How best to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass. Features of the gasoline trimmer for the grass Champion T527-2

Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer for grass: reviews, which option to choose

This article presents the rating of the best models of a gasoline trimmer for the grass: reviews, which option to choose a structure for the care of the lawn and other areas of the site. You will understand the difference between professional and household trimmers, the features of their application and choice. You will learn the specificity of the products of popular manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each individual model, you will see a comparative price table.

Many owners of suburban and summer cottages are asked what is better to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass for caring for such territories, which companies should pay attention to and what technical indicators the optimal model should have.

The ratings of the best gasoline trimmers, as well as customer reviews who have already experienced this technique in practice and appreciated its weaknesses and its weaknesses, give answers to all these questions.

Gasoline trimmers for grass have a similar structure:

note! The bar is the most important component of the lawn mower, since other components are attached to it.

To ensure convenient operation, the bar in the device is telescopic, and the handle has the following types of rotary structure: t, d, j.

The cutting headset is a knife that can be made of metal or plastic. In some models, a fishing line for a trimmer is used to mow grass, wound on a rotational element of a trimmer for grass. Over time, a fishing line for a trimmer can be thinner or stretch, but there are many stores where you can buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers any day.

The brackets have a very favorable shape, thanks to which the operator has the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary plants during the cutting of the lawn, without touching the rest of the plantations.

Gasoline trimmers for grass or electric: which is better to purchase

Before the buyer in the store, primarily a dilemma appears regarding which trimmer for the grass is better to buy: gasoline type or by electric power. For comparison, we denote the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The most significant advantages of electric power devices:

  • environmental friendliness due to the lack of exhaust gases;
  • The preparation of the unit for work does not require significant efforts and time of time;
  • low noise exposure;

The advantages of electric power devices can also include an acceptable cost, compact dimensions and a convenient use system.

Disadvantages of trimmers operating on the basis of electricity:

  • a limited radius of movement (the working area is limited to the length of the cable);
  • The cord often creates obstacles during operation;
  • Most of the models are subject to overheating, so there is no way to work without interruptions for a large period of time.

Useful advice! It is recommended to work in small stages, about 20-30 minutes. Thanks to this, you can extend the service life of electrical equipment.

With regard to which benzotrimer is better, the price, quality and practicality of the design play an important role.

  • light control system;
  • high mowing speed;
  • Working with tools does not require significant physical effort;
  • extensive number of manufacturers and wide model lines.

The ability to process places is another reason to buy a trimmer for grass for grass of gasoline type.

  • high level of noise exposure;
  • With the combustion of gasoline, a large amount of exhaust gases is formed;
  • Significant weight of the structure.

Gasoline trimmers for grass: which companies are better (according to consumer reviews)

Regarding which brand it is worth paying attention to and which is better a gasoline trimmer for grass, consumer reviews diverge.

The market offers customers a lot of manufacturers. Conditionally, devices can be divided into two large categories: Chinese and European. For the range of Chinese gasoline lawners, manual trimmers, the price is much lower than in the case of European.made models. But also the quality of the parts, as well as the assembly in this case, is lame. Only Japanese braids for Makita grass are substantially allocated in the Asian market, the cost of which is 15 thousand.

German.made Stihl Benzotrimmers usually lead the ratings of high.quality models. They provide a quality result, work without interruptions and offer a large selection of technical parameters.

note! STIHL is present on the market for a fairly long period, the brand is known to many consumers, thanks to its equally effective gasoline saws.

For gasoline trimmers for STIHL grass, the price is in the range of 11-20 thousand. The company’s horse is reliable motors of a two.stroke type, which have a slight weight, give out a minimum level of vibration and rarely fail for insignificant reasons.

Trimmers for Chinese.made grass, on the contrary, are accompanied by many breakdowns:

To buy a trimmer for grass gasoline Husqvarna, you will need to lay out at least 50 thousand. Among the Chinese there are also good options, but the quality should be checked independently, carefully inspecting the unit. Asshed at the price of STIHL is not only reliable, but also allows you to easily buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers.

Household and professional gasoline trimmers for grass for grass: how to choose an unit

Many virtual network users are in search, wanting to buy gasoline trimmers inexpensively for grass in the online store. However, the cost is not a fundamental factor on the basis of which equipment for caring for the garden and the adjacent territory is carried out.

best, choose, gasoline, trimmer, grass

There are a number of moments that should not be lost, namely:

How to start Ryobi Petrol Line Trimmer. RLT26C

  • the nature of the vegetation prevailing on the site (perennial plants, lawn grass, shrubs);
  • the area of ​​the territory that will be processed;
  • relief features of the site;
  • design weight;
  • type of gasoline engine (two.stroke or four.stroke);
  • type of cutting element, its parameters and material from which it is made;
  • The shape of the handle.

note! In the rating of gasoline trimmers, the price, quality and operational characteristics play a key role. But at the initial stage, you should decide on the purpose of the tool, which can be professional or household. The differences between them are not only in performance and functionality, but also in parameters such as weight and power.

Household trimmers for grass gasoline: which unit to buy for a summer residence

The best gasoline trimmers for herbal grass are equipped with two.stroke engines and have certain technical parameters:

  • The power of the unit does not exceed 2 horsepower. This is enough to process a plot of 5-10 acres.
  • The total weight of the structure is in the range of 2-3 kg. To this indicator, you still need to add the weight of gasoline with a volume of 0.5-1.5 l (depending on the size of the fuel tank).
  • The tool is able to work continuously for 20-40 minutes. Cooling period is 10-15 minutes.
  • The control system is located on the bar, which creates inconvenience, since access to management is limited.
  • In most cases, the bar with the equipment has a curved design that provides convenient mowing of grass, especially in places. Manufacturers use a folding system that facilitates the transportation process.
  • The equipment includes several varieties of handles, so you can choose the most convenient option for solving certain problems.
  • There are two types of cutting parts in the design. a disk knife made of metal and a fishing line for a trimmer from Kapron.
  • Gasoline used as fuel is mixed with engine oil before refueling. Standard proportions of the recipe for the preparation of a gas station. 1:50. However, you should be guided by the instructions from the manufacturer.

Useful advice! When choosing the unit, pay attention to the location of the control buttons. They must be completely affordable.

The price of gasoline trimmers for mowing house of domestic purpose is almost half the cost of professional structures. This equipment is also suitable for weak operators: pensioners, women, people with weakened health.

Professional gasoline trimmers for grass: which is better to select the unit and how to use it

If you decide to buy a 4-stroke trimmer for grass, a gasoline braid for this type of grass will weigh about 5-7 kg. The capacity of the fuel tank is usually 0.5-1.5 liters. The design provides for special containers located separately from the tank with gasoline. They are designed to mix fuel and oil. In professional models, this process is carried out automatically, in contrast to household braids.

A person with an average package who does not have the experience of handling a gasoline scythe, with the help of a professional tool, is able to cope with the processing of a territory with an area of ​​10 acres in about 5-6 hours.

The use of professional equipment applies to the processing of extensive areas for:

  • refinement of territories assigned to large enterprises;
  • hay blanks in agricultures;
  • Solving problems to provide greenhouse pets with herbal feeds for the winter period.

The headset of the cutting elements is significantly expanded and includes:

  • Plastic knives.
  • a fishing line for a trimmer from a nylon with a different type of cross.section and thickness. The more horsepower is contained in the engine, the thicker and stronger there should be a fishing line for a trimmer.
  • Plastic knives and discs that can be equipped with a different number of blades or teeth.

note! It is recommended to buy professional equipment only to physically strong and hardy people with a strong physique, for the reason that not everyone is able to maintain a structure of 6-10 kg for many hours in a row for many hours in a row.

To facilitate the operation of the operator, special belts are provided for the redistribution of loads in the configuration. Thanks to them, the design is conveniently fixed on the back.

Possibilities of gasoline trimmers: which option to solve different problems

With regard to cutting, household and professional units differ from each other in the thickness of these elements, diameter, their structure, as well as the type of material used for their manufacture.

To solve certain problems, various cutting elements are used on the site:

  • A pair of blades is designed to mow juicy grass with young and thin stems.
  • To combat high thickets, you need a knife with 4 teeth.
  • To fight the grass mixed with perennials will help the design equipped with a knife with 3 teeth.
  • 8 teeth on a knife will come in handy for hay harvesting, when long.term work is required without overload and overheating.
  • To solve problems such as mowing grassy vegetation and small trees (trunk thickness of not more than 30 mm), wheels with 40 teeth are used.
  • The largest strength is possessed by discs with 80 teeth. They are designed to remove shrubs and branches, the diameter of which reaches 40 mm.

Amenities in the process of working with a trimmer are provided by the use of handles of a suitable form. Such elements include D-shaped (for hard-to-reach zones) and U-shaped (for open spaces) handle.

The most powerful benzotrimers

In this section, we will talk about the most powerful devices, trying to give the most detailed review of each model, taking into account:

Procraft T4350

This model ranks first due to the highest declared capacity (5.9 liters. With.) with the volume of a two.stroke motor 58 cm 3.

To doubt the indicated power force 3 facts:

  • It is not known who and where this trimmer produces for grass;
  • There is no manufacturer’s site, there is only a slurred page in one of the online stores;
  • Small engine volume.

Some owners in their reviews note the low quality of the manufacture of a benzotrimer, which is why it has to be finished independently, for example, to more firmly fix the handle.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of owners of the apparatus positively speak about its high power, because according to them there are enough of it to perform any work.

The description on the model page indicates that “the number of revolutions is 9000 rpm, but it is not clear what is about, about the speed of rotation of the motor shaft or shaft of the gearbox, which increases the torque at the cost of reducing the number of revolutions per minute.

Motokosovs includes a semi.automatic coil for fishing line and 3 types of knives, that is:

Such a complete set is called universal, because it is suitable for performing any tasks. In addition, together with a benzocosa, a regular, that is, a very inconvenient, shoulder belt, which is desirable to immediately change to the suspension system. The mass of the apparatus is 6 kg, and the average

Union BTS-9256

Another Chinese benzotrimmer from an unknown manufacturer, however, at least the supplier is known. the company “Sturm”, which is a packager, that is, under its brands sells products of factories.

best, choose, gasoline, trimmer, grass

The model page is more informative, and there are almost no negative reviews about the quality of manufacture, but all the owners note that the motor motorcycles can easily cope with any tasks.

The volume of the motor is not too large (56 cm 3), because the manufacturer sacrifices reliability for the sake of a higher torque.

The Packer’s website indicates a power of 5.4 liters. With., Given the reputation of the company as a supplier of Chinese equipment with medium reliability, it can be assumed that these data are close to the real value.

The equipment is noticeably poorer than the previous model, in addition to the semi.automatic trimmer head, there is only a three.lobed knife suitable for cutting thick grass and weeds. Instead of a suspension system, along with a benzocosa, an ordinary shoulder belt is going on. The device weighs 8.5 kg, and it

Energomash BT-56

This is another Chinese benzotrimer of increased power from the STURM supplier.

The engine in technical characteristics is completely similar to the installed on the previous model (power 5.4 liters. With., volume 56 cm 3).

Slightly smaller) and expanded equipment (a saw disk and a comfortable shoulder unloading) suggest that the quality of manufacture and survivability of motorcycles will also be below.

Nevertheless, most reviews about the device are positive, users note the power and effectiveness of the trimmer for the grass, but not everyone is happy with its reliability. Such a trimmer weighs for grass-carboresis of 7.5 kg.

Sturm BT8972D

This is another benzotrimmer from an unknown manufacturer, which is supplied to the market by Sturm. A distinctive feature of the device is a higher quality manufacturing, and the power ratio (4.8 liters. With.) and volume (56 cm 3) speaks of a large resource of the power unit.

In addition to the semi.automatic trimmer head, together with the device, you will receive:

best, choose, gasoline, trimmer, grass

Most of the reviews are positive, users note that the lawn mower easily copes with any work, up to drilling trees, and the engine works without overload, that is, there is still a power supply.

best, choose, gasoline, trimmer, grass

Convenient shoulder unloading slows down the accumulation of fatigue, because evenly distributes the load on both shoulders of the operator. This apparatus weighs 8.7 kg, and it

Edon GT-520/3000

This motorcycle is supplied to the wages and manufacturer of electrical engineering, the company “EDON”, and the apparatus is manufactured in Chinese factories. The model page is quite informative, and the power ratio (4.1 liters. With.) and volume (52 cm 3) speaks of a large motor resource.

The device is delivered in a minimum configuration, that is, in addition to the cheap semi-automatic trimmer head, you will receive a three-blade knife, which is why the device is suitable only for mowing grass and weeds.

To carry out other work, buy the necessary cutting tool, we also recommend immediately changing the standard shoulder belt for unloading or suspension system.

Most reviews about this device are positive, but users note many small defects, such as:

It is easy to eliminate all these defects on their own. But there are no complaints about power and ability to perform any work, all owners note high efficiency of motorcycles, as well as the reliability of its motor. Such an apparatus weighs 6.5 kg, and it

Huter GGT-2900T

It is not known who is the owner of the brand and supplies products under it to the market, so this lawn mower is completely Chinese, because it is made at the PRC factories. Not too high power (3.9 liters. With.) combines with an impressive volume (52 cm 3), which indicates a high resource of power unit.

Together with the trimmer you will receive:

  • an automatic coil that can be tucked by fishing line without removing the upper cover;
  • a saw disk with carbide attacks (40 teeth);
  • Convenient shoulder unloading.

Choosing a motorcycle to perform heavy, energy.intensive work, it is necessary to focus first on the power of the motor, because the higher this parameter, the better the device will cope with its work.

In addition, the power of the motor, coupled with the volume of the power unit, determines the engine resource, and therefore its service life.

Therefore, when working under a serious load, a powerful but inexpensive Chinese apparatus can be more tenacious than 10 times more expensive, but noticeably less powerful lawn mower from the USA or Europe.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Hello, Pavel. On the one hand, you are right, the volume of the combustion chamber and the working volume are not the same. When the piston reaches the upper dead point, there is still a free space over it, formed by the cavity in the head of the cylinder block, which is included in the volume of the combustion chamber and recesses in the piston. And usually the ratio of volumes is called the degree of compression. But! In two.stroke engines, the degree of compression is about 10, in theory it should mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder block is 10 times smaller than the volume of the cylinder, however, in fact, this is not so. And the ratio is much less. For example, the still popular VAZ 21083 automobile engine, the declared volume of which is 1499 cm3, the degree of compression of 9.8, but the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head, including the space under the laying and distance from the upper dead point of the piston for the edges of the cylinder block. as well as excavations in the pistons under the valves is 164 cm3, that is, the total volume of 1663 cm3, but in any instruction or in any description of this figure it is not indicated, because it does not reflect the real capabilities of the engine.

As use to two.stroke engines that are equipped with powerful trimmers for the grass, the situation is the same, because their compression degree of 9–11, depending on who makes and how. However, the main problem is that an ordinary buyer does not understand the difference between a common and working volume, but he knows how to compare the numbers of different models among themselves. For example, one trimmer for grass has an engine of 30 cubes, the other has 50, so the second is more powerful. And the worker is a volume or a complete buyer, no difference, moreover, 27 and 33 cm3 are still very different from 45 and 55 cm3, so no matter how indicate the volume, and the total information will not change from this.

Therefore, on the one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, it has historically so happened that only the working volume indicates with regard to internal combustion engines and, if important, the degree of compression. This is applicable to any motorized technique, from trimmers to ocean ships, which is why we did not confuse readers with information that would not help them in assessing the capabilities of a particular trimmer for grass. But, since you paid attention to this, we decided to clarify the situation, suddenly, for someone, the size of not working volume, but a combustion chamber, will really turn out to be important?

Before learning others, deal with the concepts of a combustion chamber and working volume. You have these concepts confused.

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