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Any kind of glass can be cut with waterjet cutting:

Many people turn to us for cutting tempered glass, we want to upset such clients, such glass as tempered or still is stemalite (tempered glass with enamel coating) is not cut by any technology and waterjet cutting including. Initially the product is made, all the necessary cutouts are waterjet cut, and only then is the product sent to quenching. If dimensional errors have been made and this can be corrected by trimming to increase the size, in the case of hardening the glass only needs to be redone.

Tempered glass is usually sheet glass heated to a tempering temperature (650-680°C) and then cooled quickly and evenly with cold air on both sides. As a result of this treatment, residual compression stresses are formed in the surface layers of the glass, providing it with increased mechanical strength, thermal stability and safety during breakage. When broken, this glass breaks into many small pieces with blunt edges which cannot cause serious injury. This effect is evidence of the high impact toughness of this glass. Because the impact energy, evenly distributed, creates very small microcracks in the glass over a relatively long period of time, resulting in small fragments. Thus, tempered glass has three main useful properties, each of which has its own purpose in the industry.

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The safety and mechanical strength of tempered glass is used in construction, glassware, psychiatry, storefronts, hockey fences, furniture, automotive, and railroad industries. Properties such as heat resistance allow glazing buildings without the risk of thermal shocks, especially for tinted glass. The only point of vulnerability of such plate glass is its vulnerability to impact on the edge, because in that place, residual stresses can easily release and break the whole pane. Although this effect is often used in design (example: three-layer countertops or doors with broken glass effect)

Tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled, or otherwise machined.

In the automotive industry, tempered glass is used to make side or rear auto glass. Tempered glass cannot be used as windshield glass (small, though not sharp splinters can damage eyes of driver or passengers). Silicate glass triplexes are used for the production of windshields. Although, tempered glass triplexes are much stronger, they have the disadvantage of rapid and complete loss of transparency from strong impacts, which, however, does not prevent their use in architecture. Tempered car glass is marked with the English word “Tempered”. “tempered glass” or the letter “T”.

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When cutting glass it is important to know

In addition to cutting glass and mirrors you can take advantage of our services for glass processing, tempering, art matting, ultraviolet bonding.

Cutting glass and mirrors

The simplest type of glass or mirror processing. is their cutting. However, despite its simplicity, a quality cut requires certain skills and dexterity in handling the tool. If the dimensions of the glass or mirror blade are too large to perform manual cutting, special high-precision equipment that can perform both straight and shaped cuts is required.

Both mirror and glass are very difficult material to work with and require certain tools. It is worth remembering that when cutting glass and mirrors, any, even the smallest mistake can lead to damage to the original material, it can break not on the marked mowing line, falling into disrepair, or collapse completely. That is why it is recommended to apply to specialists who have professional equipment, which allows to carry out the procedure as accurately and accurately as possible.

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The accuracy and precision of the work depends on the quality of the tool. In turn, quality performance of cutting a mirror or glass increases the quality of the final product: a partition, a window, a mirror in the bathroom, and so on.

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It is enough to place an order, call the glazier at home to get a full range of services.

Big Frank: How to cut thick glass simply and safely

  • A master glass-maker will come to you to make measurements of the glass and develop a plan of future works. If necessary, he dismantles broken element, removes splinters.
  • The glass is cut at the studio according to measurements.
  • Modern interior doors and furniture are distinguished by original designs and non-standard shapes. High quality tools and equipment allow Remzak specialists to produce elements of any configuration.
  • The glass is processed, polished.
  • If it is necessary to strengthen the strength of the material, it is hardened.
  • The ready-made glass is delivered to your home, the assembly is done promptly and the work is handed over to the client.

How to Cut Glass. Quick, Easy, & Safe

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