Grinder from Makita tape grinder with your own hands. Ready -made brains from the store

Homemade grinder. Important points.

Home.made Grinders have many designs. Someone makes them using the engine from the old washing machine, someone makes them from the old corner grinder or drill, but unites all these models the same technical details. We will analyze them in more detail.

There are no specific sizes of the same for all greenhouses, they can be purely individual in each case. When choosing the overall size and design of the ribbon-grinding machine, you need to be guided by free space in your workshop and rule, the longer the tape, the more persistent to abrasion it will be and, accordingly, it will have to be changed less often. If you are going to purchase ready.made already glued tapes for the grinder, then the machine must be designed taking into account the size of these tapes. If you are going to glue the ribbons yourself, then the size of the machine can be arbitrary, but it is best to adhere to the standard dimensions.

Abrasive ribbons for the Greener in width are produced by two sizes: 50 and 100m. The length of such ribbons can be 610, 915, 1230, 1600, 1800, 2000 millimeters.

It is best if you have an abrasive tape of the desired length in stock, then it will be easier for it to adjust the size of the Greener.

The main nodes of the greenhouse are the frame of the machine with a working table and a cloth for the tape, an electric motor with a drive roller, a stretch video, a barrel.shaped video and, if necessary, additional led ones. The barrel.shaped video can be simultaneously a tension roller.

The most compact Grinder can be made with only two rollers, one drive of the electric motor, and the second stretch.shaped stretch shape.

Tape grinding machine with a engine from a washing machine.

The same machine with a engine from a washing machine. View from another angle.

The machine is made with a plywood frame.


Grinder with a furniture gas shock absorber.

This machine is made using rollers from the timing of the car.

Another strip machine with a plywood frame.

Grinder with a drive from an angular grinder.

Compact machine with a furniture gas shock absorber.

Compact strip. grinding machine with two rollers.

Plywood frame.

If Grinder will work with long abrasive ribbons, then you can not do without additional driven rollers.

Why do you need a barrel.shaped video? When assembling the machine, it is almost impossible to withstand the perfect parallelism of the axes of all videos. For this reason, the tape strives to get off the videos. To eliminate this drawback, a barrel.shaped video is used. Adjusting the slope of his axis, you can “force” the abrasive tape to stay in place.

To adjust the axis of the barrel.shaped roller, you can use the principle of a conventional door loop. The axis of the video is welded to the mobile part of the loop, and the adjustment is made using the bolt. Which rests against the mobile part of the loop.

The photo shows the barrel.shaped roller of the Greener.

Pay attention to the barrel.shaped video and adjusting bolt.

Barrel.shaped roller along with the mechanism of adjustment.

The barrel.shaped roller of Greender.

The mechanism of tension of the abrasive tape can be made in several ways. The most common is with the help of a spring, the second is using a furniture gas shock absorber and the third with ordinary rubber, for example, from a bicycle chamber. If a furniture gas shock absorber is used, then you need to know that at low temperatures it works poorly.

The emphasis for the tape is recommended to be made by two.layer. The basis of the stop is made of a metal sheet and stick smooth porcelain tiles on it. Thus, the emphasis will practically not heat up with intensive work on the greenhouse. Also, porcelain tiles wear out much more slowly than metal. It can be conveniently replaced as it is worn, you will only need to warm up the connection with the construction hairdryer, and it peel off. You can glue on a regular silicone sealant for marble, for example Silirub MA Soudal.

The emphasis should be able to adjust the tape. It must be moved to the tape by tangent to it or with a slight flight up to 0.5mm. Such a flight does not cause excessive wear of the tape, but it allows you to longitage the long strips and not touch the convex parts of the rollers.

grinder, tape, your, hands

How to calculate the diameter of the drive roller.

To calculate the diameter of the drive roller, you need to know the speed of the tape with which Grinder will work and the number of engine speeds.

The speed of the tape should be selected according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of tapes. For example, for the 3M Cubitron tape, it should be 22-25 m/s, from the same manufacturer on tape with aluminum zirconate, a speed of 30-35 m/s is recommended. The speed of the tape strongly depends not only on the type of abrasive, but also on the size of the grain. And so on average it is recommended for carbon steel 32-38 m/s, alloyed and stainless steel 18-30 m/s, titanium.15 m/s, non-ferrous metals 35-45 m/s, plastics 10-30 m/s, plate cast iron 38-34 m/s, gray cast iron 35-45. As for the tree, it is recommended not to exceed 20 m/s, you also need to know that different wood will burn at different speeds.

Formula for calculating the speed of the tape:

where is the D-diameter of the drive wheel in mm, N-2 engine 2.

Formula for calculating the diameter of the drive video:

where the V-ski tape in m/s. N-defense of the engine per minute.

An example of calculation. It is necessary to calculate the diameter of the drive roller for processing steel (22-25 m/s). Electric motor 2800 about \ min.

The speed of the tape revolutions for different materials can be adjusted by a change in the diameter of the drive roller or the control of engine speeds. It should also be understood that with an increase in the diameter of the drive roller, the load on the engine grows and if it is of low power, for example, from the washing machine, then it will often stop even from a slight load.

Varieties of grinding machines in industry are used almost more than turning. The emery known to all craftsmen. a motor with a pair of grinding circles (or one circle). is also Grinder. For yourself at home, it makes sense to make either a disk end (plate) or a strip grinder. In the first, the abrasive is applied to a rotating hard drive; In the second. on an elastic tape, running around the system of pulleys and rollers. Disk is more suitable for grinding simple wooden parts and rough or medium purity. metal. On the strip greener, it is also possible to produce accurate and clean refinement of profiled parts of a complex form in T.h. Bolshelobarit, see. Further.

The disk grinder is very simple from the same emery or suitable for the power of the motor, see. below. It is necessary to order an adapter from the shaft of an electric motor under the shank of a plate grinder on a metal basis. Or under the clamping cartridge, then on the same motor it will be possible to build a mini.current machine, see. rice.:

The “plate” is worn out: a disk of thin (4-6 mm) fibrous plastic is glued on the margin of its side, and abrasive on it-an abrasive. How to make a end grinder, see. track. video clip.

The difference between the disk and tape greenhouse is not only in the possibilities of using. If you take ordinary home crafts, then for a disk greenhouse there will be enough drive power of 250-300 watts on the shaft. For small wooden details-and 150-170 watts. This is a motor from an old washing machine, a straight (ordinary) drill or an electric screwdriver. But for the strip greenhouse you will need a engine from 450-500 watts: three-phase with batteries of launch and working capacitors. If it is intended to process large-sized, then the power of the motor is from 1-1.2 kW. over, the batteries of the capacitors for both will cost a little cheaper than the engine itself.

Note: A capacity of 100-200 watts uses a strip mini-grinder (see. Further) for precise editing knives, grinding/polishing jewelry, etc.P.

A drill or an electric screwdriver as a Greener drive is convenient because they allow you to quickly change the speed of the abrasive (see. Further) a standard rotation frequency regulator. You only need, firstly, to make a holder for a drill, a rigidly fixing tool. Secondly, an elastic transition coupling from a drill to the shank of the disk, It is difficult to achieve their exact centering without special equipment, and the beating will negate the accuracy of processing and can damage the tool-drive tool.

Drawings of the drill holder to use it as a drive of a home metal cutting machine are given on the left to rice.:

Drawings of the drill holder for the drive of the Greener (grinding machine)

Since shock and irregular alternate loads on the drive in Greener is an order of magnitude lower than, say, in a lathe, a drill holder can be made of hard wood, plywood, wood-fiber stove, wood-fiber stove, on the right on rice. The diameter of the fasteners (large) holes. along the neck of the drill. The drill is very desirable to use without a shock mechanism and with a steel shell on the neck (under the installation of the front handle).

The coupling

For a transition coupling, you will need a segment of a steel rod (not necessarily accurate) of the same diameter as the shank of the Grinder’s drive shaft, and a segment of the reinforced PVC hose (garden irrigation) with a clearance so that it is tightly pulled on a rod and a shank. The length of the “free” hose (between the ends of the rod and the shank in it)-3-5 cm. The length of the protruding part of the rod should be sufficient for a reliable clamp in a drill cartridge. After assembling the coupling in place, the hose on the shank and the rod is tightly tightened with clamps; can be wire. Such a coupling fully opens the height of the drive and the driven shaft up to 1-1.5 mm.

The tape is still better

The strip grinder allows you to do the same as the disk and much more. Therefore, then we will focus on how to make a strip grinding machine with our own hands. Amateurs, focusing on industrial samples, make grinders sometimes very intricate, see. rice.:

Home.made tape grinding machines

grinder, tape, your, hands

And this is justified: the design and kinematics of the strip Greener are very plastic, which allows you to successfully use improvised materials and old scrap metal. It is only necessary to observe 3 principles:

  • Do not do as on the second on the left photo rice.: the tape of the abrasive side should only concern the processed part. Otherwise, the abrasive will eat and bypass videos, and himself. The accuracy and purity of processing over one working operation will be unpredictable;
  • The design of the machine should provide uniform tension of the tape, regardless of the nature of the operation;
  • The speed of the tape must correspond to the nature of the operation.

Kinematics and design

As mentioned above, there are many Greener designs. Conscious of what and how to build Grinder yourself, it is better to focus on industrial samples designed fully mechanized for accurate and clean grinding of large.sized profiled parts: once it “shits” the propeller of the plane or windbreaker as it should, then it will cope with any other work.

Kinematic schemes of the specific purpose of the specified purpose are given in rice.:

The main kinematic circuits of ribbon grinding machines (Greeners)

Pos. A. the most difficult and perfect, with three rockers. If the length of the roller roller roller. 2 times less than the worker, then by adjusting the tension of the springs, you can achieve uniform tension of the tape during the course of the working rod by 20-30 degrees up and down. The tilt of the bypass rocker, firstly, the machine is reconfigured under tapes of different lengths. Secondly, in the same way you can quickly change the tension of the tape for different operations. Any work branch of the tape can be any, except for the runaway from the leading pulley to the stretch roller, t.e. Grinder with 3 rockers at the same time both horizontal and vertical.

A diagram with a rowing rocker (pos. 2) Simple, cheaper and in terms of processing is not inferior to the previous one, if the length of the rocker between the axes is at least 3 diagnoses of the processed part. To bring down the profile with grinding, the rod is limited by stops within 10 degrees up and down. Clusting the ribbons to the details most often gravitational, under the weight of the rocker with a circuit. The tension of the tape is possible in some limits to quickly change, pulling up the rocker up up a weak adjustable spring, partly compensating for its severity. Grinder of this scheme can work as a grinding for small parts from a shift table. In this case, the rocker is rigidly fixed horizontally, and the working surface of the tape will be a promoting bypass pulley. According to the scheme with a coarse rocker, it is made, for example., quite popular Grinder BTS50. The disadvantages of the scheme, firstly, technologically complex, built with the leading shaft, a rocker hinge. Secondly, the need for an elastic tape: if you make a circuit with a sliding spring spring, the accuracy of processing falls. This drawback when processing small parts is completely eliminated by an additional tension roller, cm. Further.

The scheme with one inconspicuous rocker in industry is used quite rarely, In principle, it does not allow to achieve uniform tension of the tape. However, it gives accuracy quite sufficient at home and allows you to build a very good simple Grinder.

What is good for

Now let’s see what is possible to “squeeze” from a particular scheme from the point of view of an amateur master. And then we’ll try to figure out how to make a tape for the Greener and do without custom.made chosen details.

3 rockers

Competent lovers build their Greenders just according to the scheme with 3 rockers, on the left on rice. below. The blades of propeller are not all grinded, but in this case there is another advantage of this scheme: if Grinder is used as vertical, then the working branch of the tape is elastic. elastic. This allows a skilled master, for example, to draw cutting edges and blades literally with micron accuracy.

Homemade and industrial manufacturing tape greenhouse

In industrial grinders for home use, a scheme with 3 rockers is also used widely (in the center) for the same reasons. Repeating them on their own in most cases is quite possible. E.g., Drawings of the KMG Grinder popular abroad can be downloaded from the link.

The dimensions, however, inch. American machine. In any case, it is possible to use an angular corner grinder for the drive in any case (on the right on the rice., quite suitable in power) with a home.made pulley and rollers, cm. Further.

Note: If you make a stationary drive, try to get an asynchronous motor at 2-3 speeds from a unfit washer with a horizontal tank. Its advantage is small turnover. This makes it possible to make a leading pulley of large diameter and thereby eliminate the slippage of the tape. Passing the tape in work. an almost certainly spoiled part. Most washings with 2-3 speed asynchronous engines for 220 V are Spanish. Power on the shaft-600-1000 watts. If you put on one, do not forget about the standard phase.digging capacitor battery.

Cossack rocker

In its pure form, fans do not do. The constituent hinge is a complex, an elastic ribbon does not make it yourself, and the purchased is expensive. Grinders with a coarse rocker at home are most often used in the option for small accurate work from the table, t.e. with a rigidly fixed horizontal rocker. But then the need for the rod as such disappears.

Production and assembly

The design of this machine lasted quite a long time. Everything I love. simulated in the CAD program, and scattered the detailing with drawings. There was a lot of mechanical processing, he gave it to a friend. he is engaged in metalworking. In addition to turning and milling work, it was necessary to make a number of more parts from sheet iron. As you have already guessed, I ordered these details on laser cutting. As a result, after some time, a weighty box with iron appeared in my workshop. And then I realized:. “If anything really does not work, then at the current for metal, I will hand over everything to Chermet and go to zeros” (a joke of course). He refined some details himself: he drilled holes, cut the threads, cooked, even milled a little on his SF. 16 (but this is a separate story, since the experience and knowledge is not enough). In general, he did all the locksmith work himself. The engine was bought in advance.

The assembly began. Since everything was done according to the drawings, it was generally well collected. Kaifanul. But without problem areas, I have not done, I am still a person, and people, as you know, tend to make mistakes. In a pair of details, he made a mistake with the dimensions, in models, of course, he immediately corrected everything, but with the iron I had to work a little, but everything was decided with it.

After the preliminary assembly and trial starting, disassembly and painting followed. He did not paint himself, gave it to the “specialists”, all the details were repaired and divided into those that need to be painted and into those that need to be covered with chem. oxide. Already traditionally painted in blue gloss, polymer powder paint.

Work and configuration

Since I had a 1.5 kW frequency converter, the setup was simplified. The entire setting comes down to ensure that when unwinding the tape, it does not fly off the rollers and is always in the same position when applying the processed part to the tape.

In order to relerate the tape, launched the rotation at low speeds and adjusted the position of the tension roller with the installation screw. Then he gradually increased the speed of rotation to make sure that the tape is visible in the entire speed range.

I started testing. After applying the part of the processed to the tape, she began to shift to the side. Regulated the position of the guide of the stop between the two rollers located on parts in the form of a “crescent”. Rollers and guiding emphasis should be in the same plane, for this it was even necessary to finish the emphasis in the corner, since after welding it led a little.

On this, the main setting is completed, and you can start work. Here, much depends on the processed material and the required roughness, which must be obtained, and, therefore, for this it is necessary to select the granularity of the tape and the speed of its rotation.

Working on this machine has yet to study, but some experience has already been gained.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of grinding machines include:

  • Quality and speed of processing.
  • High performance.
  • The ability to get the surface of the desired roughness.
  • The ability to process not only the wood itself, but also the preliminary grinding of the finish layer.
  • Highlighting a large amount of dust requiring the organization of a dust system.
  • Large quantities of consumables (abrasive) of several sizes.
  • Difficulty in manufacture and maintenance (especially this applies to tape installations).

Given the existing shortcomings, before starting the assembly, you need to decide how much the machine is needed. If it is used only occasionally, it is impractical to spend time on manufacturing. you can do with a manual tool.

The advantages of a homemade machine

The strip grinder can be purchased at any construction product store, but the machine collected manually has a lot of advantages for the owner:

  • Minimum work costs and materials.
  • The ability to independently prepare the drawing (or use the finished project) with the proper size, type of design and the principle of operation.
  • Most of the consumables are available on the farm of each master, you only have to search in their own shed, pantry, garage.
  • The missing elements and accessories can be bought in a store for construction (clamps for mounting, guiding and leading video, grinding ribbon). Greener videos can be done with your own hands.
  • Big collection of video assembly videos with your own hands from improvised materials.

Web portals with a large number of instructions are always presented to the attention of masters, how to make Grinder with your own hands, schemes and ready.made drawings, practical tips.

Comrad, there is iron for this project

It is necessary to start making such a machine with its most important part. from the engine. And this engine should be quite powerful. At least watt 400, and better even more, because the force from the engine to extend the abrasive tape requires considerable.

A few years ago, the Schroeder brought me for repairs (paper destroyer). A too thick pack of paper was stuffed into him, and he choked on it to death. Knives jammed, on one of the gears of the gearbox, teeth crumbled. The owner of the Schroedra safely bought himself a new unit, and the broken one was lying for a long time at my work in the back room.

I became interested in the engine from this apparatus when I decided to collect a grinding machine for myself.

I dismantled the Schroeder and removed a rather compact AC engine with a capacity of 450 W from it. He approached me not only by power, but also by the fact that he had a long shaft, which would conveniently fix the leading video of the grinder. I took off the engine and the steel plate to which it was fixed. Carefully cleaned the engine and its holder from perennial accumulations of paper dust and residues of dried lubrication. I also removed the control board to which it was connected.

I checked the engine, it was in excellent condition, worked without vibration and big noise.

The following required one host and three support rollers for an emery tape. You can find a turner, give him drawings and pay for manufacturing. And you can buy the finished one, which I did. When buying, it is important that the diameter of the engine shaft coincides with the diameter of the hole in the ordered roller. I have a 10 mm shaft. I immediately took the support rollers with a set of 3 pcs. with fasteners and bearings.

I took the videos under an abrasive tape 50 mm wide. If you have a motor with a capacity of less than 400 watts, then it is better to choose a tape (and, accordingly, rollers) 30 mm wide. It is better to take abrasive tape more authentic. The longer it is, the longer it will serve and wear less. But here again everything will rest against the dimensions of your machine. I took a 3M tape 915 mm long. I bought a set of four pieces of different granularity: 40, 60, 80 and 120. This tape is suitable for processing wood, plastic, metal, including alloyed hardened steel.

Another important component of the machine is the tape tension mechanism. Two support rollers are fixed motionless from above and below the supporting plate, and the third video should be moving and springy to provide an uniform tightness of the tape.

My videos are fixed on an aluminum bed with a mobile part. What is its primary application I don’t know. I accidentally saw on the metal acceptance and could not pass by. The bed is tough, from a thick metal. The mobile part is based on the spring.loaded bearings.

The tension of the tape is provided by a pair of springs. At first I tried to put a furniture gas elevator instead, but it did not work for me very much. just blown away and stopped amortizing. The springs were much more reliable.

I placed a network switch and a starting condenser for the motor in a plastic box suitable in size, from where I brought the wire to the outlet and the wire to the motor.

All parts are placed on an aluminum plate with T-shaped grooves. It is very convenient to fix the parts on such a plate. Such a plate can also be ordered in China, but I bought it in a local office for metal profile.

The result was such a table adaptation for processing, grinding and sharpening almost anything.

Watch my Greender Watch the video. I apologize for the quality of the video: I shoot the old Canon A610, plus it is very inconvenient to work on the Greener with one hand and take off the second.

Grinding from grinding

It is not difficult to make a manual manual grinder of Grinder. The idea is to use the slice of slate and a concentrated drum mounted on the frame as a leading and driven shafts. The machine also includes a mechanism for pulling the abrasive strip, which performs work in the machine of this variety.

The device is suitable for the work of a wide spectra. grinding and sharpening. For manufacture, you will need a square profile with a side of 1.5 cm, a strip of steel 4 mm thick and some other blanks.

  • Bend the steel strip under the diameter of the grinder body.
  • Press the resulting rim to the flat surface on the frame and set the section of the professional pipe at an angle of 90 degrees. Weld these two details in the places where they touched.
  • At the screed of the pressing ring, cut the thread for the M-4 screws.
  • Using a corner grinder, cut the workpiece so that the ring is squeezed out.
  • From the opposite side, cut the hole under the bolt. in this part it should enter without screwing, and in another. twisted.
  • Check that the corner of the corner grinder sits reliably. The leading video must be already working. Weld the professional pipe at an angle of 90 degrees to the video. at the point where its middle is marked.
  • Clean and polish the boiled places.
  • On the nut, perform small “zarops”. they will allow the resin fraction to create a reliable adhesion with a nut during rotation. Dilute the resin and enter it into this gap. So that it does not spill, glue the place where it is leaking on the back, with the help of a painted adhesive tape. Epoxy glue freezes in a day. after this period, begin to grind the video.
  • Place the corner grinder in a vice and turn the video to a semicircular state, then. until the desired shape is obtained.

To mount the video with the tension mechanism, make the following.

  • Prepare a steel square with sides of 12 mm. it is cut off from a professional pipe of 15 mm.
  • Cut unnecessary details and put a piece of professional pipe on the edge of the square. Place the bearing on it. it performs the function of the video.
  • Drill a hole with a diameter of 8 mm. it will be needed to stick a bearing shaft into it. Shorten the resulting part.
  • Cut the two sides of the professional pipe to place the bearing shaft there.
  • After cutting the walls of the professional pipe, pull the sharp edges with a file.
  • A plain shaft can be a broken drill 8 mm. insert a video into it and weld it with welding.

Grinder is made in components, go to its final installation. Set the tensioner video and stretch the stinging tape. Put a flat support for the tape. Turn on the assembled device.

How to make a tochline machine?

To make grinder from a sharpening machine, you will need some alteration of the second for the first. Certain improvised means may come in handy. But first of all, you will need an engine from ordinary sharpener, which for several decades can be found in every workshop.

  • Cook a frame with dimensions from a square profile (at least 33 cm), for example, 7045 cm at the base.
  • Remove the casing and a sharp circle from the sharpener, install the engine on the frame, drilling it to the M-10 bolts in the places of the eye, on which the motor itself stands. The engine should be turned the ends of the rotor axis to the sidewalls of the frame.
  • Turn the pulley on the lathe, for example, 4 cm in the outer diameter and 32 mm. by internal.
  • Turn the second pulley of larger diameter.
  • Under a larger pulley, weld the same size from the professional triber as the frame itself, the counter perpendicular to her. Let its length be equal to the width of the main frame. The stand should carry two intermediate shafts.
  • Make two axes from the hairpin (with a smooth surface in the vicinity of the middle), for example, a diameter that coincides with the Bolts M-14.
  • Install the bearings suitable in size from the ends of each axes so that it easily and freely, without noticeable effort rotates.
  • Make two shafts from a whole piece of wood on a lathe. The width of the shafts should be slightly larger-per centimeter or two-in width than the width of the abrasive tape.
  • Put on the shafts on the axis, fix them. This can be done using bolts and nuts, screws, but keep in mind that all holes should be filled with. You can put the rollers on epoxy glue, pre.(before gluing them) by clusing steel axes: rough metal creates excellent adhesion to epoxy glue, which can not be said about perfectly smooth metal.
  • Pull the tape over the engine shaft and intermediate shafts.

Check that all connections are reliable and run the machine.

Grinder: what is it and for what purposes is used

This term denotes a grinding device used to process metal (and not only) parts. Machines that belong to this category are stationary. Their design provides an electric drive, due to which the working element is set in motion. This device is most often used for such types of work:

Most often, Grinder is used for metal processing, but can also be used for grinding wood and glass

Many home masters use such equipment for sharpening knives. The effectiveness of this device is very high, so for such a simple task you can take an inexpensive model of the unit. Many experts do not advise buying a machine of this type to perform one task, as it is extremely disadvantageous. Before buying a particular model, it is recommended to study reviews about it. Grinders located in the lower price segment can be ineffective, therefore it is not recommended to save much on such a purchase.

grinder, tape, your, hands

With the help of a greenhouse, you can bring the metal surface to the desired state: polish it, eliminate various defects, and also remove unnecessary sharp edges. The cost of such devices is on average 17 thousand Which is quite expensive. As a result, many people decide to assemble such a device with their own hands. The strip grinder in its design is very reminiscent of a grinder. The drive, which is the key element of the device, sets the pulley in motion, which is equipped with an abrasive tape.

Why else can use a machine of this type? In addition to processing metal cutting tools, on such an unit you can grind products made from other materials. For example, it is often used to process parts made of stone, as well as glass. If desired, you can use the grinder to level the edge of the glass or grinding the tree.

The device is suitable for sharpening, grinding, removal of rust and burrs

Such a table machine allows you to remove a layer of rust, paint or varnish, which is also considered a very useful property. In addition, it can be done with your own hands. The drawing of a home.made Greender can be found on any profile forum. Such a machine is the most effective solution if there is a need for grinding a metal pipe, aligning the edges of parts, and also in their sharpening.

The design of the simplest greenhouse includes the following key details:

  • Electrical engine.
  • Frame.
  • Leading skating rink.
  • Vedicated tension video.
  • The mechanism of tension of the tape.
  • Working site for installing blanks.
  • Reverse emphasis to prevent the rupture of the tape from pressure during grinding.

The simplest machines have only one leading and driven video. massive and expensive structures provide for 3 driven rinks. The larger there are, the longer the fixed tape. The use of a short abrasive leads to its rapid grinding, so the frequency of replacement of consumables increases. The use of a long tape reduces the frequency of friction of its individual sections on the harvesting and overheating of the glued abrasive. As a result, consumables last longer.

When using a grinder, the workpiece is rested on a table, which is attached to the frame of the machine. In factory devices, the design also provides for a folding protective glass that prevents sparks in the face of the operator.

As the tape is used, it is stretched as a result of wear. In this regard, the machine provides for a free tension mechanism. Usually he pulls up the first driven video that comes from the leading pulley.

All other driven rollers are fixed stationary on bearings.

There are also universal machines that perform not only the function of the Greener, but also another sharpener equipment. Often on sale you can find combined devices that combine the design of the sandpaper.

The use of such equipment significantly expands the possibilities in performing parts. Universal machines do not provide for the design of the possibility of disconnecting individual mechanisms.

Banggood Angle Grinder VS Makita Angle Grinder | Banggood 18v Cordless Angle Grinder Review

In this regard, when turning on, both the tape and the emery circle are rotated.

What to make a drive for a greenhouse

The drive is the most important part of any mechanism. For the machine, it is fundamentally correct to choose the motor. Grinder requires a engine of one and a half to three thousand revolutions per minute with a capacity of 0.75 kW.

You can use high.power engines, in kilowatts and more, but there is a danger that an emery tape will tear

The productivity of the device depends on the engine power. It is very convenient if there is the possibility of manual adjustment of the drive, to solve problems of various kinds. Starting the manufacture of a simple grinder with your own hands, get sick in the trash in the garage or shed: there are probably suitable motors from the units that have served their term.

Is it worth making a homemade grinder with an engine from a washing machine

Let’s start with a controversial question about the manufacture of a grinder with our own hands based on the engine from the washing machine. It is controversial for one simple reason: while working on the device, a lot of dust and chips, particles of paint and other waste are formed on the device. They are clogged into the holes of the engine from the washing machine, and the design quickly fails. But, nevertheless, some craftsmen have such units and successfully work. An example of such a device in this video: recommendations on how to make grinder from a drill

Drill. a mandatory tool in each house. Often something breaks in it, a case or anchor, and maybe just a new, more powerful and comfortable model comes out, so that the old is dusting somewhere in a garage box.

Using the drill drive, you can build a rather powerful grinder

How to do this in practice. we will analyze the process in detail in the photo and video instructions:

Grinder from a corner grinder with your own hands: drawings and finished nozzles

Corner grinder, or in the simplest corner grinder, is an almost ready-made base for LSM. At its base, a machine is assembled according to the same algorithm as the above device from a drill. The scheme is this:

As a result, you will get a do-it-yourself mini-grinder, which will sharpen knives and scissors. There is an option not to start with a home.made, but to purchase a factory nozzle. It is attached to the corner grinding with a bracket. Finding such a device is not easy, but in our age there is nothing impossible. Such a gadget is convenient in that whether it is possible to use a working corner grinder, fundamentally without violating the design of a good device.

Such grinder is suitable for leveling seams after welding. For other work, you have to think over a stationary mount

How to make grinder from grinding yourself with your own hands

Another simple option of home.made lsm. from ordinary grinders in execution. Almost all that needs to be done is to fix the device on a workbench and establish a power system and disconnection system. Read more about this in the video.

How to make grinder with your own hands: drawings with dimensions from different authors

Each master brings something his own to the design, so before taking up the manufacture of a grinder from a grinder with your own hands, study possible options. Here are a few drawings for example:

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How to glue a tape for a grinder with your own hands and special requirements for it

When developing a home.made Grinder with your own hands, it is better to provide for the use of tape from the emery of standard sizes. Standard dimensions are the length in 1830, 1600, 1230, 915 and 610 mm and width 100 and 50 mm. Then you will not have to rack your head how to make a tape for a grinder with your own hands. The tape, homemade or factory, must meet the following requirements:

  • fabric elastic base;
  • high ability to withstand angular velocities;
  • abrasive resistance;
  • the possibility of lengthening without violation of integrity by 10-15%;
  • minimum heating during prolonged work.

Advice! Do not use the tape for your home.made tape with a length of more than 1230 mm, for them you will have to increase the dimensions of the structure, and this puts forward additional requirements for its placement.

When making a tape yourself, try not to do more than one joint. All places of gluing during grinding are stretched, and the tape weakens

  • Cut out the band of the desired length and width from the sheet of the sandpaper. Make the edges of the tape a cut obliquely.
  • Combine the edges and pre.glue them from the abrasive side with painting tape.
  • Fix the cut with a few drops of superglue.
  • Process the cut place and a piece of silk tape with glue, press the surface to each other.
  • Wrap the place of gluing with paper and fix it with the press at night.

How and from what to make videos for a grinder with your own hands

The first rule. the rollers should not be too heavy, otherwise the engine will not be able to immediately crank up heavy details, and an inevitable jerk will follow, which can damage the tape. For this reason, it is not recommended to pull out heavy steel rollers. At best, the steel video should be hollow, and for this the turner will take you almost twice as much. A good way out is to use duralumin: it is both light enough and hard to complete the task. So that the tape does not jump off the video, you need to make a end groove on it.

for household and professional grinders

If you do not have the opportunity and inspiration for work on a home.made, you can buy a strip grinder via the Internet or in a tool store in your city. We analyzed the most popular models of the household and professional Greener and suggest you familiarize yourself with the of them:

If you purchase a professional or household grinder, share your impressions of working with the device in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will be grateful if you share your own experience in making a home.made device.

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