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manual, circular, your, hands

Circular saw with their own hands: how to make a manual and semi-automatic circular saw (80 photos)

In practical terms, when repairing or running a wood business, the circular saw is an indispensable tool in the household. With its help do such work as:

  • wood dissolving;
  • Handling and obtaining the same size of slats, planks and slats;
  • Creating joints on boards;
  • Getting even edges when cutting boards and slats.

In the household, the circular mini saw is often used to cut firewood from the leftover debris in woodworking.

When making a circular saw with your own hands, you can get a unit that has many unique additional functions:

How to choose a saw

Of course, when there is a work experience, and you do not want to invest in the purchase of a large sum, you can make such a machine by yourself. When purchasing a saw for it, take into consideration:

  • Buy a device with protection, which must close the drive not only in peace, but also during operation.
  • Choose the weight and size of the device taking into account your own goals. It will be more difficult to interact with a volumetric one, you will be tired after half an hour of activity.
  • Take into account the comfort of the saw, so that you can work comfortably with it.
  • Observe the diameter of the disc (no more than the 0.2 meter mark). Examine the size of the cut. if you cut voluminous parts you should choose a larger size.
  • Make sure the turning block and base are of good quality.

Regardless of whether you decide to buy the factory version or create your own saw, it should be easy to work with and the result should be of high quality.

Circular saw cutter

If you can’t afford a tool like this, you can make one yourself.

The welder is used to cut a hole in a sheet of steel, and its ends are processed with a file.

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A particularly powerful electric motor for using the tool is not required, 0.9 kW is enough. It is mounted on the basis of the additional spring, which performs stabilizing task. To rotate the unit should be attached to the handle, resulting in a gradual movement of the saw. The characteristics are as follows:

This makes it possible to easily process wood up to 0.07 m thick with a home-made tool. Take care of adjustable stands and supports. For pendulum risers, take a channel, attached to a base of metal. As a result, our tool will be stronger and heavier, but crosscutting work thanks to it will be made with ease. It is possible to take a three-phase electric motor (2.3 kW) and a hinged oscillating plate.

Putting the belt on the pulley of the electric motor. The pendulum can be attached to the base of the frame material. For convenient woodworking, the diameter of the saw must be 0.42 m, and the rotation speed. from 2800 rpm./min. Cut a slot for the disk.

As we see, it is possible not only to buy a quality tool, but also to make it by our own hands. Here’s what we got:

Advantages and disadvantages of handmade machines

  • Factory-made products have a durability reserve and a warranty, while homemade designs are usually made of some unnecessary stuff.
  • Trimmers of their own making are rarely powerful enough, because they need quality spare parts to work best.
  • Sometimes the money saved on buying factory-made units is spent on rework, repairing homemade ones.
  • Professionals often put their lives in danger because, saving money, they do not equip the device with protective structures.
  • Factory-made variants have a scale that shows in detail the angle of cut of the wood. It is difficult to make such a device on your own device.

Of course, when there is a work experience, and you do not want to invest a lot of money in the purchase, you can make such a machine by yourself. When buying a saw for it, take into consideration:

  • Buy a device with a guard that is required to cover the blade not only in peace, but also during operation.
  • Choose the weight and size of the device taking into account your own goals. It will be more difficult to work with a volumetric one, you will get tired after half an hour of activity.
  • Make sure you are comfortable to work with.
  • Observe the disc diameter (no larger than the 0.2 m mark). Examine the size of the cut. when sawing three-dimensional parts, you need to pick up the size larger.
  • Make sure that the rotary block and the bed are of good quality.
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The concept of this machine

I have a hobby like many others. I love to invent, design and build things by my own hands, but my approach to it is quite peculiar. In one of my articles I told you about building a CNC machine from what I had accumulated in my garage (of course, a lot had to be added). I already tried a lot of things with this machine, including bas-reliefs and wooden crafts. Actually, they have fallen into my soul, I want to continue to work with wood using the machine with a CNC, but it does not want to create a full carpentry (although this may come to this).

To make something on a CNC machine you need a workpiece and not always the width or thickness of the board is enough, then you have to glue the workpiece from several pieces, getting a shield. The workpieces for the future board have to be machined beforehand, and all planes have to be as even and perpendicular as possible. You may have a question at once. “why not just buy the board”. Because of the hardwood boards are not found everywhere and even less of them are made qualitatively, and the price of these boards, frankly speaking. so-so.

manual, circular, your, hands

From these reasons and much more weighty. My own interest, I decided to make a machine tool, which could facet and even if desired, saw boards lengthwise, and also did not take so much space.

I have to admit right away that the idea is not new, and I looked it up on the Internet, but the execution is a little different.

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Machine with pendulum motor suspension

Those who can boast the ability to work with metal, you can advise to make a circular saw with a pendulum motor. The main feature of the device is that the motor, shaft and cutting disc are installed in a common frame. On one side it is hinged to the bed, the other is held by a screw with the possibility of height adjustment. By changing the length of the screw, you can adjust the height of the blade exit from the table top.

This system makes it possible to adjust the height of the cut, as well as to use discs of different diameters. If instead of the adjusting screw you can use the feeler gauge, which is led to the table top, you can get a simple copying machine. The dipstick allows you to adjust the depth of cut according to a certain pattern. This fairly straightforward retrofit turns a simple circular saw into a real woodworking machine. With such a device you can not only cut the board into the necessary blanks, but also to make precise cuts, make various selections.

Quick instructions for use

In addition to the fact that it is necessary to make a sawmill, it should also work properly, and for this it is important to know a brief instruction.

It is best to put a vice on the base, which can be used to clamp the log. Then a marking should be made on the skids and the sawmill. The machine is started up smoothly and slowly begins to approach the log. In this case the chainsaw bar must be exactly in the center of the kerf marking.

It is very important not to make any jerking movements during work, because this can cause the guide bar to stop.

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