Grass trimmer reel for universal fits all

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Selection Features

Every electric trimmer and brushcutter owner needs products in this subcategory when performing maintenance. often than not, people order:

  • • Synthetic fishing line in various diameters and thicknesses.
  • • Replaceable and replacement knives made of durable metal.
  • • Detachable cassettes and reels.
  • • Nozzles and heads of all kinds of modifications.
  • • Grinding wheels and discs of standard sizes.

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The varieties of trimmer reel depend on the way the cutting line is fed:

  • Automatic heads. Korda in these models is fed by increasing the speed of the working engine. All this is done automatically without any operator assistance. Suitable for big area care, but expensive.
  • Semi-automatic nozzles. To feed the line, the reel must rest against the ground. if you press the button at the same time, the anchoring mechanism comes into action. Centrifugal force starts to work, due to which the line is lengthened and the operator can safely continue working. Less. use of the machine requires a certain amount of skill.
  • Manual. In this mechanism, the line is extended mechanically. The operator must first switch off the brushcutter and remove the brushcutter line by hand. But many gardeners prefer this option as the most reliable. Pros. simple design, reliable and inexpensive. Cons: You have to stop working each time.

Popular models

Choosing which reel is best for your grass trimmer, check out the list of heads that have already earned a lot of good feedback from users.

Bosh K103

This head is universal. Its weight is 300gr. Mostly used in Hyundai and Makita trimmers. The line on this reel is particularly strong and reliable, with moderate consumption even with heavy use. Threading is automatic. The base (core) is made of metal and seldom breaks. Head height is 67mm. The flat cap is used here and lasts a long time. Mows soft and young grass perfectly. There are rare reports that the cap does rub off, but they are extremely rare. The cover is made of durable plastic.

Spool for EFCO3060

Affordable and good quality head. The line winding system is semi-automatic, so it is the most convenient. Diameter of attachment 6.6mm. Material quality of the line is good, strong. Reliable in operation, it lasts for a decent number of hours. The thickness of the line enables it to cut through even the densest of grass. Adapter in the thread reel. Special cup protects the entire head from damage. This model is suitable for many models, including.ч. “Hyundai, Intertool, etc.д.

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Flymo 15

Reel (head) with semi-automatic line winding for universal use. Comes with quite a thin cup, so the consumption of fishing line may be higher. This drawback is more than compensated by its excellent cutting performance. The head is set at 74 mm, which is a good result. The spool uses only thin fishing line. The core is made entirely of metal. Mainly used for garden trimmer models from various manufacturers.

EFCO 8100

Arguably the best all-purpose reel for grass trimmers. Includes special adapter for mounting on many models. The type of winding is fully automatic. The clamp has a diameter of 6.2 m and the height of the spool is as much as 76 mm. A 1.3 mm fishing line is used. It is fastened with a screw. The safety guard is very compact and made of a special impact-resistant plastic, but there is no cup at all. First of all, this model is designed for soft young grass, it probably will not cope with perennial tall grass.

Specifics of the reel

In today’s world (in both cities and villages) one can hardly do without such modern and useful tool as a grass trimmer. It is widely used by employees of public utilities of large cities, such devices are in demand and in farms, they are used for landscaping of summer cottages, vegetable gardens, orchards, etc.д.

Photo of the garden grass trimmer reel kit.

However, you should remember that the main working element is the head for the grass trimmer spool with a fishing line. It is this element that most often fails and requires maintenance. The price of coils has a wide range (from 10 to 150 dollars), which makes such a tool even more expensive. Any manufacturer (even a brand name one) usually bundles his product with an inexpensive and low quality spool. However, you can work long enough and primitive spool, provided that the timely work on its care.

Just like any other mechanical element, a reel requires cleaning from accumulated grass, cooling in case of overheating and filling up with lubricant. However, coils often malfunction for various reasons, and it is rather expensive to buy new ones or to have them repaired. And nearly all faults can be corrected by yourself. It is not difficult to disassemble the reel, especially if you follow the instructions.

grass, trimmer, reel, universal

The first part that often fails on the grass trimmer reel is the fishing line. The fishing line is a consumable item, for which the manufacturer takes no responsibility. With many models of reels, changing the fishing line is a complicated procedure (and with some brands it is even impossible). Attempting to replace the fishing line with a different material than the original line can lead to the destruction of the spool.

The spool itself (the part of the element on which the line is wound) rarely fails, while the slots through which the working part of the line is threaded and which hold it in place can be destroyed (worn out), since they are almost always made of plastic.

Despite the abundance of spare parts for trimmers on sale, not everyone can afford to buy them, in addition, there are often restrictions on available products. For example, manufacturers make “individual” attachment for grass trimmer, a universal coil on such a mount will not stand. This often makes it impossible to buy a properly priced spool. Some manufacturers make reels, designed for a thin line (up to 3 mm in diameter), which significantly limits the trimmer’s capabilities for grass. That is why there is an option of making a coil yourself.

Coil for grass trimmer

Reel, or grass trimmer head. this is an important component of the garden tool, responsible for trouble-free grass mowing. In today’s market, there is a wide range of reels with differences in several factors. Below we consider the features of the classification of trimmer heads and the application of different types in practice.

Fitting a universal strimmer head

Reels, lines for grass trimmer

You can buy reels, lines for grass trimmer in the online store Order at low with maximum cashback on purchases up to 274 bonus.

Review: Aluminum mowing head AksaiElektroParts. Hopefully, it’s forever, and the problems with plastic heads are forgotten.

This year at the very beginning of the mowing season I had a standard plastic head (for the fishing line) on a grass trimmer broke in half. It was almost new. I used it very little last season.And when I went to buy a new one, I saw in the store a hitherto unseen device like this. Grass trimmer mowing head made of aluminum.

It turned out to be an alternative to the usual plastic head with a fishing line. Only you can load it with thick wire or rope, too. Naturally, compared to the plastic, it has an undeniable advantage. durability and longevity. Practically forever!

I did a quick calculation in my head. The cost of the plastic head. 250 plus a reel of fishing line 100, and it will take at least two for the season. The cost of aluminum. 390, plus two meters of 4mm cable for 20. And that’s for a number of seasons!

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I didn’t hesitate. And I want to share some information about this novelty and my impressions.

The construction of the head is as simple as a nickel. Just a metal disc with 4 holes for threading line or line up to 4 mm in diameter, and a center hole for attaching to the trimmer.It came with no instructions, just what it says on the box. There’s not even a way to refill the cable.But that’s not a problem. It is possible to cling to the extent of your imagination, the main thing is that it was threaded through at least two holes. I made it with two ends for the first time, but you can also make it with four.

It doesn’t weigh much. Slightly heavier than the standard plastic head with a fishing line.

Eckman 4-Stroke Professional Brush Cutter/Grass Trimmer

When attaching to the mower, the cable is firmly clamped by the standard washer and nut. This is in addition to the holes, which are positioned so that the cable bends in such a way that it cannot move freely.

By the way, according to the manufacturer, the mounting of this head fits most trimmers. Just in case. diameter of its seating hole 25 mm (give or take 1, I measured with a rough tape measure), and the tightening nut on the gearbox shaft of my mower. at 19. The washer is thick enough to ensure that the nut, which for some reason is limited in depth, firmly holds the head.

Use.I use the mower for lawns around the house, with a variety of grass. from common lawn to wormwood and brushwood. a new rope was coiled, of course, but right after I started mowing, it “unraveled”. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but it’s not too much of a problem. And you can also use a fishing line if you’re working on delicate lawns.But if you can’t wind it on too much, you’ll have to take the head off the weed trimmer to change the line.

The steel cord and the aluminum head speak for themselves. even cuts down hard stems. Not too afraid of rocks, fences and other obstacles. I think it’s best used with heavy-duty mowers. from medium power and above, in view of the more massive, compared to the line, cable.

I’ve been using it for about a week, mowing a total area of maybe a third of a hectare. I haven’t had any problems with it so far. But the plastic spool for this time probably would have broken into pieces)) In some cases it is no longer necessary to change the head with a cable to a metal three-bladed disc for hardwood, which simplifies the work.

The only. the safety precautions should be stricter with a cable than with a fishing line. The pieces of grass, earth, small stones, and, I suspect, pieces of the rope itself are more scattered. It doesn’t last forever. So protective shoes, pants, gloves and goggles are a must! The presence of people nearby is also undesirable.

= April 2019, addition = This mowing head was in use all last summer (2018), I have not bought the regular plastic “boxes” with the line. And I’m gonna use it this summer, too. It’s held up just fine.It turned out that it is better to use a thick fishing line (up to 3 sq m) than a cable. mm section). Tucked two pieces into four ends. And the cable is a lot of fluff. The fishing line can also be used to chop woody growth. All in all, a great choice.

Top 5 best models

The ranking below includes the most popular reels in five different categories. The list was compiled based on sales figures for the current year 2020 and consumer feedback on these models.

The most affordable model

Among the best available spool stands out Patriot DL-1200. This semi-automatic collapsible reel from Patriot is suitable for chain saws with straight booms. Threading parameters: M10×1.25 LH (left-hand metric thread, 10 mm diameter, 1.25 mm pitch). Thickness of line. up to 3 mm. Compatible with other devices: Lesnik, Home Garden, ELG, Huter.

Advantages Negative points Initial cost,
Robust model, attaches firmly to the trimmer. Not noted 175

Best automatic spool

Best spool of the automatic group. Denzel 96308. Suitable for petrol and electric machines with M8 × 1,25 RH nut (8 mm diameter, right-hand thread). Maximum line cross-section 1.6 mm, length up to 15 m. The filament is extended automatically when the mower is switched on.

Positive aspects Negative points initial cost,
Quality materials and workmanship, convenient line feed. Suitable for one model. 96608 TE-550, can only be used on soft grass. 430

Best semi-automatic model

The STIHL AutoCut C 5-2 bobbin, which is designed for the FSE 60/71/81, FS 38/45/50 trimmers of the same brand, leads in this category. It is designed for 2 mm line and is characterized by easy threading without disassembly of the head.

Positive aspects Negative points Initial price,
Durability, fast winding. High price. 850
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Best manual model

Among bobbins with manual control, the bobbin Strong STU-226, aluminum gathered the most positive reviews. It is a spider-type reel with 8 cutting ends. It is suitable for electric and brushcutters, it does not rust and does not deform even in the most difficult working conditions. The ignition/power of the device must be turned off to change the cord.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
Versatility, increased durability, reliability. You must constantly monitor the length, condition and stock of line, which is used up faster through the use of clippings. 650

The best all-purpose model

Of the many universal spools, the Denzel 96316 is especially popular. It is a semi-automatic spool for fishing line lengths up to 3 mm. Diameter and thread pitch (left). M10×1,25, but thanks to adapters this spool can be put on grass trimmers with nuts and screws of diameter 8, 10 and 12 mm. This bobbin is suitable for many models of motor and electric scrapers.

Positive aspects Negative points Initial Cost,
Compatible with various devices, easy and fast mounting of the reel in the body, good price-performance ratio. Not detected 650
grass, trimmer, reel, universal

So, a trimmer head failure is an unpleasant, but easily removable obstacle on the way to a tidy plot or harvested hay. Even if the desired model is not available in the store, you can always make a reel with your own hands, although with the current variety of products for the garden, this method should be resorted to very rarely.

Trimmer spools (bobbins, heads)

Grass trimmers or brush cutters. a popular and popular type of garden equipment. The effectiveness and efficiency of such equipment depends primarily on the power and performance of the engine. But an important factor that affects the quality of work is the tooling. the knife or line. Choosing a tool with a knife, you will be able to mow not only grass, but also brushwood and small bushes. Owners of equipment, on which the trimmer head with a fishing line is installed, can mow rather thick grass.

So, the trimmer head is one of the most important elements of the design of the tool. It is a bobbin, in which the cord is wound (its length can be up to 15 m). As a rule, the two tips of the tool (“tendrils”) are on the outside, and they are the ones that cut the plants. As the line wears out, it simply breaks off and a new one is pulled in to replace it.

Restring/rewind/gulung Grass Trimmer Line for Black & Decker 530W

Trimmer reels differ in the way they feed the filament:

  • Manual, in which the reeling of a new line the operator makes himself;
  • Semi-automatic. In this case, when you need to renew the equipment, it is enough to slightly hit the head on the ground (so you press the special button), and the line is ejected;
  • Automatic. This is the simplest and most convenient type of reel, i.e.к. replacement of worn-out tendrils during operation without your intervention. But the price for a trimmer head of this type is usually the highest.

As for winding the cord, you can buy a collapsible trimmer reel, t.е. Open it and reel the line, or choose a fast-charging, which has a special hole in which the tip of the line is inserted for fast winding. When charging a new cutting element, it is important to observe the recommended winding direction as well as the cord length, t.к. Failure to meet these parameters will significantly worsen the working conditions.

As a rule, trimmer manufacturers produce the appropriate bobbin for each model, so there will be no difficulties in choosing a suitable working element. Today there are on sale and universal trimmer heads (spools), which fit to most tools. As for the manufacturing material, the simplest option is plastic: such a bobbin weighs little, but its durability is not so great. The most reliable option is a metal (aluminum) trimmer head: it’s very reliable and durable.

grass, trimmer, reel, universal

Choosing this element of the tool, you should not buy the most budgetary option, because.к. It’s a good buy: the bobbin will break quickly and need to find a new one. Where to Buy a Trimmer Head? Today retailers offer a wide variety of bobbins at various prices. But the modern market has long ago “stepped” into the interactive space, so the of products in online stores are often much lower.

That’s why we offer to buy a trimmer head on the “Encor24” site. The catalog presents products from the most popular manufacturers of gardening equipment Husqvarna, Patriot, Hitachi, Oregon, etc.д. All items are covered by the warranty, as well as convenient delivery terms and payment. We are waiting for your questions online or by phone, listed on the website. Have a pleasant and profitable shopping in the online store “Encor24”.

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