How can aerated concrete blocks be sawed. How to saw with a hacksaw

Features of machines for cutting gas block

Aerated concrete, being modern and technological material with its own set of physicochemical properties, requires high accuracy in laying and cutting. For this, a whole class of tools has been developed, which will be discussed in this publication. It will be told about what to saw aerated concrete blocks, and how to do it correctly.

You can saw aerated concrete blocks with both manual and mechanized tools, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hand saw

The small density of the material allows you to cut aerated concrete blocks with hand saws with a special shape of the cutting edge. It makes sense to apply such a tool if the volume of work performed and the form of the constructed design is simple, without intricate geometric transitions.

  • The advantage of a hand saw in its low cost. The cut can be performed, even while on the goats, at a height, where other equipment will not work. That is, we are talking about mobility, thanks to which a hacksaw on aerated concrete always has a reserve for masters, and is used as an additional tool.
  • Of the shortcomings, the low accuracy of the cut is noted. It is corrected when cutting along the guide frame setting straight to the block.
  • Manual cut requires the master a lot of effort and time. A separate person is always engaged in this work in brigades. This indicates the impossibility of using such a tool as the main thing in the construction of large.Scale objects.

The correct selection of a hand saw requires the accounting of such factors as:

Despite the apparent softness, aerated concrete blocks quickly dull saws. To make the tool last longer, tools with a winning attack on the tooth are taken. This will not increase the speed of the cut of the material at first, but it will save the saw for a long time.

Saber saw

The electric tool for cutting a gas block repeatedly accelerates the workflow, increasing labor productivity.

If there is a large amount of work, it is worth acquiring a professional tool. It distinguishes it from inexpensive home inventory maximum working resource and the possibility of uninterrupted use during the shift. It is also important to use high.Quality files that tolerate overheating better, preserving the properties of the cutting edge at the right level. Sable saw externally and on the principle of action resembles an electric jigsaw. Only thanks to the configuration of the case is it a more convenient and universal tool for sawing aerated concrete blocks.

  • This tool is made by direct and curly cutting of aerated concrete. The performance of complex turns requires the operator of experience and skill.
  • The cutting of aerated concrete blocks is carried out by flat metal canvases, which, due to the pendulum course of the internal parts, are given progressive movements.
  • Like any other tool of a similar type, the saber saw has an electronic control unit. It allows you to control the speed of rotation of the electric motor, by changing the resistance to the electric current.
  • It is also possible to adjust the depth of the pendulum passage, which varies from 2 to 5 cm. This parameter should be checked when buying a tool, as it may differ from the model to the model.
  • The frequency of every minute movements can reach up to 3,000 cycles, due to which aerated concrete blocks are cut very quickly, without a large cost of physical strength.
  • Inside the tool is installed on the shaft of the impeller, creating a directed air movement, which effectively removes heat from the motor and cutting edge. Recommended operating modes and permissible heating should be sought in the instructions from the manufacturer. Measures to prevent overheating will also be found there.

When selecting a saw, you should pay special attention to the power of an electric motor. It will be approximately 1000 watts for a good tool. The maximum supported length of the canvas is also important. The larger it is, the larger blocks can be sawed by aerated concrete blocks without loss of cut quality.

If you combine all the important advantages of this tool on one list, then it will appear in the following form:

  • High accuracy of the saw.
  • High performance and efficiency.
  • The possibility of applying a certain depth for a closed cut.
  • Cutting grooves for wires and reinforcement.
  • For inexpensive Chinese equipment and 10,000-15000 for reliable models from Japanese and German manufacturers. Professional saws from masters such as British Hilti will cost 25,000 or higher.
  • High.Quality cutting canvases when buying will cost about 1,500, and they will have to be bought separately, since they are not provided for in the kit. Finding them is difficult in view of non.Proliferation, so it is better not to go to the store, but to look immediately on sites.

Attention! On the forums on the Internet, they often write about how saber canvases cannot effectively remove cut products, from which work slows down and jamming may occur. So that this does not happen, the master should additionally make pendulum movements with his hands, as when working with a hand saw. This will give sawdust a way out. Increasing capabilities and mobility allows the use of a battery tool. It is very convenient when working at heights, in hard.To.Reach places and when cutting a stroke in the walls.

Saw “Alligator”

Previously, a saber.Type saw was considered, a variety of which many consider the saw “Alligator”. However, in fact, this is only partly like this, and this tool has its own characteristics, which the masters should know about.

The chain saw is electric

Chain electric saw is universality, so it can be found in the home workshop of every man. The device consists of such elements as:

The inner part is arranged as follows: the closed circuit moves along the guide passing through two stars. The front star is recorded at the end of the guide and is a driven. The back is another element fixed on the leading shaft. It is connected to an electric motor and launches the process of circuit movement. There is a protrusion near the rear star on the case.

For uninterrupted operation of the saw, it is necessary to correctly adjust the tension by pulling up a special screw on the case. The cutting process is provided by a circular motion of blades fixed on the circuit.


Experts believe that chain saws are the most optimal solution for arranging U-configuration blocks. This is explained by the end cut. Other advantages include:

  • Increased material processing speed. This is due to the increased performance of engines.
  • Comfortable weight balancing: using such a saw, you can make a high.Quality cut at an angle and above your head.
  • The presence of guide tires in the set of the length of which varies from 30-40 cm.

The plus of chain models is a relatively low cost.


The key minus of the chain saw is the rapid wear of the cutting canvas, since it is designed to process wood, but is used for other purposes. To prevent such a problem, it is better to buy a special chain with winning attacks.

It costs more than a simple chain, but lasts longer. You can find different models of such devices with different characteristics and properties.

If you have to perform large volumes of work in difficult conditions, the teeth of the stars begin to grind, which makes them unsuitable for operation. The process of replacing stars does not require big investments, but this is a loss of valuable time, since it becomes necessary to contact the service center in search of an optimal part.

The electric engine is afraid of dust exposure, which accumulates as intensive use of gas silicate blocks. As a result, the saw is unusable and cannot be repaired.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Block Installation. Part 1


Understanding how to cut aerated concrete, it is necessary to consider the features of the following hand tools:

  • Hacksaw. It has a short blade and can be used for work with gas blocks, no more than 20 cm thick. Cutting aerated concrete blocks with such a saw is convenient and fast.
  • Hacksaw with an enlarged and flexible cutting element. So that the cut is even and accurate, you should adhere to the technology of cutting.


The pluses of the listed types of manual saws should be attributed:


But besides advantages, a manual tool has a number of disadvantages. First of all, this is the need to acquire a metal square, which will prevent the appearance of distortions with improper cutting. Up.Time work takes a lot of time and require some skills.

To obtain high quality, the sawing should be correctly approached by the choice of a saw on aerated concrete. On sale there are ready.Made sets that are designed specifically for this type of building materials.

Tools for cutting aerated concrete in length and width

It is easy to work with aerated concrete. You can cut a gas block with manual or electric saws, which allows them to make various structural elements of buildings and buildings of any geometry.


A ribbon type for cutting gas blocks. Professional high.Performance equipment. Allows you to saw aerated concrete blocks to narrow parts. They are not used for the construction of individual houses, and in the construction of large retail or industrial facilities they are often used.

The machine is divided into the upper and lower part, between which the working area is located, where the blocks are sawn.

The working blocks provide wheels on the shafts, driven by the electric motor. Between them, the working sheet is pulled almost in the same way as a chain.

One part of the canvas is placed in the machine, so it is not visible, and the second passes through the working area. An iron plate with markings.

There are two buttons on the machine to turn it on and off.

An effective dust removal system is provided, which allows you to create the necessary conditions for long and continuous operation.

  • It has maximum performance. The material is cut very quickly.
  • Has an extremely simple design, so it can be served by yourself.
  • Allows you to put the electric motors of the desired power.
  • Can easily cut thick blocks.
  • The movement of the working unit allows you to make even round cutouts.
  • Thanks to the guide system, the exact cuts of the cut are obtained.
  • Does not allow you to cut holes.
  • For work, you need a professional who knows safety precautions, as the cutting tape can cause fatal injury.

Due to large dimensions, a capacious truck is needed to transport the strip machine.

How to saw with a hacksaw

Due to the low density, you can cut an aerated concrete block with hand saws with a special cutting edge. It is advisable to use this tool if the volume of work is small and the configuration of the elements of the elements is simple.

It is profitable to use this saw because of its low price. You can work at a height, where it is extremely difficult and often impossible to rise with other equipment. This allows the master to quickly perform the necessary operations, since the hacksaw is light and always at hand.

Of the disadvantages, it is worth highlighting the low accuracy of the cut. This problem is solved with a cut on the guide frame, which is installed on the block. With its help, the cut will be more even.

Mostly a hand hacksaw is sawn aerated concrete at home.

When choosing it, the following aspects must be taken into account:

Saber saw

Effective for cutting a gas block, so it can significantly save time and time. The tool is inexpensive, so even for the construction of your own home, the purchase will be justified.

Sabel saw cuts the material due to the quick rotational-settings of the shift blade. The length of the cutting blade can be different, but for comfortable work, experts recommend using canvases longer than the thickness of the block.

  • Accurate cut.
  • Great performance.
  • Allows you to make closed cuts.
  • You can make grooves for electric wiring and reinforcement.

The chain saw is electric

This tool allows you to saw a gas.Sulcate block and cut into it deaf holes or slots of different shapes. It is considered universal because it is able to cut various building materials.

The advantage of the saw is that it saws the material due to the rotation of the cutting edge in one direction. This allows you to effectively remove sawdust from the working area, while the rod does not hit the material in the process of deaf cut, which reduces the risk of jamming of the saw.

Using a power tool, you can cut U-shaped grooves.

  • Blocks can be cut directly in the masonry.
  • You can work in many positions (saw at an angle, at a height, etc.D.).
  • For an even saw, it is equipped with guide tires.
  • Aerated concrete circuit going on wood, but is quickly stupid, so you have to buy a chain with a winning spraying at a price of about 2,000
  • The saw itself costs from 10,000
  • As a result of prolonged work, it heats up greatly, which leads to stretching the circuit. If you do not remove one link from the chain in a timely manner, it may jump off. Because of this, you need to periodically give it to cool.
  • Pilage stars quickly wear out. They are not expensive, but a lot of time is spent on replacing them.
  • It turns out a very thick cut, so it is required to lay more the solution between the blocks.

Electric chain saw. A traumatic tool, since the cutting mechanism is open. Many workers are injured annually as a result of working with him.

How to cut aerated concrete: secrets and nuances. Part two

Recall our readers that in the first part of the material we told how to cut aerated concrete with a hand saw.

In addition to this method, FORUMHOUSE users have accumulated extensive experience in processing aerated concrete with an electric tool. As practice shows, this is the choice of those who need speed, the ability to quickly saw large volumes of aerated concrete or make complex elements.

What electric tool is best cutting aerated concrete

To answer this question, we turn to the table already known to us, where the results of the survey of our users are given.

As you can see, in second place after a manual saw is a saber saw equipped with a special peel on aerated concrete. Consider the nuances of working with this tool in more detail.

I am building a house made of aerated concrete in a seismic hazardous area. In the walls I make grooves for filling concrete columns, respectively, I have to saw a lot. I tried to cut aerated concrete D400 B2.5 hand.Saw with carbide attacks. It saws, of course, good, but still takes the strength and time. Planned to mechanize this process. Buy an ALGARA saw is expensive and irrational. I believe that a saber’s pilapinel for aerated concrete will fix the situation. It remains only to choose the right tool.

After studying the issue, PGorlov acquired a seable saw with a capacity of 1010 watts, which did not ruin the family budget, and a special canvas for a gas concrete 36.5 cm.

One day, tests of the tool began. Taking a gas concrete block, PGORLOV tried to cut it and was unpleasantly surprised by the negative result of the work. The saw was all the time, instead of sawing, the tool was beating with emphasis on the block, as a result. The saw almost torn from the hands.

After thinking, because of what this could happen, the father-in-law of our user suggested that the block was raw, and we must try to cut dry. It went. Let it not as quickly as we would like, but a certain algorithm has been developed by trial and error, which allowed aerated concrete with success.

The saw does not need to be hard to put on the surface of the block. Keep the saw at a sufficient distance from the block, slightly shaking it according to the “Up-down” scheme, as if we sawed the block with a hand saw. We saw not the entire surface of the file, but about 25 cm. The block should be dry, then the saw does not pull the saw, and it does not vibrate.

If you saw with a saber’s saw, like a jigsaw, resting it with an emphasis on the end of the block, then dust, especially if the block is raw, sticks on the canvas and is bite. Using this option, Pgorlov sawed dozens of cubic meters of blocks, sawing aerated concrete along, across, throwing it on thin plates. It was possible to cut even blocks with a width of 50 cm, making cuts first from one, and then from the other side.

The result of the work: this set is not very dusty, it can not even be compared with the circular saw. Over, I drank mobile, it is convenient to work in constrained conditions. For example, when working in the attic, when clipping “sleeves” under a chimney made of aerated concrete or curly elements for filling columns.

The next most popular. Saw Alligator. The first part of the article describes the principle of its work. Based on the experience of our users, it was concluded that its purchase was justified in case of cutting large volumes, with a clear awareness. Why is this professional tool buy.

I had the next way to the “Alligator”. At first I sawed aerated concrete on a home.Made tape machine and, as a result, refused this method. It is inconvenient to use. Machine in one place, aerated concrete. In another, it must be dragged, put on the table, etc.D. Began to saw with a manual saw, not bad, but slowly. As a result, I bought an alligator saw, I think it will be as convenient to saw it as a simple saw, but an order of magnitude faster.

User with the nickname Vic_v also saws aerated concrete “Alligator”. He advises not to lubricate the sawing parts of the saw, as the instruction prescribes. Dust sticks on grease (through specific holes), the lubricant disappears, the saw begins to saw the dry, and the tool jams. As a result, Vic_v dismantled the saw, wiped his lubricant, cleaned all the dust, collected the “alligator” again, and the saw earned it.

For 2 hours I drank 70 blocks (the length of the sawing 60 cm), dissolved them for formwork and shaped gutters above the windows. Saws the saw perfectly, quickly, evenly, you can dissolve the blocks “hundred” vertically and along.

aerated, concrete, blocks, sawed, hacksaw

And I made a special device for “alligator”. A guide, which I fasten to the block with self.Tapping screws. The cut is very flat.

So, the Alligator saw saws smoothly and quickly, but it is expensive. Therefore, among the developers there are many who think. And what if you saw blocks of a circular or chain saw? Both the one and the other method have the right to life, but before you choose one of them, you need to find out a couple of nuances.

We saw aerated concrete with an ordinary endings on both sides and then finish it with a hand saw, so we have to turn the block.

I first drink a block from 4 sides with a circular with a backwood disk, and then I finish it manually. Contrary to expectations, the circular is still alive and works well, although I sawed it with blocks for a barn and a two.Story house.

Types of scrapers

Like most modern devices, scrapers are, depending on the type of drive, electrical and mechanical.

Electric rubbish

High.Performance tool. However, at local construction sites. Such as when erecting an individual house, rubbings with high power are not needed: the mason will have to spend most of the time on the maintenance of the tool, and not on the implementation of the main operations.

Rubbans with an electric motor are required at large objects. Where the length of the aligned planes exceeds tens of meters. Here, at one appointment, 5-10 m of the wall is laid out. To polish the upper edge of the newly laid row, more simple and less expensive devices are needed. The best choice, according to professionals, is manual scrapers.

Manual or mechanical

Depending on the type of working surface, there are two varieties of shirts:

  • Stabs. With cutting elements of several knives fixed obliquely;
  • Scraper. With a fine work surface, similar to a kitchen grater.

How To Build Cinder Block Steps

Knife shirts in their purpose resemble carpentry ground. These tools use rough stones: with their help, thick layers of aerated concrete are removed-more than 2 mm per passage.

Scraper devices or graters. Tools for thin grinding. They are especially convenient when you need to remove small irregularities, roughness. Their productivity is 1-2 mm of aerated concrete for one working movement.


It is recommended to purchase two types of hand.To.The.Concrete handwriter:

  • Hacksaw, which will be well sawed should have a rigid structure of the canvas. The only nuance of such a tool is a small and short blade suitable only for interior panels with a thickness of not more than 20 centimeters.
  • Standard hacksaws with a long canvas. According to consumers, all tools of this type have flexible canvases. As a result of this feature, an uneven cut is obtained. But subject to special technology, you can adopt to perform work.


  • There are no difficulties in use;
  • If the thickness of the canvas is sufficient, its deformation will not occur during operation;
  • It turns out a flat surface of the saw, without the formation of chips;
  • When the length is sufficient this is suitable for both longitudinal and transverse cuts;
  • The tool required during the fitting of window and door boxes;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Before starting work, you should purchase a special metal square for cutting a gas block, this will eliminate distortions;
  • Work, which is carried out by manual tools, require a lot of time spent and certain skills.

To make high.Quality laying of gas blocks, you should choose the right tools. Many manufacturers are produced by equipped sets of hacksaws intended for work with specific material.

When choosing a hacksaw with a hard sheath, you can not take into account the manufacturer’s company. The main thing is to choose a gun on aerated concrete, which has a hard canvas.

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This toothy beast is represented by Dewalt.

The idea is good. A saber saw with two saws moving in opposite directions. In theory, this should not lead to the movements of the sawed gas block. The assortment of these saws is quite wide. Up to saw for porous ceramics. It would seem. If the porous ceramics saws, then aerated concrete should drink, as in clockwork. But this is in theory.

I purchased such a saw in 2012. The outgoing model range. At first it really sawed easily. But only thin blocks. There was not enough for the small stroke of the saws to throw off dust from the seam, the saw with the block began to “sausage”. And then the moment of truth came. The saw was given to the use of gastrointers from Latvia. After 10 days, they brought her with the words. Your saw does not saw. And the saw really did not drink. Although it was cleansed every day, but the dust in the gap in the tire between the files and the guides gradually bent the guide tires. And the tire width became larger than the width of the cut. The reason. They sawed wet blocks. Probably if they cleaned it more often (for example, every 15 minutes), the saw would have worked longer.

In fairness, it should be noted that the acquaintance of the mason, who also acquired such a saw on the wave of his first euphoria after our purchase, has been served so far. But he saws her little, regularly cleanses her, lubricates. And this saw also has a serious constructive drawback. It can only be sawed from above. At the end of the tire there is a fastening of files, which, in principle, does not allow you to wash out this saw into the wall. Its other drawback is inhuman, and batteries I sold my saw to that mason at the price of saws, the price of which also seems inadequate, which was terribly glad. As if I got rid of a suitcase without a handle.


The devices are designed to cut different materials through a closed tape made of metals using high.Frequency alloys. A ribbon saw for aerated concrete has a advantage as the ability to adjust the height and good performance. The cutting of aerated concrete blocks is carried out by a tape canvas, such a technique allows you to do longitudinal and curly sections.

Chain saws are used to create U-blocks, from standard products. According to builders, it is recommended to clean chain saws from oils and lubricants. Since because of them, dust from aerated concrete sticks to the mechanism, which provokes accelerated wear of mobile elements.

The often encountered question is whether it is possible to cut a gas concrete with a chainsaw? According to masters, a strong abrasive arises during work, and the tool is quickly polluted and fails. Therefore, it is better to use a saw for a gas concrete electric, where a filter is put on the side of the brushes.

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