How high is the grass that can be mowed with a lawnmower?

What is better to mow grass in the country: trimmer or lawn mower

What is the best trimmer for the grass?

  • for mowing overgrown or hard grass;
  • for areas with uneven terrain;
  • to mow fences, trees, bushes, curbs, etc.п.;
  • for creating original patterns in the grass.
  • low grass;
  • the perfect lawn, and you want all the grass to be the same length;
  • flat area;
  • large area;
  • your health does not allow you to use a trimmer, t.к. it puts a lot of strain on your arms, back, and legs, but a lawn trimmer is easier to mow.

To decide what to choose. a lawnmower or grass trimmer for grass, you need to determine for what purposes you need this device.

high, grass, mowed, lawnmower
  • If you have a relief area and you do not need to mow lawn grass, but a lot of tough vegetation, we advise you to choose a trimmer.
  • But if you’ve got a large, flat lawn and you’re dreaming of the lawn pictured above. a lawn mower might be the way to go.

How to choose a lawn mower for tall grass and uneven areas?

Lawn care does not always begin with mowing the lawn. Much more often the cottagers or owners of a country house after a long absence at the site are waiting for the jungle in miniature, which have to overcome with the help of mechanized equipment. trimmers for grass will not help much, especially if you want to not just mow the vegetation by the root, and give the territory a well-groomed look. Here you need a more reliable, easy-to-use equipment.

Are there lawn mowers for uneven terrain and tall grass?? Such options can be found among the offerings of various brands. from top companies to inexpensive brands. How to know if you can mow grass on uneven ground with an electric lawn mower? Find the best option and understand the device techniques will help rating the best models and useful recommendations.

There’s grass in the yard: how to choose a lawn mower?

Wheel mower or grass trimmer for grass. the choice depends primarily on who and what will mow. Let’s say right away that in order to maintain a tennis court, soccer field or golf lawn requires a professional or at least semi-professional mower, and we will talk about domestic. And one more thing: you want smooth “English” lawns. choose a wheel mower, as grass trimmer for grass does not allow you to adjust the height of cutting the grass and does not give you a perfectly flat surface.

The grass trimmer for the grass

grass trimmers for grass. not for wimps. After all, the user will have to carry a 5-7-kilogram device mounted on the straps, or hold (and actively wield) a 3-kilogram device.

Trimmers have an obvious advantage over wheeled lawnmowers: they can mow grass of any height. even up to the waist, while wheeled lawnmowers are more suitable for regular maintenance of the site: if the grass has overgrown a certain height, the “cart” can not fail. In addition, the grass trimmer for the grass is always maneuverability and the ability to accurately bypass obstacles: bushes, trees, flowers, garden décor. Grass trimmer for grass. if the power allows. cuts young growth of bushes and weeds, and in addition, it does not need to adapt to the difficult terrain.

Cons of portable trimmers

The main disadvantages are weight and vibration that is not fully damped even with anti-vibration systems. Hence the strain on your back and arms.

In addition, the mowed grass remains in place, and after “cutting” it must be removed with a rake or other garden tools.

Finally, with a trimmer you can not adjust the height of the mowing.

high, grass, mowed, lawnmower

What to look at when choosing a portable grass trimmer?

The most important characteristic is power. The higher it is, the better and faster the grass trimmer mows, but at the same time the noise and vibration will also be more. The power of electric trimmers varies from 250 watts to 1700 watts.

Power up to 600-700 watts is good for taking care of small, untrammeled areas, trimming edges. Such units are often used in addition to a more powerful trimmer or wheeled lawnmower. 1000-1200 watts is serious power for an electric grass trimmer. Well, and 1500-1700 W is already so uneconomical that it is more profitable and reliable to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. Power models that run on gasoline (from 1 to 7 liters.с.), usually enough for the care of complex and neglected areas, and here the increased power of four-stroke engines are needed not only for directly mowing, but also for the movement of the unit.

Another important parameter is what the cutting unit consists of. It can be only a line or a line and a knife (disk), and rarely. only a knife. A line is a consumable item, it can suddenly run out, and then a blade would be a great help. A knife can get blunt or chipped, in which case a fishing line. Though each user understands with experience what is good for what: some people use a knife to cut bushes, some people prefer thick fishing line, and the knife is used for trimming. In most cases (especially in inexpensive trimmers) a thin line of unimportant quality is included. even in trimmers of big brands. Experienced users immediately change the line to a thicker one. 1.6-2 mm in diameter.

Features of a cordless lawnmower

This type of mowing tool is fairly new compared to the previous two. The working principle is to be powered by 40-56 volt lithium ion batteries. Battery charge lasts 40 to 45 minutes. expensive models can work for 2-3 hours, and the best copies of this category mowers, mow for 10 hours without interruption of recharging. The set usually includes 2 changeable batteries.

It is lightweight and easy to operate, low-noise and highly maneuverable.

The knives are somewhat thinner than their gasoline counterparts, so they are more sensitive to stones and other debris that can be found on the site. The power of a battery lawnmower is 250-600 watts, which is lower than that of an electric lawnmower. But the manufacturers are actively working on solving this problem and already produce models that reach as much power as a lawnmower that runs on the mains.

Such mower can cope with any kind of lawn, working width 39-50 cm. It is suitable for not more than 10 hectares of land. Full battery autonomy allows you to mow the lawn away from the power grid and without the need for refueling. A good option for those who do not want to bother with fuel and wires. It is necessary to check regularly the integrity of all parts and sharpness of blades, and after work to wipe the unit completely with a dry rag.

Pay attention to lawn mowers, which can operate both on electricity and battery power. These units will be much more functional, but they cost a bit more.

Useful stuff that’s interesting and you need to know

I came after a two-week absence in the village, and saw thickets of grass and dandelions. In May, after rains and sunny days, the grass grows very quickly. And it takes a lot of effort to mow the grass, as well as to clean it. Usually in summer I try not to bring the grass to this condition, but in May it often happens: holidays, planting potatoes and vegetables, and it seems that the grass is still small. Only after the absence do you realize that it’s too late and the grass has grown out.

Well, there’s nothing to do. Get your lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 for mowing grass on rough terrain, fill up with fresh fuel mixture, put on old overalls, protective gear and forward to the fight with tall grass.

Mowed, tired, but it still needs to be collected. It’s good if you have helpers, but if you don’t. then back to the battle!

If the area is flat

The situation is different on more or less flat areas. I use a self-propelled lawn mower Alpina with Honda GCV190 engine. A good machine with a good 5 horsepower engine.

To save myself from having to collect the grass, I use the grass catcher box. But when you mow tall grass, it gets clogged after about ten meters and sometimes grass even blocks the blade rotation and the engine closes down. And even if you empty the grass catcher box after passing every ten meters, it will be spent a lot of effort and time, ‘plus’ the engine will need to start each time, as when you release the lever of the blade rotation, it is automatically muted. this is for the safety of the operator and others in the vicinity.

I did the following. remove the grass catcher box, rev up the engine, and quickly mow your entire area in mowing mode with rear discharge; you can also use side discharge (if available), but in my experience, it is also often clogged and makes it difficult to dispose of the grass. Then I put the grass catcher box back in place and started mowing all over again, in the grass catcher box.

With this mowing method the grass catcher box fills up after about 100 meters of mowing, so you don’t have to empty it more often, ‘plus’ you get to mow grass that wasn’t cut or missed repeatedly. For a 3-acre area, I only emptied the 60 liter bag three times, saving time and effort and getting a smoother cut.

My rough patch of 15 acres ‘minus’ the buildings I mow all day, using a lawnmower and lawn mower, but gradually level the site and sown with turf grass, so you can mow with a self-propelled gasoline mower, saving yourself from collecting grass rake.

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Recommendations for choosing a lawn mower

What criteria define this division? First of all it is quality of materials. Professional tools have higher requirements for reliability, power and convenience. In this article, we will look at the main parts of mowing equipment and characteristics. On the basis of this information you can decide what you really need.

Terrain This factor determines the design of the mower. For flat or slightly uneven surfaces, wheeled lawnmowers or raiders are suitable. Wheeled lawnmowers have limited working angles (the permissible angle of inclination of the mower is 11 degrees) and it is impossible to mow steep slopes with them. In addition, it is not recommended to use a lawnmower on sites with high (more than 10-15 cm) and dense grass For uneven surfaces with steep slopes more suitable lawnmower (grass trimmer for grass), which you can carry. So you can easily mow any surface at any angle. The weight of these mowers is usually in the range of 5-7 kg. Please note that to work with such mowers you need a good amount of physical training, because the process of mowing is somewhat tedious. To facilitate the process of working with such tools, they are usually equipped with belts (backpack or shoulder).

The area to be mowed and availability of power supply This factor also determines the design. Everything is clear on the power source. If you have a small area, and there is a power source nearby, it is worth buying an electric mower. If the area to be mowed is large, or it is problematic to find a power source, you will have to take a gasoline mower. For small lawns, 1-3 acres, fit a lawn mower or a small trimmer for grass of low power. A very important issue is the mowing width of the lawnmower. The wider the mowing width, the fewer passes you have to make to cut the grass on an area. Typically, the width of mowing household mowers from 33 to 43 cm, and for the professional, this figure ranges from 43 to 55 cm. For larger areas, it is better to use a raider. This will speed up the mowing process considerably. The regular lawnmowers can also overheat during operation.

Lawn mower blade 3.1 Wide blade with large blades. This blade creates more force in the air flow. By the way, the blade should be sharp, then the grass will be cut, not torn off. So the grass loses its appearance and grows back unevenly. It is desirable to sharpen the blade on a special machine or in a service center, as self-sharpening can upset the balance of the mower, and at high speed will appear vibration, which will destroy the wheel bearings and crankshaft bearings. Some manufacturers use a special shape of the blade and the deck is molded under it in such a way that the vacuum created by it lifts and cuts even the overgrown and crumpled wet grass. Blades with flaps form a strong airstream in the aerodynamically shaped housing, which flattens the grass and blows it into the grass catcher box. The blowing air also cools the engine. This results in high engine power and a long service life. 3.2 Mulching blade. The grass is chopped, reducing the volume and increasing the density of the lawn in the grass catcher box. Also, the shredded grass can be evenly distributed on the surface of the lawn. As it decomposes, it becomes a natural fertiliser. Mulching is carried out on park lawns, drought-tolerant lawns, etc.д. This type of mulching is not recommended on parterre, parade lawns because they lose their decorative appearance.

The bigger the wheels, the easier the mower will move on the lawn. This is especially important with tall grass and if the lawn is uneven. Wide wheels do not damage the lawn. Bearings on wheels provide high reliability, durability and easier running. Wheels with bearings are more resistant to shocks than wheels with plastic sleeves. For areas with curves or many bushes, it is best to use a lawn mower with swiveling front wheels.

Lawn mower grass catcher box Rigid grass catcher box is more convenient. Firstly, it is easier to empty grass clippings. Second, it is easier to clean. Thirdly, the airflow through the holes in the walls allows the grass to flow freely.

Soft grass catchers are only fitted on very powerful lawnmowers, where the high engine power compensates for the loss of airflow power.

Petrol or electric Petrol mowers are more difficult to care for and operate. they require oil changes, fueling. Makes a very noisy noise when working. Weight of gasoline mowers is higher. on the other hand they have more power and service life. Electric lawnmowers are tied to the power source by a cord. This somewhat limits the area you can mow. The power cord is an inconvenience when mowing, because you have to keep an eye on it all the time. Such mowers have low power, up to 2 kW. There is the danger of electrocution (mowing in damp conditions, damage to the cord, etc.).д.). On the plus side they have low noise level, low weight, low price, easy to use and maintain.

Lawn mower engine power Good mowing results are achieved at high lawn mower engine speeds. Optimal engine speed is set by the manufacturer. However, when mowing dense, high or wet grass, the lawnmower’s engine speed is significantly reduced. The blade tears the grass, and the grass does not fall completely into the grass catcher box. Power reserve lets you mow any kind of lawn in any weather. Extra power is needed if the mower is self-propelled, as the movement of the mower additionally takes power away from the engine.

Adjusting the mowing height of the lawnmower. There are three types of height-of-cut settings. First type. The simplest and cheapest, which has several holes on the deck at different heights. You change the height of your mowing by screwing the wheel axle into the desired hole. The second type. Each wheel has a lever that you use to change the height of mowing on each wheel individually. Type Three. the most comfortable. central height adjustment. You change the height of cut with one lever. For a healthy and beautiful lawn it is recommended to mow not more than 1/3 of the grass height at a time. If you have to frequently change the height of mowing, it makes sense to buy a lawnmower with the second or third way of adjustment.

9.Lawnmower housing Shockproof plastic. Mainly used with electric mowers and inexpensive gasoline lawnmowers. Steel. robust than the first option, but prone to corrosion. Aluminium. Lightweight solid body. Mostly used on professional lawnmowers.

Lawnmower with wheel drive Only mowers with high mowing power and designed for large areas. As it is tiring to push the mower by hand when mowing large areas, if it does not have a motor. Also, the drive on the mower affects the uniformity of the height of cut.

11.Miniature tractors and lawn raiders Raiders or miniature garden tractors are used to mow large areas. This greatly accelerates the mowing process, in addition, they can use a variety of equipment, such as: a brush for sweeping paths, a blade for cleaning snow, a rotary snowplow, a vacuum cleaner, a roller, a fertilizer spreader, etc.

Hand lawn mowers (grass trimmers for grass, brush cutters and brush cutters) This is a separate category for lawn maintenance. Has its disadvantages and advantages. grass trimmers for grass. low-powered hand-held mowers are used for mowing in hard-to-reach places (under fences, around trees) behind wheeled mowers. They can also be used for small areas. They are a good solution if you do not want a perfectly smooth lawn and are willing to put up with chopped grass on the lawn. Lawn trimmers and brush cutters. this is the more serious level. They are mainly used on large uneven areas where a wheeled mower will not pass. Also, the power and special design of the brushcutter blade allows you to mow rooted perennial weeds.

Hand lawn mowers require a certain amount of skill and fitness.

13.Robotic lawnmower Currently the following companies produce robotic mowers: Husqvarna (Automower model), Robots And Relax (Evolution model) and FriendlyRobotics (RoboMower RL500, RL850 models). The main application of this miracle.Both for private use and for commercial use in hotels, business centers, etc.п. It produces no harmful emissions and can be used day and night, rain or shine. This type of lawn mower also improves the quality of the lawn through frequent mowing, ensuring good grass growth. So one of the most famous is Automower (Husqvarna), which is represented in more than 30 countries, is a fully automated and silent lawn mower.

The robotic lawnmower has a built-in control unit that can be programmed in different modes. It runs on battery power and charges itself either from the built-in solar cell, or returns to the base to recharge, after which it automatically continues to work on mowing. Almost invisible on the lawn, the boundary wire prevents the mower from going beyond the boundary of the lawn, so Automower only works in a given area.

Features of the most powerful Automower 230 ACX: recommended mowing area 3000 m² / 20% / 0,75 Acre / 20%; maximum incline of the plot. 35%; mowing system. 3 rotating blades; cutting height, min. 20. 60 mm / 0.8. 2.4″; cutting width. 22 cm / 8.7 in; noise level 64 dB (A); Automower 260 ACX sends an SMS to the owner’s phone in case of an obstacle; the mower is also equipped with a kidnap alarm. The price of the robot is about 5,200.U.S.

Pt 1 How To Cut Tall Grass with Cheap Lawn Mower. Mowing Tall Overgrown Grass

RoboMowers (FriendlyRobotics) feature half the price of Automower (about 2,000), the ability to switch to manual mode, and batteries that let the machine run for a full 2.5 hours.

The Evolution robotic lawnmower from Robots And Relax costs about 2,300, is controlled by a remote control, can overcome a 27-degree lift, and during the rain “hides” at the recharging base. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from the sky or the sprinkler system.

Tips for choosing a lawn mower. Mowing conditions

Mowing ornamental lawns in areas without obstacles is best done with a self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a grass catcher box. And the wider the cutting width and the grass catcher box, the better.

high, grass, mowed, lawnmower

It is better to mow decorative lawns on areas with many obstacles like flowerbeds, trees, bushes and so on with a non-self-propelled petrol lawnmower or lawnmower with swan wheels

Conclusion: mowing with a lawnmower is only possible on level areas without stones, stumps and bumps. Otherwise it would damage the blade at best and the engine at worst.

Mowing on rough terrain, on areas with uneven terrain, where there is no need for high-quality mowing and in hard-to-reach places, is performed by a hand gasoline or wheel trimmer.

Electric and battery-powered grass trimmers should only be used for cutting grass in hard-to-reach areas or where care is needed, such as at kerbs, watering points or near flowers.

The grass trimmer can also be used for making hay or for cutting garden weeds and brushwood. But we’ll talk about this in another article.

Conclusion: When it comes to mowing ornamental lawns, the grass trimmer is the second tool after the lawnmower to cut the grass in places where a regular lawnmower can’t handle. MTD Smart BC26 petrol grass trimmer (blade and line included) or MTD EB1000B electric grass trimmer with direct shaft (blade and line included) will do the trick.

In spring, when grass is actively growing, it needs to be mowed on average 1-2 times a week, in summer once every 7-10 days. In the autumn, the grass is cut once every two weeks.

If for any reason you have not mowed the lawn for a long time and the grass is much taller than normal, you need to bring it to the required level in several steps. Because, as you remember, the grass can only be shortened by 1/3.

Mowing the lawn according to the rules

How to mow the lawn correctly? How often should it be done?

How much wisdom can there be in mowing your lawn?? You mow and mow your lawn. And there is nothing complicated here. In fact, there really is nothing difficult, you just need to know a few things and nuances.

  • Mow or mow the lawn regularly! How often you mow your lawn depends on many factors such as watering, type and variety of grass, weather conditions, etc.п. You need to start mowing the lawn from the moment of active growth. Usually from March to October (can also be April to September). It all depends on the weather conditions. Mow the lawn when the grass has grown to the height of 10-15 cm., not above. Strongly overgrown grass (above 15-20 cm).) We recommend that you mow your lawn twice, at first up to a height of 10 cm., Then mow the lawn a second time to the right height. The right way to mow your lawn even if you have returned from vacation, for example, and the grass has overgrown. Mow your lawn at least once a week. If the grass grows slowly, check its height, and mow it once in 2 weeks. A clover lawn may be mowed once or twice a month. Mow Mauritanian lawns once a season. Mow parterre lawns every 3-4 days.
  • Mowing height is a very important factor that directly affects the good health of the lawn. In the first spring cuttings do not try to mow too low, the best height is 5-6 cm. In the last autumn mowing, when the grass has slowed its growth, mow it no higher than 3-4 cm. If the grass suddenly became longer after the last mowing, do not be lazy and mow it again to the right height. Do not let the grass go higher than 3-4 cm for the winter. If the summer is hot and dry, do not mow the lawn too low, preferably 5-6 cm in height. A lawn with longer grass evaporates less moisture. The same thing happens when you’re away and there’s no one to mow and water the lawn. By the way, if you are going on a trip, and the weather promises to be hot and without rain, mow the lawn “to throw”, that is, do not collect grass in the grass catcher box, and leave it on the lawn. This will prevent the lawn from burning out and excessive moisture evaporation. If the lawn has a function to mow in “mulch” mode (finely chop the grass and throw it on the lawn), that’s even better. Note that you can mulch a lawn when it is mowed regularly and the weight of the grass to be mowed is not great. Only in this case, the mulch will do good, not harm. If you have a newly sown lawn, the first cut should always be at least 8-10 cm high, i.e. the very tips of the grass should be mowed for the grass which has grown from seeds to take root and sprout. If you have automatic irrigation on the site, even on the hottest days feel free to mow your lawn to a height of 3-4 cm. If you want to do lawn repairs, the best height to mow would be 2-2.5 cm. The same height is also necessary before scarifying and before combing the lawn.
  • There are rules for mowing the lawn along certain lines and directions. But usually the owner wants to mow the lawn as much as he likes or feels comfortable. Some want and mow so that the stripes were along, and some need only the cross. Some people like to mow concentric circles, herringbones and various shapes. In my opinion, you should do it your way. Simply by using the lines on the lawn, it can be visually lengthened, or vice versa, expanded. In general, it is recommended to change periodically the direction of mowing in order to improve the quality of work. But still, such lines and patterns as on European soccer fields can be achieved only by using high-quality equipment with a movable roller at the back. The cardinal points do not influence the growth quality of the grass, so it doesn’t really matter how the grass grows. Unless, of course, you have a “parterre. It is definitely recommended to cut it, observing all the lines and directions.
  • What’s the best weather to mow your lawn?? Better mowing is only possible in dry weather when the grass is dry. And you’ll spend a lot less time.
  • Lawn mower. There are a lot of lawnmowers out there. The best lawn mower for a large lawn is a self-propelled machine, powered by a gasoline engine. It does not need to be pushed forward or pulled, it can be handled by a teenager as well as an older person. It has no electrical wire to get tangled up in. Such mowers from quality manufacturers will work for decades. It is better to choose a mower with a rear drive, they are more convenient, because the rear wheels are loaded the most in the process of work (grass collector). Your material investment is well worth it. You’ll enjoy mowing. And if you have a small lawn, just a few acres, then you can get by with a good electric mower from the same good manufacturer.
  • grass trimmer for grass. It is used for mowing areas that are hard to reach with wide mowers (curbs, corners, irregular and narrow areas, areas near plants and under trees, places near fences). They also come in different versions, and electric, and gasoline, and a short battery-powered, which is convenient to mow with one hand. If you have a lot of places that are hard to reach with a lawnmower and you do not like to cut the grass with a hand scissor, then you need this tool. Such a grass mower is also useful if you have not mowed for some time, and your grass stand is no longer amenable to a lawnmower. As a rule, trimmers are first used to mow difficult areas, and then a lawnmower to collect trimmer cuttings at the same time. If you mow very tall grass and then want to even it out with a mower, mow at a height of at least 10 cm so as not to cut the lawn to the ground, pick up the cut grass with a rake, and go over the mower at the desired height. If you are inexperienced with these tools, you need to be very careful. You can damage the leaves and trunks of plants with a fishing line, which can cut or damage a tree with a trunk thickness of 1 cm, not to mention other plants, when you work at high revolutions. And it is imperative that all. Safety rules, which are detailed in the instructions for the use of such a mower.
  • Periodically check the tips of the grass clippings. If they are “shaggy”, frayed and dry after some time after mowing, it means that the mower blades need to be sharpened. The lawn should be mowed with well-sharpened blades.

Knowing all these simple “wisdoms”, you can take on the job yourself, without the involvement of specialists. All the more so that a relaxing walk on the grass combined with a good job will certainly cheer you up and refresh you for the whole day on a Sunday morning!

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