Hilti dd 200 diamond drill rig

DD 200 G02 Diamond Drilling Rig

Advantages and applications

  • Powerful air-cooled diamond drill rig with 3-speed gearbox and convenient features
  • The optional BL quick-change shank lets you change bits in seconds without any tools (keyless system)
  • Highly versatile. suitable for an extremely wide range of applications
  • Robust and reliable design
  • LED pressure indicator allows even inexperienced operators to achieve optimum drilling speed and maximum drill bit life
  • Holes for various channels, pipes and cables
  • Ventilation holes
  • Batch drilling when making openings
  • Drilling for business purposes
  • Impact and vibration free drilling in ceilings, walls and floors
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Please note: quantities are automatically rounded according to package multiples.

Please note: quantities are automatically rounded according to package multiples.

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Hilti dd 200 diamond core drilling rig

Hilti DD 200 G02 diamond core drilling rig consisting of motor unit and base frame Hilti DD-HD 30.

  • Power consumption 3200 W
  • Drilling range wet drilling from the base: 35-500 mm
  • Max. drilling depth 500 mm
  • Number of speeds 3
  • Max. torque, 1st gear 129 Nm
  • Max. torque, 2nd gear 54 Nm
  • Max. torque. torque, 3rd gear 29 Nm
  • System weight 36 kg
  • Dry or wet mode Wet mode
  • Anchor and vacuum (available as an option)
  • Bed height 1100 mm
  • Drilling at an angle Yes
  • Max. 45° angle
  • Base plate. bit size (LxW)417 x 270 mm
  • Directional spacer Yes (optional)
  • Rack extension Yes (optional)
  • Water extraction system Yes (optional)
  • Protection class Class I
  • Service indicator Yes
  • Max. bit size (without bit insert) 500 mm
  • Type of chuck BL
  • Max. Water pressure 6 bar
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Application Hilti DD 200 G02:

  • Powerful air-cooled diamond drill rig with 3-speed gearbox and convenient functions
  • Chuck change system BL with quick-change chuck keyless (optional)
  • Rugged and sturdy construction
  • LED pressure gauge allows even inexperienced operators to achieve the optimum relationship between drilling speed and maximum bit life
  • A service indicator indicates the need for service, reducing downtime and helping to avoid costly repairs
  • Holes for various ducts, pipes and cables
  • Air holes
  • Batch drilling in the manufacture of openings
  • Drilling holes in ceilings, walls and floors without impact or vibration
  • Angular holes for cutting with wall saws

Important. Use the Hilti DD 200 only for holes with a maximum diameter of 250 mm, as otherwise serious damage to the equipment, which costs as much as a new piece of equipment, may occur. For drilling holes with larger diameters use the Hilti DD350, DD500

Model Overview

For a complete overview it is worth doing a review on Hilti diamond drilling rigs. Thus, it will be possible to draw a conclusion about the quality of this equipment.

  • Hilti DD 200 G02. machine designed for drilling holes. The best material for this will be concrete, which the design of this drill rig is designed for. With the help of this equipment it is possible to create medium and large diameter holes from 35 to 200 mm. Built-in LED pressure indicator, designed to help those who are new to the business.

With this feature, you can maintain optimum performance and operate the machine efficiently.

There is an additional quick shank, designed for a quick change of the drill bit without tools. This feature makes operation easier and more comfortable. Air cooling, gearbox with 3 adjustable speeds and different modes. Power consumption. 3200 W, the maximum speed in 3 gears is 1160 per minute. Weight 14.6 kg, but if fully assembled it will be equal to 36 kg. Noise level is 93 dB, vibration level is approx. 2.5 m/cc. see.

hilti, diamond, drill
  • The Hilti DD 350-CA is a powerful and expensive unit designed for a wide range of applications, from simple applications to the most professional tasks requiring high quality and reliability. Among the advantages, it is worth noting a wide “range” of drill holes. from 52 to 500 mm. The basic material that is recommended to work with the machine is concrete.
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Other technical features include the high power consumption of 3,600 watts and a large number of speeds.

There are ten of them in total, and on the 4th of them it is possible to reach the maximum number of revolutions per minute. 619. Input voltage is 230 V, sound pressure level. 95 dB, vibration can reach 2.5 m/cubic. see. The weight of the machine alone is 14.4 kg, but assembled. about 35 kg. The high frequency motor and the automatic feeder unit make this model robust, efficient and resistant to heavy loads.

As for the other machines from this manufacturer, these earthmoving and concrete drills differ in their features and price. As a rule, the main criterion is to increase the maximum diameter of drilled holes according to the cost. At the same time the power consumption and the number of speeds increase together with their revolutions.

There is no structural difference, the housing is always made of durable material that protects the tool from both physical and work loads of varying degrees.

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