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Cutting ceramic tiles with corner grinders and how to perform correctly

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular materials that are used to lay the floor, walls, as well as various designs in private houses and apartments. This material is so popular that every home master resorts to laying it on its own. In the process of laying ceramic tiles, only one difficulty arises. how, and how to cut the material? For such purposes, a specialized tool is used, which is manual or electric. In addition to a special tool (tile cutter) that you need to buy, you can use a corner grinder or corner grinder. How to cut the tiles of a corner grinder, not many know the tiles, so we will pay attention to this issue.

If you need to cut off ceramic tiles, then for such purposes there is no need to buy a tile cutter. Despite the fact that the tile cutter has a low cost, its purchase is not always rational, since the angular grinder copes with the task of cutting the material. To do this, it is necessary to install the appropriate type of disk or circle in the tool: stone or steel.

These are special cutting discs used for cutting solid types of materials. A prerequisite for the used disk for cutting ceramics is the presence of diamond crumbs or its spraying. Disks for performing such tasks are called dry cutters that are divided into segment and solid.

It is interesting! The higher the layer of diamond spraying on the consumable, the more material it can process.

Consider the varieties of disks for corner grinders that can be used for cutting ceramic tiles:

  • Stone. one of the simplest options, used if it is necessary to cut a small amount of tiles. It has many drawbacks, therefore it is rarely used for such purposes. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting rapid wear, a large thickness of the cut, as well as the formation of a large amount of dust. If in the process of cutting ceramics a stone or a burr on the cutting edge is formed in a stone circle, then the product must be replaced. Continuing cutting with such a product is dangerous, as it can fly up
  • Dry cutters. these circles received such a name due to the lack of the need to use water cooling. In this case, the duration of the work with such a disk should not exceed 1.5 minutes, since the process of overheating of the product occurs. If during the cutting the occurrence of a continuous spark on the product is observed, then this indicates the “licking” of the metal. Continuing work with this phenomenon is unsafe and not rational. To eliminate it, you need to make several incisions in concrete or brick. It was mentioned above that such products are divided into segmented (segment) and continuous.

Segmented dry cutters are the discs that have slots in the design. These slots are directed from the cutting edge to the central hole. Such products are used for cutting materials from porcelain border or natural types of stone. Segments or slots perform a very important function. providing the product with air cooling. The disadvantage of such material is that the service life of the disks is much lower than that of the continuous, due to the formation of chips. The presence of detonation can lead to a chip on the tile, so often experts prefer the second option.

Continuous products are universal, as they allow not only to cut ceramics, but also to process the edge with the side. Continuing dry cutters are deprived of all shortcomings, except for the presence of air cooling. When sawing tiles and other similar materials, it is recommended to use water cooling, which allows you to get a number of the following advantages:

It’s important to know! Drink replacement after cutting ceramics is carried out using a special key, which is equipped with an angular grinder. At the same time, it is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to take up the disk immediately after cutting, since it will cool down for 10-15 minutes.

Safety precautions when working with angular grinder when cutting ceramics

The corner grinder is one of the most dangerous tools, so when working with corner grinding, it is important to follow the safety rules. In order to correctly cut ceramic tiles, and do not get an injury, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Work only in overalls. Even if you have to cut only one tile, you need to wear glasses and gloves. When the dust is formed, it is necessary to wear a respirator, and in order to avoid obtaining a leg injury, you need to work in boots
  • Work perform only and exclusively with a protective casing installed on the tool
  • Cutting needs to be done from yourself, which will allow you to control the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut
  • The length of the cable should be sufficient so that in the process of cutting it does not fall under the place of work
  • The material must be fixed so that in the process it does not shift from the speed of rotation of the disk
  • In the process of cutting, ask the assistant to help by adding water to the cutting line
  • The location of the sawed product on an even base (preferably on a wooden board)
  • It is recommended to use a corner grinder with a speed regulator or use a separate device (dimmer), which, due to an increase in the resistance, will reduce the voltage, and therefore the speed of rotation of the disk. The speed of rotation is above 9000 rpm is quite high, so it is recommended to reduce it to 5-6 thousand

It’s important to know! Ceramic dust is dangerous not only for human health, since it settles in the lungs, but can still lead to the occurrence of an explosion if work is carried out in poorly ventilated rooms.

For cutting ceramic tiles, it is not necessary to use high.power tools, as well as nozzles with a diameter of more than 125 mm. This is not only inconvenient, but also irrational. For cutting tiles, angular grinding grounds are perfect on the battery.

Is it possible to use a corner grinder?

This tool is well suited for cutting tiles. It also allows you to make a cut of various shapes. But besides the corner grinder, there is still a tile. However, there is not everywhere tile, while an angular grinder can be found anywhere.

over, only a corner grinder can do a figured cut with high accuracy. Unlike a tile cutter, for an angular grinding machine, you can change the discs to select the desired in accordance with the material and its thickness.

over, using tiles, it will not be possible to cut the material longer than 30 cm. Only a corner grinder can do this.

Transformation of corner grinder into tiles This device must be constantly held in his hands, then the master will not be able to cut the tiles with the maximum emphasis. However, there is an opportunity to modernize a corner grinder, turning it into a tile cutter, which will be much more convenient than the original.

  • First of all, you should choose a good place on which the machine will be located.
  • This place should be spacious.
  • Next, you need to choose a reliable base for the machine.
  • The basis can be a sheet of metal with a gutter, which will help to navigate in the next stages of creating a tile cutter.
  • The line of fixation of the corner grinder comes. To do this, it is best to use special clamps that will not allow the typewriter to shift either a millimeter.

If desired, you can add a corner grinding of water cooling and a nozzle for wet cutting.

It is necessary to make a test saw. To do this, first, make sure that the corner grinder is fixed, then it needs to be supplied with the tile from herself to check the performance.

The nozzles used

For cutting ceramics, you need special discs that are intended for this. Most often on the circle there is an inscription indicating the direction of turning. Quality always depends on the price. The following types of disks are distinguished:

  • Stone are rarely used due to the quick ability to grind and spread dust. In the process of cutting, it is necessary to control the cutting basis. If irregularities formed on the edge, then you should replace the disk in order to avoid damage.
  • Metal diamond circles. In turn, they are divided into solid and divided into compartments. The first type is better for ceramics. You can’t work with such a nozzle more than one minute. You need to take small breaks so that the tool is cooling. Segments are intended for porcelain tiles, concrete or stone. This type of nozzle has properly located slots that are designed to increase the service life.
  • Special circles for wet cutting allow you to cut the tile without dust by applying water to the nozzle.

If you need to cut the brick of paving slabs, then in this situation only a diamond circle will help.

Here it is worth remembering some features:

  • use not only protective glasses, but also headphones due to an increased noise;
  • The corner grinder should have great power to cope with the material;
  • Avoid dust on an already lined surface.

In which direction to cut?

To work as a tool without the formation of a large amount of dust and fragments, you need to know all possible methods depending on the direction.

Three cutting methods are distinguished:

  • Straight. For this, the tile must be firmly fixed on a stable surface. It is important to see which way the angular grinder moves in. The best speed speed at a diameter of 100 millimeters is 8,000 rotations per minute.
  • Angle of 45 degrees. To obtain an uneven cut, at first, the tile is cut off at an angle in ninety degrees. Using a metal diamond disk, it is necessary to direct the tool towards removing unnecessary material. You can make the edges ideal by means of cleaning paper with a special basis.
  • To form a large hole. Previously, on the front side of the tile base, the circuit circuit is determined by the writing instrument. Then its center is installed using perpendicularly intersecting lines. During the cut of the corner grinder, the disk rotates in such a way as to delve into the inside from the marked line. The material is cut slowly and evenly in the sectors of the circle.

It is necessary to do all the work only on the front side of the tile to prevent severe damage to the upper layer.

How and how to cut a large format tile?

The day comes when the tiles that have to be laid are not placed in your tile cutter.

And an endless series of questions arises:

  • What tiles to buy, mechanical or electric?
  • How long?. what if tomorrow the tile is 5 cm more than the current?
  • How often you need a new tool?
  • Expensive or cheap. What amount common sense tells you to spend?
  • Where is the guarantee that the new tool will cut without problems?

How the decision was made, what were the arguments in favor of a particular option, you can track almost in real time.

Tubadzin pietrasanta polic

Here, as in a fairy tale about a stone at the fork of three roads. It depends on where you go, what will you find and how much you will lose.

Two main directions are viewed:

  • Cut the tile with a video and then break.
  • Cut using a cutting disk installed on various tools and devices.

The difficulty of choosing is that both directions have, there are also a lot of execution options.

The first thing that comes to mind is a mechanical tile cutter with a cut length of 120 cm. Cheap options fall away right away. From the Battipav Tquic References available in accessibility.

The first option to cut a large format tile.

The idea stops from buying that this tool may be used only once:

It is more logical to accept the second option. The guide consists of several parts, which allows you to make its necessary length. The maximum possible. 340 cm. This is a guarantee that such a system is suitable for any possible tile format and will always be in demand:

Other manufacturers of branded tools have similar systems. For example, Sigma.

tiles, floor, direct

Stops the price of the tool. the tool will not pay off at a slight amount of work. In addition, to cut out the corners and holes, a turbine (angular grinder) is still needed). How to combine two cuts?

And the main question: how the tile will break? Preliminary cut with a tile cutter on a small side were unsuccessful. Of the 4 attempts. two unsuccessful:

Unsuccessful attempt to cut porcelain stoneware on the short side

Facts and reports of unsuccessful cases of using such a method to cut even using a monotolite system were added to doubts.

Therefore, the study of the second case began, which had many options for execution:

Each option has its own advantages. The machine (good) allows you to cut almost without chips on the tile. Quickly and conveniently (without dust) is a cut under 45 degrees. But some inconvenience in work remain and the main problem is the length of the cut tile, which cannot be hijacked:

And most importantly, which does not allow to dwell on this option. the practicality of such a machine on small volumes:

Electric tile cutter in the apartment with decoration.

tiles, floor, direct

The second option is deprived of some deficiencies in the machine, but also has no special advantages. The price of the issue for both cases remains. The most interesting option is the cutting system Festool Diamant DSC-Ag 125 PLUS-FS for 500

During the search process, he suddenly stumbled upon a very mundane way to solve the problem of cutting a larger format tile:

What bribes? Simplicity and cheapness of execution. Aluminum wedge is always at hand. Clamps are not a problem. Cutting tool can be purchased at an affordable price:

tiles, floor, direct

Electric tiles “Makita”.

For the price, both options are the same. But the option with the battery has the following characteristics:

That is, the turns are insignificant and the disk from the corner grinder does not fit.

But you can go to a super economical option. just buy a nozzle for the angular grinder of Mechanic 125 Slider (19568442010). For those who love “dear toys”, this option will not work. Everything is too simple and cheap.

Nozzle for corner grind,

  • Make a table out of the pallet (throw it on the floor and cover with a piece of drywall).
  • Guide bar. from aluminum wedge with holes at the ends.
  • Clamps. two self.tapping screws twisted in the holes on the wedge.

The most expensive investment was the Distar 1A1R Multigres 125 × 1.4x10x22,23 porcelain. Hardness 7D. Two other Distar disks for cutting tiles in this case are not suitable.

A significant drawback. dust. If desired, you can find a similar nozzle with a vacuum cleaner pipe. But to the hose, the removal of dust needs to be adapted. Cut simply, with the help of the nozzle. a new skill, you need to get used to it, and then there is still a hose.

Features of cutting large.format tiles Corner grinder.

Cut the tiles begin to cut the two ends. Further 3-4 passes throughout the cut, with gradual deepening or immediately passing into full cut.

If you do not make incisions, then the tile bursts at the end unpredictably. verified:

Cutting tiles on both sides.

This rule is true for wet cut on the machine:

Tile manufacturers (or those trying to speak on their behalf) explain this by the fact that large.format tiles have a large internally voltage. When cutting in a generally accepted way, they can split.

tiles, floor, direct

Similarly, when cutting the hole in such tiles, they are advised to first drill round holes at the corners of the future window, and only then, cut:

During cutting corner grinding, a lot of dust forms, so it is necessary to work only in well.ventilated rooms or in the open air.

  • There are different ways to reduce the amount of dust formed during tile cutting.
  • Specialists have noted some of the most effective ways.
  • The simplest but most expensive method is to buy a special tile cutter.
  • A more budget, but laborious method is partial cutting.
  • First, a less dusty layer is cut through, and the remaining height is broken off. The edges are sawed by special tools.

How to Cut tile that is already laid

Another effective method is the moisturizing of the material. The liquid is regularly supplied to the processed material. A special device can be installed on the corner grinder, which supplies water to the tile along a special pipe from under the casing.

Safety precautions

Corner grinder used for cutting tiles is a very traumatic tool. Based on this, it follows that compliance with safety precautions during work is the most important. Observing several simple rules, the risk of injuries to workers is minimized.

  • You can only work in special clothes. In addition, it is important to use other protective equipment, such as: glasses, helmet, gloves, mask, special boots.
  • There should be no extra things at the workplace.
  • During the work, it is recommended to remove the network cable away from the place of work, prevent it from getting under an angular grinder or confusing in the legs.
  • Cutting can only be performed from itself. The tool must be kept tight with two hands.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to check the equipment and the network cable for malfunctions or mechanical damage.
  • Work outdoors or in a ventilated room.
  • Cutting should be performed only in a dry environment, preventing moisture from getting on the casing of the tool.
  • The saw disk can only be immersed in the material by only a third.
  • Before starting cutting, it is necessary to promote the disk.

For high.quality cutting of tiles, it is important to choose a suitable saw disk, with which you can achieve an even and clean cut. It is important to know the methods of cutting tiles and strictly adhere to safety precautions during operation.

A small list of rules will help to avoid injuries and maintain the health of a person working with a person’s tool.

Cutting holes

The tile cutting cuts the tiles smoother and better than the corner grinder, especially mechanized. Such a tool is equipped with a wet cutting disk, which was mentioned above. After some training, a mechanized tile cutter can be performed by curved cuts. Hand analogue such an operation is not available.

The only drawback of tile cutter is a narrow specialization, which, coupled with a high cost, makes it inappropriate to acquire this tool for one.time work.

Corner grinder is the most suitable tile cutting tool, from the point of view of a home craftsman. The reason is universality: unlike tiles, it can be used to cut and grinding many other materials. The main thing is to rely on the above recommendations, choose the right equipment and perform cutting.

The best cutting circle for cutting ceramic tiles for 2013.

“Best” is not in comparison. quality. But just “best” in quality and cut speed. At one time, this place was occupied by Bosch circles. But, at present, their price is almost twice as much as similar products Di-Star and the quality of the cut is worse. Maybe their quality remains at the same level, but just better products appeared.

The products of Di-Star has long appeared in the Ukrainian market (1998.)-these were the detachment circles of the subsidiary “Ukr-Diamant”. Such a circle could work for more than a year. But were high and more popular by other manufacturers. Currently, a cutting circle for cutting an angular grinder with a diameter of 125 mm costs about 20, and cuts ceramic tiles almost without chips.

The first reviews about the “Dydarov” circles appeared:

Safety precautions when cutting tiles with corner grinders.

The first is the work in protective glasses. Ceramics fragments fly out at high speed and often, getting into the eye, get stuck. It is difficult to pull out such a fragment yourself.

Second. During cutting, it is necessary to cut the lower third of the circle, without deepening below the cut more than half of the circle. With non.compliance with this, often, a turbine jump occurs. The consequences are different, from spoiled tiles to hand injury.

Additionally, about the correct cutting of tiles without chips, and the creation of holes in it, using a corner grinder, more in the book.

You can download without any “troubles” by clicking on the picture.

Tricking cutting with an angular grinder

Having a private house, it becomes necessary to lay paving slabs or paving stones, which must be cut in size. For this, a universal device that has almost every house is also used. an angle grinding machine.

Porridge processing has its own characteristics, but it is mainly performed in the same way as cutting porcelain tiles. The main differences are that the work is performed outdoors. The processing of the material should be done on a separate site: the dust formed settles on a stacked paving stones and can ruin its appearance. If this happens, you should immediately shift it with a hard brush.

To cut the paving stones, choose a diamond disk for concrete processing. The corner grinder should be kept in relation to the workpiece at right angles, and the diamond circle is moved exactly along the marking line. Cut the tiles to a depth of a little more than half, and then just break and trim.

Safety precautions when cutting tiles with corner grinders

In order for the cutting of the tiles of the corner grinding, paving stones or porcelain tiles are safe, the following safety regulations should be followed.

  • All operations should be performed in overalls, excluding the possibility of falling into spinning parts.
  • Mandatory use of protective glasses.
  • It is recommended to use Berushi.
  • Tools, carrying and other devices should be in good condition.
  • Persons at least 18 years old and trained by the operating rules of cutting equipment should be allowed to work.
  • If wet processing is used, make sure that the grinder does not get into the water. Otherwise, electric shock is possible.
  • Do not process the workpieces at maximum speeds, work in rooms with good ventilation.

To maintain life and health, these conditions should be strictly observed. And then it will be possible to finish the repair on time and enjoy its results for many years.

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