How is a single-axle tractor Neva better than a power tiller?

To summarize, we can say that everyone chooses a single-axle tractor independently for their own tasks and goals. Someone can buy an inexpensive Oka, which will successfully cope with all the tasks, while someone will want to buy a foreign CAIMAN.

Power tillers have long been used in agriculture for plowing, transporting heavy loads and other needs. So this device has become indispensable in this field of activity. Various auxiliary units are installed on the single-axle tractor, allowing to facilitate the work.

Depending on the machine the functions of the walking tractor vary. The tractor does not require much time and effort to work a large area of land. Also, these assistants are unpretentious in service and require no more than 15 minutes for the replacement of equipment. There are agricultural equipment from manufacturers of different countries on the markets, but domestic prototypes are preferred. These power tillers are suitable for most people in terms of power-to-price ratio. Even most of the Chinese samples are copied from the Russian ones, but of course their quality is worse. The question arises: what to choose??

They are produced at the Kaluga engine plant. It is possible to install the cultivator and other equipment. The power allows using Oka both in small vegetable gardens and in farmers’ fields. Especially now the engine has been replaced by a more powerful one.

KADVI has been producing power tillers for over 35 years. The distinctive feature is its small size, which simplifies transporting the equipment, and its heavy weight, which contradicts it. Reliable performance and low fuel consumption allows the Oka to be in demand among Russian gardeners. The most successful prototypes are presented below:

  • MB-1D2M13 (single-axle tractor weighing 90 kg is equipped with an American high-quality engine with forced air cooling. Penetration into the soil up to 30 cm. Manual start with inertia starter. The maximum speed reaches 9 kilometers per hour.)
  • MB-1D2M9 (This model is praised for its Japanese engine and traction. Adjustable track.)
  • MB-1D2M14 (Adjustable steering button. Also noted the large traction, reinforced chain reducer, the ability to attach attachments, including those from other manufacturers.)
  • MB-1D2M18 (One of the most reliable models. The engine capacity of 9 horsepower, durability, quality assembly, easy operation and very high traction characteristics fully justify the high price.)

Neva takes the honorary first place. Red October manufactures the equipment of the brand. Forced-cooled, reliable gasoline engines with no fear of overheating. Low enough cost combined with adaptation for Russian conditions makes this brand popular at the market of agricultural machinery.

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The single-axle tractor is suitable for soils of different densities. The best models have proved themselves such as:

  • MB-2H-5.5 (This prototype has a Japanese engine, allowing it to transport heavier loads and plow dense, hard soil. Clutch and throttle are positioned like on a motorcycle. This makes it easy to steer.)
  • MB-1B-6.0 FS (Has a light weight of 75 kg combined with high engine power. There is an electric starter. starting the power tiller with a button, and a headlight. This model surpasses its analogues by effortless control and possibility of operation in the dark.)
  • MB-23H-9.0 PRO (This single-axle tractor is the most suitable of all the Neva models for working large areas. Allows this due to the ability to install eight milling machines. Working widths of up to 1.7 meters. Six liters of gasoline in a fully filled fuel tank is enough for long-term maintenance of a 9-liter motor.с.)
  • MB-23B-10.0 (One of the most powerful with great traction. Ten horsepower and six gears allows to plow the virgin soil or to load 700 kg on itself and move on a cross-country terrain.)
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How to choose a single axle tractor: Russian market review

If the purchase of an engine block is a done deal for you, but you have not yet decided on a specific model, in this article we will try to at least narrow down your search.

Among the units on our market we can distinguish the following groups:

  • Chinese motor blocks (Champion, Crosser, Greenfield, Huter, Kipor, Sungarden, Weima, Celina, etc.).д.)
  • European and American imported power tillers (BCS, Caiman, Craftsman, Pubert, Efco, Eurosystems, Grillo, Husqvarna, MTD, VIKING etc.).д.)
  • Russian power tillers (MB-1 Oka / Kaskad, Neva, Ugra NMB-1, Salyut-5, Favorit, MKM-3 Lander LANDER / Hitachi S169, Agros / MTZ Belarus)

    Chinese-made power tillers. available on the Russian market, are basically copies of Russian power tillers (more often a power tiller MB-1, less often Neva and Salyut). At the same time the price of Chinese power tillers is certainly lower, but it is reached not only due to cheaper labor in China, but also due to economy on materials and technological equipment of plants. In the end, this economy very often affects the quality of the finished product.

Generally speaking, there is no universal answer to the question “What is the best single axle tractor??”does not exist. in each specific case, it is worth starting from the functions it is required to provide. So when choosing a tractor (especially if you have no experience in using it) try to think in advance about the following features and functions. whether the unit will be used for land cultivation, transportation of goods, mowing grass, snow removal, etc.д. Any versatile single-axle tractor has its strengths and weaknesses. that you have to consider when making your choice. Of course it’s best to see and compare different models before buying.

It is worth noting that when buying any complex technical product, reliability and maintainability play a huge role. For gasoline and diesel power tillers. it is certainly the engine and gearbox. You can learn more about the differences between engines and gearboxes in the following articles:


What functions a single-axle tractor can perform, depends on the attachment. Let’s break down what motoblocs are the best and most reliable:


They are always included, as they are the main working tool for loosening and digging up plants.


Needed in order to attach attachments to it. For example, an arrow, a plow, or a frame.

The tiller

It is designed to dip seedbeds and form furrows. We advise to buy a disk hoe, because it is more effective.

Serves to suspend a number of ploughs or plows, and it also has the function of adjusting the distance between them.


Performing the function of the wheels for transportation.


Other attachments include: snow blower, rotary mower, potato planter and digger, bucket blade, sweeper brush.

The differences of the machines

It is clearly seen that the Kaluga engine loses in many ways in the production of this agricultural equipment.

single-axle, tractor, neva, power

Neva motor blocks. All models, their characteristics. How to make the right choice?

Neva motoblocs. The most popular local motor blocks. Every day we receive a large number of orders for “Neva” equipment from dacha owners, villagers, utilities, and even small farms. The “Nevapower tillers can be found in all regions of our country and in the near abroad, over the years of operation the users have highly appreciated the reliability, convenience and potential of this equipment.

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How to choose?

Choosing a single-axle tractor, first of all, you should proceed from its power. So, if you will work with a unit in the country from time to time, and the intensity of the work will be small, it is quite suitable low-powered installation with a parameter from 3.5 to 6 liters. This applies to plots of less than 50 hectares. Machines with a capacity of more than 6 litres. with are optimal for intensive use, when there is a need for frequent and thorough tillage. For planting areas from 45 acres to 1 hectare it is worth looking at models for 6-7 liters. s, and areas with a larger area require more power. from 8 to 15 liters. с.

However, do not forget that the lack of power often turns into a premature failure of machinery, and its surplus entails a significant retention of equipment.

Model range

Most of “Oka” motor blocks, which are produced and sold now, belong to the glorious “MB-1” family, which has given a good account of itself. As in other devices of this kind, it is recommended to change the oil after the first 5 hours of use. Then the intervals are increased to 25-30 hours. It is allowed to use mineral oil for carburetor engines. The latest version, introduced in 2010, introduces cable control, ensuring immediate emergency stopping of the engine.

Almost all produced models belong to the “MB-1D” branch. A striking example is the model “MB-1D2M16. This single-axle tractor is equipped with Chinese-made Lifan 177F engine with a total power of 9.0 л. с. The unit is designed for 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Plowing width can vary from 72 cm to 113 cm. If several passes are made, it is possible to reach a depth of 30 cm. To transmit the power created by the motor to the working parts the V-belt system is used. The chain reducer can run at two speeds. The gearbox is filled with 1.5 to 2 liters of transmission oil.

The engine, which drives itself a single-axle tractor and auxiliary implements, works on automotive gasoline, has a four-stroke cycle. With a cylinder capacity of 270 cm3, the petrol tank has a capacity of 6 liters. Forward and reverse speeds are 9 km/h, the minimum. 3.6 km/h. Wheel arrangement of the tractor. 2×2. Thanks to the ground clearance of 14 cm, it is a confident ride on any minimally manicured countryside. A minimum radius of 33 cm is required for the unit to turn on the boom steering. Track setting is stepless. Thanks to the extensions, it can be extended from 31 to 59 cm. Standard number of tillers. 4; if it is not enough, 2 more can be added.

single-axle, tractor, neva, power

Four blades per power tiller. The single-axle tractor has an 18-month warranty. The model MB-1D2M16, as well as other versions, is assembled in the Kaluga region. A single-axle tractor can effectively cultivate up to 50 acres of land. On larger ploughed fields, its performance is no longer sufficient.

According to the execution, the device is classified as a motor cultivator of milling type with a power take-off pulley. Thanks to a variety of compatible equipment, you can perform many tasks on the site all year round, and not only of an agricultural nature. The engine is available with an electric starter as an option when ordered from China. Optional reduction gears can be added.

To equip the model “MB-1D2M13”, the designers have chosen the Japanese Subaru EX17 motor, rated at 6 liters. с. Track dimensions, ploughed width and working depth are the same as for model 16. No differences in basic clutch and gearbox arrangements. Gasoline tank capacity of 3.6 l. Additional 0.8 l engine oil required for filling the engine. 4 or 6 cutters can make from 40 to 100 rotations per minute. Total weight of the unit does not exceed 90 kg. The single axle tractor has a 24 month warranty. The manufacturer promises that it can work long hours on medium-sized land. Important: The engine may vary in some versions, so it is recommended that you carefully check its modifications in the datasheet.

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The standard motors of the EX Premium series are classified as professional power units with considerable performance, designed for long-term operation. Despite their increased power, they are relatively small. Japanese developers actively use the latest technological advances to radically improve their product. The high performance of the motor is achieved:

  • using cast-iron sleeves obtained by precision casting;
  • By installing a long running fan;
  • Optimization of the top-valve drive, which results in a low noise level;
  • improved combustion chamber geometry and enlarged starter drum (all this facilitates start-up even in the most severe frost).

The 13th model engine weighs only 15 kg. It is advised to use gasoline without lead additives. In the “MB-1D1M1” modification the belt tension is even stronger, as its engine produces 8 liters of power. с. What is important, 100% of the details of this power tiller is made on the territory of the country Therefore, full maintainability is ensured.

Important: Although the engine is not made in Japan, as in the previous case, but in Russia, it is chosen very carefully. The power tiller can even plow heavy virgin lands. Thanks to the smart belt clutch and chain reducer it is possible to provide 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds, with a working width of 57 to 72 cm. “MB-1D1M1” is able to plow the ground to a depth of 30 cm. If it is hitched to a cart, the speed of movement reaches 10 km / h. Fuel tank capacity of 3.6 l.

MB-1D1M19″ model also deserves attention. It is equipped with an advanced Lifan motor that produces 7 liters. с.

The shipment kit is included by default:

  • wheel axle extensions;
  • pneumatic wheels for these axles;
  • land tillage tiller is also worth attention;
  • auxiliary fenders;
  • plough coulter.

Of course, the manufacturer has the right to change the equipment as required without notifying the customers. importantly, this model’s single-axle tractor is quite versatile, handling both virgin and previously tilled land quite well. It can be successfully used on plots up to 20 acres inclusive. Manufacturer claims that the non-contact electronic ignition makes it easy to start the single axle tractor in any season. Proven decompressor is used to optimize manual starting.

The special design of the muffler makes the motor less noisy than other domestic models. A single axle tractor is designed for a pair of front and a pair of rear speeds. Handlebar adjustment is precisely tailored to the height and build of the operator. Grip of pneumatic tires is enhanced by a high tread. single axle tractor can be used as a drive for a water pump.

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