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Choose a circular saw for home and for a summer residence: all the most important for a successful purchase

Today, a very extensive assortment of manual disk saws is presented on the construction tool market. Models can differ in design, technical characteristics, operational properties and cost. This publication will tell you about the types and varieties of this tool, given recommendations for choosing the optimal circular saw for the home, presented the rating of the most popular models.

The disc saw is a very popular tool for home masters and professional builders. And this is not surprising, because this tool allows relatively quickly and virtually without the physical efforts of the operator to cut large volumes of wood, sheets of woody plate. Wood.Fiber plate. OSB. Wood.Fiber plate. Plywood, etc. Changing the discs and “playing” at the speed of rotation, you can cope with the sawing of plastic, slate, metal and artificial stone. Cuts can be made along, across and at the angle of the main plane of the material.

Important! The only thing this tool does not know how to do is to make curved cuts.

The modern “circular” is a technically complex tool consisting of several mandatory elements:

  • Body (bed) with controls placed on it (handles for convenient retention of the operator with manual execution);
  • Power unit. The engine can be electric or gasoline;
  • Cutting disk;
  • Guide site;
  • Protective casing;
  • Lubrication and ventilation system.

Despite some constructive differences, the principle of transmission of a rotational moment from the shaft of the power unit to the cutting disk was laid in the work of all disk saws without exception.

Rating of the best disc saw

Category place name rating
Best compact disc saws one Diold DP-0.55 Matt nine.6 /10
2 Dremel DSM20-3/4 nine.0 /10
3 Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit eight.9 /10
The best disk saws for a disc up to 190 mm one Makita HS7601 nine.7 /10
2 Bosch GKS 190 nine.5 /10
3 Metabo KS 55 FS nine.4 /10
4 Dewalt Dwe560b nine.1 /10
The best disk saws for large diameter disk one Makita 5143r nine.7 /10
2 Makita HS0600 nine.4 /10
3 Patriot CS 255 eight.2 /10
Best Battery Disco one DEWALT DCS576N nine.6 /10
2 Bosch GKS 18V-57 G 5.0ah X2 Box nine.4 /10
3 Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 3.5ach X1 LIHD nine.3 /10

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

The disco saw from the “Sino-Russian” manufacturer unexpectedly reached the first place in this rating, although it would seem that it has many eminent competitors. However, in practice, most branded saws for small wheels (they are also rotorizers) are battery, so when choosing a network disc saw, we actually sort out exclusively amateur models.

Well, in terms of the ratio of “price-quality-functionality” this is a good disc saw. Of course, the manufacturer was not particularly bothering with ergonomics, but in operation it is quite convenient, and the power of a 550-watt motor for disks with a diameter of up to 85 mm is enough normally. The cut depth can reach up to 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for speed adjustment. Therefore, when working with materials that give fine and light chips, it is worth immediately providing dust.To.Go, otherwise the impeller of the high.Speed collector engine will scatter the dust throughout the district.

The gearbox at Diold is a worm, which is preferable for a budget segment is preferable to a belt. The main thing is not to forget about high.Quality lubrication and do not overload the saw so that the worm and the gear given to it do not suffer.

Great assistant “for inexpensive”. When repairing a mini-cycle, it came in handy more than once, and she definitely repulsed her money.

Dremel DSM20-3/4

Continues our top of the best Dremel DSM20-3/4 disk saws. At the first, and at the second glance, “Dremel” is conceived well: the eye does not cling to the fire deer flaws, the saw case sits well in the hand, the spindle clamper is conveniently located, and the equipment in a regular suitcase is good. The 710-Watt engine promotes the spindle up to 17 thousand revolutions per minute, so that 77 mm discs will be cut quickly, but.

These “but” this saw came out a bit too much, so we cut her rating decently. A powerful motor is good, but when turned on, it gives a strong jerk. “Eryulumous” discs during work just due to the aforementioned high revolutions are mercilessly dusting, and the full.Time dust science can only be called “it seems to be, but it seems to be not”. Without a vacuum cleaner, dust flies anywhere, except for a pipe, with a vacuum cleaner, it is inconvenient to use such a “baby”. It’s better not to work on wood at home. Get a lot of dust climbing into each gap, which certainly will not be a pleasure.

Sprinking depth adjustment (up to 21.5 mm on standard disks). A flag on the right side. Because of this, working with smooth immersion along the course is inconvenient-you have to intercept that just the depth of the current installation on the scale next to the flag will not be seen. In addition, this flag itself is weak, with strong pressing the depths established by it, you can knock down the most.

As a result, the final opinion about this saw still spoils. Dremel do not work better. It is not without reason for graves that the name of this company became the speaker, but the disk saw will have to be brought to mind after buying.

Choosing a disc sawdrift for a workshop

Consider several models, among which there will be both household discs and relatively inexpensive professional.

Skil 5866 AF disc

The Skil 5866 AF disk saw attracts attention, first of all, with a rather strict design and excellent characteristics. The disc saw is very convenient when working, it can be easily held in the hands. Special rubberized saws of saws not only allow you to better hold the tool in their hands, but also reduce vibration when working. The Skil 5866 AF disk saw has a powerful engine (1,500 W), a 190 mm saw that allows you to do a cut to a depth of 66 mm, which is quite enough to work with a variety of materials.

One of the important advantages of this tool is a special double laser pointer, which allows not only to accurately produce the material, but also shows the thickness of the saw disk that is installed on your tool. Thanks to this, you can see which part of the details will go into the consumption when changing the material. The saw is equipped with a universal disk with 24 carbide teeth. However, given that the tool has 55,000 about.\ min, replacing the disc you can achieve excellent quality processing and the most accurate cut of the material. Saw is equipped with a special plastic case. The disk saw can be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner using an adapter, or a special bag for collecting chips can be installed on it.

AEG HK 75 A disco

The AEG HK 75 A disk saw has a powerful engine (1400 W), the speed of the saw disk is 5600 about.\ min. The diameter of the circle that is installed on the saw is 210 mm. The front handle is mounted directly on a stamped support platform, which allows you to reliably hold the saw in the hands during operation. The undoubted advantages of the saw include a fairly long network cord (4 m) which allows you to use the tool without the use of extension cords.

The start button is equipped with a special emergency lock, which excludes spontaneous turning on the tool. The delivery set includes the side line, which allows you to cut the materials as accurately as possible. The disk saw has the ability to connect to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The Ultimate DeWalt Circular Saw Video

Circular saw BlackDecker XTS1660KA

The circular saw BlackDecker XTS1660KA has the same catchy design as Skil saw. A powerful engine (1600 W) allows the tool to make 5000 about.\ min. The circular saw is equipped with a 190 mm with a saw disk with a diameter, which allows you to do a cut to a depth of 65mm. There is a special laser pointer, which makes it possible to make an accurate sawing of the material.

Casting support platform of the saw is made of aluminum. The weight of this tool is about 2.2 kg. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the product for 2 years.

All saws that we talked about above have approximately the same possibilities. Adjusting mechanisms allow not only to change the depth of the cut, but also allow you to cut workpieces at an angle of up to 45 degrees. AEG HK 75 A disk is a professional saw. But most of all I liked the Skil 5866 AF disk saw. The laser pointer of this saw has a more convenient location and is less at risk of damage. The front handle has a more convenient shape than on the AEG HK 75 A disk saw and is much better held by the hand than the straight handle on the BlackDecker XTS1660KA disk file. In addition, the laser pointer on the saw BlackDecker XTS1660ka does not make it possible to see the place of cutting the material, which is not always convenient during operation. The choice of tools is an exclusively individual business, but we liked the Disk saw Skil 5866 AF most of all.

It is worth recalling that using a disc saw is necessary very carefully, be sure to use special protective glasses while working.

We hope that this material was useful and you got acquainted in more detail with all the capabilities and features of such a power tool as a manual disc saw. Good choice and safe work for you.

Battery Disco

Recently, such aggregates seemed to us a real fantasy. But time goes on, wireless technologies go to a new level. The batteries have become so capacious, special engines are so economical, and the charging devices are fast that even for such a powerful tool as circular, developers managed to organize uninterrupted energy supply. We take two modern batteries and a half.Hour charging. That’s all, there will be no problems with energy (Makita BSS 610 RFE). It is even easier if your disc saw is equipped with a unified battery of the same manufacturer that the rest of your tools. Power characteristics (output power, torque) of wireless circulars are no longer inferior to the indicators of similar network machines-Bosch GKS 18 V-Li (cut depth 51 mm). Well, as for mobility and ergonomics, then they are beyond any competition, they are especially loved by roofers-operatives working on top.

Makita BSS 610 RFE

Useful additions

Circular saws also have a number of features that do not strongly affect the reliability and durability in general, but capable of significantly to improve the convenience of work. For example, the presence of a laser indicator of the cutting direction helps well when cutting sheet materials without using the guide tire. It is also desirable to have a crumbling knife, which is not available to every budget model, but well helps to ensure the purity of cutting when cutting long blanks and protecting the disk from jamming.

hand, disk, choose, type, battery

If the saw is used for finishing cuts with minimum subsequent processing, the presence of constant electronics that supports the constant speed of the disk rotation at variable loads will not be superfluous. The function of a smooth start will help extend the engine resource, and it is better if it is provided not by the termistor, but by electronics. Pilas are also considered more reliable in the drive in which the engine and gearbox are enclosed in a single metal case.

Types of disk electric saw

So, which manual disk saw is better to buy for your own needs? The first thing to do is to get acquainted with the varieties and the most important design features that affect performance, functionality, dimensions and the cost of the model. Classify this equipment:

  • By the type of nutrition. Distinguish between network and battery saws.
  • On the principle of the cut. Distinguish classic manual “circular” and models equipped with a submersible mechanism.

To understand which manual disc saws better consider submersible and battery models in more detail.


This tool is designed for vertical inserting into the workpiece workpiece. The main difference between submersible models and manual “circulars” lies in their design. In submersible models, the saw disc is attached to the spring.Loaded “head” and is located above the sole. Working this tool is simple and relatively safe.

  • Before starting work, a cut depth is set (and the angle of inclination, if necessary).
  • The tool is connected to the network power source.
  • An operation to unlock and start the device is carried out.
  • The “head” with a saw disk is lowered to a given depth and is carried out along the line of the alleged saw.

After the cutting, the operator weakens the pressure on the “head”. Under the influence of the spring, the drive rises, and the saw disc is independently removed from the material.

  • Inserting to the material anywhere, and not just from the edge of the workpiece.
  • The exact execution of the cut at a minimum distance from the wall due to the location of the disk on the side of the sole.
  • The possibility of a flat cut of the edges and a dungeon of workpieces.
  • Directioning tire compatibility.
  • High power (from 1.2 kW).

The main disadvantage of this tool is the high cost and a relatively small assortment. So, what is the model of a disk saw, better and which company? Consider the battery “circular”, their features, advantages and disadvantages.


The only constructive difference in battery models from network disk saws is a power source. In the first case, engine power is carried out from a rechargeable battery of high capacity; In the second. Household power supply. In terms of technical characteristics, wireless models are practically in no way inferior to network models.

It is important to know! To increase the autonomous operation of the disc saw, most manufacturers of wireless power tools began to complete their models with two high.Capacity batteries, fast charging devices and economical electric motors.

TOP-4 of the best inexpensive mini circular saws

Worx WX527.9 0

Compact and powerful saw is optimal for various wood, metal, tiles or plastic.

Effective in solving a wide variety of problems due to the adjustment of the depth of cut and power comparable to more expensive models. Guarantees an accurate and even cut.

The narrow case is equipped with a rubber coating that provides the reliability of the grip and control over the saw.

It is easy to use both indoors and on the street thanks to the work from the battery. It is protected from random launch by blocking the circuit breaker, for safe replacement of the disk, spindle lock is provided.

The protection against deep discharge and overheating is also built, which guarantees a long.Term instrument service.

Built.In vacuum cleaner and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner will help leave the workplace clean.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 27 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Worx WX527 2.0ach x1

Convenient, ergonomic saw, which comes with the battery, is ideal for work both indoors and on the street.

He copes with a wide variety of works and material. As with wood, so with plastic or metal.

Equipped with adjusting the depth of the cut.

The cleanliness at the workplace will provide a built.In vacuumber and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

It is equipped with protection against accidental inclusion, spindle lock, protection of the board from discharge and overheating.

hand, disk, choose, type, battery

Batteries are easily replaced by any brand devices similar to devices.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 27 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Graphite 58G008

A powerful household battery battery will allow you to carry out work on a wide variety of materials, including metal and tiles.

Allows you to perform longitudinal and transverse, direct and inclined cutting. To adjust the corner and depth to regulate, additional tools will not be required. The accuracy of the work is provided by the presence of a bright laser marker.

The sole and upper drive casing are made of aluminum alloy, which ensures a long service life of the tool.

The model also has reduced noise due to a thought.Out engine and casing.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 48 mm;
  • Disc/landing diameter: 150/10 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Ryobi R18CSP-0

Inexpensive mini-pile of household purposes is distinguished by Japanese quality and reliability. Among the advantages, users note the low weight, the optimal dimensions, a convenient rubberized handle, the quality of the assembly and the case, thanks to which you can work in any conditions.

It copes with almost any material. The engine braking and spindle blocking are protected as protection.

Works for the battery, autonomy is enough on average by 40-60 minutes of work.

A distinctive feature is a large angle of inclination, but a non.Standard diameter of the landing hole was a negative moment. It is difficult to find a disc for replacing.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 45 mm;
  • Disc/landing diameter: 150/10 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 56 degrees.

Which company to choose?

The most popular brands for the production of circular saws are the following:

  • Makita is a Japanese manufacturer with a rich assortment and recognizable quality;
  • Bosch. A German brand, tested by time, with a large number of fans;
  • Dewalt. A large selection of semi.Professional and professional saws with good power;
  • Interskol. Domestic brand, with affordable price and high.Quality materials of the case and parts.

When to purchase a battery circular?

What is the main advantage of battery models over network? Of course, in their mobility. Therefore, you need to buy such a saw if you are often:

  • Work at a height (for example, put the roof) or cut the blanks by weight;
  • You find yourself on sites where the connection to the network is problematic (including on the street);
  • Limited in the size of the working space and the cord is interfered under the feet.

How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

In terms of power, modern battery saws are practically not inferior to network, but there is some restriction in the functionality. For example, for the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner that removes sawdust and other garbage, you can not do without connection to the network. In addition, the battery gives the tool additional weight.

Keep in mind that at least the life of the batteries and lasts from 3 to 5 years, sooner or later they fail and you will need to buy a replacement, and this is additional costs.

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