a gear reducer, the AGAT can easily operate in virgin land and with heavy active implements. (Rotary mower, potato planter, potato digger, water pump, snow blower, municipal brush, etc.).д.)

The ZARIA rotary mower for AGAT power tillers is mostly used for cutting high-growing grass. Very high productivity allows to mow large areas with minimal time expenditures.

Mobile K (Terminator) rotary mower, mows low grass, unlike ZARYA can mulch and process grass cuttings, more often used in the care of lawns and small yards.

Winter tools for AGAT power tillers

For winter conditions, the single-axle tractor AGAT can be fitted with both a shovel blade and an active snow thrower. These units are manufactured at the Gagarinsky factory, the shovel blade has a working width of 1 meter, and for convenience has a lever swivel mechanism. A shovel to simplify the work on the site for clearing paths. And if the snow fell a lot, you are presented with an active snow blower Mobil CM-0,6, this unit has a working width of 600 mm. and a throwing range of up to 12 meters. Therefore, all the snow can easily be thrown on the plot to the neighbor.

Active attachments for AGAT (Salyut-5) power tillers

How not to mention the adapters for AGAT power tillers. It’s a bit more complicated, but much more interesting. In general, any adapter produced for MB series power tillers can be used in combination with Agat. What is an adapter for power tillers. It is a device that is connected to the power tiller, for the operator to work in a sitting position. Connection, as a rule, is made with a special metal pin, which goes through the hitch and drawbar of the adapter. As a rule, an adapter consists of a frame, braking system, operator’s seat and a special lifting mechanism driven by a lever. Here are 3 most interesting and actual adapters for AGAT power tillers.

In addition to standard adapters, AGAT factory also manufactures a driving module, which name is KV-2. Unlike an adapter, this module is not designed to work with a plow, pick-up etc.д., Since it does not have in its arsenal of lifting mechanism. But we can’t not tell about it. It is a truly unique design that connects a single-axle tractor and directly to the module, the whole procedure takes no more than 10 minutes of time, and if you install the car wheels, the adapter turns into an all-terrain vehicle. Not only does it change the speed of your power tiller, but it also increases ground clearance. What is suitable for such a module. Especially for fishermen and hunters, you can move in such configurations in the fields and through forests. The AGAT with the KV-2 layout module can also be used for domestic purposes, e.g. for transporting loads on a trailer. The machine is much more maneuverable than a single-axle tractor with a trailer.

APM-350 PRO Mobil K adapter, superb, and most importantly inexpensive adapter that perfectly suits for AGAT power tiller. Almost any kind of accessory: plows, ridgers, rippers, potato digger, potato planter, potato digger, as well as rotary mower, shovel blade and many others. In fact, 90% of attachments for AGAT power tillers can be safely used on this adapter, and you will work sitting. The main advantages of PM-350 PRO are: an affordable price, adjustable drawbar both vertically and horizontally, a powerful hitch lifting mechanism, high quality and durability.

Well, one more thing is not just an adapter, but a trailer-adapter, which is produced at Gagarin plant under the name APM-350 with a body. My opinion, this is the best decision when buying a crawler. A third of buyers buyers of power tillers buy a trailer, it is one of the important tasks of any power tiller. Average Total, you got a single-axle tractor and a trailer. In the future, you are tired of walking behind your power tiller, and it will happen for sure, it is only a question of time, you decided to buy an adapter. The cost of a good adapter is 400-600 BYN. Total 450400 = 800 BUN minimum. But you can solve this problem immediately and buy a 2 in 1, body adapter to it. The adapter technology is very simple, yet functional and advanced. Load capacity of the body is 350 kg. width 800 mm. length 1000 mm. The body is self-contained, which makes it easy to work with. The adapter itself has a rear linkage control lever and is equipped with brakes.

Compact and versatile single axle tractor with good weight distribution and a reliable gearbox. fits in the trunk of the car with minimum disassembly and with the purchase of different attachments the AGAT single axle tractor becomes a multifunctional and irreplaceable helper for the personal homestead

Installation of the generator on a single-axle tractor with their own hands

A 220 volt generator for a single axle tractor or power tiller is needed to power the electric lamp and headlights, as well as to charge the battery. The latter helps to start the tractor via the starter and then charges all electrical appliances.

First of all, you need to choose the right generator. It does not have to be 220 volts. The main thing is to match the power to the right load. For this technique perfectly suits an electric generator from a car and tractor.

If the unit works properly when all the equipment is running, with no voltage drop, it means that the electric generator is installed and chosen correctly.

Installing an alternator to a power tiller with your own hands is not a difficult task. The main thing is to follow the instructions and familiarize yourself with the key parts of the installation:

  • body. a metal container with tires;
  • pulley. transmits mechanical energy through the belt to the shaft of the device;
  • Voltage regulator. when the load level changes, it keeps the voltage at the same level;
  • The stator. the rewind, inside which the power of the motoblock is produced;
  • Brush node. an element made of plastic that helps the unit do its job properly and accurately;
  • the rotor is a steel shaft with two bushes with an excitation winding between them.

The electrical diagram of the installation

To put an alternator from a car on a single axle tractor, it is worth knowing that if the electric generator is not properly connected to the electrical circuit, the winding is likely to catch fire. The installation of the electric generator is carried out by means of two wires. There are four wires in the unit, two of which are blue. It is with these that the inverter can be connected. The red wire outputs voltage, powers the headlights and signal, and charges the battery. The black wire is connected to the power unit array.

The electrical circuitry works quite simply. The generator produces electricity that passes to the rectifier in the power unit, which is equipped with a voltage equalizer and current regulator. The equalizer keeps the voltage from fluctuating, regardless of the amount produced. And the regulator controls the current that goes into the battery.

The engine starts and transmits torque to the rotor with the help of the belt. The appliance, in turn, generates voltage to the electrical box. Starting the engine has reduced the capacity of the battery, which means that the instruments will take electricity from the electric unit. This will be until the battery is fully charged again and all instruments are once again powered by the battery. menu

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions:

  • The structural length of the mini-tractor is 2520 millimeters.
  • Full width 1360 millimeters.
  • Full height 1300 millimeters.
  • Minimum ground clearance under the rear axle 280 millimeters.
  • Minimum track width of the front axle 900 millimeters.
  • The smallest track width of the rear axle is 900 millimeters.
  • Maximum track width of the front axle 1200 millimetres.
  • Maximum track width of the rear axle 1200 millimeters.

How to adjust automatic transmission gears. If gears don’t work.

Engine characteristics:

  • Type of engine installed diesel, in-line.
  • Installed engine brand KAMA.
  • Number of cylinders 1 cylinder.
  • Maximum horsepower 15 horsepower/11 kilowatt.
  • Top speed of the crankshaft 2100 rpm.
  • Total cylinder displacement 980 cc.
  • Type of cooling system liquid.
  • Type of starting system: Electric or manual.

Transmission Features:

  • Type of mounted shift gearbox mechanical.
  • Belt drive type.
  • Differential lock mechanical.
  • Number of forward gears 6.
  • Number of rear gears 2.
  • Type of clutch dry, single disc.

PTO characteristics:

  • Type of installed PTO independent.
  • Number of PTO speeds 1.
  • Mechanical control.
  • Minimum PTO rotation speed 540 rpm.

Operational characteristics:

  • Operating weight 540 kilograms.
  • Fuel tank capacity 6 liters.
  • Type of hydraulic system single-point.
  • Brakes type drum.
  • The slowest independent forward travel speed of 2 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest independent forward travel speed is 40 kilometers per hour.
  • Lowest fuel consumption per hour of operation 700 grams.
  • Highest fuel consumption per hour of operation 1.2 liters.
  • Front wheel size 4.00-8.
  • The size of the rear wheels 6.50-12.

KENTAVR 1081D single-axle tractor

KENTAVR 1081D diesel single axle tractor, wide range, massive from the KENTAVR line of models. Thanks to a large selection of attachments, the single-axle tractor KENTAVR is upgraded into a mini tractor, which can easily perform any type of work on large areas, as well as transport cargo. On the plus side is easy operation, despite the heavy weight of the unit. Equipped with headlights, which allow you to work without problems in the dark.

KENTAVR 1081D single-axle tractor. The best-selling power tillers in Russia thanks to its power, sturdiness and tractive power. Recommended working area. It can also easily cope with virgin, heavy, clay soils, and thanks to its ideal weight distribution, it does not require any special physical effort when working.

KENTAVR 1081D is equipped with the KAMA single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine. KAMA engine is one of the most reliable producers from China for small-sized equipment, has proved itself in the world market, thanks to the quality and durability of products.

The diesel engine generates its power at low rpm, so it eliminates excessive friction and wear of parts and protects the life span of the machine. In addition to long service life, the crankshaft, cylinder block and piston group, made of high quality alloys, provide important components that ensure a long service life. With proper maintenance such an engine will run for many years.

Consumption of the KENTAVR 1081D is only 360 grams per engine hour. Low operating speeds also contribute to such an economical fuel consumption.

Thanks to the liquid cooling system, the tractor can operate for up to 10 hours at full load, during which time, for example, it is possible to cultivate or plant potatoes on 4 hectares of land. Owners of this model say that they would rather get tired than overheat engine.

The four-stroke diesel engine has cleaner exhaust emissions compared to a two-stroke engine because of the better combustion of fuel, which prevents harmful elements from getting into your lungs.


Due to the optimal ratio of size, weight and shape of the KENTAVR 1081D power tiller we have managed to achieve reduction of the physical effort of a person at work. Thanks to the correct weight distribution, which prevents the single-axle tractor from tipping forwards and backwards, the pressure on the arms is as light as possible during operation.

single axle tractor KENTAVR MB-2050D/M2-4

single axle tractor Kentavr MB2050D/M2-4 with a 5L diesel engine.with air cooling. a powerful universal unit, which is aggregated with almost all attached auxiliary equipment, which allows you to perform the entire range of agricultural and construction work. No problem to plow, hill, mow grass or shovel snow with this model. It is also possible to transport heavy loads.

Gears do not turn on the Kentavr tiller

Tired of working long hours on the construction site? Looking for a tool that can do it all for you? We have already found it for you and want to bring to your attention a mini tractor Kentavr 1080 D. What is so good about this model? Farmers and cottagers unanimously call the Centaur 1080 D the most popular model. The key features of this minitractor. durability, traction, power. The machine is recommended for use on areas up to 2 hectares. It can easily handle heavy loam and virgin soil; the ideal weight distribution dispenses with excessive physical effort during work.

What are the advantages of choosing a mini-tractor Kentavr 1080?

A TOYOKAWA single-cylinder four-stroke engine is installed on the single axle tractor. It is an excellent choice for small equipment, which has long proved itself as a durable and high-quality engine. It is noteworthy that the engines of this brand are installed on Suzuki motorcycles.

The diesel engine saves machinery life, eliminates premature wear of parts and increased friction elements. The main components of the engine, cylinder block, crankshaft, piston group is made of high-strength alloys. Competent maintenance of the engine will serve you faithfully for many years.

The engine needs only 800 grams of fuel per hour. Economical consumption is possible due to operation at low rpm.

The engine can run up to 10 hours without stopping, which is made possible by the use of liquid cooling system. What can be done in 10 hours of work? For example, to plant 2 hectares of potatoes. As users themselves admit, you’d rather tire yourself out than overheat the engine.

A four-stroke engine has cleaner exhaust emissions compared to a two-stroke, better combustion. That means fewer harmful particles in your lungs. Also, the engine is quiet while working.

Four PTO options enable connection of various attachments. Work with a potato tiller, an active tiller via a rear-mounted gearbox. Keyed side PTO for connection of the pump. Depending on location of belt-driven equipment, use overrunning clutch or belt with pulley.

The power tiller has an eight-speed gearbox. 6 gears forward, 2 reverse, so you can choose the pace and speed that works best for you. The minimum operating speed corresponds to a person’s slow stride and is 2 km/h. Top speed of 25 km/h. With a special lever, you can manually change down and upshift gears.

The Centaur 1080D turns 360 degrees on the spot, so you don’t have to work hard to change rows during tillage. Unlocking the wheel differential gives you outstanding maneuverability. One side of the tiller arm locks and the other continues to move as you push down on the differential. This technical solution makes it possible for the single-axle tractor to turn on the spot.

You can also turn with ease when transporting a trailer, so the single-axle tractor can be used in confined spaces such as greenhouses.

Return springs on differential handles return the lever to its original position when released.

Special corners strengthen the frame of the power tiller and prevent it from deformation. The gearbox made of a cast-iron-graphite alloy is an important advantage of the Centaur model. This metal alloy is used for components that are subjected to drastic load changes. High-strength materials extend the life of your power tiller, eliminating warping and breakage.

The Centaur 1080D engine is driven from the engine to the gearbox by V-belts. This technology is distinguished by its simplicity and low-cost consumables. As the belts are constantly under tension from the engine, they do not slip on the pulleys and transmit power with minimal losses.

The engine of the walking tractor is equipped with an air filter in an oil bath. Untreated air is immediately passed through a layer of oil, then through oiled foam rubber, leaving all unnecessary impurities behind. The engine is supplied with purified air and the system serves you reliably and economically for a long time.

Together with a power tiller you get an excellent plough, which has a lot of advantages:

Adjusting the screw on the mouldboard for even furrows;

A cutter bar with 10 pairs of forged sabre-shaped blades is supplied with the power tiller. The blades dig deep into the ground and are enclosed by a robust blade guard for safety. With the help of a power tiller you will get rid of such weeds as couch grass and wireworm in one go.


The machine is made by the Brest Tractor Works and is noted for the exemplary quality of assembly and components. Standards are maintained through a multi-stage quality control system in all stages of production. Every time, technicians make sure all components and connections are secure and then proceed to the next step. This is something you’ll never find with the Chinese competitors flooding the market.

Products are controlled not only in production, but also by third parties. All equipment Kentavr received state certificates. All this is done for you, your safety and a long and fruitful work with technique.

If necessary, you do not have to order spare parts for a single-axle tractor from foreign factories and wait for months to deliver.

The Kentavr motor units have received awards from experts at the national level. “Product of the Year 2015”, “Product of the Year 2016”, “Leader of the Year 2016”.

After oil change the gearbox does not shift properly

I drive an Opel Astra GTC Tyumen, Russia

Hi. In general, the situation is as follows, while replacing the clutch and replaced the oil in the transmission. I filled not with GM, but with Manol synthetic. It’s cool enough in winter here))) and GM in.The 25 is already like glue, which is very noticeable.So after the replacement began to shift gears poorly, 1 is engaged with a lot of force, 3 in general with a crunch as if not fully squeezed the clutch. I checked the drive to check the bolts fixing the selector frame. Unscrewed-tightened the bolts and readjusted the rocker arm. The first gear is now engaged properly but the question remained on the third gear, yes, it was better but not what it was. It was so that all the gears were engaged almost with one finger. Ordered a rocker arm repair kit with a crossover and new pins because I read that due to wear and tear in them can cause problems. But that’s not giving peace of mind that it all may be due to other oil in the transmission, maybe additives is not the one or consistency, in short I rack my brains.

Gearbox (gearbox) to Zarya 121, 151

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